Born and raised in Maryville Tn. Which is about 20 min south of Knoxville so I Bleed orange and VFL. 1999 was best year of my life Jan 4th 99 VOLS win 1st ever BCS National title for the 1998 season going 13-0 and just over month later on Feb 23rd 99 my 1 and only child was born. I'm real VFL not like many of the people I know who claimed to be die hard fans in 80s- early 2000's and after firing Fulmer and got the Kiffen curse I still bleed orange no matter record and many of those who claimed to be VFL'S have turned to Bama or Clemson. Unfortunately my back is bad and I haven't been able to go to game in long time. I think the last game I went to was the game when Vandy had Jay Cutler thats one thing I miss Neyland Stadium Night games when they are winning is amazing over 106k fans at that time they have lost bunch of seats building a sky box so they have them on both sides now.

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Probably same reason Kentucky wear black uniforms with the chrome helmets. Some schools use it hoping to get crowd and players pumped up for big games Also it for recruiting apparently now kids care more about how they look than they used to.
It doesn't surprise me they didn't have huge turnout. Mizzou other than Senior Day was not bowl eligible and the fans probably figured it would be another tough loss. If I had went I would have left at halftime because 24-7 it looked like Ark. Was going to blow them out. The fans especially Mizzou fans missed out on a treat! I get tired of hearing tweatle Dee and tweatle Dumb call SEC Game of the week so I almost didn't watch it all but it turned out to be good game. I don't know why the announcer was so shocked with Mizzou going for it on 4th & 7 from their own 7 on the fake punt run. If you know your not going to a bowl game and I'm sure everyone at that point thought Ark was going to win why not try it. Then score on 2 plays later. The game turned out to be good game. Glad the Senior got a final win at home. It was about only close game I saw of the Black Frid. Games. Wish I had watched the Memphis game because It apparently was good game scoring game winning TD with 19 sec. Left.
I did not watch all the Hurricane Matthew forecasts and predictions why didn't ACC cancel the FSU VS. Miami game on Sat.? It was played Sat. Night. Was Gainesville supposed to be hit harder than Miami the reason for that? Im trying to figure out why SEC did what they did. In 05 Vols vs. LSU was moved to Mon. For Hurricane Rita 01 VOLS Vs. Flo. Was moved Dec because of 9-11 & Last year S.C. Vs LSU was flipped for flooding in S.C. Few years back SEC Men's Basketball Tourney had Tornado hit before final game tipoff. It was moved to Georgia Tech next morning they even made the winner of late game that was moved to next morning play 2 games in a day so Tourney would end same date as rest of countries so March Madness Tourney brackets could be made. It's not like SEC can't go back and look to see how things have been handled in the past. I think they should have tried to play it Mon. Still glad it is being played. Now begood game to watch on Nov 19th over LSU & FLO. playing some cream puff teams.
I know last year they had South Carolina travel to LSU because of flooding issues. I don't know if they forced S.C. to do it or they wanted to do so? I don't know why they could not have played on Mon. In 2005 Vols vs LSU game was moved to a Mon. Game because of Hurricane Rita hit. As for moving this game Flo. Vs VOLS in 2001 was Moved to Dec. 1st it was basically a SEC East playoff game to see who went to Atl. Tenn. Won and then lost to LSU if that had not happened VOLS would have been playing in 2001 BCS Title game. Both VOLS & Gators had 1 loss that yr. So SEC has moved games around before. Even though it's basketball a couple yrs ago the Men's SEC Tourney a Tornado hit just before last game tip off. They didn't miss anything. The late game got shaft because the winner of it would have to play 2 games in 1 day and they even had it moved to Georgia Tech Gym and that different conference ACC that was all done in less than 12 hours also. Late game tipped off around 10 am I think. Tornadoes pop up alot faster than Hurricanes do so they had no time to plan another option like they did in football. Im not impressed with how they handled this situation compared to how things have been handled in the past.
What are you talking about? SEC game is still Dec 3rd & Florida still had FSU to play after LSU game & LSU Still had A&M after it. What Bye week are you talking about prior to SEC game? I'm trying to figure out what your not happy about
My opinion Ole Miss is way way way over ranked. Even FSU and rest 2 loss crew is back around 20th. Right now every team we played are headed to a bowl. Technically FSU beat Ole Miss! North Carolina Beat FSU Virginia Tech Beat North Carolina Vols beat Virginia Tech. So I think Tenn would luckily whip Ole Miss and see which taste better. We put up over 700 yds offense on A&M tough D. Flo D. Has NFL caliber talent at every position on Def. Duck in Truck crap VOLS put up 28 points from 59 sec left in 3rd QRTR and scored last TD with 10 min left in 4th Qrtr. That's not luck that called We have if not the baddest QB in the SEC to top 2 or 3. I would take Dobbs any day even over Kelly. Over A&M QB over Georgia Fresh who is going to be stud next year JR. By latest he has cannon alot like Kelly still Dobbs and our beaten up squad finds ways to win. Also don't need to pray for all these teams to loss. If Ole Miss is 4th ranked material you all will get there. I just think it's bunch crap everyone saying VOLS got lucky to win. Regardless we won 5 lost 1 Ole Miss 3-2 maybe 1 spot behind 1 loss squad who deserve to be at around 5th when we played last Sat. VOLS dropped more in Polls on a win than FSU did just giving up against Louisville. No matter what that is one thing if VOLS lost rest of games if they played till couldn't play time was ran out I can live with that. FSU just gave up. That's horrible as fan to watch your team not try just let them run down your throat! Wish Louisville scored 80 on them. Wish Coach had let VOLS scored 45 on Flo. That only because of Spurrier. He had saying if you don't want me to run u the score then stop me which is good way of thinking.
