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I'm pretty sure Sterling Sharpe would disagree. He was great, but Jerry rice might be the single most uncontested GOAT in the history of football. At any other position, you have a handful of legends to compare, but not receiver. It's pretty near unanimous among intelligent life forms, not to mention there are several WRs that can be placed between rice and sharpe, closer to Sharpe than to rice.
Marshal w as developed in Kansas and currently a db in canada. malzahn broke white. I asked for an example of successful qb development which you have failed to provide. I offered no opinion. But I will now. At this level, gus has yet to recruit and develop a decent qb. He has worked some magic with some more seasoned players, but I don't see white or Johnson making anyone's draftboard.
Deddrick Thomas had 2 catches for 59 yds, that's not his only job, but I don't understand, either. If they want a SENIOR why not gibson.
First, thanks for the piece, I liked it. Second, I think you are missing half of basketball. The sec also put seven in the ncaaw tourney, including a number one seed, and let's not forget the USC vs MSU final 2018. The conference's ladies beat the guys in picking back up sec basketball, and were doing it while ncaaw basketball was maligned by journalists and radio personalities. Journalists glossing over and, in some cases, ignoring women's basketball is part of the problem. The last few years, secw basketball has been exciting, entertaining, and provided a few historic moments, as well, particularly for USC and Miss State fans. Watching the reemergence of secm basketball has been great, but I hope SDS can show a little love and appreciation for our formidable ladies' teams. They certainly have played a big part in reigniting what was a few years ago a waning interest for a lot of the country. I do expect this to be the biggest season of secm basketball in over twenty years, but I, for one, hope to see a little coverage on all our teams.
2016??? TCU and Baylor combined for a 13-13 in a year where Baylor could have gone undefeated and got left out on principle
And qbs were transferring looooooong before the portal was a thing.
Kelly Bryant was a SENIOR transfer, portal not needed, he quit to maintain eligibility. It was a no brainer decision.
To unaffiliatedbutactuallyaffiliatedwithcolorado, do you watch football? I suppose OU 'could have lost' a game in which they carried a 42-7 lead into the fourth quarter, and maybe the could have lost a game in which they never trailed. They didnt, lsu came closer to dropping one to TX than did ok, and saying they could have lost to the jayhaw ks is like saying Bama could have lost to USM. It's indulgent fantasy. I personally would take hurts over Murray or mayfield, but my opinion is about as credible as yours, could have lost Kansas indeed.
I am willing to cut a certain amount of slack for a first year coach, and the suspensions and injuries were bound to be problematic, but had Mullen been in charge last season then that 8-4 team competes for the west. He talks about building something, but Moorhead has shown a complete inability to use the talent that is already there and seems to be losing the team. I don't even blame shoop for our defensive issues, there is something toxic going on and eminates from Joe Moorhead. His words to the media have become insulting and his wasting of what is actually a decently talented group of young men and what comes off to me as a complete disregard of longtime dedicated fans is soulcrushing. He has lost my support.
Avatars have spoiled me, my bad, and 3-3 going into OT is certainly not far-fetched.
Are you sure? Ole miss defense is pretty solid, but without the scoop and score y'all lose. 20 points against auburn, yeh, but we did that. But based on the jomo experience so far, that spread makes sense.
I actually enjoyed watching this game more than I thought I would. We should have been able to run the ball, that has to be fixed. Defense is actually improving, if not for some miscommunication and blown coverages, lsu scores three less tds or at least works a lot harder for them. Run defense definitely improving. I want to see more of pickering. Burrow three a couple of dimes that I don't see any other qb getting of, man he got good. I am, at least for now, slightly less perterbed and am actually looking forward aTm, whom both cbs and the sec network are unaware that we play, apparently. Egg bowl might be tough.
"We spend so much time talking about how lousy other coaches are, people don't realize how putrid Joe Moorhead has been. Inherited a Top 15 team, with 3 first round picks. He's now 11-8 overall, 5-8 against Power 5 opponents. Dude has been a TOTAL dud." --Aaron Torres, Fox radio "Jeremy Pruitt lost the Miss St job to Joe Moorhead but beat him on the field today," Talty tweeted. "MSU is easily one of the most disappointing teams in the SEC this year and trending wrong direction." --John Talty, AL.com And it goes on...
I was wrong, as we are now pioneering new frontiers of suck. Congratulations on the vols complete dominance sat.
Just shut up and do it. You ve probably got to the end of 2020 as it is, but I imagine it will be more of the same. How much you guys think it would take for Venebles to take a HC gig?
Let's poach monken from the browns and give him free reign to hit assts
First, hurts played in the sec West for three years, so there's that, and second, he's from texas, as is half of ou. When are these big twelve coaches gonna learn to silence their underclassmen.
This is what I predict, Tenn fails to score an offensive td, defense forces five turnovers, we actually start sacking the qb again, we're stiff against the run, hill trots for 200 and a couple tds plus one through the air, who plays stays healthy and completes 75% for 330 yds with Mitchell and zuber around 100 yds each, 3 tds through the air, no turnovers, and after a week of thinking the ship is turning we watch in awe as burrow and co. Dismantle our defense on our own field. Sorry, TN , but for maximum misery for stat e fans, you guys must tote a whoopin.
Do you guys bother researching before writing about mississippi? Yeah I read that nonsense about the ihl. Walker has just now been cleared, he hasn't dressed much less Sat on the bench, I'm not even sure he's practiced. At this point, the redshirt is a nobrainer.
Had mixed feelings when Redmond picked one off in the endzone, they all flipped when it was wiped out by a penalty.