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I'd also commend SDS for not joining the coronabros mass hysteria and for being patient and letting things play out. Until this year, I had no idea so many sportswriters, specifically college football writers, are either such cowards, loathe the sport they cover, or both.
You guys STILL haven't figured out that D'Wan Mathis is starting for Georgia. Do you guys, you know, follow college football?
You picked a team favored by 2.5 to win by 3. Fearless.
What 1984 poll? The Gainesville Sun-Times poll? They were on probation and didn’t even play in bowl. They finished #3 in the AP and #7 in the coaches poll. Claiming “titles” like this does nothing but water down the concept of what a national title means.
In my heart of hearts, I’d have to say that Florida is the favorite in the East. D’Wan Mathis may or not be a star eventually, but he’s still a freshman. And UGA plays Alabama, Florida doesn’t. The WLOCP should be competitive and decided like most competitive games are decided.... turnover differential. A tipped pass for a pick-six here, a fumble in the red zone there, no telling what happens. Our defense should keep us in every game, but at this point you have to go with the team with the experienced QB and (slightly) easier schedule.
Great players are very rarely great, or even good, head coaches, in any sport. Deion will get quickly frustrated that his players can’t “roll out of bed and run a 4.1”. I get the feeling the sports media is probably a lot more excited about his new gig than Deion is himself. I’d be surprised if he’s still coaching there in 2022.
Looked it up, first, second, third team QB’s in 2019 were Tua, Fromm, Mond. Keep up the good work.
Without looking it up, I can only assume that Joe Burrow was the pre-season first team QB last year, right? The media is always so accurate with these things.
I appreciate you admitting your mistake, but if you’re just now realizing that Mathis is a freshman, you probably shouldn’t be contradicting many comments here.
I don’t understand. Why is it a problem that Mond was 2nd in percentage of offensive production, only behind Burrow? Didn’t LSU and Burrow have the greatest season ever? What’s the problem with being 2nd in that list? Based on what Burrow/LSU did, it seems like leading that list should be the goal.
This isn’t a prediction, but it’s not out of the question that Arkansas wins this game outright. UGA will (probably) be starting a freshman QB. A couple pick-sixes could change the game. South Carolina won as 24.5 point underdog in Sanford against a team with a third-year QB and experienced offensive line. Arkansas can win.
Mullen may (or not be) a genius quarterback whisperer, but Kirby Smart won the SEC and played in the title game with a true freshman QB. Mullen can continue to geniusly watch the SECCG from his couch.
Yeah, the take that UGA’s defense was “horrible” in the South Carolina game is an ignorant one, to put it mildly.
I agree with most of this, but not the part about Florida closing the talent gap with Georgia from last year. Florida and Tennessee love to repeat how they are closing the talent gap with UGA. But the recruiting rankings beg to differ, and a transfer here or there is not as impactful as it may seem. The “closing talent gap” is wishful thinking.
For what it’s worth, Pittman has never even been a COORDINATOR at the college level, much less a head coach. They jury is still out as to whether or not the Arky coaching staff is “highly capable”.
I won’t totally defend UGA’s offensive scheme the last few years, but I will say stats can be misleading. A great example is the 2018 game in South Carolina. UGA sat on a lead and ended the game with a prolonged TEN MINUTE DRIVE that resulted in no points because the clock expired. Other coaches use garbage time to pad stats (looking at you, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Alabama), but that’s just not Georgia’s modus operandi. Yes, Georgia’s offense often sputtered when we needed points, but using simple points-per-game comparisons is not always relevant. A powerful running game combined with a solid defense has won college football games for over a hundred years. That didn’t change suddenly because LSU and Alabama decided to go five-wide in every play. Kudos to them, but there is more than one way to skin a cat.
Gosh the media loves some twitter. I love stories like this, where they show screenshots of a tweet that has just one “like”. Why not just copy and paste comments from the comments section of this site? The ability of the media to overestimate the importance and impact of twitter is mind-boggling. It’s the most pervasive, oppressive “bubble” in our discourse.
Saying SCar winning in Sanford was “one of the biggest regular season upsets in the playoff era” is quite an understatement. It was probably the biggest upset in SEC history, definitely of the past 50 years. The spread was about 28, if I recall.
This is very well written. I give y’all a hard time, but I love this website.
Burrow was very impressive to me, and for some reason I found it more interesting to watch him than Brees-Brady.
Again, everyone needs to remember that the massive wildfires are a result of liberal politicians resisting controlled burns, which are known to greatly lessen the effect of forest fires and were used by Native Americans for hundreds of years to protect their lands. The wildfires raging in California are exponentially more of a CONTRIBUTOR to global warming than they are caused by it. Wildfires have been happening for hundreds of millions of years, but now houses and coffee shops are in the way.
Main reasons, imo: 1) FOIA Requests. There are/were lawsuits requesting details on the deliberations that led to cancellation. B1G officials/presidents didn't want the world to know that their goal in cancelling the season was to raise the national "misery index" that would help vote out the incumbent president. Not only did the public not blame Trump for the cancellation of college football, he has gotten some praise for helping restart it. Anyone who doubts this is not familiar with Kevin Warren's very public goal of using college football to "sway elections". I have no doubt the university presidents agreed wholeheartedly, until they started looking like abject fools. 2) Rapid testing. This is important, but not nearly as important as reason #1. 3) The myocarditis hoax. In August, Big Ten officials struck out in search of "science" that supported their goal of cancelling the season (to hurt Trump). The "science" they used in regards to myocarditis was flat-out incorrect. The Big Ten is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts. 4) With each passing week with no Big Ten games while others played, it would become more and more apparent that football in the midwest just means less. The recruiting ramifications of this will last for years. In short, the Big Ten knows it had become the laughingstock of college football (perhaps only surpassed by their little go-along lap dog, the Pac-12).
It's can't be determined yet what record would "deserve" to make the playoff. If Ohio State is an 8-1 conference champ, they are no a shoo-in over an SEC runner-up which is 10-1 or even 9-2. The Big (and Slow) Ten might be the 2nd-best conference, but it's a distant 2nd-best.
Everyone should remember that forest fires are ravaging the west because their liberal elected politicians resist controlled, preventative burns in the name of "environmentalism". Forest fires have been burning in those lands since as long as the lands have existed, millions and millions of years. The difference is that now there are houses and coffee shops in the way.
That's exactly right. They assumed they were the most meaningful domino, and all others would fall in line. Not quite.
Indeed. My gut tells me the threatened lawsuits have more to do with this than any advancements in "rapid testing". The Freedom of Information Act is a mofo, right Big Ten?
This issue of the Big (and Slow) Ten being the absolute laughing stock of college football will not be revisited.