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Man up? So if Georgia played Arkansas last year instead of Oregon, that would be brave? That would be manning up? The cupcake games are staying, regardless. What the 9-game schedule eliminates is challenging out-of-conference scheduling.
If the SEC goes to a 9-game schedule, it's not the cupcakes that will be eliminated. Those will stay. As for any challenging out-of-conference games, kiss those goodbye.
Why is it taken for granted that a 9-game conference schedule is “harder” than an 8-game schedule. If Georgia played Arkansas last year instead of Oregon, or played Miss St. in 2021 instead of Clemson, would UGA have had a stronger “strength of schedule”?
“That’s not because of competition, it’s because of gambling.” It’s because of the competition. College basketball has a regular season that is near meaningless except for determining tournament seeding. Folks gamble (mostly in the form of tournament pools) in March because the competition finally matters and is interesting to watch. There’s nothing stopping anyone from gambling on the Maui Invitational, but no one cares because the results of those games are relatively meaningless.
Do you want to play nine conference games plus GT and two cupcakes every year, or do you like playing some good, challenging out-of-conference games? I like the tough OOC games and prefer the 8-game schedule, though losing the Auburn game as a yearly series really, really sucks. In any event, the passion some people show in favor of the 9-game schedule is dumbfounding. Don’t pop a blood vessel over it, bro.
The last couple of years, Auburn played a home-and-home with Penn State. I've got news for you, if the SEC goes to 9 conference games, Auburn would keep playing Alabama State and wouldn't schedule Penn State. This is just one example. Georgia would not schedule Oregon, the dogs would schedule Austin Peay instead. Besides, is having a 9th conference game really that much of a challenge when the 9th opponent is Cal or Arizona or Northwestern or Indiana? The SEC wins the national championship every year because we have the best players, not because we played Troy instead of Oregon State.
I don't begrudge players earning money, but it's hilarious to remember that for about five years, the argument for NIL was so players could charge $10 for an autograph on picture day. Not quite.
Yep, SMU had their program disbanded in 1987 because there was never anything wrong with paying players. You’re so right.
I’m still wondering just how successful Freeze will be now that everyone can pay players.
UT was down 18 with 11+ minutes left when the injury occurred. UT had possession, obviously. It wasn’t looking good, but it wasn’t over.
“…and build the program into the best in the country.” Fixed it for you.
I don’t really care where my coach is ranked, as long as his team is ranked #1.
Yeah, that's a weird comment, I can't tell what his point is. McCown was on an NFL roster for 18 years. He had nearly 18K career passing yards and 98 career TD's and made over $51 million in career earnings.
Correct. The continued, insistent claims made by some rival fans and some media that some UGA fans were unhappy with Bennett and wanted to switch QB's at any point since about October 2021 are completely absurd. Yet they persist.
Haynes King at Georgia Tech. Is he a really, really longshot? Sure, but so is Arch, to say the least.
I've won as many national titles as a starting QB as Bryce Young did. Another loser with character. Congrats.
What should he have done differently with the Eason, Fromm, Fields situation? What was to be learned? Folks who say he should have benched Fromm for Fields can never answer a simple question: WHEN should Smart have made that move? Fromm led UGA to OT of the previous title game. In 2018, UGA entered the SECCG at 11-1, with a victory ensuring a playoff berth. UGA led the game until late in the 4th quarter. Should Smart have benched Fromm, who was experienced and playing well, in favor of a true freshman, while Georgia was winning, Fromm was playing well, and had realistic aspirations of winning a national title? 2019 and 2020 Justin Fields was better than Jake Fromm. 2018 Fields was not. It's a shame Fields didn't stick around and try to win the starting job. But 2018 was not the time to make the change at QB.
Just win, baby. You know what we never hear anymore? "Richt 2.0". Probably because Smart is going for Natty 3.0. I don't care if our QB is the #1 player in the country or a 2-star walk-on. Kirby can coach 'em up.
Uh, I say “who”. I’m 48 years old, attended UGA for six years, and have been to hundreds of games. I’m confident in my choice, and will continue to say “who”.
It was most certainly not an official function. She was also not working any official capacity at the time, and did not have university permission to use the vehicle at that time. This information has been available to the public since approximately five hours after the wreck. And why would a “recruiting analyst” be “instructed” to be with players who were a redshirt sophomore and junior? They were hanging out socially. There was nothing “official” about their evening except for the SUV, which she broke rules to drive that night.
The “only students and graduates can be fans” argument is a really, really stupid one.
Pat Dye was not allowed to root for Auburn after he retired in any game. After all, he didn’t go to school there. Air tight logic.
I remember when Alabama fans could talk about results on the field.