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Odd comment. Consider also that Patterson and Anderson-butts were three star recruits out of but are currently expected to the top two juco wr prospects in the country this year. Key is also a top muck prospect. Question: what 5 star qb will transfer from uga this season?
Like I said, dude got kicked off every one of his first (hs, coll, nfl). So far, it just seems to work out for him.
Your childish response does diminish the validity of my statement, merely clarifies that you are a Bama homer with low reading comprehension. A Bama team that averaged around 7 penalties per game, even into the postseason (9 against clemson) managed to not commit a single infraction while playing against the best defense in country? Rules pertaining to possession don't apply? Perhaps you missed that phantom block in the back that got replayed on about every sports news service. Our offense was awful, but the refs were even worse, Bama would most likely have won without them, but of the games I watched only aTm got hosed worse than we did. They give Bama the ball back on the first drive and steal a td from us before halftime. This is not my opinion, it is video widely available. Any Bama fan who says that officiating was fair or at least equal is either delusional or a liar.
Alabama probably does have three of the best receivers in the country, but putting Smith in the top 10 is a headscratcher.
Dominated? Don't let that anemic offense fool you, even with blatantly lopsided (you guys called, ESPN called it) officiating Bama tallied a hair over 300 total yards. That game, AT WORST,was17-7, far from a dominant performance. In a bad year Bama beats us by about 30 (better than 50), but if our offense can do anything this could definitely be a dangerous game for Bama this season.
Had some doubts when Cohen and the hire, but should have known better. These guys overachiever last season, but he got them to keep improving. One man's infidelity not withstanding, Cohen has an excellent track record hiring assistants and baseball coaches. Let's hope that translates across theboard, though outside football, he inherited one of the best overall group of coaches we have EVER had. I have faith that Moorhead will prove to be a good hire, I just hope he can hang on to stoops long enough to get an offense rolling.
I look for Thompson to break out this season, though gay's talent level might elevate his play this season. Either way, I expect at least one state LB to make waves get some recognition, as well as one CB. Best DL are going to be our youngest, so I don't see any Simmons or sweat standouts this season, though it is a deep group with loads of talent and still a lot experience. Being miss state will likely keep anyone from actually winning any awards.
I'm gonna wait for Texas to beat latech before I get excited about this one.
Sorry, no supposed to be a reply, but a stand alone comment.
A couple of these shouldn't counselling anything, corral in particular.
Considering was lost Smith to free agency, I don't understand why all the so-called experts aren't including him in all those expected impact rookie lists. We shall see...
Considering no 2 is gabbert, he might make the roster regardless...
We play Abilene Christian 5 days before the egg bowl. I am more excited for that game than any game in 2030. Connor, you are pushing my apathy for dumba$$ articles towards hate.
That's funny, but he might just be waiting to see if we throw the ball this season. Eric Moulds was the last receiver we sent to the draft (Jordan Thomas and Malcolm Johnson don't count). That was before any of the guys in the last draft were even born.
Their list makes as much sense or more than any other. I personally think they are another giving the buskers too much love, and not enough to army. I also think AU is a tad too high. I think Bama and aTm look like the best two going in, with LSU looking like the best spoiler for the west. AU and State both could go either way. Old Miss will be dangerous but I doubt they cause too much ruckus and Ark likely improved but still limited teeth. We get the good this year with ken so that is more of the middle. I'm thinking UGA, UF, and Missouri (seriously) possibly tying for the east, assuming we help them a bit. Vandy plays spoiler with USC at the bottom. Interesting noncons for some teams not to mention crossovers. Should be chaotic.
Duh, Mike the tiger, tusk, bully, that collie at aTm, followed by the war eagle. Any other mascot would be useless and only drain on your resources.
To a degree, this assessment seems fair. I think it sounds a little bit too much like he is putting it all on Fitz. Moorhead is the coach, and maybe he had good reason not to play Thompson. I don't think he would have fared any better last season. With an experienced line and experienced and healthy receiving corps, he performed better as a sophomore than since, throwing for nearly 2500 yards and over 20 TDs, while running for over 1300 yds and 16 TDs. However, his completion rate was around 55% and he threw 10 ints. His lack of development and obvious lack of vision in the lock can probably be laid mostly on his own shoulders, but as junior he had wr corps decimated by injuries, and combine his injury and lack of familiarity ( both the offense and with the wrs) with OTs an were border line sluggish in pass protection and it is not surprising he had issues. Green receivers did nothing to help him, but he has shown he can be slow to make reads and he is plagued by issue he should have corrected long ago. If our line can improve on the outside, I think Thompson will improve his own accuracy and I think he will prove to be a quicker study, let's just hope returning experience around him helps, as well.
It makes sense that the giant states lead the list, but MS is, by far the smallest state on this list. Numbers don't mean anything if nobody good is playing.
Yall should include more info, like he is a SDE, and I thought he was AUSTRALIAN.
I have doubts about wilson. I think he flames out. Geri green might would have been a better choice, or demarcus lodge. Not sold on Nauta either, but the other three only slid due to the nature of this draft.
Let me take back part of what I said. You might have a point, teams spent a couple of seasons ignoring the position, I actually agree to an extent, but those teams for the most part have spent part of the off-season rectifying that. I think a top 5 safety this season will find themselves in an enviable position come draft, though there were a number of decent prospects not drafted who might still be on rosters next spring. I still expect to see a lot of safeties and inside and middle LBs in 1&2 next spring.