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The West = Alabama comes back with a vengeance. The East = At this time it's a toss-up. The Gators have some advantages on offense. The Dawgs have some advantages on defense. All depends on whether or not teams (especially Georgia) can get in those camps before the games begin. The East might not come down to the WLOCP. It could be decided earlier in the season. That is to say, UGA might enter the WLOCP with some losses (Alabama specifically) before the offense finally gels into a cohesive unit. Florida's schedule is a bit easier. So UGA could win the WLOCP but still not win the division title. Winning a division four times in a row is tough.
When I think of adding teams to the SEC, I tend to think in terms of geography. I don't think OU and OSU can be considered as part of the southeastern U.S. A school from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Florida makes more geographical sense. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to have TAMU and Mizzou but at what point does the "Southeastern" part of SEC start to not apply?
Or...... Keep the OOC games and play through December.
I think the best case scenario is one where we get a late start on things say maybe practices in September and a start on the season in October. Eliminate out of conference games and make it an eight game season. Fans in the stands? We could get by without it if necessary. I guess it all depends on flattening the covid-19 infection rate curve and finding a treatment. Looks like there won't be a vaccine for a while but the antibody plasma option and certain drugs look promising. An eight game intraconference season would be better than nothing. IMHO.
Even without Clemson, TAMU's schedule is still tough. The Aggie's really need to win one over either UA, AU, or LSU.
I think Gus made a good move throwing Bo Nix into the fire and sticking with him throughout 2019. Now he has a QB with a year's experience in the SEC under his belt. Bo and Chad Morris might make a great combination. I'm glad the game with UGA is in Athens this year.
5 ways the Crimson Tide will measure success in 2020... 1) Beat UGA. 2) Beat LSU. 3) Beat Auburn. 4) Win the SECCG. 5) Win the Natty.
I feel like by the time October 31st rolls around, UGA's newly reconstructed offense should be a operating as a cohesive unit.
I think the measuring stick will be beating Alabama. But then again, that's the measuring stick for all of the SEC.
As long as Nick Saban is prowling the sidelines, Alabama is gonna be just fine.
Seems that way unless there's an underlying story no one knows about concerning Sinclair.
I like who we have running the S & C program. Would love for Cochran to come help our cause but I want to keep Scott Sinclair as the head S & C dude at UGA.
Did you see Tom Crean just standing there? I guess he was stunned by the buzzer beater and couldn't believe his team won.
I'm interested in seeing what Bobo can do for you guys. I think he'll get a lot more production out of Hilinski.
The East will undoubtedly be between UGA and UF. I think UGA will enter the WLOCP with one loss (Alabama) while UF enters undefeated (possibly with one loss - LSU). UGA will have a championship caliber defense right from the start of the season as it returns 9 of 11 starters plus all the crazy talent they have with their back-ups. By the time the WLOCP rolls around, I would surmise that UGA's offense will have found its footing and should be operating as a cohesive unit. The running game should be okay with that stable of backs they have. The 10,000 pound gorilla in the room is the uncertainty with the passing game. So with a championship caliber defense, and a capable running game, all UGA needs to do is get a respectable passing game going. And I think they do just that with a new air-raid OC, a bevy of talent at the WR postion, and some excellent competition at the QB position.
COLORADO COACHING SEARCH - Don't care. TOP 2021 RECRUITING CLASSES - This will be interesting. Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. MICHIGAN STATE TURNOVER - Don't care. GOOD READS - It will be interesting to see how LSU fares this year. MARIO CRISTOBAL - Don't care. ZACH EVANS - Hope he ends up in the SEC West or better yet outside the SEC altogether. I don't want to have to defend against that guy. TWEET OF THE DAY - That's hilarious.
Last year in an anemic offense, Jake Fromm threw for 2,860 yards. With a new "air raid" OC, a bevy of highly talented receivers, and in spite of some run heavy tendencies, I could see a UGA QB passing for 3,500 yards. That would be about an extra 50 yards per game.
Very hard limiting that list to 5 players. I would say that at a minimum, there are at least 10 players that are critical to UGA's success next season.
Question...... How does LSU get away with wearing the white tops all the time? I don't think I saw purple at all last year.
A couple of weeks ago I didn't think anybody was gonna catch Clemson.
The #8 class for 2020 is very respectable. Has Coach Mullen finally figured out the importance of winning in the trenches? I know a lot of people are high on the Gators to take the SEC East crown but I would speculate that if UGA's rebuilt offense can gel quickly into a cohesive unit, then UGA should be the favorite to represent the East in Atlanta.
Disagree on Kirby Smart at level 3. Beating the Gators will cool any hot seat and endear him to UGA fans. I could agree to a 1 when considering our woes last year on the offensive side of the ball.
Which quarterbacks will replace Tua and Burrow as the best in the SEC? - I agree with the author's take on this. What teams are ready to take things to another level? - TAMU maybe without Clemson and UGA on the schedule and a couple of good recruiting classes. USC - I don't think so but Bobo will help tremendously. UT needs to beat some ranked teams before I'm convinced. Alabama’s quarterback battle - Don't know who wins but their QB room looks good. How will new coaches fare in their debuts? - Can't wait for the Egg Bowl. Does anyone want to play defense? (Or does it even matter?) - Alabama and UGA will be the dominant defenses next year.
Bama is playing well these days - Congratulations. I would imagine this is a reflection of good Athletic Department leadership. I wish UGA could at least be in the conversation - Sheesh!!
I can't wait for Nick Saban to retire. Might be a long wait too - He looks like he's good to go for a couple more years.
If I were in the Dolphins organization, I would force an in-depth discussion on this. Maybe Herbert is the better long term strategy. Maybe trade those picks for Joe Burrow. Pure speculation on my part - the NFL has better resources than I do.
Just a guess on my part but it seems to me all those injuries Tua suffered would serve as a red flag for an NFL team. Is Tua's longevity in the NFL questionable?? Is Tua just injury proned??
Matt Luke may be calming the waters. It's quite possible that Matt Luke may end up as a better position coach than Sam Pittman (although not quite on the same level at recruiting).