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At least one of those plays transpired at memorial in jackson. Not exactly our house.
I would point out the number of state players, but you have Tunsil at 12 as the only OL when he's not even the best OT from the SEC (see Trent Brown) not mention a couple of guards and several centers hailing from the SEC as good as Tunsil, some better. Tunsil is great, but your lack of recognition for olinemen is an oversight and undermines the list as whole.
We're capitalizing "world wide leader"? We're doing that now? Sycophant. Outside football, I don't watch espn, so I don't know whoever that is, but she's gotta be a step up from a lot of their idiots.
This is good for all parties. The cowboys have zero meaningful depth at qb, and while his best days are behind him Dalton is a great qb. Did anyone really think Winston or Newton were the answer?
Rick Stavig goes back to coaching but we still have Ogara's drivel. Condescending bullcrap is what it is. If you have get rid of the comment secti on, you should get rid of article, and maybe the author. In relevance to this artice, class move by JoMo.
This is a hot hire. I hope it's the right one, but I have this nagging feeling that not giving Johnnie Harris a well-earned shot is going to come back to bite us.
Lovett would be a contributor even in a 3-3, but this guy can probably be replaced or even upgraded before his absence is felt. Wish the best to both of them, and I kind of hope Lovett stays, though the new defensive scheme and Pickering maturing might make a transfer better for him.
If not for the coronavirus, the tweet would not have existed. Quarantine was the entire context. Finebaum is an idiot.
Ok, I'll admit, I had no idea the Exodus that was taking place there. With Quinn off to the bears, this could potentially pay off for both parties. As for the interior, it appears that the cowboy significant upgrade there. I think Poe, alone, is an upgrade from Collins, but McCoy is worth both outgoing tackles, considering their needs. I take back my earlier comment, it makes much more sense now.
I'm beginning to see dallas's strategy for a lack of decent defensive tackles. Put as many defensive ends on the field as possible. I don't understand. They had a great pair of ends, great starting linebackers, but weakness in the secondary, no defensive tackles of note. They add one decent player too the back then lose their best db after one season. They make a massive deal for Bennet, who is good but mostly superfluous for the capspace he eats, and they do nothing for the interior. Even if he is used primarily as a linebacker, the cowboys weakness at the interior is beginning to look like blatant incompetence. Headscratching move, should have let some team weaker on the edge get him.
I get it, "the greatest team I ever saw"- certainly explains certain teams not being mentioned. But for a group of football writers, half of whom are at least my age or older, to discuss this topic and not one single person mention the 1995 Nebraska cornhuskers... That blows my mind. What do you people actually do? Because it is obviously NOT watch football. Most dominant football team I've ever seen, period. They beat 4 other top ten teams by a MINIMUM of , and I might be off but I think, 22 points. That bowl game between them and a Florida gator squad also doing UNPRECEDENTED things was supposed to be the game of the century. It was a forty point curbstomping. Their closest margin of victory and only win by less than 21 was in late Sept by 14. And they did it barely throwing the football. Football writers, my a$$. All of you should apologize for misrepresentation.
"An abbreviated summer season would be better than no football," -- what a stupid thing to say. You ever played a noontime game in 103 degree weather and 70% humidity? You might as well stick them with tainted needles and bet on who makes it. Just stupid...
My most painful memories in sports all involve teams I was actually a part of, not just a fan of. How bout we talk about something more positive.
The reason why NY's numbers are lower is there have been nearly 50000 confirmed cases in NY. They are further along in the epidemic and have more confirmed cases in low risk groups. Generally speaking, the death rate falls as a disease progresses through a community. Having said that, this disease looks to at least double the mortality rate of an unvaccinated flu. The main issue is overloading the healthcare system, which leads to more people dying who could have possibly been saved. The fast spread of this disease and lack of specialized treatment combined with the media panic is what is making this disease so dangerous. The media and public response is proving almost as harmful as the disease itself.
Athletes 1980 to present... All of you guys that included Spurrier should just start over. I don't understand so many people picking Shaq. I would have go with walker, thomas, manziel, and helton. Bo Jackson gets his own statue on top of everyone else. And as a state Homer I would likely replace helton with the thrill.
WTF! That game was 25-19 for literally as long as it took to kick our pat. The pass to Lewis was a touchdown making the score 25-19 with something like 15 seconds left. This play never happened, we failed to even properly execute the onside kick drawing a flag and the tide downed from the V formation and ran out the clock. While it is possible the kick could listed up there, that last interception was a pretty good choice. Stop bringing up crap that never happened.
Pete maravich is considered by most to be the best ncaa basketball player, ever. Bailey Howell is the easy number two for the conference. Many of these players were great, but NONE hold a candle to the two above. And both of you them predate the threepointer. Varnado is one of the best defensive players ever, but including him here when he wasn't even the best overall player on his team is a miss. Your stats are incomplete, you should have the same columns for all and denote the year the 3 pointer was introduced and possibly dunks as well. Neumann was a scoring machine because he played on an otherwise awful team. All numbers have context, as research would tell. Pistol, and aside from Howell he is quite alone. More interesting would be determining the third best, as that is where argument is justified.
Why do people keep listening to this moron. Hughes team will continue to outrecruit OM. Idiot. At this rate there won't even be 2020 season. I got sent home, wasn't sick, got cleared, went back to work, and got sent home again. I will pay double value for a pack of cottonnelle or Scott ripple. Idiots hording toilet paper. Just stupid. Cancelling large-scale events actually makes sense, and different parts of the country will crest at different times, but August seems a bit optimistic when the entire states of California and New York are shutting down.
My bad on that, dyslexic moment. Cutting Bailey come back to bite, too. Shame about the young kicker, he could nail 60 yarders but only hit half in 30-40
I think maybe Mullen should be thanking Prescott, too.
Completely agree about Jones, but referring to 2017 as an example I do not agree with. Cowboys were bad all around and losing one ol to retirement and one to FA came back to bite them injuries wiped out the starting line. The cowboys hinge primarily on Tyron Smith and Landon Collins. But that was the best offense in the league last season. That defense was awful. Zeke did not play up to his new contract, either, and I cannot fathom how three OL were deserving of probowl spots when that oline failed in several gutcheck situations. Prescott did a great job last season and did while 20 backup qbs were making more than him. No, he's not the best qb in the league but he has been underpaid for four years.