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Recent Comments
Actually, the coaching shows on the field. Most of the game was called pretty well, but that just makes those bad calls more glaring.
The heck you say, we had a first down negated by holding. When's the last time an A lineman got called for holding? I'm not holding my breath.
The hit was a low, but legal. A player can be tackled by his ankles. Odd, that was the score I figured one, too. A half time score of 14-7 would completely changed the engery of the game, though. Goes to show you, a team should not allow those things to influence how they play. Our defense never quit, our offense did, but moorhead kicking that fg didn't help. Alabama gave them a few other opportunities, and they didn't take them. That 17-7 game would have a been a lot more exciting.
Common thread, bad coaching. Be better. Why in blazes are we not getting our rbs the ball?
Cry me river. 100,000 people predominantly bama fans, but we are trash? Was generally rooting for sec teams in general, but bama and their massive bandwagon need to be cut down a peg. It's coming.
You should have summed up the offensive woes to bad use of personnel, overly conservative offense, and simply folding to adversity.
There were four in the first half alone, though two of them on one play. No official made an attempt to call hill's touchdown on the phantom BIB. Rayford was called for PI which was bogus and gave Bama a, and the no call on the fumble. These aren't even ticky tacky calls, they are just bad and completely affect the game. Not saying we would have won, Moorhead doesn't seem too interested in winning, JMO. Bama has 4 start anywhere runningbacks splitting carries and doing well, and we don't even want to give our 2 the ball. Reminds me of 99, two of the best running backs MS had to offer in the late nineties and we just wasted them.
sorry, got lost on the downs, it was a fourth down kick, but beside the point.
This is the problem I have with moorhead, so far, in 4 plays. Down three tds with about a minute ten in the half. first down from the 12, Fitz runs for nada. Second down after burning 34 secs on that, We score a touchdown on a little lob to Hill and it is called back on a bs call. Penalty is assessed to the 9. Still second down, an incomplete pass to Mitchell, ok, still 31 sec. Another pass for a touchdown, but wait, our SR qb has gotten a delay of game, ok, ok. Yet another second down, yet another pass, and surprise, surprise, sack for a loss of 8. There are now 4 seconds. and it is third down. Down three scores, four seconds to the half, we have score on two of the previous 4 plays. We go for a field goal. I may be wrong, but I think we still had a timeout, too. ???????? For kicks and grins, Fitz 14 carries for -23 (keep in mind this includes his sacks), both running backs 14 carries for 75 yards, WTF!!!!!!
This is like the fifth piece or so on LOU. Last I looked, they are in the acc.
Easy to dominate when the defense has a twelth man in stripes. Shutout, my eye.
Considering LSU and states offenses, I don't think so. But was it really a shutout?
Just know that in future posts, the term 'bama fans' does not include reasonable people.
Peacan is Yankee for I don't know how to say pecan. My family has been in Ms since it flew a Spanish flag and had no coast. Does not make my opinion right about everything, but I think this whole conversation is getting derailed. BTW, I probably make better biscuits than either of your mothers.
Holy crap, just ignore that mistyped drivel. Uga defense is gonna get trounced.
You need crawl back under whatever rock you were under before 2017.
After that joke of an officiating job, I now have to hear bama fans and reporters whine about perfectly legal hits. You're not going to hear me whine about albama players supplexing receivers, or constantly shoestringing an ankle that has been broken, or the fact that without the zebras that game is at worst 17-7. About like whining about taxes. Bama fans need to STFU and enjoy their "shutout" and reporters need to stop, just stop in general you biased aholes.
And down here pecan (puhkhan) pie, but so long as it is made karo, dark karo, or cane syrup. Now I'm hungry and I think I still have enough dough in the freezer and pecans on the shelf... You did this.
Doable, not ALL my preferences, but very close. Ham cannot be glazed with that crap in the back, and leave the marshmallows in the pantry. Replace the pumpkin with sweetpotato pie that relies on good produce and butter instead of spices. Make sure there is enough parker house rolls to make little sandwiches for supper, and do not, for any reason, let mamaw make the coffee. Or run out of butter.
That hangover crap is imaginary. Yeah, it's always good to catch a team after a physical contest, but we were straight up better than LSU last season, in 2014, and by that time of year in 2015, as well. They beat us by nearly 30 in 2015. You want to see bama play a hangover game, they will need to schedule a legitimate opponent between state and AU. I wish that hangover crap were true, maybe we would have more than 7 wins against bama in my lifetime. It's only a hangover for the most arrogant portion of the fans.