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Only way it affects me is if increases or decreases Mowin's airtime and it won't.
Off-season or not, there has got to be SOMETHING more worthwhile to write about. NOBODY CARES. I guarantee you anyone who gives a crap watches few if any sports on either network.
Nick's was rough,too. I remember watching a game in the nineties and (forget the receiver and the team) a receiver planted wrong on that turf running a catch down the sideline and you coud see his foot flopping in the last stride. Just rough.
Loaded with talent, but not on the same level in achievement. I would put 1995 and possibly 97 nebraska over 01 miami.
We had a lot of teams underperform and don’t compete in several. Amazing ole miss made it considering the also compete in less sports than most of these schools
Everybody equates NIL to endorsements and autographs but until 1201 07/1/21 a college athlete could not even get paid to play live music and couldn’t use their name to perform, could not record under their name, couldn’t monetize any online resource using their NIL (which covers almost anything worthwhile you can monetize), couldn’t even use their name for nonprofit or a worthy cause ( unless approved and endorsed by school). Considering these are full time students with massive time commitments already under rules greatly limiting income sources, ANYBODY equating NIL with paying players can pull their lower lip over their head and swallow.
To clarify, we actually have 21 other national titles, including a podium sweep two seasons ago from javelin hurlers. That word “team” is an important distinction.
Tyron Smith is 6’5” 305, so yeah the 17 year old kid is massive. Mims has gained since HS too. Which was last year. Not this fall.
Don't have +. Don't suppose anyone could relay where they list Rice. 1AA or not, if he's not 5 or higher then this list is bogus
9mmdave, perhaps you should do a little more than wikipedia when fact checking. AAU used to dictate everything about our olympic hopefuls amateur status, which is why I refer to the 'old' aau as their teeth were pulled long. There are more highschool football players alone (>1M) than there are members of the aau.
I bet you would have supported the old aau
I'm not sure they can afford a deal with him. They have very little wiggle room in the cap and lots of areas where they need improvement. Even a tag leaves the cowboys shorthanded, but without dak, they still have to come up with QB if they do fix the defense and depth issues. Nor QB also wastes those receivers and Cooper was expensive.
Between OM recent establishment as a pipeline for receivers to the NFL and Kiffin's and Leach's respective offenses, it might be interesting to see the draft results in a couple of years. State hasn't had a receiver drafted (not including tes) since moulds 25 years ago. That's 12 years since OM broke their 15 year drought.
I will say this. I don't care if it is primetime, you have anything stolen in jackson and get it returned, that's impressive. Though, returning something you stole isn't necessarily laudable.
I stopped reading after the writer went out of his way to repeatedly make fun of lsu fans. 2019 LSU > 2020 TIDE.
Mizzou, huh? Are you suuuurrrre... I don't think you guys are a good choice to talk basketball.
I just realized my avatar was changed without my knowledge. This site absolutely blows chunks now
Ummm... Wasn't there another team and another coaching staff involved? Should not the AAC representative not be equally embarrassed? Not surprised we still have issues controlling emotions and Heath has turned out to be a poor investment, but this is typical talking head bs. Also not surprised that a team of predominately Oklahoma players shows a lack of class. Any Okies take your best shot, I've lived here for several years and the people here are just wired. The food sucks too.
To phillypop, what does texas have to do with anything? (No. 49 is california)