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If Drae Bowles wasn't assaulted by any of the players last year, you can bet his ass is grass now.
This kid has one of the most impressive highlight films I've ever seen. He is legit not a product of the "bump him up because Alabama commit effect"
If Tennessee shredded the gator run defense for over 200 with less of a passing game than LSU . Fournette will run for 200 alone.
I see losses to LSU and Texas A&M
I think everyone is taking option 3. Considering the vols should've beaten Florida and the vols blow.
Florida: can beat anyone in the swamp, not sure on the road Georgia: can't win a championship without a quarterback Kentucky: just a let down, still an improved team Mizzou: why tf has lock not played all year, can possibly beat Florida this weekend South Carolina: Nunez is best option but still in a rebuilding phase Tennessee: coach jones can smd Vandy: better at finishing games this year
desperate attempt to generate hype going into the game. lol gotta love butch's car salesman approach