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When people see people in UGA gear they don’t know what team it is until they see the logo. Be original.
Actually he went from assistant S&C coach at Alabama to assistant S&C coach at TN. But yes, still a promotion.
Honestly why is this news? It’s going to be conference only schedules.
Adding a 5 star QB in Bailey might help. We will see if he is what we think he is soon.
Honestly is a tough sell. At least when Pruitt gets the guys they stick around. Once the kids figured out Butch was lying they ran for the hills.
Imagine how excited they would have been if we were actually a good team.
I’m sure there are plenty of Vol fans who would gladly take the UT shirt off their back and give to this young man. Not because they are kind but because we are so horrible and have given up. I jest but it’s said that so many kids struggle with get clothing that represents their personality and interests. Of course this is why I feel schools should have uniforms.
GA State is trying to hard to hate the Vols. We don’t really care about you we are just mad we lost to the second worst team in the country. (Vols being the worst)
What does GA State have against the Vols? Or are they just as surprised as everyone else they keep bringing it up?
The Vols live rent free in spurrier's head. We have sucked for years Spurrier it's time to move on! :)
Too bad Kentucky never can beat us. Even this year I expect Kentucky to be our one win on the schedule.
Vols are one of the most storied programs in the SEC. SEC would never get rid of them. You guys sound as idiotic as the Vol fans wanting to fire Pruitt already. Does Pruitt need to be fired? Maybe. Would another coach come in and do better? Hell no. Took them a month to find this guy. You give ANY coach 3 years minimum to get it done no matter who they lose to. Especially one who is essentially learning on the job. Orgeron seems to be doing just fine after he learned from his short ole miss tenure.
Why you care about what we do? Enjoy the most successful era in UGA history. (1 successful season)