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Maybe we can kick 10 field goals and win that way.
I'm convinced that 90% of all articles for the next three weeks on SDS will be about LSU. Rightfully so I guess - They're #1, on a tear, and appear unstoppable. With that in mind - GO DAWGS!!!!!!
This article has UGA in the SECCG. I truly appreciate that but UGA hasn't won the East just yet. We still got a tough game on the road against Auburn and with TAMU, well, let's just say we lost at home to an unranked team once already. Gotta be careful of the rat poison.
#5 was out of whack maybe - What are your projections for the next CFP poll?
That's a fair comment. Maybe Oregon gets the #5 slot.
Pure speculation on my part but……… #1 – LSU #2 – OSU (makes me wanna throw up putting them here) #3 – Clemson #4 – Alabama (lost to #2 – best 1-loss team) #5 – Penn State (lost to #17 on the road – second best one lost team) #6 – UGA Coach O for coach of the year? - So far YES!!
George Pickens is growing up right before our very eyes.
On offense yes. I don't think we can win a shoot-out with LSU.
Nice shut-out Dawgs!! Get well soon: Lawrence Cager, Trey Hill, Cade Mays. We need you back!
At the beginning of the year, I had UT winning six games. I had them starting 3-0 out of the gate. The stumble against Georgia State and the squeaker by BYU messed that all up.
Yeah well UGA has The Ant Man! (Sticks tongue out and goes pfffttt) Really though - great job by UK to take down #1.
Congrats to UK. Lookin' good. I'm just glad UGA won. The Ant Man was awesome. I hope we can at least GET to the Big Dance.
It would be nice if Georgia could AT LEAST hang around the middle of the pack. Getting quite tired of being a cellar dweller.
It'll be strange not seeing Drew Lock under center for Mizzou.
What bothers me about the Heisman Trophy is that it has more or less morphed into a Quarterback Trophy. Defensive players have no shot at the Heisman anymore.
That loss to UGA may cost the Gators a bit in the recruiting wars. It's possible there are some who may have backed off from a decision to commit to UF based on that game. But I also think Florida's long term prognosis is good. Even without top 5 classes, Mullen has the Gators trending in a positive direction.
I think UGA will end up as the most improved team in the SEC. A good coach and a good recruiting class can maybe get us from cellar dweller to at least middle of the pack. GO DAWGS!!
.....1 thing I didn’t like 1. The passing defense..... The Gators picked on #23 Mark Webb a lot. Maybe getting Tyson Campbell back (someday) will help.
Loved seeing Dan Mullen blow a gasket on the sideline yesterday.
Didn't Cager originally want to play for the Dawgs but UGA didn't recruit him? Thought I read something about that somewhere. He's probably getting the attention of some NFL scouts.
It's not too early to begin the discussion about whether or not certain coaches are gonna get replaced at season's end. Arky and Vandy mainly.
.....Let’s get rid of the double-bye week seasons, OK? We get hurricanes in the southeast. We need to be able to reschedule games without losing the only bye week you would have under the other way. .....That’s the 2nd consecutive year Kirby Smart’s defense has gotten the better of Dan Mullen’s offense. Three in a row if you include MSU. .....Jake Fromm threw 30 passes in a game — and Georgia won. Amazing what that O-Line did for him yesterday. GO DAWGS!!
I have a question for my fellow Dawg fans. Do you think WR Coach Cortez Hankton should be part of the blame for our passing woes? He seems to have escaped the scrutiny of the fan base and I'm wondering if he is a weak link. GO DAWGS!!
Receiver line up needs to be Lawrence Cager, D-Rob, and George Pickens. Insert Kearis Jackson if we go four wide. Need to use James Cook in the slot and get Eli wolf involved!! GO DAWGS!!