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Florida should have had more players drafted because they're the best in the country at developing players. The fault lies with the NFL teams for not seeing it.
Well at least Georgia is 2-0 against Cal. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
But will you show up on 9-4, 9-18, 10-2, 10-9, and 11-6 to admit you were wrong?
Surprised you haven't been banned from this site.
2017 - Georgia 41 Tennessee 0 2018 - Georgia 38 Tennessee 12 2019 - Georgia 43 Tennessee 14 2020 - Georgia 44 Tennessee 21 Say what Small?
College Bowl Quiz question number 1........ What UT QB never beat Florida?
I'll be rooting for him too on October 23rd.
Well at least we're 2-0 against Cal. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
You are a fake UGA fan. I encourage everyone to check ADB's comment history. There's enough there to suggest an issue of some kind. Maturity level or maybe a psychological shortcoming of some kind.
To be fair............. 2017: 41-0 2018: 38-12 2019: 43-14 2020: 44-21 UGA leads the series 25-23-2.
The article breaks everything down nicely. After reading the entire piece, I've come away thinking that the 2020 Tide team does appear to be superior to 2019 LSU team. I think the argument here centers on the OOC games. Bama could have really padded the stats with a couple of cupcakes on a normal schedule. Both teams were magnificent.
It's a Tennessee thing. The UT page is broken like the football team.
Sydney, the format for this article renders it difficult to read and follow.
Once again - Don’t forget to stick your tongue and go “pfffttt!”
The Nick Saban school for rehabilitating coaches has an opening.
Don't forget about the meltdown in Knoxville. The preseason champs are back to wandering in the desert. Now that's a mess.
If, if,'ll see.....wait til next'll just wait..... Surprised you didn't stick your tongue out and go "pfffftttt!"
So Grantham gets fired, Mullen goes to the NFL, and Trask gets drafted in the 4th round.
I thought the Cade Mays transfer was supposed to fix everything.