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Make Texas play Alabama, LSU, TAMU, UF, Ole Miss and UGA every year for the first ten years.
Florida should keep him in rehab until week 3 when the Tide rolls in. I'm sure the Gators can beat Florida Atlantic and USF without his services.
No player from the University of Horns Down would qualify for this list.
Whenever TAMU and the University of Horns Down play, I will always root for the Aggies.
TAMU has the superior team. They would wipe the floor with Bevo. Go Aggies!!!
I don't think we're allowed to use that one anymore. I think it's now property of Arkansas.
Like a swarm of locusts, Texas will descend on the SEC, "f" everything up, then leave. HORNS DOWN!
UGA recruited him. UGA does not recruit inferior talent. Hype-el would scoop him up in a heartbeat if he entered the portal.
Can you reference a link or article where a Dawg fan compared him to his brother or expected identical abilities?
Gotta step in here to defend my boy. Last year he averaged 6.6 yards per carry and 11.2 yards per reception. Some of those carries were between the tackles. He's returned kicks in the past. You can't be soft and do that at the same time. He does have his own unique style. Maybe it just looks like he's avoiding contact? whatever he's doing is okay with me (2020 game against Arky being the exception).
And we all know what the P stands for in PAC 12.
Florida should be a "shoe-in" for the top 25. At this point in time, I don't think they're top 10 material. Losing that three-headed monster from last year is why. But I guess we need to give Mullen a chance to prove otherwise.
On the bright side, Phil Fulmer is gone.
Just a reminder for all the incoming trolls.... It's the media that hypes the "Georgia-National Championship" narrative and not serious Dawg fans. All fan bases want their team to win the Natty every year into perpetuity. So that common denominator can be factored out. What's left? The media and a few less-informed fans talking trash.
I imagine the Gators are a "shoe-in" for a better defense.
Well we know he will NEVER sign with Cal. By the way - Georgia is 2-0 versus Cal.
Gator fans gave UGA a hard time when we lost to Texas. Watch for the double standard responses to your comment. It's okay when the Gators have their starters sit out but it's not okay when UGA players do it.
Florida should have had more players drafted because they're the best in the country at developing players. The fault lies with the NFL teams for not seeing it.
Well at least Georgia is 2-0 against Cal. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
But will you show up on 9-4, 9-18, 10-2, 10-9, and 11-6 to admit you were wrong?