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You are a fake UGA fan. I encourage everyone to check ADB's comment history. There's enough there to suggest an issue of some kind. Maturity level or maybe a psychological shortcoming of some kind.
To be fair............. 2017: 41-0 2018: 38-12 2019: 43-14 2020: 44-21 UGA leads the series 25-23-2.
The article breaks everything down nicely. After reading the entire piece, I've come away thinking that the 2020 Tide team does appear to be superior to 2019 LSU team. I think the argument here centers on the OOC games. Bama could have really padded the stats with a couple of cupcakes on a normal schedule. Both teams were magnificent.
It's a Tennessee thing. The UT page is broken like the football team.
Sydney, the format for this article renders it difficult to read and follow.
Once again - Don’t forget to stick your tongue and go “pfffttt!”
The Nick Saban school for rehabilitating coaches has an opening.
Don't forget about the meltdown in Knoxville. The preseason champs are back to wandering in the desert. Now that's a mess.
If, if,'ll see.....wait til next'll just wait..... Surprised you didn't stick your tongue out and go "pfffftttt!"
So Grantham gets fired, Mullen goes to the NFL, and Trask gets drafted in the 4th round.
I thought the Cade Mays transfer was supposed to fix everything.
...""your just trying to keep hitting us while we are down""... Sounds like UT fans from a couple of decades ago.
UGA is gonna take a rolled up newspaper and swat Smokey across the nose.
Sad posts by the UT fans. Maybe take off the orange sunglasses and see what everyone else does? Go Dawgs!!
Sad? The only sad thing is that your ugly cheerleaders are the result of 200 years of inbreeding. Pressure? Beating UT is like a walk in the park. We can slap you b!+ches with one hand while drinking a cup of coffee with the other.
Last three games..... 2017: 41-0 2018: 38-12 2019: 43-14 No one is afraid of the Orange Prisoners.
I would imagine UGA's game plan is to shut down UT's running game and force Guantanamo Bay to win the game. He's always good for a pick or two.
I doubt that you believe your own hyperbole. Anyways - Georgia State 38 UT 30.
69 54 50 55 70 Just a guess but that may be the starting O-Line. Go Dawgs!!
Agreed 10,000 percent. If you've been listening to Kirby over the last few weeks, you can tell he's wanted Daniels in there from the beginning. He's been subtle about it but if you've "read between the lines" it's obvious as heck. My gut tells me they're putting JT on the fast track. Not sure that's a good thing.
Pickens is on every DC's radar now. I think the secret to Pickens' success this year is a second effective receiver to keep the double teams off of Pickens. Enter Jermaine Burton.
Strange playing Auburn so early in the season.
One game does not make a season. That 3-0 record Jake Fromm had against the Gators was atrocious.