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How can every u it across the SEC be better? Doesn't the writer realize these teams play one another?
Every fan base has their jerks and different people have different experiences. Saying the UGA fans are apparently awful is a generalization when the vast majority are plenty nice enough. Assuming hundreds of thousands of fans are just like the couple of bad ones you run across is just not smart. As far as the players, I can't imagine that happening nowadays when everything is on video. I'd gave to see it to believe it. That would include players from any team.
Maybe he thinks the run defense is really going to suck.
I think his point was Eli and Peyton lived it daily due to their dad, as did Cooper. The difference here is Arch is Cooper's son, so he didn't live it daily like his dad did. If Arch was Eli's or Peyton's son, then it would be different. Not saying I agree, but that was his argument.
Clarinet players are hot. And didn't Georgia just win the NC? I would say that is doing more with more. Yep, hot clarinet player.
That may be true, but they need to show it first. They lost at home to Kansas last year. Kansas. The team that beat South Dakota, Texas, and - wait that was it.
Do you think Arch will make Texas bowl eligible?
You would think he would want to go whete there is more stability. What happens to Sark if Texas is 5-7 again next year?
Worrying? Ha. Not worrying when you hope Florida sucks. I hope they go 0-12. Is that worrying?
Why is this such a big deal? Texas not usually sell out?
So you think there is more money in Tuscaloosa thN Atlanta?
Actually was shoot mostly on the Chatooga, which is the state line for GA and SC in NE GA. I grew up and live in Atlanta and have been fly fish the Tallulah north of Lake Burton for over 30 years and tryst me, Deliverance is nothing like what you see in Rabun County. People there couldn't be friendlier.
I could care less about college baseball and the only reason I watch is when the Braves aren't on and there is no football. That being said I don't hate TN baseball this year because they were good, I hate them because of they way they and their fans have acted. You should be embarrassed because I know the SEC is, especially after the debacle on rocky top against ole miss in football.
So what's the goal for TN baseball then? Just to have great players and a great regular season and never win the NC? If that is the goal,congrats, TN is the best at something...underachieving.
So I guess the Dodgers were the best team last year. The Braves winning the World Series meant nothing. Got it. Idiot.
But TN has a great offense in football. That matters way more than winning anything. Right. Gwhite?
But you do get a mulligan at every level of the tournament. You don't get that in basketball or football.
Ah, you mean baseball. So how many times has TN won the NC in baseball? You could say, TN has won nothing of relevance in this sport since, well, never.
Not sure what this has to do with Heorgia, but didn't they just win the NC in football? Congrats on making the sweet 16 of baseball.