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...""your just trying to keep hitting us while we are down""... Sounds like UT fans from a couple of decades ago.
UGA is gonna take a rolled up newspaper and swat Smokey across the nose.
Sad posts by the UT fans. Maybe take off the orange sunglasses and see what everyone else does? Go Dawgs!!
Sad? The only sad thing is that your ugly cheerleaders are the result of 200 years of inbreeding. Pressure? Beating UT is like a walk in the park. We can slap you b!+ches with one hand while drinking a cup of coffee with the other.
Last three games..... 2017: 41-0 2018: 38-12 2019: 43-14 No one is afraid of the Orange Prisoners.
I would imagine UGA's game plan is to shut down UT's running game and force Guantanamo Bay to win the game. He's always good for a pick or two.
I doubt that you believe your own hyperbole. Anyways - Georgia State 38 UT 30.
69 54 50 55 70 Just a guess but that may be the starting O-Line. Go Dawgs!!
Agreed 10,000 percent. If you've been listening to Kirby over the last few weeks, you can tell he's wanted Daniels in there from the beginning. He's been subtle about it but if you've "read between the lines" it's obvious as heck. My gut tells me they're putting JT on the fast track. Not sure that's a good thing.
Pickens is on every DC's radar now. I think the secret to Pickens' success this year is a second effective receiver to keep the double teams off of Pickens. Enter Jermaine Burton.
Strange playing Auburn so early in the season.
One game does not make a season. That 3-0 record Jake Fromm had against the Gators was atrocious.
Removing Condon and inserting McClendon was huge.
Ha! Exactly. Maybe a few "asterisks" here and there would calm everybody. Nice to see a mature level headed comment. So many trolls on this site.
Upping the ante next week with Auburn. Does Stetson start? Does Mathis start? Or does JT Daniels magically get healed?
From the book of Dawgs... For lo and behold, a lowly walk-on shall save you.
Too bad Florida / Ole Miss and Kentucky / Auburn are being aired at the same time. However, I'd rather have it that way than not at all. Pretty sure the Gators roll so I'll be concentrating on the UK / AU game. Same thing at the 7 - 7:30 mark with UA / UM and UT / USC. Alabama will win easily so I'll concentrate on the Vols and Gamecocks. Almost feels like Christmas morning. GO DAWGS!!
I was just thinking about that. Rakeem Boyd is the real deal. So the game plan should be shutting down Arky's run game and forcing Feleipe Franks to win the game. Go Dawgs!!
I'm speculating that Mathis gets the start. No need to put Daniel's knee in harm's way against Arky. I would like to see Mathis put some meat on his bones. Anyways, Kirby knows who's gonna start. He's just being secretive about it. Go Dawgs!!
This Saturday, I think Arky will have some successes on the defensive side of the ball because UGA is gonna be busy working out the kinks on offense. And you know Barry Odom would love to take advantage of that and try and ruin the day for the Dawgs. I like Kendal Briles. I think he's the real deal. I just don't think the Hogs have the horses to overcome a nasty defense like UGA's. As long as we get the W I'm good. I don't care what the score is. Go Dawgs!!
I'm referring to the comments about Kirby not the Po Po.
Get well soon Tre! We need you back in time for Alabama.
I think it's safe to say Cade's comments were meant to manipulate the NCAA and the SEC into an immediate waiver. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of kids that Kirby has worked with over the years, Otis Reese's comments are the first of that nature that I'm aware of. I choose not to believe those comments at this time.
#6) Looking past UK and ahead to week two against the Dawgs in Athens.
Fair enough. I hope my comment didn't come across as a bit condescending. I was just thinking of some of the wild gyrations in performance from one game to the next in general. Especially big games. Go Aggies!!
I didn't read past the chart so my bad. BTW - I don't play the sarcasm game. I leave that for the trolls.
Agreed. Las Vegas likes UT at about -3 which isn't very much at all. Gonna be a close one.
It's a very important game. UT, USC, and UK will be fighting for 3rd in the SEC East. That will have implications on future recruiting classes.