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If that sounds like indentured servitude to you, then you don’t know what indentured servitude was. Indentured servitude was forced labor to repay a debt. Unlike indentured servants, college football players are free to quit at any time they choose, and won’t go to debtor’s prison for quitting. Being in favor of players having freedom to transfer is all well and good. But throwing around terms like “indentured servitude” is just ignorant.
And Ladd McConkey. And (hopefully) former 5-star Dom Blaylock.
Adonai Mitchell, who caught a 40-yard TD in the 4th quarter of the national title game, is returning. So is Kearis Jackson. Early reports indicate Arik Gilbert is on-board and ready to play in 2022. Oh, and that Bowers kid. Hopefully UGA can win a game or two next year.
Dude, it’s the Internet. Just because he wrote “we” doesn’t not mean he sincerely means it.
Hey Gators, 2008 is closer in time to 1998 than it is to 2021. And Florida is closer to Tennessee than they are to Georgia. 13 years with no championships and counting.
Now explain why it matters. College basketball plays for four months to determine seeding in a tournament.
His grandfather led the ACC in rushing in 1960.
You’re the guy, who about mid-October, was still saying UGA really needed to get Darnell Washington back because Bowers was good but not elite like Washington. Check the archives. I was trying to tell everyone to stop sleeping on Bowers.
Yeah congrats on that Wuerffel to Reidel Anthony team 25 years ago. I guess we’ll just have to settle for winning in Jacksonville again.
Look at the bright side, at least A&M is dating Hope. She swiped left on Tennessee, Ole Miss, and several more.
I know Ohio State has several excellent receivers but I still don’t know how this guy Jameson Williams wasn’t their WR1. He looks like a combo of Randy Moss and DeVonta Smith to me. What a thoroughbred. Wishing him a full recovery and long career.
What were the TV ratings for FCS tournament. Or the FCS regular season? This is all about TV ratings, right? So apparently the FCS playoff ratings are FANTASTIC, right? School me. Please.
Hypothetical situation: Florida is 8-3 heading into the FSU game. They have clinched the East but are banged up. They know if they win the SECCG, they get automatic entry to the playoff. Lose, and they are out. So what do they do? Rest their starters against FSU, of course. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Automatic entry for conference champs is a TERRIBLE, AWFUL, STUPID idea.
I’m not sure how an expanded playoff would increase viewership for the final, if the final is Alabama-Georgia. It’s very simplistic thinking, in my opinion. Southern fans watch college football from around the country. Fans from the west and Midwest only watch if their teams are involved. This is why Oregon-Ohio State (for instance) had such higher ratings. Fans in Alabama in Georgia still watched. (This is also why the “Saturday Tradition” website does not allow comments. It would mostly SEC fans commenting. That would be embarrassing, and they can’t allow that). Anyway, I couldn’t care less about TV ratings.
It was also during the era when a light love tap to a QB’s helmet wasn’t a 15-yard roughing-the-passer penalty. Statistics mean less than nothing in this debate.
The defense was actually allowed to hit quarterbacks (and receivers) when Starr, Namath, Stabler played. Wanna say Bryce is the best? Cool. Just don’t give me any stats that “prove” it.
Is Bryce Young good enough to win a national title? (Sorry, I absolutely cannot resist saying that right now).
Hades has frozen over, O’Gara wrote a column about Georgia without mentioning “1980 jokes”. Because don’t all great writers repeat themselves ad nauseam? Didn’t Grantland Rice use the phrase “Four Horsemen” in EVERY column he wrote about Notre Dame? I come here for the fiery comments section. I pay The Athletic for good writing.
But here’s the real question…. Is Bryce Young good enough to win a national title? Lol
I had the same thought at first, but that Scott’s first name is Lindsay.
So you won’t watch because you expect Alabama to win? Do you watch when Tennessee plays Alabama?
Here’s another stat to consider regarding Stetson Bennett: he’s won as many playoff games as Justin Fields.
“ it will be heartbroken once again in a championship game against the Tide. Join the club.” Join the club? Lol. We are the President of that club. Looking forward to a great game. See y’all in Indy.