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I think I've slipped into some interdimensional comment section purgatory
Seriously, wtf is going on
This is juststupid. And that is supposed to be moderation, not mediation
Obnoxious Stupid Trying to figure out why my comment, that HAS NO EXPLICIT OR THREATENING LANGUAGE,is apparently being moderated.
This is some stuff, you guys need to work on you mediation.
If you are going to be putting aac backs in your top 25, Taylor makes more sense, and even so, McRae is way too high. Patrick Taylor jr was the number 2 at Memphis and still racked up over 1100 yard s and 16 tds splitting carries with a guy who finished 10th in heisman votes.
Anyone notice that it's the true team sports, most of which are headcount sports? Now sports don't involve full rides, either, but hockey and ball players get shafted a bit. Most of this article is garbage, but the whole transfer thing needs to be reformed. There should be restrictions on scholarship players but not walkons and you shouldn't lose eligibility while sitting out. The main thing is the blatantly subjective way in which they grant waivers, it they can't fix it then just let them all play or none but don't let fields play at OSU and make another kid whose mother is in a hospital but his destination is 5 miles outside some arbitrary radius, though it is three states closer than he was. You guys harping on how it's a privilege get to go to school and getting a scholarship and blah blah blah can just stow that crap. I started school on academic scholarships and grants and I only had to make the grades, these folks have a lot of stuff they have to do. They get a great deal, but it ain't just free.
If the states of Kentucky and north Carolina would pass similar laws, I bet he would back track.
I didnt, I'm providing feedback expressing my negative opinion of the subject matter. ASSUming things that aren't true is probably not the best approach to interact with people. Hope that bee in your bonnet don't sting.
This is not a developing trend, while a few sec schools in past grabbed elite recruits at qb, not one has anything in its history, recent or otherwise, to entice today's top prostyle QBs. The ones that sign them can't convince another to sit and wait.
I'm not really familiar with either of them and don't understand why you are writing about them. They aren't playing, and it's obvious you don't have to be good to be on ESPN. I don't watch pregame shows, and can't remember actually watching an entire episode of any Saturday morning preview or whatever show. I don't give a crap she's pregnant either, not sec related.
You might want to retract all that and reread his comment. Noland is a decent freshman pitcher, and pitched some where around 80 innings, 3.56 era, around seventy strikeouts. Last I looked Chad Morris doesn't make decisions for ark pitching.
No, lsu and msu tend to blow the rest out of the water averaging well over 30000 per week with ole miss and Ark the only two even close, though USC does ok. I don't know about annual as that can vary a bit with number of home events, but msu generally is second behind lsu for average attendance
Just to clarify, you know those number are for this past weekend and are only for those three games.
Of the twenty five largest on campus baseball crowds before this season, 17 of them were at miss state, but whatever.
So... Getting fired and losing an entire season, not to mention the loss of income and contract, that wasn't enough. Whatever.
Cooperate? Own them? LOL. I congratulate you own your blissful ignorance and apparent telepathy. Good luck with all that and bjork, too.
"Much was made of Mississippi State hiring a coach with no experience in the SEC" By whom? And "MSU fans are hoping Steven’s addition will help correct the team’s offensive issues" I myself am for what works, but I think the majority of us are in 'wait and see' mode.
I had mixed feelings at first, and I imagine a lot more than just playing time went into his decision. His shot at starting seem s about the same at either school, versus Clifford a younger more accurate but less athletic kid at Penn state or versus Thompson the presumed starter with a bit more experience than Clifford but accuracy issues who is just as athletic as stevens. If he comes in healthy and wins the starting job, the only player it truly impacts is thompson. Thompson still has a redshift and two years of eligibility, and whilethetransfer doesn't seem to sit well with everyone on the team, it comes in and wins the team, then it is up to Thompson now he handles it. And the whole thing might show us what kind of qb coach Moorhead is going to be. He stood be home his starter last season, and he ultimately won points from me. He gained points at the post game presser on thanksgiving, but that is a different issue. He now has a four star junior, a four star rs fr, and four star fr whom he recruited himself on top of a senior transfer who battled injuries last season and still contributed 14 TDs in varied ways. If he can't field a decent qb this season and (assuming they're coachable) keep all three of our current qbs (barring nonfield reasons for transferring) then maybe he is not the coach we want. We could always lose a qb just cause, they are kids, but I think the right coach can maximize thissituation. A 1000 yd receiver, or one in the draft would help all of them out, but we need a qb to step up and help make it so.
I, as a fan, have never needed tweetledum's or any comentator's take to 'form an opinion'. I have never needed an opinion to spot a blatantly bad or missed call. They've pulled that crap too much on the national stage and they got called out. Might see a couple less teams magically pull out a sixth win, too.
Your blurb mentions an interim president. I think you have schools confused, sparks is the interum chancellor, UM doesn't have a university president