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Well, he also coached the DBs at Alabama, and his units finished in the top ten each year he was there. So, having coached at Bama, plus having gone out on his own and proven he can be a DC, and add the fact that UGA needed a new secondary coach makes this a win-win-win.
Also, its definitely not a sure thing that UT wouldve won had they scored..just because UGA only got a field goal after knowing that's all they need doesn't mean UT would've stopped them if the dawgs needed a touchdown
Don't count Georgia out so takes an emotional toll on a team to lose so many players so quickly..but they will recover, they have the depth to come back from it..Mizzou is no slouch for sure, and I'm sure they'll give us hell, but after a week to deal with the injuries and get set with the back ups look for the UGA offense to come right back
Love the article! I do have one thing I disagree with, Todd Gurley is still the best running back in the SEC. You say that Georgia offense kept going without him, so he's not so great. Well, of course they kept going, they are a talented offense, but the running game did slow down. Todd Gurley was running for over 9 yards a carry, gashing LSU every time he got the ball. Keith Marshall is really talented and ran well, but he gets tripped up easier than Gurley does. I don't think UGAs offense was the same without him, if he stayed in UGA probably would have won by a larger margin