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Morehead needs to keep our DL coach and Buckley, though Shoop is coaching safeties, so we'll see.
Let's see, a walk in took the job from last years recruit. He's missed one all year, and we still have said scholarship player. Seems like a smart decision on his part, and it frees up an offer. Good for everybody, let's get a punter, now.
Oh, give it up. If anything, Beckner, like Nkemdiche but to a greater extent, is underachieving. He was good for a few plays, but there is a reason he is coming back his Sr. year, because he wasn't good enough to up his draft status. There are two DT at Alabama alone who are better than Beckner and had better seasons. Auburn has two, hell, State has two.
Duke has a lot of hurdles, but they built up to ten wins and should cycle back up. 6 years recruiting that area, and from yalobush co., Should be ready recruit at least. Next year's line is good to go, so he'll have a little time.
You're going to have to point out this massive amount of talent we are losing in the secondary, cause most of them will be back. We need a punter and a longsnapper. Between this year and last year, we should (pending signing day) continue to have depth at secondary. We have a bevy of young receivers but we need a home run wideout and a mismatch would be nice too. Our recruiting seems to have panned out well-balanced, OL is always tough so we always need one or two priority there. Hevesy did pretty good work with good players, but we had gaps in recruiting OL, though if we continue to pull from out of state in years MS doesn't produce we should avoid that. Overall, you seem to be way off on most of these. Seriously, stop doing this piece.
those are the only ones yall beat, cept OM, who yall would not have beat.
I didn't say a word to you, you snide jackoff. FSU is 6-6, get over it. You lost your coach to the aggies, get over that. And why do you think we care what Kanell says. I thought when ESPN dumped him, we wouldn't have to hear him. With the right DC hire, no reason we can't win the division next year. We lose 4 starters and a punter. Grey and Rankin already missed half this season, anyway. I can't help if you can't see that. Hail State and may the Canes and Mark Richt forever rule the noles.
Yeah, the conference that puts, by far, the most DL into the NFL has not one DL. SI sucks.
It may not seem like much, but the PK brings me a peaceful feeling. Alabama fans can relate.
Beckner had 2.5 tfl 2.5 sacks against conference opponents. Simmons had 9 tfl 4.5 sacks against conference opponents. He's a NG. He actually drew double teams to free other players as well. Please, besides it's PFF, ragnow is the only ark lineman that should be on any list any, they were awful. Missouri might lead TFLA, but that has a little to do with how the offense is run, as well. Army leads the country in sacks allowed, but don't let that fool you. You like to use stats, go count the number of times beckner drew double teams.
He lost 5 of 6 to start and managed to save his butt with a talented QB. Yall got straight whooped by Purdue. Congrats on the 7 wins, but you literally beat. only the worst 4 teams in the conference, and ark nearly got y'all. Every other conference game was a sound beating. Coach of the year, y'all allowed over 420 ypg and allowed opponents over 30 ppg. Why don't you come back and repeat this BS next year with hoepel and lock. And lock was 4star and beckner was a top 20 5star, that's off the top of my head, so you can stow that too.
Jordan is a Nike company so it's not so switch it's just a marketing gimmick. Id like to see a company that manufactures in the us try to break into this market.
A lot of folks laughed at Miami before 1980. 2 coaches and 3 national titles later they were not laughing. But keep laughing, better than exercise.
Dude went to ark, was Walmarts general counsel for years. Has no affiliation with state.
Freeze paid $1M for a first time coordinator?!
Greg Byrne and Scott stricklin. While we obviously need to up the pay for assts, we should really be prepared to pay a lot more to an AD. This crap has got to stop.
State, Au, bama (yes that's third), aTm, OM, LSU, Ark. Obviously, I am basing this on a decent hire for DC.
What opinion, I asked a question. Take your pills.
Is that why Patterson might be seeking a transfer, because he's not a good player?
Whipped? Dude, they held on by the skin of their teeth. Its not like we let your two best rushers combine for 449 yards and four TDs to beat us by 35. Then I would probably concede we got whipped. Enjoy that 3 point victory accompanied by such a display OM spirit that y'all finished the game with more penalties than first downs and your best defensive player ejected from the game. That is something to brag about, yep.
I imagine that transfer has less to do with a bowl than it does with currently playing behind NFL receivers and probably not having an prospect to throw him the ball his Jr year. Gonna be a rough couple years in Oxford, but that bowl really doesn't mean much, the overall fallout from the whole mess is what hurts them. Plus side, Luke should have plenty of time to improve himself and his staff which could bode well for a recovery, assuming the administration doesn't shoot itself.
Didn't 2004 feature 7 undefeated teams at the end of the regular season?
Seems like a good reason to expect early playing time. He'll likely redshirt at state, but he already expected that, so this is a kid who either picked a school, picked a team, or wants to develop. Might be interesting to see if Franks improves, though, he came in with a lot of promise, Mullen might help bring some out.