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So i'm sure he averaged 10 yards a carry with those 8 carries a game at Florida like he does in a practice game against people who will be working at Walmart next week
You read playboy for the articles right
I must have missed that part when I was watching them give up 34 or more in 4 straight games last year...52 to Samford and 40 to SC
Giving up over 30 points 10 times in last 2 seasons....52 to Samford and they talking bout yards up 30 points or more in 6 of 13 games is rebuilding the defense
Please tell me this guy didnt say Cincy didnt blink in the Cotton bowl...27-6...144 passing yards..74 rushing yards...Please tell me this guy didnt say they didnt blink
No idea who this is....dont look like i missed very much
Ouch....he may never recover from the sting of your rapier like wit
If they take anyone from ACC then you can bet one of them is Clemson
If SDS says they are staying at 16 then that means it will be 20 pretty soon
You know what – contracts are like hearts, they are made to be broken.”......Ray Kroc
Move Over Gonzaga Move Over Los Angeles Lakers Move Over Cincy and Michigan There's a new title holder in the Choke of the Year
Michael Haddix 8th in 1983...You can see why SDS forget him
And they got the facts wrong...Michael Haddix was number 8 in 1983
The guy who beat out Colin K and sent him whining..So put some 'spect on his name