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The rumor is that Gilbert could not get admission to Florida for academic reasons. If this is true, he sure is heck is not getting accepted to Georgia, a superior academic institution to every school in the SEC except Vanderbilt. I assume he’ll wind up at Alabama.
I guess it’s just semantics, but in regards to the headline, when I hear “next fall”, I’m think you mean 2022. Next Saturday is a week from Saturday. Get it?
So he didn’t apologize to the player he cheap-shot, but apologized to “our community”. His apology is worse than the cheap-shot on the sideline.
Just to clarify, Georgia did not “have to reschedule or lose” games due to Covid. The rescheduling and loss of games was dictated by other programs.
“Kentucky was one of only two teams in the Southeastern Conference (South Carolina was the other) that did not have to reschedule or lose a football game due to COVID issues last fall.” This is misleading. UGA had no “Covid issues” either, though the Bulldogs had two games rescheduled (Florida and Missouri), and one game canceled (Vanderbilt) through no fault of their own. Your statement makes it sound like only Kentucky and South Carolina had no internal Covid issues, and that is not true.
This is not much of a hit. UGA is loaded at WR, and Bush would not see much playing time. It’s why he is transferring. I wish him well.
I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that. Bad Boys II? Yikes.
“That’s the point of most documentaries, to provide information on a subject many may presently be unfamiliar with.” Unless the documentary is produced by Netflix, in which case the point is either “Death to America” or “Kill Whitey”.
I’m going to thoroughly enjoy watching his coaching tenure implode, as it inevitably will. Not because I dislike him (I’m ambivalent about him), but because of all the hype the sports media has inundated the public with. He will get tired of living in Jackson, Mississippi. Not enough top recruits will want to play in front of 25k in non-televised games. The glimmer will eventually fade, everyone will become bored by it, JSU will not become a power, and Deion will realize he can make more money as TV talking head five hours a week and not have to recruit. It’s inevitable. And I’ll love it.
Tune in tomorrow to see what new items have been stolen from Deion! It’s getting old.
Take a look at Mexico City on Google Earth and let me know which part isn’t the slum. That city literally covered in graffiti.
He needs to go ahead and get his CDL and drive trucks like Marcus Dupree. It probably pays better than Mexican football.
This is indescribably lame. So he’s taking credit for Alabama’s winning streak while he personally either played or coached for UT teams that Alabama defeated as part of the streak. Absolutely pathetic. And pretty dumb, too.
There are several thousand people tweeting on any given day that the world is flat. Who cares? Why does every news item on SDS have to be followed by a tweet (with zero likes) from some nobody who doesn’t like the news? What is the logic behind that editorial decision? Why does SDS actively search out for the one or two folks on Twitter who would complain about a sunrise or children giggling? I just don’t get it. This is an otherwise good, informative website. But it’s got some awful click-baitish habits.
I hope someday someone loves me pas much as SDS loves tweets with zero likes or retweets. Y’all are very, very easily impressed.
“Irrelevant it is that in this modern era of high-octane passing offenses, his was stuck in neutral for the first 4 years” Was the 2017 SEC title irrelevant? The Rose Bowl win? The four-straight Top-seven finishes? All irrelevant? What is more important, having “high octane offenses” or winning football games? Write another dumb article about how impressive Missouri is for going 5-5.
Gilbert seems to lack perspective. He went to LSU thinking the offense would be the same as it was with Burrow. Uh, no. Now he seems to think UF’s offense will be the same with Emory Jones as was with Trask. Double no. Give him a year, he’ll be looking to get out of Gainesville too.
I’ve been to a playoff game. A Rose Bowl. And we won. Have you been?
The word “dynasty” means an unbroken string of rulers. In this’ literal, dictionary-definition sense of the word, Alabama has not been a dynasty since 2011-12. Dominant? Yes. Historic? Absolutely. Dynasty? Not currently.
Jason Brown is the biggest idiot, doofus, blowhard d-bag I have ever seen in my life.
There HAS to be a sense among Gator Nation that they caught lightning in a bottle in 2020, not only with the amalgamation of talent in Trask, Pitts, Toney, etc, but also with the injury problems Georgia experienced, starting with the injuries to Rochester, Davis and LeCounte a week before the Cocktail Party, and culminating with the injuries to Bennett and the receiver on the same play that gave the Dogs a fleeting two-touchdown lead. Neal is right. It feels like what Florida is facing in 2021 is much closer to a rebuild than a reload.
The writer of the column is a big Tennessee fan. Heupel is UT’s SIXTH coach since 2008, and every time, some Vol fans like you are convinced of an “upward trajectory”.
Vol Nation suffers from battered spouse syndrome when it comes to Lane Kiffin, conveniently forgetting that he not only left them for a younger, prettier woman, but left them beat up with NCAA sanctions on his way out the door. Meanwhile, Dooley was the “nice guy” who treated her well, and did his best in a no-win situation (win, but win cleanly!) but dadgummit, he just wasn’t dreamy like 7-6 Lane. Every article I read about how awesome Kiffin was and how awful DEREK DOOLEY was reminds me of Sharon Stone and James Woods in “Casino”. Y’all orange folk have MAJOR issues. Seek professional help.
Translation of what White said: “not too terrible for my third or fourth choice, amirite?!?”
There are several assistants who I would rather have as my head coach than Heupel, starting with Bill O’Brien. Heck, I’d probably rather have Todd Monken as HC than Heupel. Does Vol Nation not realize how quickly UCF was deteriorating with Heupel? Not a good sign.