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Athens, and the University of Georgia, are wonderful places to be.
Meh. Replace "2020" with "2011" and this article could have been written about Gene Chizik.
"Beckham might’ve thought he’d just give out money to guys going to the NFL and as Burrow said, not being in college anymore allows for that to happen." So it's okay if boosters start to promise recruits that they will send them huge cash payments immediately after the horn sounds in their last game? Look, I'm a UGA fan, a program with as much resources as anyone. Y'all want to start paying players outright salaries? Fine, go for it. But don't be surprised when about 8 to 10 programs come to ABSOLUTELY DOMINATE college football to the point that the other 100+ FBS programs might as well secede at play in a different division. The inability of so many people to anticipate the unintended consequences of paying players continues to dumbfound me.
Tua is a fine young man and will continue to be a success in anything he does. That said, good grief, other teams have injuries too. There is no asterisk next to any team's record or game results just because Tua got hurt. This is in response to the assertion that "the odds are the Tide would have not finished out the season in the Citrus Bowl..." Yeah, injuries to key players hurt a team's chances. JOIN. THE. CLUB.
Maybe not, but you should shudder at the thought of what UGA's defense will be in 2020.
All the Florida love on this website is hilarious. You'd think UGA just went 6-6. Anyway, it will just make beating them and winning the East for the 4th straight year that more sweet.
Posing to be fan of a team that you in reality despise shows very low moral character. It also shows that you aren't confident enough to engage in debate and discourse honestly. Your mom must be so proud.
It's nice to know LSU's dream season will be partially remembered for Odell handing out cash and slapping a cop on the rear end. Stay classy, Tigahs.
There are players in the NFL not old enough to remember Tennessee's last SEC Championship. And they'll probably never win another. They are Ole Miss with a bigger stadium.
Good stuff. I wasn't overly impressed with Zamir White until the Sugar Bowl. While obviously athletically gifted, prior to the bowl he showed very little vision or patience. He seems to run at full speed in whatever direction he was facing when handed the ball. But he seemed to slow down and hopefully relax a bit in the Sugar, and showed lots of potential.
"Would I trust (Smart) making better decisions within a game than Mullen? No." It's too bad we don't have any head-to-head, "in game" results to compare the two. Rolling my eyes.
Sorry, didn't mean you reply to you, fuzzyvol01
"Even with all that talent, Georgia’s offense underachieved in 2019" And still scored 43 in Neyland. If UGA's offense "underachieved" in 2019, the Vols had nothing to do with it.
"You UGA fans are delusional if you think UT is going away." UT is Nebraska with a bigger stadium. Old news. Has-been. No SEC titles this millennium.
I recall a period where Georgia spanked UT regularly. It's called the present.
"Tennessee has the most returning starters " You can keep them. Tennessee sucks.
"But the transfer of Cade Mays could be a sign that Tennessee isn’t as far away from competing with Georgia as you might think." Yeah, a backup O-Lineman will definitely make up that 29-point differential in Neyland from last year. You are delusional my man.
"Even though Georgia is consistently finding a way to lose the key game they have to win each year" Unlike, for instance, losing to Georgia State. LMFAO
"Before you start putting dirt on Georgia’s grave" Lol, thanks. See you in Athens.
Missouri State sounds like a fictional college in a movie. Never heard of it.
Calipari has been at Kentucky for 11 years. Were you referring to his players? Brady is a coach, I don't see the connection.
"it will be another 25 years of mediocrity for Bummer just like when the Bear retired from the game" I'm no Alabama fan, but I am a fan of facts and the truth. Alabama won a national championship ten years after Bear retired.
Miami ’01-02 didn't even win the national championship.
You might as well predict the weather for games in November while you are at it. I know you just want clicks, and I gave you one, but this may be the most pointless article on the internet.
I wouldn't believe the excuse, except it is par for the course for a certain subset of NFL players. Adam "Pacman" Jones once started a massive brawl at a strip club because he "made it rain", but then got angry when the girls tried to, you know, actually pick up the money. He said the act of "making it rain" was symbolic and he never intended to give the money away. You can't fix stupid.
"I know man. These UGa fans. Good for them though. The expectation is clearly low." And yet Georgia finished #4 and Bammer is #8. See ya in T-Town.
"I wonder where Joe Burrow was on this rating last year" Great point! For all we know, Newman will win the Heisman and lead UGA to a natty.
Huey, you have written that many times, but in no court of law has Durkin been held "responsible" for the player's death. If so, he'd be in prison. I hope this helps.
The one thing I can glean with certainty after reading this is that O'Gara is tremendously impressed by the word "toxic". Hey Connor. The media call EVERYTHING "toxic" nowadays. I, for one, am glad to see Durkin get hired by Ole Miss, if for no other reason than to spite ESPN and their "report". Screw ESPN.