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Definitely won’t face the challenge the football team will, maybe slight upgrade in number of dangerous conference opponents. Baseball team might have it rough, not as consistent as they used to be
We got FSU so eh. That was only the Sooners second loss
I don’t think the Aggies can do it, well see who they get in the supers
I think the only rivalry so lopsided is bedlam, but I have been present at more than one victory against the tide. I’m fairly certain bama is the only fan base outside Ole miss to recognize “hate state” week (in reference to us). Some of them anyway, does Kentucky do that?
For kicks and grins, let’s see me groupings. For my part: Oklahoma, Texas, aTm, Arkansas LSU, ole miss, miss state, alabama Auburn, uga, Florida, Kentucky Missouri, tenn, vandy, South Carolina
There is a little math involved,too. 4 teams on a permanent schedule leaves twelve. Three annual opponents, six rotating home and homes. Don’t know why nobody mentions an alternating series of home and home games where, for example, a team would play one set of six opponents one year and the other the next instead of the same slate two years in a row
Then you would have to tax all the other scholarships and grants.
The university is not paying them and they are not gov employees. I’m suggesting we treat them like us citizens. You’re just mad they make more than you.
How am I trolling, they lost a lot of offensive talent, that is a fact
So no student on any scholarship should be able make money, right. How bout we cap your earnings and see how you like it
I think it’s important to note that all those guys you named after corral are also off to the nfl. I haven’t looked at the returning line, but I imagine that offense has some struggles particularly early.
One running backgets 1000 yds, team breaks 2000 for the season while passing for 6000.
I know Forbes was still a little raw and a bit skinny, but I just don’t understand how he’s not getting a little more love
Elgton jenkins was not that long ago, but best tackle definitely
I didn’t make it past the bs title. The bulldogs have landed 3, 4, 1, and 2 in the past four recruiting classes. They just won a national championship. They really can’t improve their recruiting, they can only continue
Half the hall of fame went to some ‘cow patty u’, learn some things
You can literally get all the necessary information for this from Wikipedia and you manage to mess that up…
I made it just past the Twitter theft. This whole article is c r a p except the title. All your reasoning, don’t trust a player who didn’t start before this season, etc. is just stupid. The only reason your title is correct is that Jacksonville has more dire needs than de, though they likely will pick one. There are some really dumb things written in this article
Seriously, the last year OU won a title was the second year of a leach installed offense. Mangino was the oc but that offense didn’t change much, ran the ball a bit more, but the line was better. You aren’t even familiar with sooner football, apparently. An effective offense is never a detriment to winning, ignoring the defense is. That’s why the dc hire was so important, increased penchant for running is encouraging. Leach’s problem isn’t his system but very little adjustment to truly maximize your playmakers opportunities. One of his major drawbacks is he has taken about twenty years to fully grasp the whole “jimmies and joes not Xs and Os” concept. I do look forward to the next few seasons. And, not being a homer, but state is at a minimum on equal footing if not a level above tech and light years above WSU, as evidenced by an article years ago in Washington comparing the programs the point being that wazzu needed to invest more and get more fan involvement to just be on equal fooiting with a historically lower to middle tier sec school.
Mike leach has a whole lot to do with those offenses, as well as a lot of the offense in cfb. I’m not sure who ‘they’ and ‘you’ are in your reference and I was under the impression that 10 straight winning seasons, beating a number of top ten opponents, coming within a hair’s breadth of going to a title game signified a pretty good program. Offense is never a detriment to a winning record, either, lack of defense is.
The entire state of ok seems to drive at around 85 to 90 in 65 zones. I’m not exaggerating, I drive all day 5 days a week, so not exactly extraordinary that a kid drives way too fast. Adults are rarely good drivers at any age, do we expect a young one to be less stupid. He got caught, I doubt the ticket will be enough to have an effect though
I’ll take things you will never see in an official game for 100, Aaron.
To answer your question, because top recruits at any position generally go to top programs. You are basically saying Leach has produced the most prolific pass offenses in college and had 11 win seasons at two historically bad schools with almost no NFL caliber athletes, and not mentioned little defense to speak of. The dude changed the face of college football, is why Bama and LSU remade their offense, and now the NFL is chock full of leach inspired offense, but keep saying he can’t coach, and then tell that to D1 coach se what they say. To you commenters talking about system and context and what not, you can play at a D3 on your own dime, if you are good enough they find you. No coach or school really puts players in the nfl, they give them a medium and the player puts himself in the nfl. Jerry Rice played in a ‘gimmick’ offense at valley, they found him, they found welker. And 7 wins, please you people don’t know anything. The guys career record is around .600, 7 win seasons don’t get you that, A decade at tech he won 7 games twice, after that not less than eight for eight years. Are we gonna win a championship with leach, eh, being in the sec can also swing our favor. Tech was a bcs ranking from playing for one against Florida. He can do that coaching against stoops and brown with little defense and as pointed out no nfl talent, i suspect an old pirate with a new found propensity for occasionally running the ball, a better eye for defensive coordinators, and a better recruiting base than WSU will find a way to win some games. Swing your sword.
I think grading hires this early is dumb. I was hoping we’d go after Konkel, but his alma mater here in Tulsa scooped him up before most of these jobs were open. 150+ wins in 7 seasons , then white did even better in his four but couldn’t keep rolling at Florida. Jans looks very good though, he did give bowling green a 21 win season amidst a 9 year span where it was their only winning season. One year there, nmsu, who is a perennial berth but seldom gets past the second, yanks him out. And now gets another step, hopefully he gets us a berth or two before he steps up again