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Like others who have commented, I don’t particularly care for Smith either. His southern, good ole boy persona seems fabricated. He’s from Virginia, I’m not really sure where the exaggerated southern drawl comes from. And there are times, when he is a sideline reporter at a game, that ESPN seems intent on turning the broadcast into “The Marty Smith Show”. Between every play, they cut to him to make lame jokes and in the process ignore the game. The action on the field becomes an afterthought. ESPN seems to think he’s more appealing than most viewers do.
He gave two opinions and you ask for a source? His source is himself.
Connor simply cannot write anything about Georgia without including the phrase “1980 jokes”. I’m not offended by the reference. I actually consider it a compliment. No writer ever mentions jokes about the last year Ole Miss won a natty, because no one expects them to win one anytime soon. No, what offends me is the lack of creativity. Dude, Grantland Rice didn’t mention the Four Horsemen in every column he wrote about Notre Dame. It’s why you write for a free website, bro.
Traitor, huh? You don’t say. These same Vol fans welcomed Cade Mays with open arms and thought giving him immediate eligibility was “the right thing to do”.
I’m not a big fan of NIL either, but life ain’t fair. The center for the Packers calls out protections too, but it’s Rodgers in all those commercials.
I don’t resent Newman for opting out. I resent him for waiting until three weeks before the opener to make the decision, after taking all the first-team reps all year. He made a decision that he felt was best for his own self-interests. By definition, it was a selfish decision.
Anybody have any idea who the guy is in the photo that accompanies this column? He’s, you know, wearing a mask. Whoever it is, why not post of picture of him not wearing a mask next time?
And you’ve never heard of Eric Stokes? Your knowledge is lacking.
To answer your question, Alabama has the most top 100 picks with 8. Georgia was next with 6.
Mac Jones will be a superstar. Booger said, as they always do, that Trey Lance was a better prospect than Jones because he’s more mobile. Yeah, and that’s probably the same reason the Steelers drafted Tee Martin ahead of Tom Brady. It ain’t the decathlon.
I think a few more muffled, barely audible Kings of Leon songs to delay the start of the draft was what everyone REALLY wanted.
Size might be an issue but if you think Smith is “too slow” you simply don’t know what you are talking about.
Speaking of what people say after season openers, let’s revisit what SDS had to say about Seth Williams. Heck, his middle name might as well have been “Uncoverable” for as many times as the adjective was used. Not really. Third day of the draft is more like it.
Let the pun stand on its own. The reader will either catch it or they won’t. Don’t shove it down their throats with a “ha”. Good comedians don’t laugh at their own jokes.
Air would be a stiffer challenge than UT’s defense. A mannequin wearing a T’oto’oto uniform would be more of a challenge than whoever is left on UT’s roster. It’s going to be a loooooooooong year for big urnge, bruh
“The offense may be exceptionally good” Y’all wonder why UGA fans read UT stories. I can’t speak for all UGA fans here, but I do it for the laughs. This can be the funniest site on the internet sometimes.
Yeah, UT’s offense is going to be unstoppable. You have a few more months to keep believing it.
Did Tennessee even suit up a defensive unit in the spring game? If so, I haven’t read a word about it anywhere.
JT Daniels had a terrific spring game, and it was against Georgia’s first string defense. Y’all act like UT’s QB’s put up huge numbers on the 85 Bears. Not quite.
Why no mention of the last year Missouri won a national title in the section for Matt Bazelak?
Thanks for “translating”, guy who doesn’t know how to use commas. Appreciate it.
Why? Do you follow recruiting? We are LOADED with young blue chip players on both sides of the ball. The “now-or-never” narrative for Georgia is absurd.
“Far too often under former head coach Jeremy Pruitt and offensive coordinator Jim Chaney, the passing game operated behind the sticks. Not so on Saturday.” Ah, if only Tennessee’s offense could play against Tennessee’s defense on Fall Saturdays too, right?
Tom Brady “may not be the most athletic” quarterback, but he gets the job done, huh? It ain’t the decathlon.
“that’s every day under Nick Saban.” And conference games with SEC refs.
Granted. And how many suicides, missed cancer screenings, interruptions to educations, senior citizens dying alone due to “protocols” and any of the other thousands of side effects caused by the covid “measures” are worth it? Covid-19 is a nasty bug. I know, I had it (and fully recovered). It would be nice if we acknowledged there is more to the lockdown debate than merely the threat of the virus itself. If not, why not make the speed limit 5 miles an hour on all roads? It would save lives, right?
It’s also worth noting that ALL coronaviruses, including the common cold, can lead to heart issues. Life comes with risk. Deal with it.