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4. Dawgs young and eager..... The young pups on the offensive side of the ball are getting all the love. I'd like to give a shout out to the pups on the defensive side - Nakobe Dean, Nolan Smith, Tyrique Stevenson, and Travon Walker. GO DAWGS!!
Sawyer Smith threw 3 int's. Going for it on fourth down to start the fourth quarter was ill advised.
The big question that I had about Alabama this year was about the high rate of turnover at the coordinator positions and whether or not that would affect play on the field. So far so good but it's the games against TAMU, Auburn, LSU, and the SECCG that will of interest.
I think I'd put Auburn ahead of Florida based on the win against Oregon which was a ranked team. Same with UGA and LSU given LSU's win over The Heifers. But that may be just splitting hairs. We'll see some separation of pretenders and contenders in week 4.
6. Kyle Trask, ladies and gentlemen..... That was probably my biggest take away from Saturday. Looks like UF may have a REAL quarterback now. Good thing there will be some film on him before 11/2/2019. UCF's beat-down of Stanford was indeed impressive.
Yes - And UGA isn't going to reveal its higher level passing game until it's necessary.
The Tyler simmons injury sucks! Where was D-rob? Can’t wait for next week’s game!! Go Dawgs!!
3. It’s time to unleash Jake Fromm............. I don't mind throwing the ball I just think we should keep it fairly basic and concentrate on repetition and not give Notre Dame too much film to work with. I know we are 10 point favorites against the Irish but I'm against revealing the new wrinkles in our passing game unless we've got a real fight on our hands and victory is in question. November is gonna be the stretch that decides our season.
Yeah that real game experience is definitely a plus for Smith and Kentucky. Sounds like he's a student of the game and should be able to read defenses. Much better situation than starting a freshman or someone who has been riding the pine.
That Terry Wilson injury is a real heartbreaker. Just freakin' terrible. I hope he comes back stronger than ever. Whoever made that horse collar tackle needs his butt kicked. Nonetheless, I think Florida gets the W. UK lost a ton of talent, wait, make that two tons of talent from last year's squad. Even a good coach like Mark Stoops is gonna be hard pressed to overcome the loss of all that experience. But I do wish the Wildcats good luck the rest of the year (except of course against the Dawgs).
UGA needs a high level passing game to compliment that top-notch running game. A combination like that could get us into the playoffs and fighting for another Natty. And of course, can't neglect the defense. We could use some more 4 and 5 star DL's. I'd love to stack them like cordwood. Agree with the take on Sam Pittman. He's a keeper - Pay the Man!!
Mike the Tiger appears to have had his claws sharpened.
LSU is looking good but still needs to get passed Alabama. UGA really hasn't been tested yet and will still need to get passed whoever they meet in Atlanta. I'm not counting on UGA getting a playoff spot if they lose the SECCG although if we enter the game at 12-0 and lose a very close and hotly contested game that may open the door. Need an eight team playoff format. GO DAWGS!!
Maybe UGA can get back to number two by beating Notre Dame.
Ah yes....Saban-Bryant-Denny Stadium.
I think they should rename Tuscaloosa either Sabanville or Bear BryantBurg.
Pull the starters at halftime and let the twos and threes get in on the fun for the second half. GO DAWGS!!
Just not worried about LSU - They'll get the W. I am worried about TAMU but I will be rooting for them - Go Aggies! If Mizzou's defense shows up they should emerge victorious - Go Tigers. BYU vs. UT - Another game where the defense needs to step up. Vandebilt vs.Perdue - Give 'em hell Vandy!
Please don't respond to the troll. It's developmentally delayed with the maturity of an eight year old.
Nice retort. I now it's hard but it's best not to respond at all to that low IQ waste of oxygen. Let him waste his time posting stupid drivel and never being part of an adult conversation.
Cade Mays is like the Swiss army knife of the offensive line. He can be plugged and played at all positions.
Jamaree Salyer was working with the twos at right tackle when Wilson's injury occurred so look for Salyer to get the start against the Racers.
I confess - I thought LSU was crazy for hiring him. I think a lot of people were of that same opinion. But that 10-3 record last year surprised me. His recruiting classes have also surprised me. Coach O certainly has my respect now.
I'm curious why you left out FSU. Aren't they your #2 arch enemy right behind UGA?
Still scratching my head about Tennessee firing the greatest coach in the history of Volunteer football (Fulmer). That was a bit short-sighted on their part - They've been wandering the desert for over a decade now.