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Congrats to the Kats. That second half was a hard pill to swallow. I'm gonna find my bourbon, now.
I'm with you on the officials, but God we were awful. Outcoached, outplayed, beat at our own game, and punked out. Good win by UK, and a big wakeup to our coaching staff. Between Mizzou sc and UK, the east looking interesting and uga looked very beatable today. We don't straighten up, UF could be dog fight and we won't make it past Auburn in the west.
But it says td/att, you can understand my confusion.
Nice to see many of you guys still disrespect us, but I'm with you on Vandy by a score.
Let's not be too hasty. If state is still improving and really is ready to contend, then losing this game while playing well and punching up is still good. Even getting blown out doesn't necessarily mean UK isn't a decent team (see our games last season vs. UGA and AU). This game is more of a metering stick than anything, and the final score will only be part of it. I will say this is the biggest game between the two I can remember and if both teams are what I think they are it will be fun to watch but state will pull far ahead, IF.
I think this entire article takes the wrong tone. Entirely too serious. People will schedule when they want, and labor day weekend makes sense logistically. But if you think that is a "fall wedding" in say MS, then you are out of your mind. An outdoor wedding in the SE anytime from may to early October is just dumb.
Not to take away from the story, but are we sure this is HS. Looks like younger.
He has already proven himself to be possibly the best rushing qb in conference history, so that's not what we need to see. And, to be fair to JFB, that week one game was against an eventual 11-2 Florida, so let's not be too strong on this.
I see what you did there, well played.
Check this comment sun for a response.
Except Mullen, who is neither old nor nice but can run for a long time.
Let's see, ark... Anybody see three more probable wins in there? Just wasting time and money and continuing to embarrass the state of Mississippi. Should put that effort into replacing the DC.
Really? Then explain how only two players for bama have ever won the heisman????
These meaningless rankings are just a way to garner interest in watching an obsolete award show presenting an award that is determined via a biased and archaic selection process.
Really wish I could put 50 on the over for our game and another for UGA/Mizzou game.
Residency concerns? WTF! So he's out on the street and that is a reason to remove him from the football team? Stupid.
This is just stupid. We don't even know how good these teams are now, and you guys are predicting stuff like this. Just dumb.
Why would they, stupid reporters. Though if it hadn't worked, he would have payed.
They will hardly be worse than LOU this year, thought LOU might be better next season, ironically.
To be fair, hill was responding to trash talk, but whatever. Just say no to Twitter, kids.
Big ten west, fix it, fix it fix it now. And why is this under an A?
Kentucky or vandy, then Missouri or usc, then UF then Tenn.
Basically just validated everything I've said all year. Benito Jones looks by himself on the line, most of OM's linebackers should be playing safety. Half the players look out of shape. McGriff has inherited a poorly recruited and poorly coached defense and has spent two years making it far worse. Granted, they weren't replacing any attrition with incoming talent after the everything started coming out, but this defense is depressingly bad. As for the offense, those are still some of the best receivers in CFB, but Ta'amu was exposed and so was the Oline. They are exactly what I thought they would be, except the receivers are underperforming a bit, granted, there at least 5 qbs in the league that are better passers than ta'amu, maybe more. At least I shouldn't have to hear as much about how Ta'amu is one of the bests qbs in the country anymore. It's the best WR corps and an average qb.