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Richt’s teams made two BCS bowls in his last decade as coach. Kirby has made three in row. Just going by the “eyeball test”, Kirby’s teams are much more disciplined, don’t come out flat nearly as often, and finish off opponents better than Richt’s ever did. By the way, Georgia has beaten Auburn 13 of the last 15 times they’ve played. Both Richt and Smart own Auburn.
UGA never gets due respect in these debates. TheY didn’t play “north of the Mason-Dixon Line” from 1965 until 2017? Well, off the top of my head, UGA played at Arizona State in 2008 and at Oklahoma State in 2009. Oh, we also regularly schedule Clemson and play Georgia Tech EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Are these places far north? No, but these are power-5 programs, and challenging games, and some are long flights from Athens (Atlanta). And fwiw, the 1965 trip north was to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and that day UGA defeated #7 Michigan in the Big (and Quiet) House. In fairness, Florida doesn’t get the respect it deserves for playing FSU every year. This is another nasty, in-state rivalry that may not be a glamorous matchup to outsiders, but are always hard-fought, competitive games. Folks seem to look at the UGA-GT series and UF-FSU series as if they are conference games just because of geographical proximity. Meanwhile, Tennessee and Alabama play Cupcake U that weekend.
I've got to be honest, I looked this up to verify it, and I learned something new today.
"A historic time" And it's not a great time for grammar, either.
How do you know that? Why do so many people seem to think the moral of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" is that wolves don't exist?
Headline: "SEC announces 2020 Tournament has been canceled" If you can't comprehend that, then yeah, you probably vote Democrat.
#6... should the tournament even continue?
Couldn't care less. He's a good man, and I wish him well. Call him anything you want, just don't call him the head coach of Georgia football.
Agreed. Alabama has one and only one way to measure success: Win the national championship. Even 2017 is, of course, considered a success.
Florida fans who say UF will certainly beat UGA and UGA fans who say UF has no chance to beat UGA are equally delusional.
"Bobo has long been a target for impatient fan bases as one lasting memory from his Georgia days is not handing the ball to Todd Gurley on 1st-and-goal from the 4-yard line in Columbia." I mostly recall near-40-points-per-game, 500-yards-per-game offenses under Bobo. He's one of the most underrated playcallers in college football. He's especially adept at using screens, play-action, draws, delayed handoff, misdirection, and other tools to keep the defense off balance. He's also an excellent recruiter. Maybe I'm just sympathetic because I used to see him on campus all the time.
I'm looking forward to the beginning of college basketball season next week. The four-month exhibition season always gets tedious.
I just watched that twitter clip ten times and the only words I could understand (or think I understand) were "your ass". She's not the whitest woman, I've ever seen, either.
You do a good job, Syndey. I agree with most of this, but I disagree that winning in Tuscaloosa is a must.
"Though it’s probably a Green Bay Packers knock-off, “G” on Georgia’s helmet is unmistakable." UGA actually uses the Power G logo with the express approval of the Green Bay Packers, which is re-issued from time to time. Though it's worth mentioning that Green Bay's "G" is white-on-black while UGA's is black-on-white. And that there are only so many ways to present a cool looking "G".
Ok, ok that was a little harsh. The games were broadcast in standard definition.
"Back in Tennessee’s glory days, they rarely lost the games in which they were big favorites." And the games were broadcast in black and white.
We may be underachievers, but at least we are achievers. Enjoy the taxslayer bowl again this year.
21 seasons and counting since Tennessee won the SEC. Patrick Mahomes isn't old enough to remember it. Tennessee is Ole Miss with a bigger stadium.
Where did I write that Abdul-Rauf was a better player? Many comments here have pointed out that Maravich scored a ton of points. Yep, and he sure as heck took a lot of shots. Learn how to read, stupid.
I realize four whole sentences is hard to grasp, so I'll repeat the last two: Maravich took 38.1 shots per game in college. Abdul-Rauf took 21.9.
No disrespect to Pistol Pete, but he attempted nearly twice as many shots per game as Abdul-Rauf. Maravich shot 43.8% from the floor, Abdul-Rauf shot 47.4%. Maravich was certainly a prolific scorer. He should have been considering how often he took a shot.
Maravich's dad was the head coach. Abdul-Rauf's was not. Maravich took 38.1 shots per game in college. Abdul-Rauf took 21.9.
I wish I could post the photo of Derrick Henry standing in front of a brand new Dodge Challenger a couple days after he flipped from UGA to UA. Poor wittle Awabama.