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"And yet Georgia finished #4 and Bammer is #8." Yet UGA has lost to LSU 2 years in a row by 20+ points Lost to unranked South Carolina. And 5 straight losses to the Tide. Enjoy 1980
you are forgetting 72 and 80.... off the top of my head
You have to give Auburn some credit, they can run the ball well, and Arkansas is terrible against the run. plus you factor in that Arky's strength is passing the ball and their QB was injured added salt to the wound. Best case scenario with their QB, Arky still loses. Games are of matchups. That was a bad one. I think Vandy of all teams match up better. But Vandy's offense sucks so Auburn should still win and it could be too close for comfort but they match up better against Auburn's O.
a block in the back is an action in which a blocker contacts a non-ballcarrying member of the opposing team from behind and above the waist. The foul is called when the area blocked is between the shoulder pads.[1]
So he is holding him none the less, hands are not to be in the "Back" area. Still a penalty.
Or if you call half of the holding calls that Arkansas got away with, Arkansas gets blown out. Not to mention that phantom roughing the passer to extend your play but you guys get away with personal fouls on Jalen (rubbing face in the ground?)
So they should go to Kentucky? and lose to Southern Miss?
Didn't Dobbs beat out Peterman who transferred to Pitt? This happened with your teams starting QB, it happens at all schools.
take a look at the replay on the close up, Hump had his head turned around when EJ started pointing. Maybe he did say something and turned before.
Here is a nice video of Malzahn enjoying a nice green booger
If Daniels was on any other team besides Auburn, Malzahn would start "crootin'" him now. Or did you forget Cam and Marshall were kicked off of other teams for theft? Malzahn begged Chizik to take the thief on the team.
Actually most Bama fans handled it well. That Ole Miss Defense was stout and played hard. Reminded me of the 2011 Bama defense. Congrats on victory and good luck against Auburn, will be pulling for you guys. Anyways, she actually reminds me of those fans that depending of the outcome of the iron bowl is what hat you see them wearing the next year. I call them ground hog Barner fans. "well honey, Bammer loss to ole miss, its 12 more weeks of being a barner"
Actually you can have Auburn, Oklahoma, Bama in the top 3 and no one could argue. FSU even if they escape the ACC unscathed, they still will be a one and done in the playoffs.
That's funny coming from a school ranked below Alabama in everything from academics to football Now a question I have been meaning to ask South Carolina grads, why do you always ask do i want more tea? The glass is less than half full, yes please fill it up. Also if the napkin is on the plate, I am done with it, please feel free to bus it properly.
Everyone else has Auburn 20-21-1 vs. Vandy... They have lost 21 games against vandy including a 2 game losing streak. Why do you have the series tied?