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I saw a lot I liked, yet... I swear I have a bottle of wild turkey, here it is, just a moment... Ok, that's better. Ok, so, hill is good to go. For the most part, the ol is ok, but there were a few guys got beat a time or two, but I saw more blown assignments than is acceptable. Just a moment... Anyway, receivers and Schrader aren't on the same page, yet, but he looks good at times, like a freshman at others. Defensive line has go t to be more consisent, and the sole defense needs do tackling drills. Lewis is starting to play the way we used think he wouldd.. God I hope we get anybody heltny, stop letting new guy kill hisself... Hold on a minnute............ Speaking o wich, don't we have a lefty from texass, watere hapnd him, anyways, got to get guys helfy, got to tttaaccckkkkllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee................. Znot crooome, aleas is not th ccrooommmm......
Who are talking to? KSU lose not looking quite as bad, now.
This is a game the ESPN verse chose to air 11:30 central. I'm not blaming any for for skipping an fcs opponent. Waste of money. Colleges want to do something about attendance, stop selling tickets to scalpers, get rid of dynamic pricing and sell tickets at a reasonable price, stop requiring extra donation for season tickets, and stop making crappy concessions cost more than a steak dinner, frickin 4 dollar bottle of water, if concessions are less then vendors will have to lower prices as well. Oh, and don't play when it's 100 degrees, cause most of us don't want to spend money for a miserable experience that we would normally charge for. I doubt ESPN forced the time, so why not later.
They are paying a school from the West coast 3 1\2 million, what is it with the Alabama schools? Just kidding, fact is most sec schools play more regional small schools than not.
Did anyone pose that question to Franklin after PSu laid 79 points, or Lincoln Riley after OU rolled up 71 on an fcs team. No. I wish someone had asked Monken that stupid question after Army opened and served that 70-14 can of whoopass to Houston.
They use the matte cause the others will blind you even on a tv screen
I didn't see the September up there, my bad, 4 it is.
I may be alone in this, but I like the gray pants,
We've only had 4? We have two already this year, guess we have a lot... Oh, I see what he did there, we had 11 12pm EASTERN kickoffs in that span. ELEVEN. Another saturday.
That's a Louisville troll who can't even count.
You lost me at " Utah State is much better than southern miss". History begs to differ, not to mention its still the mountain west. Last season's aggie squad was good. This year they already lost to wake forest, though the deacons did just blast a team that played army 14-7.
I watched most of the usf vs wis game. Barnett has talent, but he has got to be regretting his destination. That oline is garbage, an d no change at qb is going to save strong s job.
All these schools want their tv money but there s s price, early games and late games. Saban gripes about one noon game, I think they rarely have to play late games back to back, meanwhile, state gets shafted every year with three weeks of bad kickoff times. Shut up and take your turn.
Considering just how bad our offense performed at times last year, yes it most certainly can. That defense was, and I'm including clemson, BY FAR, the best in the country and got absolutely n o help from our offense. Some of the commenters here don't seem to realize just how bad our offense was last season. Every game we lost was lost by our offense. In the 8 games we won, 5 teams failed to reach the endzon e, Only one scored more than 10, and we lost TWO GAMES when the opposing team only scored one touchdown, granted lsu made 4 fieldgoals. Our offense averaged 3.5 points in the four games we lost in the regular season. Yes, this team can be better.
Don't encourage ESPN stupidity. This is not a feasible task, the game has changed a number of times. They muck it up further by using the ap poll as measuring stick and including teams like 1990 Colorado, 2006Boise State, and an fcs school from 2013, WTF!!!! YOU WIN though, I'm here. But seriously, how can someone today judge a team from 1869-1945, there is no way.
I understand really crappy amenities for the visiting team, but that is the richest team in country and they can't provide a little ac?
Just an aside, I noted Witherspoon might have been a quiet and underrated steal. Looks pretty good so far.
I would like to know the severity of Gibson injury, if Williams not playing was just precautionary, and why nobody mentions hill leads the nation in rushing right.
Bsu, usc, and ucf ranked a joke. Disrespect for army continues.
I think if Morris had started starkel and not used that wildhog so much, the game might have been closer. Morris not looking like a super hire so far. Corral and offense looked better, but that line is still struggling a lot. Good win for that team that shall remain nameless.
A lot of people critical of michigan, but army is getting major disrespect.