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@Adam Spencer: As a Missouri grad, you might be just too ashamed to acknowledge the truth: Missouri tried their best to get in the Big 10. Multiple times. Over the course of many years. They were told no each time, and were told that there wasn't really anything that they could do to get the Big 10 to change their mind. Missouri's president at the time openly admitted that they were going to the SEC because there were no other options (the ACC and Pac-12 didn't want the Tigers either). As for West Virginia, surely you are aware that it was either the Big 12 or life in a mid-major conference right? The SEC turned them down (for Missouri), the ACC turned them down (for Louisville) and the Big 10 and Pac-12 never even considered them. So I am sorry, but I cannot agree with your listing two programs WHO LITERALLY HAD NO OTHER OPTIONS as making bad decisions.
The folks who are claiming that Florida is so talent poor: #8 class in 2019 #17 class in 2018 (small class due to coaching change) #9 class in 2017 #14 class in 2016 UGA fans should recognize that ... it is pretty much Mark Richt's recruiting track record. If Richt could win 10 games a year, and do it back when Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Missouri, Auburn and South Carolina were generally pretty good, then Mullen will have no problem winning 10 games this year against a much weaker SEC East plus rebuilding FSU and Miami.
Kirby Smart has a clear recruiting advantage over Florida NOW because the Gators have had 4 coaches since 2010 (Meyer, Muschamp, McElwain now Mullen ... what is it with the letter M?). But let the Gators string together a couple of 10-11-12 win seasons and big bowl victories. Mullen already has the #6 recruiting class. If the Gators maintain or build on that, they'll have no problem adding six or seven more 4 stars to the 9 that they have already. Georgia and Alabama can only sign so many, and it isn't like anyone is going to choose Tennessee, South Carolina, Miami or FSU over a Gators team that goes 10-3 or 11-2 this year.
Amazing how the "Gainesville is a dumpster fire!" types never show up for stuff like this. Florida has the #6 recruiting class now, right behind UGA at #5.
They never explained their decision-making because of FERPA making it ILLEGALfor them to do so. The only ones who can publicly talk about the process are the kids themselves.
That was when Cole Stoudt was Clemson's QB. Playing UGA the next two years with Watson at QB was an entirely different experience because Watson made everything - the OL, running game, WRs, defense - better. And of course playing Clemson now when they actually have elite players on both lines ... you can ask Alabama about that. You know, the same Alabama team that UGA hasn't beaten since 2007 and won't beat this year either.
I will concede you that point. It is just that Alabama RBs are the only non-QBs to win the award since Reggie Bush, Ron Dayne and Ricky Williams. Dayne and Williams had to break the NCAA career rushing record to get the award. And Bush had to be a leading kickoff/punt returner as well as catch a lot of passes to get it. But hey, if Swift rushes for 2000 yards this year and UGA actually beats Alabama in the SECCG then he will win it.
This is not as true as people think. RG3 won in 2011 because of the Peyton Manning factor - the designated favourite (Manning/Andrew Luck) couldn't win the big game AGAIN (Florida/Oregon) so voters went elsewhere. That isn't a factor for Tua and Lawerence who have already won the big game. Also, Lamar Jackson, Marcus Mariota and especially Baker Mayfield were all preseason candidates, especially Mayfield who was a finalist the previous 2 years. In addition there is always a spot for "generic Alabama tailback" and "generic Oklahoma QB" so when a guy from those positions wins the award it is never truly a surprise. With Murray there was a ton of speculation that he would do great because Oklahoma usually doesn't play dual threat QBs, especially former 5 star recruits with verified 4.3 speed. Still, Murray was only given an opening due to Tua's injury. A healthy Tua is able to avoid UGA's zone blitzes, doesn't need Jalen Hurts to come in and save the game for him, and wins the Heisman by a huge margin. The chances of both Tua and Lawrence getting hurt this year are small, especially with Alabama all but stating that limiting hits on Tua is going to be their #1 priority on offense this year, a luxury that they will have because they expect that their defense will be much better. As for Jameis Winston, there had been hype building up for that kid as a future Heisman winner dating back to high school because he was one of the top rated high school recruits in history up there with the likes of Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, Ron Powlus, D.J. Williams and Herschel Walker, not a regular "top rated QB in his class" type. So he was going to be a Heisman candidate as soon as he had his first 300 yard game - which happened to be the first game of his career ... a 350 yard, 4 TD, 0 INT game against a pretty good conference foe. So only Mark Ingram, Johnny Manziel and Cam Newton truly came out of nowhere.
News flash: Woofing about schedule strength only makes sense when you win your OOC games. As the SEC champs and the SEC East champs went down hard in the postseason, that makes all the talk about how tough SEC schedules were hollow. We don't have a bit of evidence that UGA would have done any better against Notre Dame's defense than they did against Texas and LSU. And we really don't have any evidence that Alabama's secondary would have fared any better against Dwayne Haskins than they did against Trevor Lawrence. I don't think the SEC will be much better this year either. LSU still won't have a QB. Texas A&M lost a lot of talent. Arkansas, Auburn and Tennessee are still basket cases. Georgia still won't have much of a pass rush and lost their only big time DB, as well as most of the guys who catch the ball (their OL will be pretty good though) and they replace both coordinators. Florida might be better but that's it.
If you didn't want to be there then it means you aren't that good. Or maybe Alabama didn't want to be there against Clemson either? Notre Dame gave Clemson a much better game than Alabama did. So you SEC folks need to get over yourselves. Outside of Alabama, everyone in the SEC had 3 losses including at least 1 blowout loss. The SEC wasn't that good last year.
No, they shouldn't have to win all their games. What do you want? For them to just crown Alabama every year? There are 4 spots in the playoff. Even had Clemson lost a game last year, they would have had a better argument than Oklahoma and certainly better than Georgia and any Pac-12 school. The only teams with a better argument last year than a 1 loss Clemson with Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne in the backfield, those WRs and that DL would have been the undefeated teams (Alabama and Notre Dame) and Ohio State. The idea that a Pac-12 team or A GEORGIA TEAM WHO BEAT ABSOLUTELY NOBODY GOOD IN 2018 deserved it more than a 1 loss Clemson is garbage.
I like Terry Godwin's chances better than Isaac Nauta's. Yes Nauta was impeded by the situation at UGA, but that has been a longtime issue with their TEs as I cannot remember a UGA TE to put up big numbers since, well, ever. But with Nauta, he is both short AND slow. 6'3", 240 lbs. with a 4.91 40 with an average at best vertical just isn't a good combination. Too small to be a blocking TE, not fast/quick/tall enough to shake an LB, even a MLB/ILB, in coverage. Terry Godwin was hurt by a combination of UGA not throwing the ball a lot and injuries his senior year. He was also hurt by the lack of a vertical threat like Javon Wims in the offense last season, and yes that defenses didn't respect the Swift/Holyfield combo nearly as much as they did Chubb/Michel. Godwin isn't that tall or fast but he is quick and has a great vertical. And as a 5 star recruit he has the ability. Here is the key part: all but 1 of the 9 WRs on the depth chart ahead of Godwin have contracts that expire in the next 2 years. Obviously a couple of them will resign - one is a high draft pick still on his rookie deal - but most won't. So all Godwin has to do is spend the next 2 years producing on special teams and making catches when he gets his opportunities and he could find himself as the team's #1 slot WR by 2021, which is his ideal role in the NFL.