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So how many scholarship RB's does UGA have? 6? 7? Now I'm worried that someone's gonna hit the portal. Last year's RB room depth issues were a big headache.
Sounds like a solid player. Sure hope this guy can help out. Dawgs really needed a John Atkins / Jordan Davis / Jalen Carter type of player last year. The 2024 class is loaded with some elite talent on defense. Would like to get back to the 2021 - 2022 level of nastiness of defense.
Anybody think Stockton bounces because of this?
5th or 6th game in a row that the Dawgs allowed the opponent to score on their opening drive. Need to put an end to that real quick.
UT shoulda let Kirby win a little bit back in the 90's. You created a monster................ 2017: 41-0 2018: 38-12 2019: 43-14 2020: 44-21 2021: 41-17 2022: 27-13 2023: 38-10
UGA offense = Good. Mizzou offense = Good. UGA defense = Good. Mizzou defense = Well they give up a lot of points to P5 competition (USC notwithstanding). I think this is where the game is decided. UGA will be able to outscore the Tigers but I have no idea what the final score would be.
Washington too high / overrated. Oklahoma too high/ overrated. They didn't look so good against UCF last week.
Pretty sure Tiger Nation didn't have any lofty expectations this year but that passing game is a bit surprising. Gus and Bryan Harsin should get some of the blame here. They did not leave the program better than they found it. CHF has some rebuilding to do. The 2024 class is at #17 but has a nice QB and some nice WR's and a nice RB.
One thing about TAMU is injuries at the QB position. Seems like they've been snake-bit with that. But for me, I'm done with Jimbo. Great recruiter but the annual Win-Loss column results don't align with the talent in College Station. And I don't hate Jimbo or the Aggies. Aggies and Dawgs don't play each other much so there's no rivalry or reason for hate. These last six years are now the emperical evidence one needs to pass judgement. Maybe the FSU dumpster fire really was his fault. Just random thoughts.
My worst fear is that BB will now give the NFL combine priority and as a result, we don't see him again in a Dawgs uniform.
I still think the biggest obstacle to success is the RB room. Can't remember it ever being in worse shape. To Harper's point - I've felt all along that we shouldn't be relying on Brock Bowers for everything. He's like the "Break Glass in Case of Emergency" guy (AU was an emergency).
January 1st, 1960 - Orange Bowl: Dawgs 14 Mizzou 0
Since Kiffin arrived, kinda felt like the Rebs are a good defense away from being a legit contender. CPG needs to work some magic. Tough sledding ahead. Can't wait to play Ole Miss later this year.
It's all about the RB room. It's being held together with duct tape.
Hey Adam, There's a new NCAA rule that you must surrender your child if she's not adorned in school colors. Please tell me there's no danger of that happening. JK on that new rule.
Texas may wanna work on that pass pro. Alabama has a habit of knocking QB's out of games.
With all the talk of Alabama running the ball this year, it just made sense to start Milroe. At 6'2, 220lbs, and with that set of wheels, he's a nice supplement for "ground-n-pound" football.
Interested in Mizzou fan comments. I would have thought Drink was on the warm-seat. The Tigers need for that new OC to work some magic. Tiger fans have got to be getting antsy after several mediocre seasons. I'm sure they want Mizzou to make some noise this year. Glad we got Dominic Lovett though!
Totally expected to see Connor drink the UT Kool-aid and predict a UGA loss vs. UT. That Ole Miss game worries me a little. Kinda like a trap game while the Dawgs look forward to UT. I often thought the Rebs would be dangerous if they ever got a defense. We'll see how their new DC does.
Sorry Aaron but I am concerned about the RB room. If Kendall Milton can stay healthy we're good. If Kendall Milton cannot stay healthy it'll be Daijun Edwards as #1 then one the Robinsons as #2. Branson had some foot issues so we may see Roderick. Paul is still recovering. Been some chatter about Cash Jones' skill as a receiving back. Things seem "iffy" right now in the RB room.
According to 247 Sports, the Gators have the toughest schedule of all 14 SEC teams.
Don't know anything about Wisconsin but got to wondering..... How was their O-Line up there? Was that what kept Mertz from flourishing? Won't he have a better supporting cast at UF? Mertz needs protect the ball get it into the hands of the play-makers.
Devin Leary by himself may not move the needle much but Liam Coen AND Devin Leary together should be a nice upgrade. If UK can get by Vandy, they should start 4-0 heading into their clash with the Gators.
Adam..... Make sure you advise your parents that your baby must be wrapped in a black and gold Tiger onesie at all times during football season.
""For my money, Smart’s single-season feat of 2022 was more impressive than any single-season feat.....Never has someone lost 15 players to the NFL Draft.....only to then run it back"" UGA also lost 14 players to the portal and 4 coaching assistants that year. ""Smart boasts 6 consecutive top-7 finishes"" 2022 - #1 2021 - #1 2020 - #7 2019 - #4 2018 - #7 2017 - #2 Avg - 3.6 - not bad.
Very nice compliment. Also, Kirby isn't showing any signs of slowing down. Hope he honors that 10 year contract. The dude definitely knows how to ruin other peoples' Saturday afternoons.
The Gators, while they're at it, should rename BHG to Steve Spurrier Stadium considering all he's done for that program.
..."Williams is considered to be an Oregon lean"... Dan Lanning is alive and well.
@TDOWTheGreat I'm curious how that transfer came about. Was he a problem child in the locker room and subtly encouraged to find other opportunities? Inquiring minds want to know.