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Great player and even better example. Will miss his leadership. I'll always be convinced that had Sark not forgotten about his OTHER 5 star running back, we would be going for four in a row
How can you say it isn't a yardage penalty? If a ball is not returned it is placed on the 25. Seeing how it is placed at the 35, that's a ten yard difference. Let's see what could we call a team having to forfeit ten yards because of a procedural mistake? Oh yeah, a PENALTY
Yeah. The UGA fan is decrying Bama's schedule.
Such nonsense. We look at established institutions from the past through our 21st century prism and propose to make value judgements -- as if we're oh so enlightened. One look at the Kardashians invalidates that claim.
Awww..Georgia west...isn't that cute? Because they might win a mythical recruiting championship this year you presume big brother status. Excellent. How about winning a few ACTUAL national championships before making that move, Ace. Especially when it concerns the team that BEAT you. It comes across as kind of pathetic.
Ironically the school from ORLANDO is slagging on Disney. Yep. It's all a conspiracy devised by the overlords at Disney and Kentucky
Congratulations to Mike Matt Luke.
I'm glad y'all do. I think the powder blue is a good look for y'all. Much more striking than the navy. I feel the same about the Chargers.
So wearing an Auburn jersey makes Saban satanic. Way to go, barner
Maybe there's a reason he has a howitzer. Isn't selecting the best weapons part of what makes a coach great?
"we here it so much". Proofreading is your friend.
Proofreading is your friend. What does Auburn's schedule have to do with Army?
Modus operandi. If you're going to use fancy shmancy Latin phrases, then get them right :)
Manhandled? Seriously, do you even watch the games. Ole Miss relied on five turnovers and not one, but two plays so lucky they would make even Auburn blush. And it STILL came down to the wire. Hey, Ole Miss won fair and square, but when you claim that they manhandled the national champs you just make yourself look silly....well....silliER
I'd say LSU's worst loss was to UAB in 2000. ( I guess technically that was still the 20th century). I would think Auburn's worst loss would be to USF in 2007.
I'm an Alabama fan but I have to admit the eagle flight is really cool.
Gwahleee, Sgt. Carter has got a fancy new car!
He's discredited because you've never heard of him? Makes sense. You must not read a lot about college football apart from SDS. He's a respected journalist who has broken a lot of big stories. He did whiff on one though. He declared the Alabama dynasty over after the Ole Miss loss last year
Well, yeah. That was the clearly wrong part of what he wrote. I agreed with the rest. That would be like someone writing that LSU was purple and yellow.
Even then Ole Miss almost blew it. It took a miracle play that would make even Auburn blush, and then, of course, the bootleg touchdown pass. That was a good play by Kelly, even if his linemen were way down the field. Point being, the Rebs had lots of rabbits' feet in their pockets.
By the way "smartest guy", all of your apostrophes are used incorrectly. Haha. A little slow there, ace?
Nice come back there, chuckles. I'm surprised you didn't just say the equivalent " I know you are but what am I?" Keep calling it like you see it. But really. Change your moniker. I'm embarrassed for you. That is unless you mean it to be ironic.
Anyone compelled to name himself "smartest guy in the room" already shows you have little man syndrome. After your fixation with fellatio we can all guess at your other shortcomings. GIve it a rest. If you want Pawwwlllll to compliment your team, win something. If not, get over it
"Theirs", Ace. Try to keep up. The only glaring championship of Alabama's that should be in dispute is the 1941 championship. However, that one could easily be replaced by the 1966 one, where politics of sportswriters kept out the team that was clearly the best. Alabama does not claim that one.
Dude, you're forgetting that Ole Miss won that game on plays just as fluky as the Arkansas lateral. The helmet ricochet pass for a touchdown that looks like something Auburn would've lucked into, and the option pass when the linemen were seven yards downfield. Yeah, it was bad luck y'all lost to Arky; but really good luck y'all beat the Tide.