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So your point is you don't follow recruiting?
You missed my point. My point is that in 2021, Cincy had to beat TWO powerhouses to win the natty. But now they would have to beat three or four powerhouses to win it.
The irony of the expanded playoff is that it’s now going to be much harder for a P5 team to win a natty, while giving the illusion of access to the title. Theoretically, Cincy could have gotten hot and shocked Alabama and UGA in 2021. But now they would have to do not only that, but beat yet another P5 powerhouse (or two) along the way. P5 schools think they are now closer to winning titles, but they’re actually much further away.
Side note about 2014: Cameron Artis-Payne had 84 more carries than Nick Chubb... and 61 more yards.
True. And I’m pretty sure UL-Monroe’s coach in 2007 was Bill Belichick.
As long as he gets to pass against Florida’s 2nd-string defense without fear of the defense being allowed to hit him all year, Lagway won’t be stopped!
UConn’s football stadium holds 40,000. Some SEC teams will have more people attend their SPRING GAME. If Freidlander hasn’t figured out by now that football is all that matters in conference realignment, he never will. Or is he still confused as to why the Big Ten didn’t invite Kansas?
I have it on good authority from many Alabama fans that a season that does not end with a championship is an absolute, irredeemable failure.
Yeah I was soooooooo scared that our government was going to fall that day. Lmao what a fool
Your comment is ambiguous, I'm not sure if you are blaming the refs or blaming UT for fouling too much and not being more aggressive in drawing fouls themselves. If you are blaming the refs, keep in mind their job is not to call equal numbers of fouls and violations on each team, their job is to call fouls and violations as they see them.
This is why I ignore college basketball until the NCAA tournament starts. Nothing that happens prior to the NCAA tournament means anything in the long run, even winning conference tournaments. Over time, no one cares. No one remembers.
Ok I rewatched it, and he’s a couple feet behind the line, not ten inches. But “from the logo” should mean from near halfcourt. This shot does not apply.
“Knecht FROM THE LOGO” Yeah, the “TENNESSEE” logo stretches from one three point line to the other three point line, and in that clip he’s about 10 inches behind the line, but sure, cool, whatever, I guess he’s technically standing on a painted part of the court.
The college basketball season starts in a few days. The previous four months has been exhibition.
He’s an excellent player, but the concept of retiring numbers is an anachronism. If civilization continues, UNC will play basketball for hundreds of years into the future. It’s just not feasible to retire the number of every great player. Lots of teams, pro and college, have ended the practice.
Why Japan is kicking our rear ends? Lmao, did you fall into a coma in 1987 and wake up this morning?
“Probably not because (Jordan) had everything and more that a human being could ever ask for.” A spot on Chicago White Sox roster?
Bobo isn’t perfect, but he’s pretty dang good. He was the OC for UGA’s highest-scoring team ever, the 2014 team, whose QB was Hutson Mason. No offense to Hutson, but his talent was limited. Bobo is also an excellent recruiter and QB developer.
Oops, it’s in the second sentence. My mistake.
Anybody have any idea whose scoring record she broke? I guess I’ll Google it.
When Herbie is advocating for Alabama over FSU on Twitter, he the expert of all experts, the preeminent voice in college football. He knows more than you. He watches more games than you. He knows more insiders than you. He knows more history than you. He is THE VOICE, and everyone must bow down. But when he’s telling Dominic Raiola that Dylan should flip,then doggoneit, he’s just a regular Joe, a nobody, just one goofy dad having a chat with another dad. Nothing to see here. The guy who demands that we respect his statements as if they are chiseled into stone tablets and delivered by Moses suddenly wants us to believe nothing he says about anything really matters.
And Raiola, who has no motivation to lie (unlike Herbstreit), said Herbstreit enthusiastically said “he’s got to do it!”. Is Herbstreit calling Dominic Raiola a liar? He only said Ruhle was a good coach, and that’s it?
“Anyone in the know”. You realize there were exactly two people on that phone call right?
This isn’t about Raiola or Georgia. It’s about a very prominent ESPN employee trying to influence recruiting. The fact that Georgia is the best program in college football is not be an excuse for what Herbstreit did.
I don’t believe Herbstreit’s version. It’s called damage control.
So we’re all going to pretend that Herbstreit’s call to Dominic would have happened in the exact same way if Dylan was considering flipping from Ohio State? Absurd. Yes, Herbstreit wanted to hurt Georgia.