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I'm glad that's over. Everything from the coaches and players was scripted. I found it all quite boring. 43 days to go!! 36 if you count the UF-UM game. Go Dawgs!!
One thing about Alabama following a loss like that - They always seem to come roaring back the next year.
The SEC would be well advised to take UF seriously. I think they have enough talent and a capable enough X's and O's type of coach that together they can ruin your day. I put the WLOCP as one of UGA's toughest games this year along with Auburn and TAMU. Go Dawgs!!
DawgNation is thirsty for a Natty. Hope Kirby can quench our thirst soon! Go Dawgs!!
Except for #7, there's a lot of pain in that list for UGA. On the other hand, it's nice to have been a part of those huge, history-making games.
So your using a hypothetical to critique my hypothetical. How hypocritical.
UGA would have beat Alabama in the 2018 SECCG if D'Andre Walker didn't leave the game in the 4th quarter due to an injury. I know, I know - woulda, shoulda, coulda but there is a basis for UGA to believe that they can indeed beat Alabama. We're definitely nipping at their heels.
That's an impressive set of prospects. Always amazed at how Alabama dominates these kind of lists.
Lol - Time to fire Greg McGarity and dismantle the football program.
George Pickens, Dominick Blaylock, Makiya Tongue, Tyler Simmons, Charlie Woerner, Trey Blount, Matt Landers, Kearis Jackson, Tommy Bush, Demetris Robertson, Miami grad transfer Lawrence Cager, Tennessee grad transfer Eli Wolf. UGA is gonna be OKAY.
I don't follow Vandy closely enough to know why they can't pull down the big horses in recruiting. Derek Mason seems like a competent coach - Maybe they should bring back James Franklin.
Jeremy Pruitt is a good thing for any defense therefore the Volunteers will have a better defense but it may not be reflected in their record. That stretch of games @UF, UGA, MSU (maybe), @Alabama, and USC will determine UT's season. Mizzou might be a tough game as well. One thing that doesn't get mentioned is UT's new OC - Jim Chaney. If he can scheme some ball control game plans, that could keep the defense a bit fresher as the season wears on.
Pass defense needs improving. Cut down on big plays of 20 yards or more. Missouri certainly has some good looking uniforms.
I can think of a lot better highlights to show than that one.
Sometimes I think the NCAA has lost its way. Perhaps there's too much centralization of power. I don't know what the solution is but perhaps some decisions could be made at a theoretical "P5" level or a theoretical "G5" level. Some hierarchical reorganization could provide a more personal touch to the individual student-athlete and his/her situation.
About that game against Texas - The punter's knee touched the ground giving the heifers the ball deep in our own territory - and they scored. For me, that was the play that killed us.
Not really. Dan Lanning was already an integral part of the defense. Kirby Smart is always involved in every detail and will provide oversight. There will be no big change in defensive scheme either which is something that often happens when bringing in an outsider.
Had some injuries on the defensive line last year which is what led us to a #31 ranking in rushing defense (according to THAT needs to get fixed fast. Looking at UGA’s roster for 2019, seems like we’re a little thin at the DT / DL position. The defensive line is one place where depth is critical. UGA should be okay at DB. Got a few freshmen at LB but with all their talent and potential, the sky’s the limit. If Monty Rice can stay healthy, UGA will have a lean, mean tackling machine. Go Dawgs!!
If we get past Vanderbilt, UGA's receivers will have an additional three weeks of practice and in-game experience (I know, I know - it's Murray State and Arkansas State) before the Irish come rolling in. And if we can get past the Irish, then UGA's receivers get another week of practice / preparation with a bye week before the meat of the SEC schedule begins. I'm just not worried about it. UGA has some tall, long, four and five star receivers whose potential is sky high.
Todd Grantham is the weak link in Florida's defense. I never did like him when he was with UGA. He had one good year and that was due to the level of talent he inherited. UGA has been whipping his a$$ ever since. I think Florida can do better.
Not sure I agree with that but obviously it would be nice to win it all. Tebow makes it sound like it's a "do or die" year for the Dawgs. The 2018 and 2019 recruiting classes set UGA up very nicely for the 2020 season as well. And the way things are going for the 2020 recruiting class, the 2021 season is looking promising too.
Alabama, @Clemson, @Georgia, @LSU = Tough road to get to the SECCG.
Other than slot receiver, he will probably be tasked with kick returns and/or punt returns. He's got blazing speed ala Isiah McKenzie and Mecole Hardman.
Ouch – that hurts! Dang it JJ!! I think we’ll be okay – Kirby has done a good job of recruiting the WR position. Sounds like he may have known something like this was coming down the pipe. We still have Tyler Simmons (who was on-sides), D-Rob, Kearis Jackson, George Pickens, Dominick Blaylock, Tommy Bush, Trey Blount with Lawrence Cager arriving soon. We can also start hitting the RB’s out of the backfield some more if needed. Got Charlie Woerner with TE Eli Wolf coming in.
LSU fans have some lofty expectations for 2019. Anything less than a SECCG appearance would be a letdown. I believe there is some concern among Tiger fans about their Offensive Line (at least at the tackle positions). Otherwise LSU seems to have a pretty solid roster. Schedule looks good with some critical games at home (Auburn, Florida, and TAMU). The road trips to Texas and Alabama may not be fun although I believe LSU can take down Texas.
Oops - 2019 class is 17th. 2020 class is 12th (so far).
Based on what I saw during Pruitt’s two years at UGA as DC, the dude is a no-nonsense type of guy. He took what was an average defense and made it better after his first year and then did it again in his second year. I actually hated to see him go. Can’t really blame him though with the Alabama DC position there for the taking. Pruitt + Chaney will be good for Tennessee. The Volunteers desperately need some more talent though and the 12th ranked class from 2019 should help. UT will still probably lose to Bama and UGA but their stock would appear to be on the rise. After finishing 5-7 last year, the prognosis for Tennessee is that they will do much better in 2019 and avenge some of those losses from last year.
The schedule is absolutely brutal. I don’t think USC has the talent to compete with Clemson, Alabama, or Georgia. Muschamp is 1–11 against ranked teams at South Carolina. The Gamecocks should start out 2-0 and will need an additional four wins somewhere along the line against UM, UK, UF, UT, VU, TAMU and App State to get bowl eligibility. That thrashing at the hands of Virginia in the Belk Bowl didn’t do much to inspire confidence. For 2019, I think USC finishes 6-6 (worse). But, hey, good luck to the Gamecocks anyway (unless they’re playing UGA).