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Bowers is an alien beast from outer space. He will be fine.
Appreciate everything you did JT. I hope we are parting on good terms. Best of luck my friend.
I don't think Gus did a good job developing Bo. Not sure what went on with Harsin. I think a good QB coach could make him a servicable QB.
See ya September 3rd Dan. We is gonna whoop yo a. PS - Thanks for all you did for the Dawgs.
Not surprised. He was in Kirby's dawghouse the last few weeks. Must be something irreconcilable other than the obvious miscues on the field.
Kirby really only has to worry about the OC. Muschamp can sub at DC for now relegating that decision to the back burner.
That's a great point. If UGA wins, there will be immense joy and happiness in the Dawg Universe. Personally, a Natty on Monday would last me for awhile. I would want more but getting that one out of the way would quench a decades old thirst. If Alabama wins, it will be business as usual. Just add another trophy to an already overflowing trophy case. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Isn't that almost a trademark for him? Letting other teams challenge the Tide or hang around on the scoreboard then pulling the rug out from under the opponent.
Fair point about Kirby inheriting a better roster but that was 6 years ago. All that pre-Kirby stuff is gone now and he's got his recruits playing at a very high level. I anticipate UGA and UA meeting like this multiple times in the future.
After three more seasons without a National Title I would agree the pitchforks might start coming out. For now, Dawg fans understand that Alabama has a very special once in a lifetime coach and nobody has had any sustained success against Nick Saban since his arrival in T-Town.
1) You've seen SOME Georgia fans make that reference. 2) Why isn't Kirby allowed a pass for losing to Alabama yet other coached are? Nick Saban has a habit of beating everyone (the occasional ATM or LSU not withstanding).
Very exciting game. I'm glad I watched. What's up with the Purdue players getting "hurt" and on the ground every other snap? Seems like it affected the Vols momentum a few times.
Pure speculation on my part but it just seems like there's something going on with JT that we don't know about.
Refreshing indeed. I wish more SDS posters were a little more respectable. It's tough trying to have a civilized and objective discussion.
Thanks dude. I'll go have a look around later.
Connor, SDS staff or fellow commenters...Does anybody know a decent website for Michigan? I'd like to know what Wolverine fans are saying about the Georgia and the Orange Bowl.
The author limited his discussion to the regular season. But sinced you brought it up...It's not surprising at all if you follow the Dawgs closely. Bennett is a liabilty against good/elite teams with his propensity to throw interceptions.
I thought Meyer was fired for cause which means he won't collect. Mullen probably shouldn't collect either considering he neglected the 2022 recruting class. I'm not picking on Mullen. If Kirby did that I'd want his head on a silver platter.
Can't help but wonder if playing in the SWAC will hinder Hunter's preparation for the NFL.