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And this is the reason why the loss didn't feel very heartbreaking, at least not to me (I'm sure the players and some other fans feel different). Because with the way our O-line is playing we're going to lose 5-7 games this year, and a win over Bama doesn't really mean much if the team loses a bunch of other games during the season. Just like last year's win ... it ended up being pretty meaningless because we lost 4 other SEC West games.
Considering our poor O-line play all year, I have a hard time believing a run play would have succeeded. Pick your poison: a run play that comes up short or a pass play that fails to score. Different play, but same result.
Yea, every team brings their best against Bama, everyone wants to knock off the big dog. T And the author fails to mention that maybe - just maybe - A&M looked so 'good' because Alabama played the entire game with their backup QB. With BY playing it probably would have been a blow out.
Isn't that the truth. The kid never had much time in the pocket because our O-line is terrible this year. Even worse than last year, if that's even possible. It's Jimbo's 5th year, beyond embarrassing. SMH
You're right. Someone who hasn't gone to school there will never get it, and there's no use trying to explain because they'll never understand. Everyone heads to midnight yell after spending 3-4 hours (or more) on Northgate getting drunk. They tell stupid jokes and stories that everyone knows are lame and dumb. Yell leaders talk about how the A&M team is going to kick the living s4!zzz out of the other guys, whether we're a 40 point favorite or a 40 point underdog. It started years ago when A&M was an all male military school, and the students still do it the night before home games. And what the yell leader said in the video I saw was pretty tame. In my day if the story wasn't "grodie" enough or raunchy enough the yell leader was likely to get thrown in the Fish Pond or get dragged out of the stadium and have his balls heel and soled. The people crying about what was said would have a heart attack if they could hear what goes on in Corp dorms at 0630 every day.
I think most Aggies knew the #6 ranking was too high, and talk of CFB playoffs was unrealistic. Most of us just wanted to see improvement on the offensive side of the ball this year compared to last, and go 9-3 or 10-2. But if anything the offense is even WORSE this year than last, both O-line and QB. Poor O-line and QB play can't be fixed in a week, those take an off season to fix. We might be lucky to finish 6-6 this year. We look BAD, and the program seems to be going in the wrong direction. SMH
Maybe they should spend less time on hype videos and more time working on getting the O-line up to speed.