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At this point, most expect the vote to be 14-0.
Exactly, 17Tide. Some of these Aggies sound like they need a safe space with play doh and puppies.
Only if you ignore the first 125 years of college football… and athletic department revenue… and profitability… and prestige… and weather… and culture… and a million other things. But yeah, sure. Cute comment about Iowa State. Hardy har.
Missouri is free to leave the conference of rubes any time you want. You’re a drag on our prestige anyway. Good riddance.
SEC teams don’t get voted out. There is no mechanism for that.
“They aren’t in a position now to push their agenda”. Texas generates the highest revenue of any athletic department in the country, by far. Not sure what “position” that puts them in, but it’s a strong one.
Do the members who vote for teams like Georgia Tech and South Carolina to win the conference believe they are being clever? Funny? I would say “stick to your day job”, but this is their day job and they suck at it.
He’s the 28th running back, just how many qualify as “elite”? I’m not bashing the kid or the commitment, just questioning the selection of adjectives.
I’m not a fan of the pods, specifically the SECCG matchup being determined by the CFP poll. Too much subjectivity, based on wildly differing schedules between teams. It’s inevitable that choosing the matchup will come down to splitting razor-thin hairs, probably on a yearly basis. And unfortunately, the pod winners left out will have no opportunity to earn a conference championship. The SECCG has always been little more than a blatant money-grab, and this pod “system” will shine a big spotlight on that.
Did you meet a UGA fan at a tiki bar in Panama City a couple months back? I know it’s a long shot, but if so, that was me. Welcome to the SEC?
It’s funny how misperceptions quickly become “common knowledge”. The BIG12 commissioner said Horns Down would be a penalty if it’s directed at a Texas player. And it should be. That’s taunting and taunting is already in the books as a penalty. It won’t be a penalty if it’s toward toward the crowd or no one in particular. Seems reasonable to me.
I’ll say it again… joining the SEC is going to rejuvenate the sleeping Texas monster. Their recruiting will improve dramatically because all those five-star recruits instate no longer have to choose between going to Austin or playing in the SEC. All of y’all expecting Texas to go 7-5 or 8-4 for the first ten years in the conference are in for a rude awakening. Texas A&M is about as good right now as they’ve been in a hundred years. There’s a reason for that.
Folks, Texas joining the SEC is going rejuvenate the sleeping Texas monster. All those 5-star recruits from Texas who currently go to Alabama, LSU and ATM to play in the SEC will now have the option of going to Austin instead. Be careful what you wish for. This is going to wake up the Texas football program in a big, BIG way.
These three recommendations made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. No thanks
I kinda confused as to what his options were in regards to comments about OU and Texas. What was he supposed to say? “Texas and Oklahoma are just WAAAY too good for us, and I hope we never have to play them! And can we drop Georgia from the schedule while we’re at it? Pretty please? I’m the new guy here and don’t want to overstep my bounds.” A coach with a “we’ll play anybody anywhere” comment? Imagine that.
You beat me to it. Seems like either they subjective pick the two “best” teams, or they add a semi-final. It wouldn’t surprise me. At the rate things are going, there may be an 8-team playoff just to determine the SEC champ in a couple of years.
You think Florida and Georgia are ok with not playing every year? No sir.
This would not be good for the long-term health of college football. Mark my words.
And by the way, this discussion is about ADDING teams to the SEC, not kicking anyone out. Ole Miss and MSU are already in, and have been for decades. The Rebels are a charter member. They’ve earned it. Add Okie State because of baseball? Not happening. This is about football TV viewership and profits and the Cowboys from Stillwater don’t have much to offer the SEC. Oklahoma State is not being invited to join the SEC, no matter how much you enjoy the college World Series for two weeks per year.
Who cares about college baseball? Irrelevant.
Oklahoma AND Oklahoma State?!? The SEC should add TWO programs from a state with fewer than 4 million population?!? Not no, but hell no.
Why would the SEC want to add Oklahoma State? They add nothing and would just further dilute the money the existing SEC teams generate. The exposure, prestige, and TV audiences differential between U of Texas and Ok St is substantial. It would be idiotic for the SEC to add Oklahoma State
Agreed. This is short-sighted. The consolidation of money and power into a select group of elite programs to the exclusion of everyone else will not be good for anyone in the long term.
Oooh, it was “indicated” by “a source”! Sounds like it’s a done deal!