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The unnamed coach has reportedly been observed to have trouble walking. It is assumed that Kirby Smart broke his foot off in the unnamed coach's a$$.
I agree with the idea that a mobile QB is probably best suited to start behind a relatively new Offensive Line. I just don't understand why Dwan Mathis and Carson Beck are apparently being dismissed outright as an option. Speaking of Dwan Mathis and Carson Beck, I'd like to know their thoughts about all this and how that impacts any ideas they may have about entering the transfer portal. Especially with Brock Vandagriff's commitment. Go Dawgs!!
I think that with Mike Bobo replacing Bryan McLendon, the offense will be better overall. Bobo is the X-factor this year. Passing game - Unchanged. Losing Edwards hurts like he!! but Bobo coaching Helinski and Helinski with some experience under his belt will mitigate the situation. Running game - Better. I loved watching Feaster and Dowdle last year but if Lloyd is everything as advertised, then USC should be okay. If Lloyd struggles, then USC may become a one-dimensional offense.
Eliah Drinkwitz is an offensive minded coach therefore Mizzou's offense will be better in 2020.
I predict that George Pickens will become the second player in UGA history to eclipse the 1,000 yard mark.
All the Jamie Newman hype was propagated by the media. There may be a Dawg fan or two out there who believe it without question but the overwhelming majority of Dawg fans do not. To expect Jamie Newman to win the Heisman by a landslide and be the first QB off the board in the NFL’s 2021 draft is just plain silly. Jamie Newman will not be expected to carry the offense on his shoulders all by himself. He will be expected to get the ball to the playmakers, minimize mistakes and turnovers, and when necessary, tuck the ball and run. I think the biggest challenge on offense will be to get that safety to back off and get defenses to quit stacking the box. That was a big problem last year. UGA’s passing game didn’t really scare anybody. That needs to change. I hope Dominick Blaylock is back at 100%. I hope our new WR’s are everything we hoped for. Go Dawgs!!
He's a complete mystery to me. 17 carries and 136 yards. Nice 8.0 YPC average but it's a very small sample size.
Obviously I hope your right. If we had a real Spring camp and that game was a bit later in the year, then I would feel different about it. Don't forget, by the time we enter T Town, that game will be our third in 13 days.
I believe whoever wins the WLOCP takes the East crown. Look for UGA to enter with the game one loss (Bama) and UF to quite realistically enter undefeated. I think the "X-Factors" this year are both on offense. For UGA, it's a mobile QB or a QB that can make all the throws if Daniels gets a waiver. For UF, Lingard fills a HUGE hole at RB. Go Dawgs!
I'm kinda high on Bo Nix right now. Gus threw him to the wolves last year. Now he has a year's experience in the SEC under his belt. I would guess that just might parley into some nice productivity. At a minimum, I think he should get the benefit of a doubt for now at least.
** A Heisman season for Najee Harris? Good luck to Najee and everything (except week 3) but the Heisman has morphed into a QB award. ** Florida’s sky-high expectations are justified. I pretty much agree but by the time the WLOCP rolls around, UGA's offense will be up and running. The one thing I'll miss with this year's game is Jake Fromm. He was a Gator-Killer. He had some of his best games against Florida.
Commit to the G young man! Be part of an elite defense!! Woof!!
"Top 5 pick upside" is a much more realistic view of this individual than what's been coming out of the media lately. For those who claim Jamie Newman to be a lock to win the Heisman as well as a 1st round pick in the NFL draft, you need to tap the brakes on that.
In 2017, I don't think anybody expected the Dawgs to play for a Natty. Especially after going 8-5 the year before.
Most of that hype isn't coming out of Athens. It's mostly coming out of places like Athlon, ESPN, etc. There may be UGA fan or two that believes the hype but most of us do not. Me personally, I think he's going to serve in a game manager role at least early on. He will be expected to get the ball into the hands of the play-makers and minimize mistakes and turnovers.
He's matured a lot in the last decade. I won't propose that he goes 10 years but I think he may be around for a few years.
No saltiness here - Just seeking enlightenment. Your posts reflect your opinion. I was just looking for some facts, stats, and/or some verifiable information that led to your conclusion.
Please explain how Mullen makes it but Kirby doesn't. Seriously, I'd like to hear your insight. I think Kirby has accomplished more that CDM.
I think Kirby Smart makes it to 10 as long as he is beating the rest of the SEC East with a decent amount of regularity. Specifically, beating Florida will always get him some love with the fan base. If there is one thing about Smart's tenure that serves as a source of concern, it's getting to the playoffs a bit more often. I think that is tied the offense. UGA needs to start scoring more points to keep up with some of the more high-powered offenses that are popping up in the SEC as well as those that already exist (Clemson, OU, OSU, etc.). Go Dawgs!!
If UGA can get in a "spring practice" in July or August, then I think the prognosis for the offense is good. It will still take a couple of weeks of actual football and a "game-speed" environment to smooth the wrinkles. But if UGA can get in those 15 spring practices, then all should be well (except week 3). Go Dawgs!
That game against Alabama in week 3 absolutely sucks. If that game was later in the year I'd have a bit more confidence. Gotta agree with the football universe that game will probably be an "L" for the Dawgs. The offense should be up and running by the time Auburn comes to town. The offense will be clicking on all eight cylinders by the time the WLOCP rolls around. I'm going to go with a very tenuous over and give UGA 11 regular season wins. Don't let me down Dawgs!! Woof!!
I'm just glad the game with UGA is in Athens this year. I hope that by week six, our offense is well on its way to gelling as a cohesive unit.
Eff Kirk Herbstreit and Danny Kanell. They don't have an IQ higher than anyone who posts here (except TruDawg). The only reason they get attention is because they played the game. At the time, I couldn't make up my mind. I thought conference championships mattered. At the same time, Alabama is the real deal and is always worthy of the benefit of a doubt. It was a flip of the coin type thing for me.
Alabama returns with a vengeance this year. The Tide is gonna want revenge on LSU and Auburn. Love Michael Bratton's take on UGA getting it done in T Town. I'm just not so confident. If that game were later in the season then maybe yes. Alabama definitely over 10.5.
If Jake Fromm returned for 2020, UGA would be a lock for the SEC East crown. I think Fromm's high football IQ would have allowed him to thrive in Monken's system. The threat of a REAL passing game would eliminate those 8-man boxes and in turn open up the running game. But alas, it's all academic now.
If Newman does end up as UGA's starting QB, this Dawg fan isn't expecting him to put the entire offense on his shoulders and carry us to the promised land all by himself. Pretty sure the coaching staff will expect him to get the ball into the hands of the play-makers, minimize mistakes, and if necessary, tuck the ball and run.
100% biggest question is UGA's new offense. New scheme, new QB, 3 or 4 new Offensive Linemen, new receivers to compliment Pickens and Blaylock and how long will it take to gel into a cohesive, well-oiled machine. Not worried about the RB room - tons of talent there.