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The NFL is full of players that got rich on contracts and signing bonuses and had a bust of a career. Soon college rosters will be the same. Just because an 16-18yo had a great college career doesnt mean they will in college. I'm all for student athletes having a say and getting a piece of the huge cash cow that is college football. But many of these students will be getting hundreds of thousands, if not millions, before playing a game. At some point collectives will want ROI and will start influencing athletics more than they should (or more than they already do now).
"Georgia is looking in the rear view mirror at Alabama after the Georgia G-Day Game. Alabama doesn’t have the coaching to beat Georgia anymore." Seems like we heard that in 2018 from Clemson.
LOL. Do enlighten everyone with verifiable facts? We'll wait... You do realize that the state of Alabama actually passed legislation that says schools can't be involved in NIL deals? I think they are they only state to do so. So back up your words with some proof for all of us?
Tua had played in 8 games by then. It's not like he went 3 months without playing.
Based on what? When UM was #5 and beat #2 OSU they moved up to #2. So when #3 beats #1 they should only be #2? LOL
Saban makes players earn their way into games. He has outright said it's up to a player to impress coaches during practice and prove to them they can be trusted in a game. Just because you're a 4 or 5 star player doesn't mean you are guaranteed to play. You don't go to Bama to be "given" a chance to play. You go to Bama to earn a place to play. And yeah, you can transfer to another school where you can probably play quicker. But will that team be in contention for an NC pretty much every year?
Obviously not an LSU (or Auburn) fan but this whole idea of teams dumping coaches after 2 rough years (Orgeron, Chizik) is a bad precedence. From 1964-1966 Bear Bryant had an impressive 30-2-1 run with 3 SEC titles and 2 NCs but then followed it up in 1967-1970 with sub-par seasons including two 6-5 records in '69 and '70 where the Tide finished 7th and 8th in the SEC (and were 5-8 in SEC play). Today he would have been fired after the 1970 season. Of course after that from 1971-1975 he went 54-6 and won 5 SEC titles and 1 NC.
The reason college football has endured is because it is ever changing. You do realize that the forward pass used to be illegal right? Should we honor that age-old tradition? Field goals used to be 4 points and TDs used to be 5. Want to go back to that? Bama used to have a standing rivalry with Ga Tech (it's even in the Bama fight song). Times change and football changes with it. That is how it endured. Traditions are novel but they are not required. How it changes and adapts is what makes it special.
Giving conference champions an automatic bid would be a mistake. It dilutes the non-conference games - it actually makes them meaningless. If all you have to do is win you conference why even schedule them? It will also mean at some point that you will have a weaker 2-loss conf champion with a guaranteed spot and the current arguments will just start all over again.
@poptiger saying "what if" is code for you dont think women should be treated the same. She knows the risk. And a 350lb lineman can also show a male kicker what the football field is like just as well and it's just as bad either way.
The rest of the comment in full context was literally Saban saying he's a great player who makes great plays and he trusts his judgement. You people want to make an issue where there isn't one.
The world did shut down for SARS and MERS - Just not the US. In the US there were only 11 total cases of Ebola, 8 cases of SARS, and 2 cases of MERS. There are currently over 1600 cases of COVID-19. The closest comparison is the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic. That killed 12,400 Americans and had a low mortality rate of 0.02%. The COVID-19 death rate is about 2% (100 times more than Swine Flu).
What about Derrick Thomas' 52 sacks (1985-88)? The closest anyone has come in the last 20 years is GA's David Pollack at 36 (2001-04).
Not quite the Bear, yes. But Bryant coached in a different time. NCAAF is much more competitive and parity is much more widespread. The SEC was not quite the king of football as much back in the 70's either. If he wins Monday he'd have 5 and in this day and age that is quite a feat which might not be duplicated. 4 in 7 years would definitely be difficult to replicate.
OSU only played 5 opponents that finished with records over .500 (10 for Bama). OSU only played 2 opponents that finished with 8+ wins (8 for Bama).
He has no point. OSU only played 5 opponents that finished with records over .500 (10 for Bama). OSU only played 2 opponents that finished with 8+ wins (8 for Bama).
This is the stupidest and most ridiculous thing I have ever read. I am fairly confident, thank goodness, that none of Bama's coaches would make any part of this part of their game day plans.
How did Alabama play itself? ALABAMA Date: Nov. 29, 2014 Team: Alabama