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If Suzy Kolber was out there with him, Todd would have told her he wanted to kiss her.
For a few days after the first game in September, SDS wrote about little else other than how KJ Costello was going to dominate the conference. It was just one game. Get it? Probably not. I hope JT Daniels is the next Dan Marino. But it was just one game.
Tell ya what, I want to give a BIG KUDOS to the entire MSU program. Not only did MSU opt to play at UGA when they didn’t have to (with 49 scholarship players), but they played HARD and played to WIN. The MSU defense looked big, fast, aggressive and well-coached. The offense was efficient and productive. I haven’t watched a ton of MSU this season, and I’m stunned they haven’t won more games after what I saw Saturday. Again, well done.
Smart made the right decision by starting Fromm in 2018, and anything else is revisionist history. For the millionth time, you don’t swap out an experienced QB, who has already shown the talent and ability to win championships, for a true freshman. Fromm was not competing with 2020 or even 2019 Justin Fields, he was competing with 2018 Fields, a true freshman. UGA in 2018 had legit national title aspirations, that’s not the time to play a freshman QB, especially when you have a proven QB on your roster. 2018 UGA led Alabama in the 4th quarter of the SECCG, with a playoff berth on the line. When was Smart supposed to replace Fromm with Fields? In that game? Before that game, in which a loss would end playoff hopes? The common knowledge that Smart blew it by playing Fromm instead of Fields in 2018 is flat out WRONG.
If Stetson Bennett had to throw as many passes as Daniels did last night, UGA loses by two touchdowns.
Until last night, UGA had played two QB’s, Bennett and a guy named D’Wan Mathis. Your handle should be mrconfused
My point is that if someone says that fans “don’t see practice” like coaches do, then they need to explain why Mathis started over Bennett in game one. Either practice isn’t the be-all, end-all, or else maybe our coaches misevaluated the QB competition. To me, the latter is far from “nonsense”.
Stetson Bennett. He’s clearly better than Mathis. Did the coaches not see this in practice? They certainly figured in out after the first half in Arkansas.
If the coaches are so omniscient, why did Mathis start at Arkansas?
Hobeno? Howard? Your burns might burn a little hotter if I had the slightest clue what you are talking about.
“If Pruitt is smart....” That’s a big “if”, and based on his grammar, I’m leaning no.
$1.6 million might sound like a lot of money for Chaney, but heck, the guy’s got to eat.
Having three of the top five players with the most tackles in the conference is not an indication that the defense is good. It’s an indication that the defense is not very deep.
True, but a coach can negotiate HUGE extension and buyout merely by having one decent year at South Carolina. I doubt Will Muschamp regrets signing on as South Carolina’s coach today, regardless of what Dabo is doing.
“SDS’ Matt Hayes reported Freeze tops the wish list” Thanks Matt! If not for you, none of us would have EVER EVEN THOUGHT that South Carolina might want Freeze! That’s top-notch “reporting”!
In fairness, Mullen also took a five-star blue chip and turned his name into a punchline until he transferred to another school and coaching staff
The most popular player on a losing team is always the backup QB. Play Bailey, continue to get blown out as Bailey makes mistakes that all freshman QB’s make, and that good will you anticipate will quickly feel not so good.
“Vols fans would get their biggest wish in seeing Bailey on the field...” Right up until he throws a pick-six and Vol Nation collectively screams for Shrout-Maurer.
"Many media members have called the Irish out for the celebration" You mean the same members who open encouraged protests and rioting in June and July? Those media members?
If UGA fans made that decision, JT Daniels would have played by now.
Syndney's advice in bowling is to "knock over all the pins". In chess, he's got an easy solution, just "checkmate the king". No problem.
Agreed. Open receivers running all over the field on most plays.
Oh, you'd "figure out" the QB situation? Quite incisive. I guess Smart and Monken have thought that deeply about it. Well done.
Deepest condolences to his family, friends and loved ones. May he rest in peace.
"hmm sounds like pruitt, muschamp… A pattern forming here." Other than the perennial trips to NY6 bowls, right?
Gotta love internet comments sections, where it's often written that someone is "to stupid".