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Look at the players on fsu's offense and aTm's and they really aren't that different. The biggest differences are the lack of a recruited FB, better receivers, and not landing a top rb recruit, which mainly started with Cook. The overall talent at offensive line is better, and there are certainly some differences on defense, but jimbo leaves that for his dc. The qb room is a little sparce, but last the starter so was FSU. Sumlin leans toward prostyle spread, which is essentially running the whole thing out of variations on ace formations. A few differences in blocking, but essentially an expanded spread version of a portion of jimbos offense. If anything, sumlin was recruiting better offensive players overall than fisher. I'm not really including manziels run, you can throw out the playbook, there. I would say deficiencies recruiting on defense is where jimbo faced challenges, more depth than anything.
Should definitely add some depth, starting or not.
Green bay loves us, bay area not so much. 6 bulldogs still getting overtime.
Those are two very different QBs. Maybe we can see Nick work at receiver.
"But if the famously impatient MSU fan base" That's sarcasm, right...
He just came in and coached the best defense in the country even though it was on the field most of the time. He gets back 4 starters, one of whom he loses in the spring semeste r along with his best DT, a starting safety, and several from his two deep. Yet, with little help from the offense again, he is somehow supposed to replicate that defense? Let's not forget that by years end the entire DB three deep had two upper classmen left, unless you Tim washington, a linebacker worked in as a CB. Fletcher Adams went down early, too, another hit for the dl. Add in the BS mess Moorhead allowed and that defense was doomed. I want to see him one more year and out from under jomo.
I'm beginning to thing some of our fans on this site are watching our games. Shoop is one he should keep, and far better than any dc leach has ever had. Michigan's defense hasn't exactly been awful, but against the they've started heading backwards. Harbaugh is looking at shoop for a reason. ALL things considered, I thought he did a better job than any should have expected.
To be fair, powers are powers for a reason. And florida is not a traditional power, but is a program that came along with power when Spurrier took over. The way Fisher finished at fsu is still pretty fresh, and he inherited far more talent than you guys are admitting. aTm class the year before sumlin was 34th, the year before Fisher it was either 16 or 17. Sumlin actually did take aTm up a bit and was consistent. Fisher already has two top ten classes, matching the best sumlin did in two years but the idea the cupboard was bare is false.
It's not when he had no mess and instead makes one.
No he hasn't. Only 4 coaches have won cfp titles. Jimbo s team won the last bcs title game. Since Meyer is retired, it's technically three. Of course, I think there are only 5 active fbs coaches with any claimed titles, miles and Fisher rounding out that list.
How much money does this save us? or did we fire with cause?
These make since. I want to know who is being retained. Hughes and Buckley would make since, and the new DL coach. I think Shoop is getting a lot of flak that's undeserved. He got handed crap with the suspensions, but that defense improved throughout the season. Unlike Moorhead, he seemed capable of in-game adjustment. I just don't want to see any wazzu defense guys.
Best of luck to Judge, would be nice to see a bulldog be a a successful nfl coach. Man, he's got his work cut out for him.
Um, they were first this season with both those guys on staff. So, did you watch any cowboys games?
If y'all are going to remove comments there should be some indication as to why. It's even deleted from my profile. Useless. Can't take criticism.
Not specific to this piece. There's a pattern. He's not very good.
Um, we haven't won a conference championship in nearly 70 yrs, so don't think that is a demerit. He had six winning seasons, matching the number Wazzu had from 1990 until he was hired. Aside from Bill Doba, does any WSU coach have a good record against Washington. What good is beating your rival when you are going 4-8? He won games with minimal talent. As for your final comments, too late, I've been watching jomo for 2 years.
Disregarding Luke's interim tag, the last time both schools replaced head coaches at the same time was 1938.