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Not exactly, but yeah, he got waaaaaay too much praise there and the media ignored when fans did criticize. Acted like he was a gift to us from god
Absolutely. He has definite strengths, but just watch the 2014 state/bama game or any press conference he’s ever had and you get pretty good examples of his flaws
Your statement is not accurate. Florida is currently averaging over 8 penalties per game and bama at 8. Most of dans teams at state finished with between 4 and 5 per game. Even considering typically heavier penalties earlier in the season, both of those team are on track to finish with more penalties than any team he coached at state except possibly 2017. Don’t use games against bama as a meter stick
Apparently there is only one other team with multiple entries
Not naming Matt corral as qb1 is just stupid
When mclwaine, I think, hired geoff collins (our dc) near at the end of 2014 regular season Mullen infamously referred to it as a lateral move. We got to start shelling out more, we didn’t want to pay cam Newton either. Yeah it is the same job, but they pay a bit more and have the beach for recruiting, I guess he was right
Um… hasn’t uk worn black units before and if they have the same company providing unis then duh
He has a point and kannel too, though he was a bit delusional about it. Alabama is elite but when you look at the rest the three unbeaten in big10 look better and PSU did beat AU who already downed one of the others. State is sloppy and unpredictable, aTm disappointing, and the two hot upstarts just got hammered by the conferences elite. Now if Au gets tramped by OM , ark, state or any combination then it’s different. But right now he’s right. I think Michigan might actually be seriously good but then there’s that one hurdle…
JFK, Roosevelt, Clinton, those guys were unable to lead too?
Up north in nov. how bout down south in august? Cold weather football is easy compared to 100 degrees.
Never heard of corn gluten? Some corn, as with oats produces gluten. Only verifiable gluten-free varieties can be certified gluten free, though there is a lot of wiggle room in labeling
It is just depressing that UGAs defensive captain is from horn lake. Shame on our recruiting
Best team he ever had he left for a “lateral move” and a bigger salary, leaving behind a broken qb and a defense that basically coached itself for four years. Yeah he got us back to competitive but I don’t miss him and would rather see croom get a second chance than ever see Mullen back on our sideline. He was always given way too much credit and no one ever noticed games left on the table by coaching miscues, or how it took him five years to show an inkling of in game adjustments. He will do at Florida what he did at state, win most of the games he should, one he shouldn’t, lose one he shouldn’t, split games with Kentucky, and never ever beat saban
If this guy could get over losing he might could do something in Jacksonville but he loses four games and falls apart. I really don’t see how this has anything to do with his job though
I agree about the 8 conference games, but for a different reason. It allows the teams to schedule that extra noncon game. For teams like Miss state that is fifty fifty but for premier or hot programs it lets them go to pretty much any other p5 team with the same open date. Hence the opening weekend matchups like Clemson ga, a lot of acc sec matchups as they both play 8 conference games but you also get ones like psu vs au and ark vs Texas. And when so many of these games end with a sec victory it elevates the merit given once conference play is well under way. Or you can leave it in the hands of the officials and lose to g5 Memphis. I hope we get them in a bowl game
I’m now trying to justify lining up tickets for opening weekend. I want to see that.
This is not a particularly astute piece of writing. Absolutely no mentio of penalties along the offensive line. Around 30 or so penalties so far primarily from the line and receivers on the line. As far as big plays, they allowed four plays by la tech that constituted the majority of their offense, but none since. Fumbles are an issue, particularly when they end in a scoop and score. Let’s not blame that, the pick six or the punt return the shouldn’t have been on a defense that has mostly smothered their opponents.
That is NOT a state fan, I just saw the handle. I knew our fans knew better
I don’t understand the need to print this. No host team venue has or ever will allow us to bring cowbells and have even drafted policies to specifically address them. This is not the liberty bowl postseason game, this is a home game for Memphis at THEIR home stadium. IF a fan actually asked then they are not bright, though they might have attended a bowl game before and just wanted to double check
A&M hasn’t blown us out since 1912, so if that happens, yes I will believe but I have feeling that won’t be the case
I'm sick of "traditionalists" in college football. Traditionally, most programs didn't recruit black players. Traditionally, the NCAA wouldn't allow freshmen to play. Traditionally, coaches would overextend scholarship offers and then decline some. You traditionalists can stuff it. Good for BYU players.