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The guy is basically becoming the Frank Beamer of the SEC. He would pretty much have to ruin the football team at this point to have State get rid of him and they are paying him a pretty penny. No reason for him to leave. How many other SEC coaches have his job security year in and year out?
lot's of OM homers will be butt hurt once the sanctions are handed down. enjoy the bliss of ignorance until then.
I hope you're wrong about Fitz... I'd like to think Mullen will use the RBs and give Fitz minimal carries. Now, if he rushes for 150yds on like 5 carries, sure that will be fine.
the old unis also had black outlining the shoulder stripes. Looks much cleaner now.
The dude is killing it. As much as I can't stand the cowboys, I hope he improves on last season.
"Has to to better"... how am I the only one that sees that? It's in the title.
I would say if State doesn't get to at least 8 wins this year and have at least 1 win over Bama, Auburn, or LSU then he is on the hot seat.What are the odds state attracts another coach that will do as well and not immediately jump ship?
I don't think anyone is content with being mediocre. The difference is that State isn't going to expect it to happen overnight and I'd say State is in much better shape now than when he started. We are finally attracting top QB talent thanks to Mullen and give everyone in the west other than Bama a run for their money every year, even if we fall just short.It's real easy being a Bama fan these days, so enjoy the ride.
Fitz & Shea will both hit those marks this year. It's Carl's lock of the century...of the week.
I was reading this article and came down to the comments to say that exactly. Why is everyone up Stidham's butt?
What if a star athlete was a waiter at a local restaurant? Would the NCAA monitor the tips people left for that person?
A college student... can't have a YouTube Channel?... is that seriously what you're saying?
Sooo Mississippi State would be just fine without Fitz, right? That is a laugh riot.
this is awful... prayers for this young man's family.
Luckily, Dan has finally decided to recruit some kickers! We should be in much better shape on special teams.
I highly doubt Miss State or Ole Miss finish last in the west.
You guys do realize the only news outlets not reporting that OM is going to be royally screwed is OM beat writers, right? Hats off to you for staring down the NCAA's barrel and somehow thinking you're going to avoid getting shot.
If... and a really big if... this actually goes to court, are you Rebel fans seriously looking forward to your boosters being under oath and any discovery that may come from that?
"It's Leo's fault and State will come crashing down!" Even though they've already admitted to violations, the fan base still can't accept it.
wait... state isn't picked last in the west? That must be a typo.
i agree to an extent... but you can certainly expect more of these articles once they release everything this week.
Here we go with the standard "Mississippi State will finish last in the West" predictions like every other year. State hasn't finished last since 2009.
Same here... he's even more of a wild card the older he gets.
I think college football has caught up a little to what Kelly was doing at Oregon, but he would no doubt put together a high scoring offense at TAMU. Who knows, maybe he's Alabama's OC next season?
Whatever he has told them must be pretty damning. Nonetheless, who knows how it will actually shake out. The NCAA isn't the poster child for consistency.
Next, we rank the best SEC sideline kicking nets.