Clint Lamb

Clint is a beat writer for Saturday Down South covering the SEC West. His work has also been seen on Bleacher Report, Fox Sports and SB Nation. Native of Athens, Ala.

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At the bottom of the chart, I pointed out that I don't include throw aways -- which he had one.
Once healthy, he needs to step up because he brings a dynamic to the backfield that the other running backs do not. His strengths help Jalen more than people realize. I hope that helps! As always, thank you for reading.
Personally, I like golf, women's softball and women's gymnastics. Thank you for setting the record straight, Boss Man.
His release is really compact. Quick delivery. I like it.
The depth at safety took another hit with this loss. It is by far the weakest position on defense, and I'll be interested to see who takes that next step. Out of all of the players that returned for their senior year, Eddie Jackson might end up being the most important simply because of positional need.