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Since this is not a judgement fail on the refs and strictly a fact miss on the refs, by definition to the Ncaa rules this game is 100% protestable and the ncaa should reverse the outcome per their own rules. But since the ncaa is incompetent at everything theyll crumple like the paper organization they are and nothing will change. But Loser auburn lost this game and arkansas should protest this game out right.
That you think Glory is UGA’s fight song is super embarrassing and shows you did no actual research. Click bait down south strikes again! *hint since journalism escapes the writers here, Hail to Georgia is the fight song, not Glory
This article aged like milk. Click bait down south’s shoddy journalism at it again.
Saturday Down South is fake news click bait, he never planned to sign early. Try some real journalism next time and/or get new, real sources
And you sound like a typical Florida fan
You should be used to that listening to your retarded coach
“Blasted” is the stupidest buzz word i hear “journalists” use. This UF clown didn’t get anyone back. Ride to bench harder loser.
The only people that got their panties in a wad were these pathetic journalists clamoring for clickbait on a failing site thats a joke to all other message boards. Trying to make content out of nothing with fake outrage.
Not only is he a terrible troll but hes a moron. And SDS thinking its a good troll job is not only NOT suprising, but highly embarrassing. oof
UTk clearly hit pursue players elbow AND ran into his body. Purdue player also didnt step out. Whiners gonna whine.
Sds showing how retarded they are. Barely coherent football articles, please dont offer your take on basketball. You can and should set a pick for your team mate when the other team is doing a full court press TL was taking the game too seriously first, hea 100% at fault and his roid rage is showing. Click bait down south strikes again
Clickbait down south strikes again
I dont think this site could keep its viewers with all of its click bait. Thats why you dont trust national “journalists”, subtlety and specifics always escape them. Theyre so big picture they suck at analyzing the small picture. I like to come here and laugh t the crappy writing.
Its funny this whole article was written using misinformation and fake news to be sensationalized drivel. This site still showing poor journalism and exactly why I call it “click bait down south”. Can’t make money if you arent giving the “hottest takes” out there, smh