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FYI The term landshark originated on Saturday Night Live in the 70's.
It is different. Without the 4 team playoff, we'd be arguing a lot harder about who should be number two. With an 8 team playoff, we'd be talking about snubs, not controversy. I thin that now that we have a playoff, bowl games have been diminished, but not regular season. At least an 8 team playoff would give a greater number of meaningful games in the post season.
UCF? Isn't that a little extreme? UF wasn't what it is today, but Emmitt Smith was there in the 80's and FSU (Bobby Bowden was already there) was already challenging for the National Championship, but just kept losing to Miami. Otherwise, I agree. I think Miami's problem in re-building is that it's two biggest assets are its history and the South Florida recruiting base. But their history will always be tied to the gangsta culture, which constantly causes the program to implode. So they can embrace their history and watch the program destroy itself, or they can distance themselves from their history and alienate their recruiting base.
I think carrying the Chucky Doll is practically an LOI to the Gators! Here's hoping that he fills the shoes of those who carried it before him!
A website actually exists for, too. I think those websites are mandatory.
I disagree. Dooley is sometimes off on his analysis or opinion, but as the sports editor of the Sun, he has access to good information. I'm not sure if I can think of any examples where he reported something where his sources were incorrect. Also, I agree, I really hope Gundy is off the list, but I'd take Stoops is a heartbeat.
216, There aren't too many Gators up in this neck of the arctic tundra! I posted in another thread that I think Mullen is actually interested because he didn't actually say no. However, this article makes a good point about there being some bad blood between him and Foley. Mullen is my ideal candidate. I also think Todd Graham is a target and a possibility.
Are there really people at Auburn who are unhappy with Malzahn? I think it's a good assessment that there's no chance UF can pry him out of Auburn. I don't think there's a chance that he becomes the next Gene Chizik either. IMO, Malzahn (and Cam Newton) was probably the reason for Chizik's success.
No, I'm sure the vols fan is just trolling. I don't think Kiffin gets another shot at HC of a major program until he shows that he's matured. He's been pretty good this year from a behavior standpoint, but it would need to be sustained, and when it happens, it probably won't be Florida (not because we're too big for him, but because of the bad blood).
I wish there was a "like" button for this comment!
I wouldn't rule out Mullen based on his statements. If he wasn't interested, he would have said "no, I'm not interested" like Spurrier did. The fact that he said all those things, but he didn't say "no", tells me that he actually is interested.
Dan Mullen would be my guy. Even under Urban Meyer, the offense went south after Mullen left (although it might have also had to do with Tebow graduating). But Mullen building up the Miss State program I think puts him at the top of the list. I don't think Foley is one to go for "flavor of the month", but he is someone who would like to show that Florida can flex its muscles, which might be sorely needed right now (On that note, I think Stoops is a possibility because we might throw a bank at him).
I think Charlie Strong is out of the running because Texas has more resources than Florida and he just started there. Also, we didn't take him when we had the chance.
Interesting choice of Matt Jones over Kelvin Taylor
There are a lot to choose from on the Gators-- Brandon Powell, JC Jackson, Ahmad Fulwood, Jalen Tabor, Daniel McMillon, and Treon Harris too.
The Florida #1 WR is anyone's guess. I think Demarcus Robinson is going to be the ace, though, with Dunbar being a solid second option. Andre Debose is a possible top option, too. He was looking pretty good before the ACL injury last year. But you're right, someone's got to step it up.
I think Roper will get the job done at UF. The offense this spring looked better than I've seen since Dan Mullen was our OC.
Yeah. Not Georgia either.
I actually welcome non-football people on the committee. It always seems to me that the stupidest non-sense that came out of the polls and current BCS always came from a lack of analytical ability, not a lack of football knowledge. I would take the opinion of a Law Professor at Stanford with more than a casual amount of football knowledge (say Condeleeza Rice) than a highly respected coach who can't understand why strength of schedule is more important than how a team performed 10 years ago (say Lou Holtz).
The funny thing about the LSU National Championship in 2003-4 was that it was still considered a split championship with USC, despite LSU actually winning the Championship game. Although, I don't think it will be a problem because the SEC has proven itself since then, there always seemed to me a Big-10/PAC-10 bias until the SEC run on championships (and not until the 3rd or 4th). I remember in the 2006-7 Florida championship that started the run, a lot of analysts were clamoring loudly that it should have been an Ohio State/Michigan rematch. Because of that, I'm always leary of SEC snubs, but I still don't think it would happen this year (but it might!).
All right, "huge" margin is a stretch. But there's still no doubt that FSU is a tougher matchup than OU, and LSU is at least projected to be better than Ole Miss despite last year's head-to-head match up (not sure how most pre-season rankings have them). My argument is that besides those games, there's minimal difference in the rest of UF's and UT's schedules, . .but I might agree with MADGators that Arkansas has it worse. I definitely agree with your last statement that all three have it pretty rough!
Yeah, it seems like the weighting is off on whatever formula they're using. Take away the common opponents and you have Florida playing at Florida State, LSU, and Idaho/Eastern Mich/ East Kentucky where Tennessee has at Oklahoma, at Ole Miss, and Utah State/Arkansas state/Chattanooga. Tennessee is at Ga and at SC, where our Ga game is neutral site, but we travel to Tuscaloosa. I think Florida State and LSU, should trumps Oklahoma and Ole Miss by a huge margin which shouldn't be made up for by the schedules of three lesser non-conference games. Also, Florida is travelling to Tennessee. I can't see how Tennessee's schedule is tougher?
Yeah I thought the Vols were high. But both Mizzou and Auburn proved you can suck one year, and win the next.
There's a difference between pre-season rankings and odds from a sportsbook. These guys have to put their money where they're mouth is, so you can (literally) bet that these are realistic. I'm sure Miss. State and Texas A&M are below Tennessee because they are in the west. I'm glad to see that Florida got some respect!