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Hey Kay, let's talk about football, something we can actually watch and observe, not something that NO ONE on here witnessed.
LSU beating UCF without most of their starters proves without a doubt that UCF is NOT a playoff contender!
Great win for UK and the SEC! Where college football starts!! Now Let's go DAWGS!!
I think Georgia beats Clemson and Notre Dame. Should've been the DAWGS against Clemson.
Saban or Smart could take a high school team and win UCF'S conference. They would get DRILLED by SEC teams.
Hard to come out when you don't even show up against Georgia and Tennessee.
I would LOVE to see UCF vs BAMA!! What an Ass whoopin UCF would take and then they could slip away into the night.
I'm a UK fan BUT, them being in the top 25 is a joke. They are NOT a top 25 team.
This team had no business being ranked or even mentioned nationally. They suck, Stoops sucks, Gran definitely sucks. I doubt they win out.
Paris10, does loserville still have a team? Coach? Asking for a friend.
And we have the talent to beat Georgia, we don't need miracles. Guess we will see tomorrow cheif.
And the more I think about your comment, I'm pretty sure you're an idiot.
Why is Florida ranked ahead of UCF? Really? It's because they are a better team with a MUCH better resume.
Right, Georgia scores 28 on this defense. Idiot
Funny how Georgia fans already have there bags packed for Atlanta.
Paris10, oh nevermind you already know that you're a douche. Now on to the game, gonna be a huge night in Lexington come Saturday. Wish I could be there but I'll be watching it for sure. I hope coach Gran calls this entire game the way he called the winning drive against Mizzou. If he does we gave an excellent chance.
Yep, don't agree with FL being left out of the top 25.
Probably will work just as well against a weak Missouri team that hasn't won an SEC game yet.