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Dang it! - I knew that. With Miami breaking in some new coaching staff and a 2019 recruiting class somewhere in the 30's, Florida should be okay. I still say you will start 1-0.
I don't see Coley bolting for the NFL. Remember - He declined the OC job at TAMU to stay with his family and provide some stability for his children. He might make the leap someday but not this year.
Just off the top of my head.................. Lars Tate, Tim Worley, Rodney Hampton, Garrison Hearst, Terrell Davis, Robert Edwards, Thomas Brown, Knowshon Moreno. There are others that I forget at the moment.
Brian Herrien is a senior, D'Andre Swift is gonna bolt for the NFL, and Zamir White is still a question mark as it relates to his recovery from those two ACL injuries. That will leave plenty of opportunity for Kendall to work his way into a starting role. Couple that with "The Great Wall of Georgia" and how UGA pumps running backs into the NFL, and there is more than ample reason for him to choose RBU. Go Dawgs!!
I think Kirby understood early on that this was going to be the new normal. He did well to accommodate Justin Field's transfer and to quickly put the whole ordeal in his rear view mirror and move on. Go Dawgs!!
I haven't been following the drama at UF too closely but it seems to me that losing two high-level recruits has got to sting a little.
I don't think Fromm is the problem. In the NCG (01/08/18) and the SECCG (12/01/18), it was the defense that failed us.
Sure would be nice if the ball bounced our way and Lady Luck smiled on us this year. There's only one way to quench the thirst for a National Championship - And that's to actually win one.
I remember playing Vandy last year and I was impressed with Ke’Shawn Vaughn.
I like Mark Stoops and it was fun having UK ranked last year but the loss of talent and experience from that 2018 team feels almost hemorrhagic-like. I've got to agree with the majority of the current pre-season polls. Hopefully it's more of a scenario where UK "might" have a down year and then rebound in 2020. I'd like to see UK break into the top 25 before the season ends and get a respectable bowl game. As far as those other non-SEC teams - I don't care about them.
That makes sense since the universal feeling is that he is on the hot seat. I think Auburn will fare much better this year with Gus calling the plays.
I would speculate that ultimately, Bo Nix is Auburn's QB of the future. In the meantime, my big question is "Does Gus call the plays in 2019 or does he relinquish that task to Dillingham?"
Actually, I'm more worried about pulling down a 4 or 5 star running back in the 2020 cycle than I am about Elijah Holyfield's draft escapades.
There are nine players from UGA in the 2019 NFL draft. They should be the first nine players taken yet I don't any mock drafts listing them as #s 1 through 9 in the first round. Strange!!
I've been a bit indifferent about these things until the last two examples listed above came to light. These hardships are completely verifiable and to deny these hardship waivers is unacceptable. I'm not sure what the solution is but for now - To hell with the NCAA!!
I wonder if this is the result of letting Bryan Bresee get away.
Wow - I honestly thought UGA was the leading contender given his friendship with some of the players and his frequent visits with the entire family in tow. Clemson has been in the last four playoffs since - look for that trend to continue.
It was nice to "broom" the Tigers. Next we need to b!tch-slap the Yellow Jackets. Then it's on to Starkville and Mississippi State - The maroon dogs will be pissed after that series with Arkansas - I'm sure they will give us all we can handle. Go Dawgs!! (Red and Black Dawgs!!)
I'm glad that you mentioned the D-Line. It's very thin right now with defensive tackle Julian Rochester recovering from a knee injury, defensive tackle Michail Carter is limited because of a shoulder injury, and defensive end David Marshall is still recovering from a foot injury. If we can get those guys back it would be a huge sigh of relief.
I want to see a bunch of cool stuff too but it ain't gonna happen especially on offense where UGA will keep everything very vanilla. We will have to wait for the regular season to see any new "wrinkles" in the offense and that probably won't happen until we're in a heated battle and need to change momentum and secure a victory. IMHO. Go Dawgs!!
I must admit that when Coach O was hired I thought it was time to stick a fork in LSU and that they had lost their minds. But he surprised me with that 10 win season - I guess he's for real.
Glad to have Jake Fromm as our QB. He is a very capable QB who just may end up torching most of the SEC this year. A good year may prompt him to bolt for the NFL (insert sad face emoji here). I would understand if he did but I'm selfish about such things and I want him back for his senior year. Only 136 days to go 'til the season begins. Go Dawgs!!