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Agreed. No disrespect to the Cocks, but that game could be played on the moon and it would not "have the makings of an upset". UGA would be a three-touchdown favorite, even in Columbia. Seems like a Keith had a word count he needed to hit.
Yeah, good call. UGA is first in everything when it comes to the SEC East.
One minor quibble with the headline... even when this series was nationally relevant, it was also, for the most part, a site of horror and heartache for Tennessee.
By the way, if you mean to use the word "irreverence" (instead of "irrelevance"), then you are using it wrong. If you say UF fans should "embrace their irreverence", you are saying UF fans should embrace their lack or respect for things that are usually taken seriously. For instance, someone laughing through a moment of silence is being "irreverent". You clearly neither know what the word "irreverent" means, nor how to correctly use it. You are an embarrassment to other UGA fans on this site.
You do not speak for me. The beautiful thing about the yearly UF-UT game is that one of them must lose. I rarely care which it is.
Am I the only person who can't watch Finebaum when that blonde sidekick lady is on the show? The way they flirt on camera is nausea-inducing. It's actually awkward to watch. I can only imagine their "chemistry" behind closed doors. (And note to Paul: she doesn't suck up to you because of your rugged, masculine good looks).
FWIW, when I was 19 I fell off a 60-foot cliff and survived, though I broke my neck in three places. One of my doctors told me that emergency room doctors expect any incoming patient that fell over 35 feet to be dead on arrival.
This story may be legit, but now wait for the wave of frauds from people trying to get at least free swag and at most a full ride scholarship for their kids. We live in a GoFraudMe world.
Lots of people thought UT would be greatly improved.
Indeed. I read tons of comments on this site and others from people who opined that Tennessee would compete for the East. It was trendy prediction. It hasn't aged well.
When Texas released the statement yesterday, I didn't believe them. Now I kind of do. I'm starting to think this may have been a motivational ploy by Ogeron, but he forgot that the claim could be investigated. I've got a feeling this isn't over. In any event, much attention will be paid to the temperature of Texas' locker room in Tiger Stadium next year.
There are only so many "TV channels". When the SEC programs signed the contract with ESPN and the SEC Network, they knew what was going to happen. And this may sound cold but if people are suffering "heat related injuries" from doing nothing more than sitting on their fannies in the sun, maybe they should watch from home.
Losing by 14 at Clemson is nothing to be dejected about. I don't see how that game in any way should lessen your optimism. I don't even see how Aggie fans got "ahead" of themselves. Did you spend all offseason expecting to beat Clemson?
I agree that LSU is improved and will contend with Alabama in the West. But I think Texas is overrated, mostly based on winning the Sugar Bowl against a Georgia team that was obviously disappointed to be there and unmotivated. Ask DeAndre Baker, who didn't make the trip to New Orleans, how meaningful that game was to UGA's players. Yes, UGA not showing up for the game is their own fault, but that doesn't make Texas a juggernaut quite yet.
And beat Saban-coached Alabama in 2007. Small consolation for UGA, but yeah, we have beaten him.
UGA beat Saban-coached LSU by four touchdowns in 2004.
A Clemson fan might have something to say to Alabama. Other than that, the only thing anyone can say is "Saban can't coach forever".
"We’ll play anybody you can get to play us (who doesn't require a return visit) - Alabama coach Nick Saban. There, I fixed it for you.
"Welcome to the new and improved SEC, everyone. It’s no longer Alabama and the 13 Dwarves." To my great lament, UGA has lost two excruciatingly close games to the Tide the last two years. I give the Tide all the credit, but implying that no other team in the SEC has been able to compete with them until this season is absurd.
Eason will be a Top-ten pick in the NFL draft someday. Not saying he's better than Fromm, but he is very talented.
Did ESPN sincerely believe that several Auburn students took the time and effort to paint their bodies for ROD FREAKING GILMORE?!?!?!?!
Go back and watch the 2nd half and overtime of the Rose Bowl. Tom Brady could not have performed better Fromm did in that game. Fromm had a higher QB rating than Heisman and #1 overall Baker Mayfield. Oh, and UGA won the game! You know what I hear when someone says a QB isn't great because they "lose" the big games? I hear someone who has probably never put on a jock strap in their life, because they don't realize it is a team game. If Dominick Sanders doesn't blow that coverage on the last play of the natty and UGA wins, does that suddenly make Jake Fromm a great quarterback?!?!
This is a good post. Your memory of 2013 injuries is impressive. I dearly want to win a natty this year but the "championship or bust" mentality some have is absurd. We will compete for it in 2020 also. And 2021, and 2022, 2023........
"It also goes for any player that feels like they should have the freedom to change his path." Beware the law of unintended consequences. Giving all players "freedom" to transfer with immediate eligibility would create a Wild West atmosphere in which coaches not only have to recruit high school seniors, but also have to re-recruit all 70-80 players already on campus. No thanks. I think all transfers should have to sit out a year, regardless of any extenuating circumstances. Playing college football, especially on full scholarship, is a privilege, not a right.
"Accumulatively" is not a word, chief.
And yeah, rectuiting is MUCH, MUCH better now than under Richt. A typical Richt class would be about #8, and loaded up with DB's and Wide Recievers. Kirby (and Pittman) are loading up on offensive linemen. See you in J-ville. Please bring Feliepe ;)
No SEC East team has stayed within 14 points of UGA for over two years. Richt never did that, friendo.