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FINALLY, someone has a comment recognizing the entire school's commitment to the athletic department. It's been that way since Zeppos, if not earlier, but every time a VU team doesn't do well the "fans" blame the school for not being all-in.
Mason screwed himself over by hiring incompetent staff (Karl Dorrell, anyone?), not understanding basic game or clock management, and failing to coach-up any of the players he recruited. The "facilities" argument is sooooooooooooooooooo tiring. A locker room doesn't put two players with the same number on the field at the same time. A weight room doesn't get a delay-of-game penalty coming out of a timeout. That kind of crap was routine for the last 7 seasons.
Trying to remember how many NCAA investigations and show-cause penalties Bruce Pearl had before Auburn snapped him up...
Please explain how the Commodores suffer offensively by having Mason call the defense. Vandy has an OC. Every other team has an OC.
Vanderbilt offense did not wake up with 21 first-half points, the defense turned in a pick-6 for seven of them. Did SDS even watch the game? You also said in another story that it took place in Lexington.
Mason is desperate to show ANY improvement with the alums in town for homecoming. He knows he's not liked.
We can't fry the coaches for the QB carousel in 2014 and then expect them to yank McCrary. Better coaching and development from Ludwig IS expected, however. He should be teaching McCrary how to make reads, check-down, and make better decisions... e.g. TAKE A LOSS INSTEAD OF AN INT, YOU TWIT.
Embodiment of why the rest of the SEC sees Tennessee as classless. The kid shows immaturity and disrespect for a school paying his way for a visit, and UT fans proclaim him their favorite. Sad all around.
"All four players listed on the Commodores’ depth chart made starts and the team made more than 10 quarterback chances, which accounted for four total wins." Spelling aside, Hall, you can't even get Vanderbilt's record correct. If the team had four total wins in a 3-9 season, was there some magical bowl game for teams with losing records? More and more, SDS is showing it's overmatched in trying to cover the conference.
"The Hoover product is expected to commit to Vanderbilt over Alabama, according to the crystal ball predictions." Nothing would make me happier, but it this just usual SDS b.s. or is there anything substantive to lead to that conclusion? Wait, I think I just answered my own question...
If you're going to call out a fanbase for lack of intelligence, you may not want to use words like, "unsmart." Just a suggestion.
Is that the "official" one or did SDS writers (i.e. Jason Hall) just make it up? Show us the link where you got it before we pour (more) fuel on Derek Mason. Here's what an official depth chart looks like:
Love Ralph for the 'Dores this season, but he's not on pace (yet) to break 1,000 yards for the season. At his current rate, he'll hit 960 yards.
How about a little journalism? Rather than speculate on which recruits CDM could bring to Vandy, let's hear what the 2015 commits think about the team'a performance. Are they going to stick it out or bail?
I agree with grwIII. While I would HOPE that Derek Mason is on some kind of a hot seat, other than fanspeak on social media what evidence does Mr Levine use? From what authority does he make his judgement? It's year one for CDM - how often does a coach actually get fired after one year... especially from a University that has ridden out plenty of 1- and 2-win seasons? Show me some journalism, SDS. Otherwise, as the old saying goes, "Opinions are just like a**holes. Everybody has one."
If YOU'RE going to cover and make fun of Vanderbilt, at least get YOUR grammar right.
Interestingly, (currently) points to