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“Actually, Kentucky didn’t need any big plays”. And didn’t get any.
“At this point, what do you really think you’ll see out of JT Daniels that you aren’t already seeing from Bennett? Superior accuracy. I love Stetson, but that’s the answer.
“Is Lane Kiffin the biggest Rebel-rouser in SEC history?” Have you never heard of Steve Spurrier?! Good grief, and Spurrier actually won meaningful games.
When should Kirby Smart have replaced Fromm with true freshman Fields? In the middle of a 2018 season in which UGA had playoff aspirations until late into the 4th quarter of the SEC Championship game? UGA was 11-1 in 2018 and were trying to win a national championship. Florida in 2021 just sucks. Why shouldn’t the Gators change their QB? The opinion that Smart chose the wrong QB in 2018 is as lazy as it is ignorant. I ask again…. tell me specifically WHEN Fields should have replaced Fromm. You can’t do it because there is no intelligent answer to that question.
On a side note, I guess the fact that UGA has not retired #47 indicates that the program will no longer retire numbers. There are two 3-time consensus All-Americans in the history of Georgia football, their names are Herschel Walker and David Pollack.
Connor, kudos on your pre-season projection that Texas A&M would lose to Arkansas but beat Alabama. Where are all the commenters who laughed at you and said that was impossible?
I wouldn’t agree that Kentucky is much better than A&M, and the last few seasons of recruiting rankings agree with me. The Aggies have inexperience at QB, but have recruited very well and it showed last Saturday. They were preseason top-10, and 10-1 last year, for a reason.
I read that sentiment a lot the week before the Arkansas game too.
He definitely deserves more votes than Sarkisian right now, and it’s not even close.
Steve Sarkisian?! Does Anthony Treash even follow college football?
“There’s no questioning that Tennessee would have been better off with Kiffin as opposed to what UT went through after he left” Really? I’ll question it. Butch Jones had back-to-back nine win seasons a couple years after Lane was fired for being a loser at USC, where it really is unquestionably easier to win than Tennessee. When it comes to a few coaches, notably Kiffin, Leach and Drinkwitz, college football writers are blinded by “funny” Twitter feeds and snarky Media Days interviews. Results on the field? Much less important, apparently.
“Success on the field” Yeah, he was quite the success at USC and with the Raiders, right? Most overrated coach in the country.
And if Alabama’s offense scored 50 every Saturday, they’d still be undefeated.
Alabama played Michigan in the Capital One Bowl, not the Sugar Bowl in 2019. Georgia defeated Baylor in the Sugar Bowl that season.
I guess lots of fans think football can’t get more exciting than 52-51, but I really enjoy watching opposing quarterbacks run for their life and get swarmed for about a 15-yard loss. Highly entertaining to me.
Exactly. The joyless murderball (I’m stealing it) Kirby produces every week is just fine with me. Looking forward to a good game Saturday.
This poll doesn’t matter much, does it.
I expect a close, hard-fought game. If Georgia just beat LSU in Sanford, in a game that was 35-7 in the 4th quarter, Dog nation would be satisfied with the dominant win. Well, that’s what Kentucky just did. The 23-point spread is insane to me.
Vols fans should be ecstatic this week, no doubt about it.
I want to make $8 million a year with a huge buyout if I get fired and tell people that I refuse to feel sorry for myself.
This website seriously needs a fact-checker.
“The Crimson Tide has appeared in every College Football Playoff since its inception” Nope. Not in 219.
Last year about this time, Patrick’s “sources” told him that the recruiting scandal at Tennessee would also embroil Georgia. His “sources” are non-existent.
Nix was 23 of 44 for 255 yards and a touchdown with 74 rushing yards. Good game and he made a few memorable plays. But Auburn only scored 24 points. I don’t know if I’d call that “amazing”.
In a just world, Jordan Davis would win the Heisman Trophy. It’s supposed to go the “most outstanding” player. Yeah, it seems pretty obvious to me.
Are the Sugar Bowl teams determined by rankings/conference standings or does the bowl get some input on that? An Arkansas-Texas rematch does not sound attractive.
For what its worth, there are no other programs besides Georgia who get reminded of the last year they won a national championship in every SDS article, either. Speaking of that, when did Missouri last win one?