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Dixon is an easy choice and was a workhorse. Norwood was more talented but played on an even worse offense and only scored about 15 TDs or so, but considering jj Johnson only played two years, he would be my choice for state's best ever. Just a beast.
To clarify, the twelve year old was in the other vehicle. God, kids are stupid. I don't imagine a disciplinary issue faced by his potential coach is of very much importance at this point. Kid will be lucky to finish highschool at this point, much less play college football.
Stronger and faster. Prescott was strong and decently agile. Fitz is pretty agile for being so lanky and is fast. If he doesn't show significant improvement passing, he might be soon forgotten.
Guess you didn't actually read the article. He didn't say he was a great qb.
I think that Jordan ta'amu is supposed to be aj brown, a-j b-r-o-w-n. A win would be nice, lost the last by six but they are shooting better. Notice they didn't talk any crap before the women's games:-)
I salved my pain watching us pound Lamar Jackson in the second half.
Doesn't matter what your class ranks, if you fail to replace offensive linemen, you have failed miserably.
It's possible to be a fan of a winning program without being a douche.
No other team on this pathetic website has as poor a coverage as we do, fukk SDS.
Respect from any publication during the off-season is always disconcerting. And how the fudge is auburn so high?
Crappy beatles song, Bielema failed miserable in recruiting for the past three years, so yeah it's Bielema.
Greg Sankey needs to stick to SEC related matters, MS changed that law YEARS ago, and SDS didn't bother to clarify, responsible journalism? Keenum is concerned about the bill possibly changing the University's policies in place since the law was changed, as people might challenge them.
When a defensive line moves backwards, they are being dominated. Hurts (2.1 ypc) did not pick us apart, Ridley shredded us and Harris. Those two were the difference makers, meanwhile Fitz more than likely stars while hurts rides the bench or changes positions. We might actually have receivers this season, but then, y'all might have linebackers, so...
I sat in GAdome before, wouldn't mind comparing it to the new one.
I'm not sure ghandi would want credit for that BS, Einstein ate meat, too.
Dude did jail time and is still on the team? And people criticize the SEC
I'll take State over either team this season, Bama and LSU grinding for second, aTm will finish ahead of AU this season.