Born in Columbia, MO and raised a Tiger until moving to Athens. So Go Tigers, Go Dawgs. I’m conflicted.

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And GatorMania doesn’t have a freaking clue...but that doesn’t keep him from commenting. Bad trait.
All the more reason to schedule them you mean. That’s how the of conference scheduling thing works in large part. UF and any P5 don’t want to add unnecessary risk out of conference. So a UCF that is slaying giants is not as attractive. Its a universal law, though rarely admitted to outside the board room. That’s why UF plays who they play out of conference. On the other hand, the Boise st’s and UCF’s of the world must do the opposite...take care of their conference and add a heaping amt of risk in their out of conference scheduled opponents.
Cute. Far from it though. Don’t get me started on Starkville and MS. Cld seep to your level and destroy it but will use restraint.
I was raised up a Dawg in Athens and a Mizzou Tiger where I was born. I was raised very effectively to “hate” the Gators. And I absolutely do. All in good fun. I actually got into UF as a transfer but turned it down. But I totally 100% respect the program and the academics. I for one will not disrespect the UF program. You will not hear that from me yet it must be annoying to hear it from others. I went to UCF somewhat randomly. The rise has been incredible and I all but predicted this back in the mid-90’s. It’s a fantastic school - but it’s still on the rise which is something to brag about I suppose. Anyhow UCF fans have been released and aren’t used to the big lights. They really are great fans though. Some I’m sure are rude and delusional but UCF is scrappy and somehow some way will stand atop something quite significant in the yrs to come. The national championship thing was not meant to disrespectful. If you think that you’re really insecure. It was supremely obnoxious to many - it was a successful noise making tactic, though the scrappy program genuinely felt it deserved to be on the same field as anyone last year. Honestly, what wld any of you do if no one gave you a shot yet, right or wrong you felt you deserved it. If nothing, then you’re sort of a loser. And by the way, I totally know UCF SOS must improve - there are short term antics and long term solutions that must converge.
Yeah, Milton is small. And he regularly destroys larger opponents. Is like saying Flutie will not be successful. Oh, wait, they did. Oh, wait, he was. And if Dante Culpepper were coming out of HS today the same scenario wld play out. He’d head to UCF regardless of the reasons and the picture of him standing beside Burrow wld be much different. Yes, UCF doesn’t get the most highly touted prospects if that’s ya’lls point - but seems to stretch and do more w/ less. But brothers please on the size stuff.
If they played all 14 it wld mean something you fail to mention in your crystal ball hypothetical hope and dream. If they did that then they’re actually in the SEC - of which several things follow (money, power, brand boost, recruiting prowess, etc - all the SEC spoils). They likely compete game in and game out very well. It’s likely not ever going to happen, just be careful to keep the apples together when comparing. As it is, UCF does much more with much less and is made fun of in return. Yeah, they bring a lot of it on themselves though so much is pure insecurity and arrogance (well earned in many cases) on the part of others. As much a fan of the SEC I am, I know it doesn’t represent America - but likes to think it does. LSU athletics even said America was thankful for LSU beating UCF. Not sure that’s accurate but shows how some project their own opinions when they rarely step out of their microcosm. LSU bested UCF that day no doubt though.
Settle it on the field. Somehow turn the Pay-off into a more wholly respectable Playoff as it was intended. The reality of or potential for a snub to UCF or another hapless P5 or GO5 team is what created this problem, annoyance, false claim, whatever one feels they must call it. UCF is making the most of their misfortune and not really concerned w/ what others think which I know bothers them. UCF didn’t create a mockery situation - it was always there - and if you can’t see that then you might be contributing to the problem. No need to pick on the little guy(s) the SEC clearly doesn’t have much respect for anyhow. Just play your game - UCF can handle it’s business - in the meantime Sic ‘em Dawgs!!
Press is drumming up the trash talk, well beyond what it is. Shocker, right? Working apparently though Malzahn not taking bait. Some fast-as-lightning (and proven - ask Michigan) sophomore mouths off about lack of speed in the SEC and at Auburn - that's inexperience and arrogance talking But if Auburn and the sec think that's representative of UCF, they don't know UCF. Unwise to put him in front of the camera though - too young. Scott Frost has had to defend (while in NE and FL) his ability to adequately wear two hats. He's under a ton of stress trying to do the right thing, got tired of it, tried shut it down and got on the defensive. Talking trash about the other team is out of character for Scott Frost if you know anything about his track record and respect for opponents. Go Knights. And Go Mizzou. Beat TX.