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I was just thinking about that. Rakeem Boyd is the real deal. So the game plan should be shutting down Arky's run game and forcing Feleipe Franks to win the game. Go Dawgs!!
I'm speculating that Mathis gets the start. No need to put Daniel's knee in harm's way against Arky. I would like to see Mathis put some meat on his bones. Anyways, Kirby knows who's gonna start. He's just being secretive about it. Go Dawgs!!
This Saturday, I think Arky will have some successes on the defensive side of the ball because UGA is gonna be busy working out the kinks on offense. And you know Barry Odom would love to take advantage of that and try and ruin the day for the Dawgs. I like Kendal Briles. I think he's the real deal. I just don't think the Hogs have the horses to overcome a nasty defense like UGA's. As long as we get the W I'm good. I don't care what the score is. Go Dawgs!!
I'm referring to the comments about Kirby not the Po Po.
Get well soon Tre! We need you back in time for Alabama.
I think it's safe to say Cade's comments were meant to manipulate the NCAA and the SEC into an immediate waiver. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of kids that Kirby has worked with over the years, Otis Reese's comments are the first of that nature that I'm aware of. I choose not to believe those comments at this time.
#6) Looking past UK and ahead to week two against the Dawgs in Athens.
Fair enough. I hope my comment didn't come across as a bit condescending. I was just thinking of some of the wild gyrations in performance from one game to the next in general. Especially big games. Go Aggies!!
I didn't read past the chart so my bad. BTW - I don't play the sarcasm game. I leave that for the trolls.
Agreed. Las Vegas likes UT at about -3 which isn't very much at all. Gonna be a close one.
It's a very important game. UT, USC, and UK will be fighting for 3rd in the SEC East. That will have implications on future recruiting classes.
The loss of Marshawn Lloyd puts quite an emphasis on the need for an efficient passing game.
Mond......Kellen Mond. Aggies need an upgrade at the QB position. The Aggies have their fair share of talent but the QB position is the weak link. Until TAMU starts a more talented and competent person at the QB position, the Aggies won't be instilling much fear into the rest of the SEC.
Mizzou's schedule is pretty much a meat grinder and not too much is expected of the Tigers this year. Drink should use 2020 to evaluate talent, recruit heavily, help the players perfect the new offensive scheme, and plan for the future. Then hopefully starting in 2021, the Tigers can field much more competitive teams and make some waves.
If Dan maintains a top 5 defense, it's just a matter of time before he gets the "HC" call. I just hope we can hold on to him for a few years. Go Dawgs!!
I don't get how we beat the Tide but lose to the Gators. Theoretically, UGA's offense will struggle early but be hitting on all eight cylinders by November. But I do appreciate the author picking UGA over UA.
Someone needs to break up Louisiana-Lafayette. They're gonna kick all our a$$ses.
The clown one is funny. Looks like Tebow is gonna bean Cooper in the head. I'm sure Gator fans don't want to see any pictures of McElwain although he did beat the Dawgs.
Unlike last year with Coley, this time I agree with you that there is hope for us on that side of the ball. Hopefully we can shine this year with the China Virus mess. But if not, he will eventually get us up and running with a 21st Century offense. The only question mark I have is will Monken take the Southern Miss job. I haven't kept up with the rumors but it seems like he's staying. Go Dawgs!!
Maybe Murray should be #1 overall but Jake Fromm shall be forever known as "The Gator Killer."
Definitely need some improvement with pass defense. Hurry back Kelee Ringo!
Has anyone beaten Alabama more than Gus? Dabo maybe? I'm too lazy to look it up.
I dig what you're saying but would you feel the same way if Auburn was breaking in an entirely new offense and it was only week 2 of the season?
Week 2: at Georgia (L)................ I'm not gonna call it but I'm glad the games is in Athens this year. Even though the crowd may not be a factor, the friendly confines of Sanford Stadium should help tremendously. Go Dawgs!!
I'd rather beat Alabama in the SECCG (if we're lucky enough to get there). I don't want to lose to the Tide twice though so I guess I'd be happy with a week four W. Go Dawgs!
With a new offensive scheme, some new skill position players, and a mostly new O-Line, there will probably be a few occasions where a play doesn't go as designed and the QB is gonna need to run for his life. D'Wan Mathis has the edge in mobility therefore I think he will start. I would be wary of forcing Daniels to scramble so soon after his ACL surgery. Daniels may end up as the starter at some point in the season but Mathis gets the nod early on. To be fair, I'm still wondering if Mathis 100% after brain surgery. The medical staff says so. Go Dawgs!!
Can never have enough D-Linemen. Welcome Mr. Dean. Go Dawgs! Go D'Wan Mathis!!