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Seeing as there is no actual national champion, they have just as much right to claim it as Bama. And they actually beat auburn on the way to going undefeated, which bama couldn't do. What's sad is the use of the words 'imaginary', 'fake', etc., all of which can be applied to every single national title claimed by any single division one team. The twitterverse is pure stupidity.
That's only because there isn't another game after a title game. You can't go any further.
He did pretty much just as he did the past 8 spring games. Any writer who expects to learn any thing of consequence at a spring scrimmage should find a new profession. There is a reason the maroon and white game is part of super bulldog weekend. Fun spring game atmospheres can help a lot with recruiting for sure.
This has just devolved into some sort of word association at this point, and did an rebel really just say State fans have superiority complexes? I'll ask you again, do you live in MS at all? Seriously.
At least the third writer giving MSU respect in the spring. Last year, OK Aug. was averaging about the high 80's with regular rain. This makes me feel a lot like that did, just uneasy as hell. That turned out ok, so maybe this ONE FRIKKIN TIME, it won't be the kiss of death. We know everyone will pick Bama or AU to win the west, so we still have that.
So... you can't read, ok. Not trash talk. Simple statement. They did it when vaught was there, Brewer's staff got busted THREE times. Facts, man. I never said every program but OM is clean. But OM has bought more players than SMU and FSU combined and have nada to show for it. I am merely commenting on the culture and the fact that their recent higher rated signees are not surprising. No hypocrisy. Look up 'ironic', I don't think you are using it right. Feel free to break out the crayons, but don't blame me when you can't see your monitor.
I at no point mentioned miss state or Lewis. Don't get mad some bulldog found a loophole, I was merely stating a fact, has nothing to with state, you are deflecting and poorly.
Listed at de but he was used as lb as well. Doesn't matter, sweat is better.
OM needs Metcalf and brown to stay healthy, or that offense goes down the toilet.
Ole miss alumni have been buying players for 50 years. They are not going to stop because of another botched ncaa investigation and a coach with a wandering zipper.
Simmons over beckner in a heartbeat. David is a beast.
Who cares. Most meaningless, useless, and subjective 'metric' in the sports world. Stop parroting espns opinion and give us an SDS one. I want.espn I will go to ESPN.
Telling us about this type of thing is great, but how bout reporting things like athletes that made fall honor roll listing academic all americans.
You're right about pretty much all that. Our day will come, in that sport or another. It looks to me, and I might be very wrong about this, but the last couple of years might be ushering in what might become one our greatest eras in sports. I have faith in our baseball program and in Cohen and in Schaefer, Howland is doing a fantastic job, our softball team is better than ever, though dropping a series to ARK hurt. Both tennis teams and both track teams are top 25 with national contenders and even our men's golf team is good. If Morehead turns out to be the type of hire I'm hoping he is, it's going to be a LOT of fun being a bulldog the next few years.
Without a running game??? Do you mean without three starting linemen or the starting running back? Whole team went to crap, linebackers are needed, interior linemen, a shut down corner, second string offensive linemen, not to mention Dez Bryant is Not an elite receiver, and how do you fail to replace both OL who dparted in the off-season? Dallas had a variety of issues last season, and yes, Prescott had a major slump with that as well, but the sophomore qb is going to get better every year.
They have some areas on the offensive (particularly depth) line and defense that are far more worrisome than Prescott, he will keep getting better.