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UT is performing better than I thought they would after the crazy off-season they had. But I don't think they're back just yet. My question centers on the NCAA investigation and where all that will lead to.
Kinda like 2017: 42-7 and 2018: 36-17. Right?
Neil my good man....I remember you defending Grantham in years gone by. I understand. We're talking about Gators football here. Good to see the objectivity in your post. My guess is that the Gators retain Mullen but Grantham is out as DC.
Wasn't Tennessee ranked #25 preseason last year. UT fans were pretty happy with that. By your logic and how you guys finished the season, UT should have never been ranked.
I think the Reb-Sharks (or whatever they're called) win this game. Ole Miss can take the #2 spot in the West if successful and Kiffin will pull out all the stops to get it done. Huge implications for recruiting. That's my theory anyway. However, don't get me wrong. Not hating in UT at all. I would actually like to see the Vols ranked when they play UGA. That would mean the Dawgs play 6 ranked teams (if Florida can maintain their ranking).
Heard UK has a couple of injuries on their D-Line. UGA's injuries....Enough already! Sheesh! That may end up catching us and biting us. Pretty sure Dawgs win comfortably. Dawgs need to shut down UK's running game and go up early. Not sure if the Cats are built to overcome large point differences with the current state of their passing game which is still evolving. That's my theory anyway - GO DAWGS!!!
Will Levis is going to have to step up against UGA. My guess is that the Dawgs plan to shut down UK's bread-and-butter running game and force the Cats to beat them through the air.
Is there a more potent form of rat poison than a #1 ranking?
Difficult for me to say anything bad about Coach O since he's 2-0 against the Dawgs but it's just plain unavoidable to wonder what the heck is going on down there in Baton Rouge.
These are two teams that nobody expected anything from considering their tumultuous off-seasons. At this point, I think UT is fairing a bit better than USC but I have no idea who will win this game. The Vols have home field so that goes in their favor. Just not feeling it yet with the Gamecocks. I do hope they beat Clemson this year.
Everybody is talking about the Dawgs' defense and rightly so. But the Dawgs are also getting better on offense. The O-Line has settled down, our RB's are hungry, Jackson and Washington have returned, and our freshmen receivers have gotten a significant amount of valuable live-game reps. Getting and keeping JTD healthy is the missing ingredient. The Dawgs will need his arm and football smarts eventually.
And the beauty of it was that our running game got the work out it needed against a respectable defense.
GO CATS! Gators get out of L-Town with the W....Boo!
The Dawgs broke Clemson's will to live. Arky is a tough=as-nails ball club. Dawgs gonna win but Arky won't be broken so easily.
I mean play keep-away because we can not because we have to. We are the cat - Arky is the mouse.
Agreed. For people who can think for themselves, Wilbon is not that impressive.
Sorry Air Force-Hog but..... Weez gonna whoop yo A. When the clock hits 0:00, we can be friends again.
This would be a great game to concentrate on the run and play keep-away from Arky.
AU needs to do a better job on defense. Slowing people down a little would do wonders. The last two games averaged 26 points given up. Derek Mason needs to figure something out quick.
Well EJ appears to be a force but now he can't sneak up on anybody anymore. He's gotten the attention of the conference now and there's film now too. But yes so far so good.
I don't think KJ belongs in the discussion yet. Other than Georgia Southern, his passing stats aren't all that impressive. TAMU is a mess right now without Haynes King and Calzada doesn't seem to be the answer so that takes some of the shine off the win over the Aggies. Lots of football left for KJ to prove himself.
That's cool. Mizzou's defense needs to tighten up though. Get that done and you should have a competitive team.
At this point I'm wondering WTH is going at corner opposite Kendrick. Will Ameer Speed get burned again? Will Kelee Ringo get multiple PI flags? What's up with Nyland Green?
Hope we get Rochester back soon. Can never have enough D-Linemen.
You guys should start worrying about the second half of your schedule. Some very tough and physical football lies ahead.