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Well I need help with this one. Why did he receive initial offers from the big guns (Alabama, etc.) but didn't get snatched out of the portal by any of the big guns (Alabama, etc.)? NIL? Sub P5 talent?
I suppose the biggest questions should concern UGA since they are the returning Champs. 1) the defense. 2) the offense - SBIV is gonna get a lot of speculation but don't forget that the defense forced a lot of turnovers and three-and-outs to give the offense a lot of extra chances to score.
AND....the UK is in the discussion for the #2 spot in the East
That's it then. The Gators are going undefeated and will finish 15-0 with double-digit wins over UGA and Alabama. Just kidding. If I was a Gator fan I would be excited about the defensive side of the ball in the post-Grantham era. I'm still shaking my head that Coach Mullen stuck with him for so long.
I'm grateful that Kiffin moved on from UT. That guy can ruin your Saturday afternoon.
As a Dawg fan I hope your right. Lol. Me personally, I think Coach Napier will bring much needed stability to a program that got gutted last year.
Just looking from the back of the bus, the charges seem pretty severe so I think UT will suffer some kind of consequence whatever that may be. I think what's irritating is the lethargic pace that the NCAA pursues when dealing with such matters. If I'm a Vol fan I think I'd like to get it over with as quickly as possible.
I was expecting all the questions to be about UT's defense. I don't like that #4 dude. He makes catches and gets lots of YAC's.
Remember when we would punt the ball and find Mecole downfield drinking a cup of coffee waiting for the ball to come down so he could down it inside the five yard line?
This is a good starting point if one wants to go down the preseason prediction rabbit hole. East - maybe some flux there with UF and USC. West - same with Arky and TAMU.
Put Todd Gurley behind one of Kirby's O-Lines and he may have ended up #1.
Question - Would he have been the greatest RB in UGA history if not for the injury against UT?
As much as I wish that were true, I'm leaning West right now. I do agree that the East is trending upward.
Last year's list didn't make a lick of sense. This one looks a little better. I wonder if anyone checks the results against ESPN's predictions.
I agree with GatorPhil. Depth. New coaching staff and scheme on both sides of the ball. A bit of a talent deficiency thanks to Dan Mullen. LSU and Mizzou being thorns in the side of the Gators. I just don't think the Gators are gonna make too much noise in 2022. But I do think Coach Napier will get UF going on an upward trajectory eventually.
Still baffled why Coach Mullen stuck with Grantham to the bitter end. That in my opinion cost him his job.
Was just speculating on the SEC's options. How about Clemson and Oklahoma State (since we already dipped into OK).
Just don't see ND choosing the SEC. With rivals already in the B10 (UM, MSU, USC) and geographical location, it makes sense that the Irish go B10. I'm wondering if the PAC 10/12 and Big 12 do some kind of merger to counter the B10 and SEC. And where does that leave the ACC. They seem to be getting the short end of the stick.
Looks like we're headed to two super-conferences. I'll bet Oregon goes B10. Notre Dame I don't know. Clem's Son will prolly beg the SEC for membership.
Oklahoma and Texas will play a best-of-3 series for the national title..... The two future SEC teams. That's gotta give the Alliance some heartburn.
1. No one takes command of the QB position..... See UGA week 1 2020 vs. Arkansas. It may take live game reps to shake it out. We ended up starting a walk-on. 3. The run defense continues to struggle..... That defense last year was awful. Hopefully Baker will do better. I believe this side of the ball will determine Mizzou's success this year. 5. The Tigers go 0-4 against South Carolina, Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee..... Add to that the Auburn game which is also on the road.
I'm thinking the offense will need to score more points in 2022 due to the loss of Mike Elko and a possible drop-off in scoring defense. Thoughts TAMU fans?
Woo Hoo! The Dawgs are in the middle of the pack and not cellar dwellers like in basketball.
If I was an Aggie fan, I would hope that the face of my team will be the QB. That would mean TAMU would have a gunslinger WITH durability. After getting snake-bit last year that's what I would want.