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Congrats, OM fans, I figured it was us, but I guess they've improved things since the nails on the wall and back to back toilets in the middle of the locker room. Why would anyone want to spend money on a visiting locker room?
You can have him and you will never beat saban. Tenn and UGA kept you from "owning" anything. Spurrier had to go to Columbia to win a game in Starkville, let that sink in...
Ninth grade, my brother was nearing 700 lbs in the eighth, but he was the same size starting high school as finishing...
'consistent contender' still alludes to the fact they were always in it, but they were a ways from owning the east much less the conference.
During that span where you say Florida owned the east, Tennessee won the conference, Manning and Martin both qbed at games in Atlanta, not to mention several times uga took the east. They consistent contender for two decades at best, but unlike bama in recent years, they a couple of teams that were always ready to take it back. Usc and UF improve, that is what it will be like for uga, but I doubt every sesason will be like 2017, a stroll to Atlanta. Bama's decade of dominance might well be under attack, be nice to see some more throwdowns as opposed to beatdowns.
That's a step in the right direction. Might force the other venders to drop prices, too. If we could just get a couple of vending machines with cheap water at the top of that #@$&?* ramp ...
Remember that big deal multi-piece write up sports illustrated did on corruption at OSU then they kept the writer on til they laid him off with budget cuts. Get back to when they get something right.
Brown did, Ta'am wasn't threading a needle, he was slinging it in his general direction, kind of like Eric Moulds that way. Brown is a stud, Ta'amu is competent, that's all.
Possession receiver, not a deep threat, doesn't change how dangerous he is. First downs lead to touchdowns.
Who's to say Lock would do better with a better team?
I think the criteria for that award is no longer clear to the people who select the recipient. Maybe these guys should research Bobby Dodd.
You lost me at 'power 4', which means this wouldn't fix a single thing.
More coaches should man up like that, so many string some of the guys along.
Until a QB can't find him on the field, aj brown is half of the best combo in the league, ta'amu is not underrated but does work with a receiving corps big12 teams would happily serve probation to put together, which Ole Miss is, and I would probably say lock is the better QB than stidham. I like your writing and your breakdown.
I expect Stoops is better shape than mason and Orgeron.
I suppose Stringfellow should never have played a snap for OM, then, right. He was still a student in HS, so how is MSU or its football program responsible for discipline involving a nonstudent in another county who was still eligible for the scholarship that had been offered and signed for. Embarassing for the program, yes, but not a lot they could do with it, officially. Now it was two years ago, I don't have to go back two years to dredge up OM dirty laundry, let it go.
We had the no 3 defense in he league last season and return what, 9 starters.
Man, you are dense. 9 regular season wins plus one bowl win is 10 wins. Last season were 9-4, 8-4 before december, what does last season's record have to do with 10-3? Keep up.
Made sense, we sign a 4star QB and goes pro in another sport. At least he didn't have to sit behind Dak, but I imagine he would have been a sight better than Williams, which is what he left us with.
I still think this kid is going to be like Adrian Peterson, giving bama two of the most dangerous backs in the country and two more start-anywhere-else-cept -maybe-UGA backs to lighten the load. Frickin ridiculous.