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What caused you to even think that was close to a witty line…
Highly touted 3-star (78th of position) Clickbait strikes again
Keep in mind, Oklahoma cancelled (or due to Oklahoma joining the SEC soon) their game with UGA in 2023 so UGA had to scramble to fill that spot with someone.
Ive never seen a single person take so many L’s and not go away. Please Gwhite, do us all a favor and go away forever
It’s not a troll if they didnt want Lee to pick UGA
California is the lamest place to exist. CFP games should be disallowed from being in cali from now on.
Refs were from clown world, obvious they were trying their hardest to get a big 10 team in. Too bad for OSU, missing a fg isnt a penalty.
Tua has gotten 2 concussions this year hitting his head on the ground, yes you moron Ryan Day, its possible.
Idiots need to wait til the game is over. Last time I checked Hendon Hooker hasnt won any playoff games, stetson has won 3.
Super easy when refs letting osu hold all day. Surprised they actually called one.
Worst officiating I’ve seen in a while. Refs making the sport unwatchable.
Hope a bottle hits one of these sorry refs on their way out of the stadium. The state of officiating in this game is almost making games unwatchable.
A sds writer likes Billy Napier? Definitely a good bet that he won’t be any good ever.
Espn should rein in their affirmative action hire and her bad hot takes
Clemson falling 1 spot after losing at home to an unranked team? This committee is bonkers
Someone should tell him what Hugh Freeze says doesn't matter either
Ole miss best win is kentucky, who south carolina also beat. Miss states best win is arkansas. Usc is easily #5 and its not even close
No idea how this bimbo got this job, offers nothing of substance, usually anything she says is cringey or eyeroll worthy.
How has this clown not deleted his account yet? You do know nothing you say anyone takes seriously anymore. Like a 3 year old trying to talk to the adults. Please just go away.
Alabamas 2 losses are by a combined 4 points to the, Tennessees are by a combined 39 points and one was an unranked team whereas Alabamas losses are both in the top 10. Quality of win is just as important as quality of loss. Sds writers forgetting to ise their brains again today.