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Gators will lose 3-4 sec games this season. I’m sure the Vols will too.
What do you mean you don’t know why? Kentucky fans have the same issue with TN. Kentucky always convince themselves they can beat TN and then get the harsh reminder when the clock hits 0
We will see for real next week if we are as bad as we think we are.
Virginia might beat Mercer by a couple of TDs. Not sure how much better they are lol
Joe hit a wide open receiver that would have given him another TD and 70 yards but the receiver dropped the easiest catch ever.
I'd like to change my score prediction from 52-17 to 59-17. Thanks
South Carolina vs Vols was definitely a fluke. Rattler played the game of his life and vols defense was dealing with off the field drama with Jeremy Banks fiasco. I expect vols to win big in neyland this year, but maybe lose to a Kentucky this season.
Heupel wins with less talent all the time. Most of his wins last year were against teams who had more NFL talent
Offensive line won’t be better. Hot take: receivers will be better than last year. We played many games without Tillman last year and we actually looked better without him. Keaton steps in and makes some of the best catches of the year. Donte Thornton and Squirrel will fill Hyatt’s gap. Remember when Javonta Payton was a stud the year before hyatt did his thing? Get ready to see someone else shine this year. Running backs will be better but the issue is the offensive line might not let them show it. Linebackers will be better because Jeremy Banks was a cancer. Proven in the NFL. Secondary should be better since it’s the same guys with another year of coaching. QB play will probably be a drop off but it’s not like hooker is the greatest QB of all time and no one can be greater than him. I expect us to have many better QBs than Hooker under Heupel’s tenure.
McElroy will be surprised when he meets our best WR next season. Donte Thornton… Buckle up.
One reason for the low scoring from Vols was all their self-inflicted penalties. The false starts kept allowing Georgia to substitute which is what the entire TN offense is built around preventing.
What does hat have to do with the article? You copying and pasting this into every article you see? ?
Vols offense has been elite ever since this article was written.
Who cares? Titans weren't winning anything this year. May as well get best draft pick we possibly can so we can waste it on another bust.
I’m not a Uros fan. He wicks and whenever he accidentally makes a good play he blows it by getting a dumb foul and runs his mouth.
Vols are healthy now. Alabama played a vols team without Tillman and 2-3 secondary defensive players. We also gave you a free touchdown at the end of the game. The way the vols were scoring it is fair to say that could have been a 14 point swing. Anyway, the only fact and indisputable key from the game is vols won the ballgame.
I meant Georgia, Vols, and Michigan. Michigan has a better signature win than Ohio State. If Ohio State comes out and beats Penn State by 30 then maybe they jump Michigan and stay in 3rd.
The only team Vols have played that has a losing record is Akron. Ohio State's signature win was against 3-4 Iowa and 3-4 Michigan State. The fact that anyone can compare Vols and Ohio State is laughable. Georgia, Vols, and Alabama should be ahead of Ohio State.
Hooker will play simply for stats boost since that is what Shrout does at Ohio State.
Only because we will be vanilla and won't play starters in the 4th quarter.
I agree with you about Alabama having a great defense, but if Vols score 30+ on them the narrative will be Alabama's defense isn't as good as we thought instead of Vols being legit. Everyone hyped LSU defense before we scored 40+ on them. Vols probably lose because of the defense but it sure as hell won't be an offensive problem. If the vols are held to less than 20 it will be because the defense let Alabama drain the clock with their run game to limit the hits on Bryce.
Alabama fans are like “if it was a Georgia or bama player woukd you say same thing?” Let me ask you this.. if it would have been a bama player, say Bryce Young, would YOU say the same thing?
I am a Vol fan and the fact that anyone thinks we are a playoff contender is hilarious. We have one of the smartest coaches, but there is no way he has the players after losing 30 people last year to transfer portal. He needs a couple more years before we can think playoffs.
If Vols beat LSU then I expect Vols to finish with 9 wins this season. I don't think any coach in the country could have done any better than 9-10 wins in year 2 with the mess the Vols were left with.
Vols have the bigger rebuild than ANYONE. The fact that Heupel has accelerated expectations this quickly just shows how well he has done. If Vols get 9 wins this year than Heupel has done an amazing job with the limited talent he has on his team. He had like 65 scholarship players last year. No one expects the Vols to go to the playoffs this year and if they do then they are a moron.
We should checker baton rogue since their fans don’t seem to want to watch a game at noon.
I mean Texas competed with Alabama so Tennessee could accidentally beat them.