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Nope. They didn’t keep all the offense on the field. The punter, #90 was lined up split out wide at bottom of screen. Looked like an offensive formation, but I’m sure it was Gus's plan to confuse Bama. That’s why the punt returner ran on. Then, as they lined up in an “offensive” formation, Bama felt they had to re-substitute. Everyone got the memo except the punt returner. And in the replay, you’ll see #90, the punter, start to shift in motion back to receive the long snap, but never had to get there because the deep judges count 11 and they threw the substitution flag off the screen to the left. Smiles and fist pumps on Auburn sideline. 5 yards, results in first down, game over. Brilliant. The punter was on the field the whole time and would have punted if Bama substituted correctly. Just my observation and opinion.