Hold you horses! Last I checked Wins and losses were num. No pictures don't even know score. What has Ole Miss fans so we big boys now played last year Sugar Bowl. Stay on this website go check out Ole Miss all time SEC rec. WINS LOSES TIES! then look up Tenn Vols All time SEC win-loss record. I don't know how old you are I'm old enough to remember Vols last SEC Title win and our last National Title. Can you? Back to all tine Rec. Ole Miss not big Boyd like you think. We do have num. That's close Vols 386 Ole Miss 372 that sounds pretty close rec. Only problem is the 386 is Vols all time wins vs. Sec teams and 372 is Ole Misses all time losses. So Bama Flo. Can run their mouths they have better records against us. We actually have Flo beat all time SEC they went on the 11 game streak so anyways. Stay at this level and in 15 years if still at this level I might say Vols step back Ole Miss is coming to the Big Boys table. Oh were you born before 1968 I think? If so you were born during Ole Miss last SEC Title. Don't ever call a teams wins luck. Before luck it be playing 60 min. If Ole Miss did that they might be ranked 1 and then I wouldn't back talk Bama they have my respect! That 1968 year was another year Vols had more wins but Ole Miss got babied. Guess they were trying to build up Ole Miss self confidence up! I do respect Archie Manning he gave VOLS 1 of best QB'S ever. Why didn't he go to Ole Miss like daddy and Lil bro? Maybe he wanted chance to win some titles. Even baby Bro Manning couldn't get you all one. Guess last title still sitting with papa Manning.
I guess couple of good years gave Ole Miss the big head! I remember not long ago When the Egg Bowl was a joke because both teams sucked. They made it to Sugar Bowl last year they must think that meant they won SEC Title which normally does. Since Bama left it vacant they got that head of the pack feeling. They say VOLS been Lucky. I Don't call it luck I call it playing till the last sec. If Ole Miss followed that rule I would happily say you guys have 1 loss step right up. That's right they pulled a Flo Gators and thought we are up at Half. We beat FSU. 60 min. In Football game. In 98 if it wasn't for luck we wouldn't have won National Title. I would like to thank Ark. QB Clint Stoerner for helping VOL Nation live a dream and win a National Title. So just hang on their partner sit behind us in your place!!! If we lose a 2nd game feel free to move ahead of us. FSU lost to North Carolina and North Carolina got whipped behind wood shed by Virginia Tech anf Battle of Bristol old Rocky Top gave the Hokes good old Saturday Down South But whipping. So that may be confusing so I'm saying we played better football than Ole Miss. ALAT least our 1 loss to Texas A&M in O.T. wasn't a loss to a team that had School record 63pts put up on them in 63-20 loss or loss to N.C. Sorry if I sound harsh but I'm about over all this luck stuff! Wins and losses are not a picture. It nun. Our rec is better so shut the hell up with the luck! I rather be lucky Amy day and be 5-1 than good and 3-2
Don't know about all games but when they play VOLS the announcer always talk about how it looks more like Volunteer home game with all the orange in stands It is usually more Orange than Black and gold which is same when we go to Memphis
Is it Vanderbilt Homecoming game or some other teams? If I was going to the game I would prefer no bands play if I have already sat through all the homecoming stuff Im there to watch football not listen to band play. Most people are using restroom going to get drinks food.
I feel sorry for any team that would hire Lane Kiffen as a Head Coach! Off. Coordinator or Ass. Coach but not head coach. I still say this fool is cursed. In 1 year at Tenn it took years to get back. This year USC was 1-3 for only 2nd time since 66 so I think he cursed. I don't know why Saban has kept him. He left him at the Stadium after winning National Championship and I have saw him give him rear end chewing a bunch. Even when asked in press Conf. If him and Kiffen were arguing I think question was Saban said no I was chewing his ass out!
So sad. RIP to his dad and hate to hear such sad story. I feel sorry for this young man. I recently lost my mom and it is tough. Luckily Im little older so I had more time with her but still prayers to him and his family.
I hope we do win this week and Bama does to cause it be interesting to see Which of the Nation's Longest Winning streak ends. Usually Bama Vs. TENN are good games. Yeah some not been close but been some really good ones. I still get sick thinking about that Mount Cody blocking that FG he should have got penalty like the Georgia kid did for not having helmet on.
