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Grantham has got to go and sitting Pitts basically showed that florid assumed and easy win. And it showed on the field. Alabama didn’t sit Harris or Smith that shows the difference in culture. Really hurt our red zone offense not having him on the field and we lack so much discipline.
Hmm or maybe it's because we have an under armor all American redshirt freshman next year and sophomore who took over for him when he got injured this year in T.J. McCoy who just blows people off the ball. Thinks it's more like he saw the writing on the wall that he wasn't getting his spot back. Good try though Ray Ray
Quincy Wilson should definitely be in there instead of Tabor. QB's have a combined passer rating of 0.4 when throwing his direction this year. Doesn't get much better than that.
Never liked him as a player because he was playing for UT but this still sucks to see. He's an elite linebacker and has a lot of talent. Disappointing to see his senior season cut short. Wish him nothing but the best.
Thank you Gator2222 for saying this. All these ignorant f*cks are ignoring what's actually going on. How can you ask these guys to leave their home state when 52 players have family and friends in the direct path of the hurricane. The ignorance of the fans amaze me. Especially LSU fans, they should understand more than anyone but instead they want to sit there and talk sh!t. The players should be concentrating on their families well being on Saturday and not playing LSU. F*ck all you ignorant people calling Florida pu$$ies for not going to Baton Rouge. There's more to life than football, and I know that may be hard for some of you to hear buts it's the truth so get tf over it
Just the media trying to start something. I agree with the first comment. Just stop all this bs trying to start things between players and play the damn game.
How is this considered trash talk? Nothing negative was said? Just the media trying to start s... again. As far as the uninformed Tennessee fan who said Wilson hasn't backed up his talk. QB's have a QBR of 0.0 when throwing in his direction this year. Y'all may have won but he certainly backed up his end of the bargain.
For all the people who think Florida is in trouble, look at the scores from 2012-2015. 17-6 was the largest margin of victory. This game is always a dogfight and I wouldn't expect anything different this year. Our offense will be better this week because I can't imagine Del Rio not playing and he has a much better understanding and command of the offense. Should be a fun game to watch.
This should be a fun game. It always is. Don't think we'll get "exposed". We almost pulled off a win in Death Valley last year with Treon playing QB..... Del Rio will be back and we're a better team with him and it'll probably be another one score game that comes down to the end. Looking forward to this one.
Yea I mean I'm a gator fan and love Tabor but him and Duke Dawson blew the three most important coverages of the day that lead to 21 points, but they'll both be fine and we'll bounce back but I found this article quite funny calling out Wilson.
Really, Wilson's swagger is overrated? Go check out the QBR when throwing his direction. It's all of 0.0 with two ints. Tabor may need to stop talking after getting worked by Jennings but Wilson can talk all he wants.