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SDS should change the headlines for these columns. More accurately, it should be: “Previewing (SEC Team’s) Offense/Defense: Better or WAAAAY Better?”
Wow, an SDS unit is predicting “worse”. Pigs are flying.
Yes, it’s been a whole two seasons since they went 15-0.
I’m glad SDS gives us something to read about college football in June, but my estimate on these “better or worse” columns is that approximately 97.4% of them are “better”. Fall Saturdays tell a different story. (This comment is not about Auburn’s defense. Just an comment about SDS).
Guys, NIL is LEGAL. It is LEGAL to pay players. You are accusing aTm of doing something that is completely LEGAL! ATm should be bragging about this, instead of pretending high schools players suddenly realized that College Station is some magical place. Brag about it, Aggies! IT IS LEGAL!
They lead everyone in annual revenue year after year. I’m not sure what’s so confusing about that.
Arik Gilbert technically transferred in 2021, but I think his impact will be enormous.
I think the headline was facetious. Of course we all knew who he was talking about.
I share your concerns, though feel the market is ripe for a correction. I don’t expect many more high schoolers to receive 7-figure NIL deals going forward. I feel it will soon be obvious that paying individual players this much will have diminishing returns. Most 18 year-olds suddenly cashing $10M checks will lose focus, drive, ambition. And it won’t be good for team chemistry and cohesion.
“ and become the greatest college football player never to win a Heisman Trophy.” That’s debatable. I think he just threw another interception against Florida.
Nebraska and Michigan did not play. They were co-champions.
Pat Dye played at Georgia. Auburn’s field is named after him. The field at Sanford Stadium is named after Vince Dooley, who went to Auburn. Royal being an OU alumnus is quite the “own” you think it is. It’s actually pretty common. Texas has as many playoff wins as Oklahoma.
“The Gators finished 12th in yards per play nationally at 6.6 yards per snap, with only national champion and rival Georgia better in the SEC.” But wait, I’m a frequent SDS reader, and if I’ve learned anything here, it’s that having a 1000-yard running back is the be-all-end-all to gauging offensive production. Just look how awesome Missouri was in 2021!
Why wouldn’t we know what to expect? Returning starting QB, experienced, talented backs, experienced receivers, returners on the o-line, and the best TE corps in college football history. I expect more of the same.
Agreed Dawglb. Anyone who doubts Fromm in college needs to go back and watch the 2nd half of the Rose Bowl. Fromm was amazing on the biggest stage.
Pointing out the lack of a 1,000 back as some sort of “proof” that the running game is suspect is just proof that the writer doesn’t understand football. TYLER BADIE RAN FOR 1600+ YARDS. MISSOURI LOST SIX GAMES AND BADIE WAS DRAFTED AFTER ZAMIR WHITE AND JAMES COOK.
“The Bulldogs may fall a bit short of their 38.6 points per game average — which was aided by defensive scores and short fields” It was also hindered by the fact that Georgia had large leads in virtually every game and took their foot off the gas in the 2nd half/4th quarter.
Yeah, there are a few Jawjuh fans here who are an embarrassment. They degrade the enjoyment of the comments section, which is really the only reason I come here
Honest question…. is the “Jawjuh” thing supposed to be mocking? I’m confused because I’ve always liked it. I once had a dog named Jawja.
“…but had 7 games of less than 70 yards.” FEWER
“(Burton) caught 53 balls for 901 yards with 8 touchdowns last season.” No, those are Burton’s CAREER statistics for his 2-year stint at Georgia. This is about the 3rd time an SDS writer has listed Burton’s career stats as his 2021 stats. Stop copying each other’s columns.
Why on earth is Fulmer even discussing Arch Manning? He’ll play in Knoxville a couple times in college. That’s about it.
If only guys like Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Derek Jeter, Greg Maddux, etc. had been COOL and PASSIONATE enough to flip birds at their opponents. Instead, when they did something great on a field, they embarrassingly acted like they had done before and expected to do it again. What un-passionate losers. Thank goodness these UT players came along to show us how it should be done. And they might actually win a big game at some point! Ya never know!
And he DID win his junior year. He left early and did not play his senior year. He was eligible as a freshman, but tradition led voters to vote for seniors back then.
In fairness, Marcus Allen become the first college running back to go over 2000 yards in 1981. Allen had nearly 600 more yards rushing than Herschel and scored four more touchdowns. Herschel should have won in 1980 and 1982. 1981 is a bit stickier.
Cool, we’ll win another title with a walk-on, fine with me. Just win, baby.