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Yeah, UT had some success in the 20th century. Whip out those VHS tapes and relive the glory days. Now Tennessee is Ole Miss, but with a bigger stadium and less in-state talent. New Miss.
Our offensive line is MUCH better than Florida's. The Gators don't have anyone who would start on UGA's o-line. Auburn's defense is very good. We'll see what happens, but I don't expect Fromm to be lying on his back the whole game.
Where did I misspell it? Anyway, thank God I'm not a Tennessee fan. Bottom feeders of the conference. Will you beat vandy this year? Wanna talk trash, huh? You're a TENNESSEE fan, you may want to reconsider. Loser.
"They lost by exactly 31 points in games against Florida and Georgia." Georgia won 43-14
If you believe they didn't know who the caller was, you probably still believe in the tooth fairy. This is a show that has custom graphics, including photos and nicknames for different regular callers, and uses them like unpaid cast members. You are more likely to show up at Augusta National and get a tee time than you are to call in to Finebaum's show and get put on the air. Finebaum is a liar.
This is absurdly premature. Let's say Clemson, Ohio State run the table. Georgia runs the table, beats LSU in the SECCG. Which team will you leave out for Alabama? That's what I thought.
Three of the last four national champions had a defense that was #1 or #2 in scoring defense. This year, Ohio State is #1, Georgia is #2. So can Georgia's offense "keep pace" with Alabama's offense? Sure, if we hold them to 20 points. For the last several years we were repeatedly told that no one would be able to stop Oklahoma's offense. Switch out "LSU" and it's the same story, different year.
Our defense is very good. But one thing that concerns me regarding all those gaudy stats is the level of our competition. The highest-ranked offense we have faced so far, in terms of total offense, is Arkansas State at #41. We played Kentucky in a rainstorm. We played Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky (and technically Florida) while they all used 2nd-string QB's. I think UGA is capable of beating Auburn, I just hope our players aren't sitting back and soaking in everyone telling them how great they are.
"I know what coach has by some distance done the second-best coaching job in the league this season. That would be Florida’s Dan Mullen." I know an SEC coach who will be watching the SECCG from his couch.
"Fantasy Football" is any team in the East playing in the SECCG other than Georgia.
Lsu beat Florida by 14 and UGA beat Florida by 7. We'll see what happens. Enjoy the view from your couch. :)
Considering Alabama's weak schedule, I think they really need Oklahoma/Oregon to lose another game. I think the committee would side with a conference champion this year over the Tide, who have beaten nobody any good. Whateve happens, SDS will be there to root for and argue for the Tide, just like the fair, unbiased journalists they are. Sarcasm.
"Finally, and perhaps most of all, it would help if either Oregon or Utah lost" Nope, the most important thing for Alabama would be for GEORGIA to lose. Unless you think Alabama would be the third of THREE SEC teams to make the playoff. Keep forgetting about us. I kind of like it.
"We know LSU is in the playoff". Really? If UGA, Clemson, Ohio State/Minnesota, and/or Oklahoma/Oregon run the table, the committee may leave LSU out in favor of conference champions. We don't "know" anything yet.
Agreed, I'm not as certain as the guy who wrote this that Alabama deserves a playoff spot at this point. Their defense is not great. We'll see what happens. And does it really matter who #1 is at this point? I think Ohio State deserves it as much as LSU. There is nothing for the committee to "correct".
Why would the committee have Penn State ranked ahead of undefeated Minnesota, who beat them yesterday? Penn State will plummet. Minnesota will go from #17 to about #8 or #9.
You must also think Frank Gore was better than Gale Sayers, if you base everything on career NFL stats. There's a lot more to it than that.
Great stats. Here's another... 1,106 days since Florida beat Georgia.
For those of you too young to remember, Sterling Sharpe may have been the best wide receiver to ever play the sport.
Since the first playoff ranking in 2014, the committee has ranked teams, for the most part, by they would be ranked IF THEY WON OUT. If UGA wins out, the Dogs would have beaten Auburn (who beat Oregon), as well as Alabama or LSU. This is why UGA is ranked ahead of Oregon. (UGA's two wins over teams currently in the Top 15 helps a lot too).
Game of the Century? A couple of things... Neither Alabama nor LSU is even ranked 1st or 2nd! And Alabama has played in, what seven or eight national title games in the last decade? Every one of those games was bigger than this one. Heck, this isn't even the biggest Alabama-LSU game of the decade, much less the college football game of the century. It'll be funny when Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State and Oregon all run the table and Alabama and LSU watch the playoffs on TV.
As my dad would say, all the 78-4 record means is that Alabama is "due" for a loss.
If UGA WR Matt Landers doesn't make an unnecessary hold to bring back Swift's TD and if JR reed catches an interception right in his chest, UGA wins by two or three touchdowns. I realize there are "ifs" on the other side also, but anyone who watched the game saw Georgia pretty much dominate except for the late UF TD drive that required so much time that they practically needed an onside kick. Oh well. Can't please everybody. Just win baby.
Agreed. The "Floriduh" and "Sideshow Clown" stuff is unecessary. And frankly, dumb.
"Combined these teams have faced only one offense or defense ranked in the top 20 nationally (Texas)" Was it the Texas offense or the Texas defense?
My beef with Danielsen is that he jumps to conclusions on replay reviews BEFORE HE ACTUALLY SEES THEM. He does this at least twice a game.