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It happens. It was pretty close, and though I'm a UK fan, LSU played hard and deserved to win. Who knows what would have happened in overtime anyway.
Both wrong. It's controversial because it was goal tending. The time was good for sure, well before the light. You just can't tip a ball that's inside the cylinder. That part of the play could not be reviewed however.
UFC are not undefeated 2017 National Champs. That's silly.
Lol.. Maintained control? Winner take all next week in Lexington does not mean maintained control.
To recap. Bama and UGA will play the SEC title game on neutral field, no matter the score, should disqualify one of them.. In reality though, one of those Big 10 teams will have a 2nd loss.. So they are irrelevant.
USC is a middle class program at best, comparable to UK in the great scheme of football history. A few recent years of success does not make USC anyone on the football radar outside their own fanbase. 4-5 in a row now isn't it?
Didn't Mizzou just win a game 17-16 recently in a similar situation recently? Yeah, I'd say no amount of computer anything should have SC that far ahead of UK, if at all...
I don't think Stoops has been bad at UK. Certainly an improvement over anything in the last 15 or so years.