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He was everyone's buddy and not a coach. However, record-wise, State would probably be better off with him this year than Leach. Just hoping Leach's system will eventually work with a real offseason.
i'm 99% sure you picked the OM upset just for conversation and clicks. Which i guess worked considering i'm typing this.
Mississippi State blows golden opportunity ... I've heard that about a thousand times.
I watched it when it was live and still watch it a few nights a week on Netflix. It's just an all around great show and there's not much like it these days. Although I've been out of college for 11 years.
A lot of folks think Moorhead is handing him the keys already... but I think Key will have a great shot after having 2 offseasons to learn the system.
it's hard not to feel like State's defense was wasted this year. Although, it was fun to watch them every time they hit the field.
Really... can you place a big "sponsored" sign at top of this and on the link on the front page?
My thoughts as well... Sweat will be taken on the first night.
I'm interested to see state's defense against Tua and Bama's offense. I just have a feeling state's offense won't do much so the defense will wear down in the 2nd half.
I have a hard time believing state will come out on top without being able to throw the ball more than we did at Auburn. LSU won't light up the scoreboard on state's D, but I could see it being 17-9 in LSU's favor.
I definitely had maroon colored glasses early in the season watching state put up points in bunches and throwing the ball. Now, we're more like the Georgia Tech of the SEC.
Graduated from bama... became a state super fan... became a mizzou fan... I'm at a loss.
State's defense has lived up to the hype... the offense has been awful the last 2 games. Mullen built the offense to run the ball downhill out of a spread, whereas Moorhead is using the same roster to try his RPO style and throw the ball with a QB who's better suited running between the tackles.
I'm pretty excited about this one. Will show us where both teams really stand.
Heck of a coach... and he owns a great restaurant here in town where you can run into him.
Southern miss is back and the schedule, Kansas St at home... at Tennessee... i'm pretty happy about all of that.
Let's see how he does with Kentucky. However, he looked pretty dang good last weekend.
I don't blame him. Go somewhere to get some reps if the new system isn't a fit.
Unfortunately, the inability to pass could be the difference between a really good season and an outstanding season.