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And to be clear, nil in college football was never about programs, it was about restoring rights by to student athletes they should never legally have been asked to give up. Do networks overpay for college football, yes, but it ain't going anywhere. If they had always
Hayes, I doubt you get another click from me. Just awful, chicken little
David Turner being back is going to be awesome. One of the dl coaches in the nation
Hayes should pay for this embarrassing debacle of an article. I couldn't finish reading this drivel.
Both the most recent national champs couldn't even make the conference tourney. Lemonis may not have long
There is no useful information here, what is the legislation. Is this a body attempting make and enforce laws regard the use of nil for recruitment, the solicitation and fraud committed by third parties, or is this Congress trying to control how much a citizen makes from a nongovernment source of income? Big difference.
2025? This is not useful information or even interesting supposition.
We literally had both of the best returners in the nation, both returning, neither being named to anything. State players being snubbed left and right lately, hope we come out strong and put some streaks to bed this season
It bothers me every time i see it. Why was it 'reportedly enrolled'. Public university, you couldn't take 5 minutes to verify that as fact and not simply pass on someone else report. just lazy.
This started a while back, it's not a surprise, and I just don't think it will gain traction. About like when that OSU player tried to get in the draft early, they need a lot more players involved and a whole lot of other stuff.
My bad I'm thinking of 97, in 98 Williams was a no brainer
I'm sorry, but if Jayden Daniels or rocket sanders are in your top 10, I'm not paying too much attention. Sanders is good, but he is not one of the 10 best players in the sec. At least cubelic got the first 3 right, though bowers should likely be one. Not one OL, IN THE SEC? I think they can do better. DTs? Hate to admit it, but the best returning WR in the sec is likely rara Thomas.
The 3-6 schedule IS a "pod", it's just a dumb thing to call it, and I imagine there are a couple of games they want to keep that the pod system wouldn't allow. Like maybe ole miss and state share opponents like LSU and auburn but LSU doesn't play auburn and auburn plays UGA annually. The four division model ( done with "pods") simplified that scheduling but some program with pull or a look at projected numbers might have them wanting some flexibility.
First, what has that got to do with UGA and whether they are liable? Second, well I guess there is no second, you make no sense
Isn't Lecroy as the driver and extremely drunk and AN ADULT, young yes but grown, the most culpable party.
It's not a ranking, and no it's not. they skipped that game for decades.
the fact that you have 16 entries for eight games backs up my opinion. They are conference games, just list the matchups, you basically have them twice and we won't get into the fact that the red river rivalry would be THAT game for our stepbrothers.
I don't know a huge number of details, but based on what little i am aware of, UGA would be morons to settle. you stink hayes.
Not accuracy, wasted effort covering nonsec stuff when they could write stuff actually happening in the sec. That was just a blatant example.
No, they are most definitely not writing anything 365 days a year. They had a unanimous all American on an sec softball team last season who cam within 3 hits of chamberlains mark. But they write an entire article about alo, a player on Oklahoma, never mention Davidson. Even ESPN had the sense to include her when they did a writeup on the increased power hitting in softball. This site is lazy, plain and simple
Unlike Connor, I don't think may is the best time to predict anything in cfb. However, I'll go out on a limb and predict you go one for four.
Just say to yourself , "I don't know"," and scroll on without responding if you are going to say something retarded.
No emojis, no links either, no editing posts. It's not "old software" it's a WordPress site, SDS just want it that way. Whoever laid out this most recent cluster should be slapped though