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I'm a Georgia gradand Georgia had accomplished nothing yet. Still haven't. Media talks but Georgia fans wouldn't call this team legendary yet. After all, Alabama has been undefeated only once in his time at Bama, so the end result is what matters to me.
Only Bama would look at not being ranked #1 as disrespect. They are where everyone else wants to be.
Criteria is 4 best teams. UGA is a touchdown favorite over Michigan, so not sure why you think they don't deserve it, other than the fact you hate Georgia. The whole season is looked at, not just the last game, moron.
I would also add that Georgia has been in a lot of blowouts this year where the game was over at halftime. No need to throw the ball and take chances to score when it isn't necessary. That and the short field Georgia has because of their defense doesn't give them as many yards, but the efficiency of the offense is incredible. Saying Georgia's offense "isn't that grest" is just parroting the talking heads.
Problem with Tennessee's new offense is the strain it puts on their defense. Will be tough sell to top defensive recruits. Also, that offense worked
Good to hear. Maybe next year UT can come within 20 points of Alabama or Georgia. And yes, the Alabama game was close at the beginning of the 4th quarter but last I checked, the game does last 60 minutes.
What is it with Florida since Spurrier left? It must be an especially stressful place, with coaches resigning for medical issues (then moving to OSU quickly), faking death threats, and now their HBC showing up in a Darth Vader costume. Can't make this stuff up. Does drinking swamp water drive you nutty?
It's going to be a tricky hire due to the uncertainty of Mullen. While coordinators tend to move around, they usually like to come to a place of stability.
Well then Bama will beat Georgia by 100. Case closed, why even bother playing the game?
The news about Adam Anderson came out on Wed or Thurs after the WLOCP. With how news is leaked in today's world I find it hard to believe Kirby knew and nobody else did.
DieselNova, lackluster offense? Georgia is 9th in the country in scoring offense and well ahead of Tennessee. Tennessee was #15 before Georgia. Now? #22. That is what Georgia does to you.
Agreed, Georgia hears the "they haven't played a good offense yet, but they will be tested this week" over and over and over. Giving up 7 points per yes, a top 5 offense will score more than that but can they score 30+ on a neutral field against Georgia's defense? That's what it will take. We shall see.
A Tennessee fan all riled up over Kentucky....never thought I would see the day. Smh
Offense is exciting this year for Tennessee, no doubt. The SEC is a meat grinder where new offenses the conference isn't used to gets figured out in short order. You have to keep evolving to win consistently. Time will tell if Tennessee can do it.
So if your offense is close to elite now and you are 5-4, then once it is elite you will be what, 6-3? And by your definition, Georgia's offense must be close to elite this year too since Georgia has outscored Tennessee this year.
And Florida clobbered you this year with none of those things they had last year (except the defense). You have to at least have a pulse on D to win. The fast pace on O is exciting, but it puts a huge strain on your defense and they are always playing tired. If I were a big defensive recruit I woukd want no part of playing at Tennessee. Your tape is your resume to get into the League, and I wouldn't want tape of me trying to play defense while always being gassed because I am on the field all the time.
So you are saying if you take away all the stuff that every other coach in America has to deal with then he is a really good coach? Gotcha.
Not to beat a dead horse, but you claim Tennessee's offense is elite and Georgia's is not when Georgia is ranked higher in scoring offense? And that is even with playing in blowouts where Georgia doesn't need to score in the 4th quarter. Keep repeating your thought in your mind, don't watch the game Saturday, and your Vols will when in your concocted fairy land.
Yeah, that Jordan Davis guy, he would be so much better with more reps. Wow.
And Tennessee is #15 this year in scoring offense. But Georgia's offense is bad.
Well, Nick Saban was 7-6 in his first year at Alabama so by that logic, Tennessee just landed themselves the greatest coach in the history of football.
Funny the thought out there is Georgia has a bad offense when they are averaging more points per game than the high flying offense of Tennessee. Regarding the programs, Georgia has been a sleeping giant ever since the population explosion in Atlanta since around 1980 - they just never had an elite recruiter and coach during that time, thus the incredible mediocrity. I hope the other schools in the East come up to be more competitive, makes the season much more fun, but Georgia isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
This site needs to break don the articles based on sport. Having to dig through 20 basketball articles to get to one football article is painful. SEC is to basketball as ACC is to football - something to pass the time.
Maybe if you jeep typing it, it will come true in your mind.
Agree the East is down but not sure about the "perceived" dominance remark. After all UGA has played Auburn and Arkansas and beat the both by a combined score of 72-10. Alabama is the standard bearer in the conference but stating Georgia hasn't been dominant is just absurd.