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Out of all those I would say #10 is the most concerning. If, and that's a big if, Alabama were to stumble during the 2019 season, I would say having a completely new staff would be the reason. But with Nick Saban's hand on the rudder, I sure Alabama will be okay.
I personally have moved on from Justin Fields and I've never looked back. I don't give a rat's a$$ about him.
I think the passing game will depend on whether or not someone steps up to fill in for Elijah Holyfield's 1,000 yards of production. If Zeus, Cook, or McIntosh can step up and contribute 800 - 1,000 yards for the season, then Fromm won't need to throw it a lot. If D'Andre Swift is all we got for production on the ground, look for Fromm to throw 30 or more times a game.
Without a doubt it was the hiring of Kirby Smart that saved his ass. Tom Crean is still a work in progress but the "Antman" commitment sure as hell gives us hope.
The one thing that bugs me about the Heisman Trophy is that it seems heavily skewed toward quarterbacks. I'm sure it can be argued that's appropriate since the game has evolved into a more pass-happy format. It just kinda takes away hope from players in other positions that they may have a chance to bring home that piece of hardware.
I absolutely HATE Todd Grantham. But that comes from his time at UGA.
Looks to me like Kirby wanted Derrick Ansley all along but when he took the job at Tennessee, Dan Lanning got the nod. Not surprising though - Lanning spoke in the defensive coordinator's spot at the Sugar Bowl so Kirby must think highly of him. Good luck Dan and Glenn and congratulations.
This looks promising. Bringing his whole family in tow for a visit. Nolan Smith and Travon Walker both tugging on his chain. Go Dawgs!
TAMU has a brutal schedule. Kentucky lost a ton of experience and talent. I would say TAMU and UK are the most likely candidates.
I read an article on another site that discussed how UGA had been recruiting Pickens all along even though he had verbally committed to Auburn. So Pickens was quite familiar with Coley, Smart, and UGA in general. The kicker is that he took a visit to Athens for the UGA-Auburn game. Well we know how that turned out and that is probably what changed his mind.
I get the impression that Jimbo is building a monster with TAMU. But the real head scratcher for me is how he left FSU as a dumpster fire. Was that a fluke or is there a weak component in his coaching model?
Yup. App State was shutting us down - in comes Fromm - instant offense, scoring, and victory.
The big surprise is Vanderbilt. They used to be a beast on the hardwood.
I don't have much to do with the NFL anymore but I will probably make an exception for the Super Bowl just to see TG30 and SM26.
It's the SEC / Big 12 Challenge - Go SEC!! I wish UGA was in the top 25 - F%@#!
Rat poison! I would have no problem with UT going all the way since UGA won't even be sniffing an NCAA invite.
That's the one knock on Mark Fox (previous coach) - He couldn't solve the Atlanta riddle.
Being a UGA basketball fan is frustrating. I hope Tom Crean can get us back to relevancy in a year or two (or three or at least before I die). Seems like we just don't have the outside shooters right now. Congrats to the SEC teams in the top 25 - I wish UGA could join you.
The only possible negative for UGA that I care about is recruiting. Unless we meet in the playoffs / NCG, we don't play them until 2024.
Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio started the rumor.
When he was coordinator and play-caller at Miami, the Hurricanes led the nation in “explosive plays” all three years. Coley coached Brad Kaaya to Freshman All-America honors as the quarterback broke the single-season record for passing yards at Miami. Wide receiver Allen Hurns broke the single season receiving record with 1,162 yards in 2013. In the midst of that, Miami produced two 1,000 yards rushers in Duke Johnson (1,652 yards in 2014) and Joe Yearly (1,002 in 2015). So Coley knows the value of running the football.
For Georgia - Kirby Smart needs to hit a home run with his DC pick. If that happens, UGA will be just fine. For Ole Miss - wow that is impressive.
When Smart hired Jim Chaney, I thought it was a safe choice and a good starting place for the Dawgs OC position. I never really viewed Chaney as a permanent figure on UGA’s staff and always thought we could do better. Then came the LSU game and I wanted his head on a platter. I hope like hell James Coley is an upgrade. In the meantime I’ve got to go deal with some college football withdrawal symptoms. Maybe I can find a 12-step program for that.
The latest........................... Georgia didn’t offer Gran the OC job - position coach duties were discussed.
The latest........................... Georgia didn’t offer Kentucky coach the OC job - position coach duties were discussed.