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I don't know that I'd give Fitz a 50% chance, but this year will certainly be his best opportunity. I had almost forgotten that Dak surpassed 3,000.
Now I see how all of the fans for other schools felt during Mullen's tenure at state. What a jackass.
Mullen will either play 2 QBs or pick the one that can run the ball and make short passes. Tyler Russell at State is a good example of a pro style QB not fitting in with his system.
I can't see Fitz going in the first unless JoMo lights a fire in his passing game. Simmons could be a 1st round guy and maybe Sweat in the 2nd.
this is the way to go. I hope this new game turns out well, but it will be hard to get into without any licensing.
If Mullen called his own number, it would be a QB draw. Get your facts straight.
Would people have cared as much about his weird response if the question was asked by a man? Not being facetious, asking honestly.
I'm hoping that Fitz won't have too tough of a time with the reads. Mullen gave Fitz a lot of options, just not necessarily an RPO.
This is what I don't get. How is (mostly) every other industry other than pro sports held to a totally different standard? Yes, it's a game, but it's a job and they have to follow laws as well. Any of us commenting on here would have been toast had we remotely asked anyone something similar in a job interview.
Word is he won’t be academically eligible. JoMo Doesn’t seem to play the sign and place game.
If you take a look at the other angle, it's blatant he never came close to touching him. The dude got crossed up and stumbled.
This what Mullen does... remember "we will never lose to that team again" and references to the "school up north"? Just some trash talk to get attention/interest.
The bordering states would see an influx of people moving so their kids can play.
The parents of each of these kids should get a few minutes alone with that guy.
The good news is the Lord is forgiving. The bad news is that it will take a little more than that for the public to trust him. Unfortunately, when you wear your faith on your sleeve and personal dirt pops up for the public to see, it's tough to move past the hypocrite label.
Put Fitz on Bamas offense and he would outperform Hurts. Fitz had zero receivers to throw to while Hurts lobs it up to nothing but 4 & 5 Star guys. I know Fitz isn't close to being the best passer in the league, but he throws well enough to keep the defense off balance.
thf24... you're right. Mullen did extraordinary things for state and we should always remember that. However, how many times did the entire stadium know a QB draw was coming? Let's not forget the number of times Brandon Holloway ran between the tackles.
This is 100% a positive for Louisville... Sirmon was awful at state and awful at Louisville. Now they at least have the chance to hire someone that may keep the tide from beating them by 5 scores.
Oh, and the US Men's U17 team beat the US womens national team 8-2 a couple years ago
He's referencing the US Women's National team losing a scrimmage 5-2 to the FC Dallas U15 squad.
Does anybody think the Georgia/Bama situations may lead QB prospects to look elsewhere for the next couple years? At least to have a little more job security.
I'll take it... new coach with a great offensive scheme, tons of returning talent... let's see what state can do with it.