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I didn't watch the highlights, but if he has an offer from Leach, I bet he can throw.
Yeah, sure. I could care less if every assistant not coaching defense or whoever help that placekicker learn how to punt gets hired away. Keep our everyone on the defensive side. That offense was a mess and cost us dearly.
We've got some redshirt dbs to go with this year's recruits, but I hope we don't get thin at CB again.
Losing Huff I don't think is a big deal, but all three of our primary backs looked better than last year, so hoping Moorehead makes a good hire replacing him.
We need to hang on to Baker til he retires. We have gone through some very good DL coaches the last couple of decades, but he might be the best. I hope Shoop can keep adapting with greener secondary and DL.
Seriously, this guy left the sec a decade ago, let espn cover him.
UMass has got stones, like USM. Our scheduling needs to get better this next decade.
I am most definitely NOT from UK. It would be nice if they covered the ladies a little, too.
I expect Sweat is a better pick than Oliver, as good as either of the two ends he listed under Bosa, bosa was a beast.
Most of your comment is irrelevant and just a jab at MS.
What commission? What do YOU think we are talking about?
Wouldn't judge penny harshly, yet, and fournette is apparently good enough for the jags to make nice after whatever that mess was.
Didn't cherry pick anything. Look at the first going back to 2000, about 1/4 are potential or guaranteed Hall of famer, about 1/4 are decent backs who maybe were overpaid the first few years, about 1/4 were disappointing, and there rest were genuine busts. This is not including a number done in by injury, split between flashes of potential, probable busts, and never got started. Seriously, check them out, the consistency is there, though it does seem some of the busts have teams in common.
You might have a point about waiting to draft a RB as teams don't kneejerk draft RBs, as 2013 and 2014 didn't even produce a first round rb pick, but first rounders generally work out. The rbs taken in the first round the past four drafts are Michel, Barkley, Penny, Fournette, McCaffery, Elliot, Gurley, and Gordon. Literally, every single one of them is working out.
Even SEC teams don't do that. Last year's team was good and got shafted, but this year's team not so much.
Something was odd with the audio (monitors?) at first, and lil wayne was useless, but I thought they did a good job. I'm a little tired of that song, too, and I'm not even a real fan, but it looks like someone just cherry picked some tweets for their own use. At least it wasn't FlaGa Line, Blake Shelton, or whoever that crap was last year.
No they weren't. One of the MS schools get in trouble and its a three year investigation and players sitting. Cam never sat a single game and no one even looked into AU. Of course, only ole miss could have a couple of alumni 'adopt' a future nfl lineman, send him and his coach through the pipeline, and then make a movie that's basically a middle finger to the rest of the NCAA.
"In other words, we will continue to cry '4 is the perfect number' until the future contract is discussed." Yeah, we know.
That loss to Syracuse last season, yet still getting ranked number 1 somewhat diminishes your statement, Dabo. Expand the playoff, sooner than later. Oh, and while we are at it, let's not let a private committee employed by bowl groups and other people who profit from the games pick the "best" teams. Fing retarded.