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Nah I hope Vitello gets a championship before Van Horn simply because it would be hilarious.
Not too worried about how many fans our coach has. I’m sure many of the people saying how much they hate Vitello secretly wish he was on their side.
Funny that Kentucky blame that call for the loss. You had your chances. Heck, you even converted the first down on that drive so it wasn’t relevant. You you blew. Time to move on
They asked Theo a question and he answered it. Let’s not turn it into more than it is.
Proves how dirty Pruitt is. Conveniently trying to attack when vols have a current situation because of 1000 fans(less than 1%) being dumb.
Punish the 99% for the acts of the 1%? That makes no sense. You must want to take guns away from responsible gun owners as well.
The funny thing is I just read the arrest report and most of them were fans from Georgia. Good to see TN isn’t the only place that has people rooting for other state universities even though they have never attended one
I doubt we will be mad at the refs during that game. Hard to get mad when you lose by 30. Probably a noon game anyway.
All these rival fans getting in here wanting to punish an entire fanbase for the acts of 1-2 thousand drunk kids. These are the same people wanting to ban guns for the acts of a few shootings.
You may be right, but vols dominated South Carolina with like 6 starters out.
I don't think we should thank Lane Kiffin. We should thank Missouri's awful defense. Fans are hyped because of that butt kicking we put on them.
Yeah Georgia and Alabama are the best this year. If Georgia doesn’t win the title this year than they never will.
I would say Drinkwitz probably doesn’t last as long as Heupel, but Missouri has lower standards so they may put up with garbage longer. Oh and Missouri sucked today against Boston college. Pathetic.
It means Vols have a better record than Alabama if the season were to end today.
Can’t believe we replaced a legend with a guy who was here one year and underutilized. Lol I don’t really care but kinda crazy. I guess we need some faces that kids can relate with.
We go through this every year. Always a quarterback battle leading into the season. How many reruns of this book are we going to go through.
Man Gumps never learn. Everyone knows Propst cheats. This isn’t news to anyone
I don’t think he thinks Georgia is a top tier program either. Surly not.
No one said we were top tier. Top tier is basically Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, and Oklahoma.
I’m sure people want him but since he cheats they can’t really hire him.
or we could tell them Urban Meyer or Nick Saban are on deck while we are lying to them.