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That's a trademark of Hugh Freeze, i.e. good recruiting and some really big wins... with some crushing head-scratching upset defeats mixed into it as well.
Georgia should be #1 till somebody beats them. I'm surprised that the annual Tennessee Lovefest didn't happen this year. Notre Dame is overrated as usual.
Georgia should be #1 until somebody beats them. Also, Tennessee is way overrated in the preseason, as per usual.
Yes, please. Sugar Sugar Sugar. Please.
I'm not sure which is more amusing: That Kiffin has already been hired by LSU... or a Mittippi Tate fan calling literally any other fan base "hillbillies".
No honest Ole Miss fan has ever seriously thought he'd stay very long. That said, Ole Miss is a great job (great tradition and forgiving fans who don't ask for a whole hell of lot other than a bowl and beating Moo U. every year) AND I thought he *might* possibly stay long enough for Saban to retire at Alabama.
He didn't have to dump on Tennessee. They had already taken a massive dump on themselves.
Ohhh. Those volun-tears are delicious. Keep them coming. Several Tennessee players were lying on the field at various times with injuries also. I guess they were faking it too. You can't have it both ways, lil' Smokey.
I used to think LSU fans were the filthiest. Looks like the Fightin' Hillbilly is #1 now.
Smashed 'em like a bug, even though they were kind of pesky at the end. Good job, coach.
Recruiting is their problem. Their facilities and tradition are phenomenal, but they don't have the talent to compete with the big boys. Their biggest mistake was joining the Big 10 and letting go of their rivalries with Texas and Oklahoma and the fertile recruiting opportunities that go along with those games.
lol. Right. Well, your program is welcome to hire him. I hear he's still available.
Meh. Let the ones who were committing to a bad coach instead of to the program go ahead and weed themselves out. That seems to have been part of the problem: Luke was their friend instead of their leader.
It will come down to coaching decisions/game management. Matt Luke will find a way to lose. That might actually be better for the program if it helps get him fired sooner.
Well, So be it. We are stuck with deputy Fred. The football program is a blazing, stinking dumpster fire, and that so-called "University leadership" - or lack thereof - is the root of the problem. They are going to lose a lot more money by keeping the oaf.
Yeah, 6-6 with 10-win talent - just a couple of seasons removed from top 10/top 15 recruiting classes and with some of the best receivers in the nation. Now he's pissed all of that talent away and signing mostly 3 stars with no other offers.
Hell no, he's not the "answer", and for any honest observer he never was the "answer". Matt Luke sucked as an OL coach and had no business being promoted to head coach. He was given the job for 2 reasons: 1. Family name and connections and 2. The laziness of the talking-suit who was masquerading as our AD
Luke is absolutely hapless. A good coach would have this team at 7-1 right now.
WTF? What moron wrote and published this story? The IHL is the governing board of all 8 or so public universities in Mississippi. It is not some random firm hired by Ole Miss. Seriously, SDS, do your research before letting your articles go live.
"...stunning home loss to Auburn..." Hyperbolize much? Auburn was ranked #8 in the nation. I'd hardly call that loss "stunning". Welcome to the SEC West, Aggies. Fancy upgraded facilities don't guarantee championships in a conference of, well, fancy upgraded facilities.
Please keep him. We beg you. He's the only SEC coach that the bumbling oaf Matt Luke can beat.
Good. Prove it on August 31. If being an underdog to Memphis doesn't light a fire under your ass, nothing will.
first big recruit that Deputy Fred has gotten in quite a while... only SEC caliber recruit for 2020 so far
As a Rebel fan, I'm glad he's happy, and I am very very thankful that he is far far away from Ole Miss now.
It will come down to coaching decisions and game day readiness, and that's a battle that Otis Jr. won't win I'm afraid. I'll have to give the edge to Arkie on this one.
Not surprised. Ole Miss is by far the worst coached team in the conference.
worst tackling team I've ever seen at Ole Miss. Helpful hint to Rebel opponents: Just spin and your free!