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I stopped reading after the writer went out of his way to repeatedly make fun of lsu fans. 2019 LSU > 2020 TIDE.
Mizzou, huh? Are you suuuurrrre... I don't think you guys are a good choice to talk basketball.
I just realized my avatar was changed without my knowledge. This site absolutely blows chunks now
Ummm... Wasn't there another team and another coaching staff involved? Should not the AAC representative not be equally embarrassed? Not surprised we still have issues controlling emotions and Heath has turned out to be a poor investment, but this is typical talking head bs. Also not surprised that a team of predominately Oklahoma players shows a lack of class. Any Okies take your best shot, I've lived here for several years and the people here are just wired. The food sucks too.
To phillypop, what does texas have to do with anything? (No. 49 is california)
Exactly where they are, but with one less win, which would be third in the west. Ok, not exactly where they as uga would have claimed the east and uf would be fourth as opposed to third in the sec. That is assuming neither ark nor ole miss pulled of a stunner and they played msu on time and not in dec. The west was the better division, but the gators are good. Let's face it, outside bama the west was not exactly in top form, which might actually put a little damper aTm season.
Ok, so when it's obvious that a big school is getting hosed, four is suddenly not the magic number. Near 130 fbs teams, a tournament is the only logical conclusion, as with literally every other major sport. How is it even an argument, it is a completely subjective system, which the ncaa bb selection process also is. It also needs to be changed. And how is it possible that a team that just lost its "ccg" is in. The whole point of those games, from an ncaa perspective was to act as an extra elimination game to determine a conferences representative(s). Every single person who argues about 4 or 8 or resume or eye test is an idiot. 10 conference champions, 6 at large bids, done.
Smith isn’t necessarily a shoo in for the belitnekov, Elijah Moore is having a fantastic year and is a game behind. Smith should definitely get some Heisman love but I have always felt if there are two players on one team high on the Heisman ballot then probably neither should be on there. Jones has turned into a heck of a an but all things considered najee and Smith have powered that beast as much as any one and Harris is averaging like 6 ypc, 110+ ypg and has scored 20 tds in 9 games. When you have that much talent on the field with that oline, it’s just insane, but smith and the way he has stepped up even more since waddles injury stands out. He should be the crimson tides shot for the Heisman this season. I still think Trask should win and Suh should have
I think they should stick to that navy (as opposed to the powder blue) for this game. I also think we should never incorporate gold into our uniforms.
This can't be serious. No way Monken leaves West Point for columbia. But he would be a step up from Boom. I also can't believe so many fans can't see that.
I'm getting a little irritated by the comments on our defense. Statistically, they aren't anywhere near as bad as deserves these comments. Beyond statistics, until last week they have had zero help from our offense. Even being burned over the top three times and losing one in zone, the defense whose primary line played almost the entire game wasn't why we lost. It was adjustments by ugas defense and two three and outs in the fourth that gave georgia the win. Not enough credit given to state for a defense that has steadily gotten better despite every position group being thin and not enough credit given to UGA for still pulling out the win. Our offense had 9 consecutive 3 and outs against bama, that does not help a defense. Just an example.
Whoever wrote the main article at the top should be fired. Openly stating a coach should apologize for placing the health of his player over the irrelevant opinions of fans is just stupid and makes this site look bad. And his football acumen seems lacking as well. Bad call on this article, even the title is bad. Y'all would pull it if y'all had sense.
No, players who opt out might very well be playing next year. HUGE difference.
He's not freeze would be the first thing to come to mind.
I was over twenty before I ever saw stuffing at a table for Thanksgiving. I wasn't missing anything. Dressing all day, preferably chicken cornbread dressing smothered in my mamaws cornbread and giblet gravy and cranberry sauce.
First, ANY person who thinks dressing and stuffing are the same thing should never, ever speak of food again. Second, stuffing anything in the middle of 10 to 20 lb. bird carcass that already has a notoriously finicky process to cook properly is just bad gambling. And that stuff in the box belongs in the trash along with that marshmallow monstrosity Yankees and southerners who cant cook call sweetpotato casserole, just a waste of sweetpotatoes. Last, anyone who can rank a side over the entree has obviously never had smofried turkey pumped full of melted butter, typically with a bit red pepper and garlic. Why are we ranking these foods, anyway? Wouldn't it make more sense to rank options, turkey v ham, rolls v Parker House rolls v biscuits, side v side v side v side, gravy v gravy v sauce, etc, etc?
Opting out and transferring are separate things and three left months ago. Don't inflate the numbers
Is it just me or does the offense put up more effort when Rogers is in. How, when reviewing for the catch on the sidelines, did everyone miss the targeting, not to mention the one in the end zone. Not like it made a difference, but 41-7 would have been better than a shutout. I thought the defense looked okay til after about the 5th three and out by our offense. If Costello is starting, I might just not watch Saturday. We just spent 4 years wasting more 4star quarterbacks than kevin sumlin. If leach doesn't figure out how use a tight and run the football, I don't see us doing much at all the next two years.
Yes, it is as clear cut as I say it is. It is LITERALLY written in black and white in the ncaa football rules. As for the rest, learn to read.
No dog in this hunt, but some of the comments by AU homers are either delusional or just stupid, no offense to fans with brains. I missed the kentucky game, but the calls in the arky and ole miss games were deciding factors, particularly arky. And unlike the holding call on the return, which was a tickey-tackey yet still legitimate call, those were just bad. Sorry AU fans, but there was holding, technically and it was a good example of a player's lack of awareness costing his team. Ole miss still failed to capitalize afterwards and Kiffen should have, at least, called a timeout, and possibly challenged. Granted, it's not the nfl, so it might have changed nothing. But the comments from certain AU fans are just rubbish and worse than ineptitude from the refs.
At least one of those plays transpired at memorial in jackson. Not exactly our house.
I would point out the number of state players, but you have Tunsil at 12 as the only OL when he's not even the best OT from the SEC (see Trent Brown) not mention a couple of guards and several centers hailing from the SEC as good as Tunsil, some better. Tunsil is great, but your lack of recognition for olinemen is an oversight and undermines the list as whole.
We're capitalizing "world wide leader"? We're doing that now? Sycophant. Outside football, I don't watch espn, so I don't know whoever that is, but she's gotta be a step up from a lot of their idiots.
This is good for all parties. The cowboys have zero meaningful depth at qb, and while his best days are behind him Dalton is a great qb. Did anyone really think Winston or Newton were the answer?