Kentucky fan, vet. Love my team! #BBN

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Dude... this is the second time you've called Chris Oats a DB. He is a linebacker. Was a 4 star recruit and a huge get for us. You should know this stuff. Please, if you're going to cover us again this year, start studying up. Jesus Christ...
Man, you and everyone else are wrong about Kash. He's an excellent kid, he grew up right down the road from me. He always stood up for kids that got picked on lol, and I do too so that immediately made me love him. He was really hyped and probably a bit frustrated. But really, don't think he's a bad dude or has a bad attitude because he doesn't. He's a savage on the field but never wants to hurt anyone.
Wow. 13th in the country baby, I love it. Been waiting my whole life for us go have a team like this. 2007 was nice but this team is better, much more talented and more complete team. Let's keep it going at A&M on ESPN primetime! Just wish they were ranked to make it even bigger.
We've thrown a bit already with success. Wilson's two passing TDs and one rushing is what won us that game. Mizzou's defense doesn't scare us at all.
This is awesome and whoever put this video on social media, which looks to be "andrea", is a little snitch...
Hate the rule now too. But this is about the last thing one could call "left wing", lmao. Used to think Witten was a smart guy and thought he'd do well on MNF, but it's been cringey and just not good so thus far.
Very happy to see Kentucky 3rd on this list, even though I already knew how good this O-line is... it's just a long time coming. It was our worst group in 2014, Stoops' first decent year in Lexington... We got a few big O-line commits that year and in the two after, as well as having a few good young linemen. But now it's finally fully come together and with only two starting seniors, looks to continue. Noticed South Carolina at #4 tho, our next opponent. Haven't been able to watch many of their games yet and none fully, so plan to sit down and relax tonight and watch their game against Vandy.
LOL at Damien Harris on here over Benny Snell... but the biggest snub is no Josh Allen. With how successful our linebackers have been in the NFL, you'd think people would stop interesting him. But I get it, they don't play for Alabama or LSU so not nearly as many people care. I hope this keeps up for as long as possible because our boys use it, just adds to the fire.
Kentucky has a much better defense than we had last year. So I wouldn't expect much to change regarding stops, especially in the red zone.
Man, bandwagon football fans like you really annoy me. First off, our running game is solid? It's really good, actually. Secondly,are you seriously calling for us to bench Wilson?! Even tho he won us the game at Florida and has done a great job leading this offense?! Get over it, he's not a great passer right now but he's only a sophomore and improves with every game. His running ability is huge for us and opens up the inside run even more than this beast of an O-line does for us. I seriously don't understand fans like you... he beat Hoak in a competition that went from March to August and his running ability does wonders for us. Get used to him running this offense and Hoak only coming in during blowouts or injury. This is Wilson's offense and he's earned his spot, our best chance by far to win is with him at QB. Also, we don't need to throw the ball much when we're running all over people. He's second on the team in rush yards and had multiple rushing touchdowns. He's our quarterback.
L"Basketball season starts in November, so we’ll have to see if the Wildcats and Blue Devils are both ranked then." Lol dude... Kentucky and Duke both have great teams, we'll be ranked #1 and #2 to start the season, at worse Kansas will be 2 and Duke will be 3. And we play Duke in early November to kick off the season in the Champion's Classic in Indianapolis lol. Would've been a nice mention, especially in the context of UK and Duke possibly playing each other in a bowl.
You literally just described yourself. Hating on a kid for being excited that he's doing things for his school and team that's never been done... smfh so petty.
Dude, shut up already. Yes we remember leaving Florida WRs wide open last year... who cares, we beat a better Gator team this year at home. And now a top 15 State team, lol! Go root for your terrible Vols. The Queens of Overreaction. BBN isn't stupid and just because We're good doesn't mean We're gonna be screaming "we want Bama" or thinking We're better than Georgia. We are better than every other East team not named Georgia, though, just like last season...
Paris10 here isn't an actual UK fan, he's a Tennessee Vol troll. Don't take him seriously.
God, I love my team and university. This team is for real. I'm sure we'll keep getting plenty of disrespect but I hope that's the case, only gives our boys even more motivation. #BBN
He's confident in himself and his team, especially his O-line. Always gives credit to his opponents and the rest of the offense. Smh...
Ouch, Blackhat... not a single time did a State ball carrier run any Wildcat over. But Benny sure did take some scalps last night. State got humbled. Wish you all the best tho and you're still the 3rd best team in the West to me.
That's not going to happen. Snell has been a 1,000 yard rusher since he was a true frosh, and will again this year before he heads to the NFL. Hill managed 14 yards to Benny's 165 last night.
I just came here for the comments... 😁😂 Why do you have an Alabama photo but claim to be a UK fan? You're obviously trolling, but why?
If you haven't noticed, we've put over 150 million into the program over the last couple years. Renovated the stadium, built a new, excellent facility. Got serious about recruiting and have gotten some good classes. All in the top 30-35, one top 20...compared to what we used to get, that's a huge improvement. Sure, it's not top 5 every year like Bama, but Bama is a football school through and through. Can't hold us to those expections because we're just fighting for a bowl game. Why you wanna hate on UK? Chill, yeah we're a basketball school, but we've taken football very seriously since we hired Stoops...
Don't be an idiot, SevenT. He turned down offers from Georgia, Clemson and Michigan to stay with us over the past three years. You're going to be mad about him not being able to pass up going home to coach the defending National Champions defensive backs? Just be happy that he turned down multiple better programs to stay these past few years and for what he did while he was here, taking us from sub-100 ranked pass defense to top 25 was a miracle. Not to mention the excellent corners and safeties he recruited. Leaving us in much better shape than when he got here, having a good player that was a HS 4* at every position in the secondary like we do know shows his work off very well. It shows his eye for talent, his skill in developing that talent, and his efficiency in knowing who to redshirt, who to play, etc. Now we're set, having two RS Sophomores at the back in our safety positions, two true sophomores at corner with talented young guys behind them making us 5, 6 deep there, and a trio of nickel backs from a RS sophomore to an experienced junior & senior. What are you whining about again? With how much young, proven talent we have in the secondary, our current coaching staff, the upward trajectory the program is on, being in the SEC, and having just brought in our best recruiting class ever with a couple 4* DBs in it, it won't be hard at all to find a really good replacement. Stop crying, making us look bad. #BBN