I hear you. Last week I saw a Georgia Fan say who has Tenn & Flo played that even worth a darn. So I looked up the teams they played. They had to beat a school Nicholls St. That is FCS team and since 2010-2015 had rec of 14-56 I don't know why teams can dog Ten or Flo. Especially Flo. Heck they have been good for years. I admit Tenn has been laughing stock for few years but I guess they forget that for years the only team going to SEC Title game was Tenn or Flo. Plus a wins a win in 98 we had a miracle in Ark. QB Clint Stoerner Fumbled ball because our defensive lineman shoved their offensive lineman back amd he stepped on his foot while trying to keep balance put both hands on ground and fumbled. They had 4 point lead amd game won but instead of taking knee tried running fumbled we recovered and scored to keep it going. About every team that ever wins national title will have a game were they got to have some lucky breaks go their way. We happened to have one yesterday. Sucked For them it was really good game but don't run out on field without a helmet celebrating to give us ball in goof field position. Georgia brain fats gave VOLS that win.
What is people's problems with VOLS. We beat V.T. who is in Top 25 We beat Flo. Who was in Top 25 we knocked Geo. Out of top 25 who beat North Carolina who is in top 25 and just beat the Over rated FSU squad. We have 2nd longest winning streak in the nation and if we beat A&M which we are 2-0 against lifetime then that would mean the 3rd Sat. In Oct. Would put the 2 longest winning streaks in Nation and 1 will have to come to an end. Wow you beat UCLA who is 3-2 Tenn is 3-0 against P5 teams. You cry about 5 starters being out have you not saw TN 3 of best defensive players been out and also other injuries. Tenn gets knocked down more than A&M has. Drop from 9th in nation to 17th after a win. Wow we didn't beat up on our little brothers team scoring 70 points Prairie View A&M quit dogging VOLS & wait till Sat. Then talk. You all have no reason to bash us you never beat us yet and have same rec.
Even if Vols do lose next 2 weeks we still be ahead of you on going to SEC Champ. Tell num 36 thanks for taking his helmet off after that Last TD!!! Oh and I think Georgia should have kept Mark Richt cause he took a horrible Miami team back to top 25 & undefeated! At least he did give you guys a chance the next 3 years by bringing in that QB because he is going to be good one!
No joke! Georgia definitely played alot better quality teams! North Carolina, Nicholls St. Mizzou, & Ole Miss. Nicholls St. Is one of biggest football Juggernauts ever! Since 2010 they have a awesome record of 15-59 with a huge win this year over Incarnate World! Georgia Definitely proved they are way better! So what makes Georgia So great then? Sorry but VOLS are still undefeated & we didn't beat a FCS school by 2 points with rec. Of again drum rolls please 15-59 yeah that's top tier competition!!! I think you and UGA got heat stroke with your comments? Heck we drop more spots winning than Bulldogs do getting good old beatdown! Plus Bulldogs whipped Tenn last year I bet you quit watching when it was 21-0 sorry man Bulldogs lost. Also what is Bulldogs current Win Streak? Oh yeah 0 VOLS 10 Someone call 911 for this guy I'm afraid he has had a stroke! If not he needs to be locked up in looney ward! At least don't talk trash after taking a good whipping behind the wood shed!
Why flip A&M with Vols? They beat UCLA by 7 that I give cred. To. The team they played last weekend beating 67-0 was beating their little brother. There are 6 in A&M family with College Station being largest. Same as Tenn has 5 or so with Knoxville being biggest. So if we beat UT. Martin or UT. Chattanooga by 67 that would be more impressive. Since Johny Football left they have not been any better than Vols. Same SEC rec. In 2014 and Vols had alot better Conf. Record in 2015. Plus the teams we lost to other than Ark. Where ranked teams who we should have and had chances to win late. I can't wait to play them just to finally get the chance.
Since Johny Football left what has made A&M great? They been in decline last 2 years while Vols going back up. Bama fans should know a Good Coach makes huge difference. After Bear Bryant left and before Saban was hired Bama wasn't powerhouse like now. Kiffen and Dooley both got head coaching jobs because of their dad's being know as good coaches.
If a QB doesn't get great protection you could still have Peyton back there in his prime and he wouldn't be able to do anything.
Tebow sure wasn't a passer and when Cam was at Auburn he wasn't near the passed he has turned into with NFL coaching. Dobbs is better passer than the last Aub. QB that got then to title game the year they lost to FSU.
So it Tenn. Fault that VT would continue giving us good field position. What about the 4 play 90 yd. You talk like the people who pick Top 25. TN plays Vanilla so struggle because they were clearly overlooking a team that had 11-2 rec. Year before drop 8 spots. Then blow out ACC school that everyone was saying Tenn going to get beat they so bad but we blow them out and raise 2 spots and still behind 1 loss Okla. Georgia lost and right behind. US.
Tebow was not good passed won couple titles Cam was not that good of a passed until he made it to NFL Plus when you can score running you don't have to pass as much.