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State went from never signing a decent outside WR, to picking up 3 that can help out right away. I'll take it.
This happens in every industry. You've got to look out for yourself and your family. It's definitely easy as fans and broadcasters/sportswriters to whine about people taking an opportunity, but you can't say you wouldn't do the same.
Fuente is doing a great job at Virginia Tech... living down the road from them I don't want to see him bolt to FSU.
I wouldn't be surprised to see mullen pull State's QB recruits to Florida. Had a couple great dual threat QBs lined up in the next 2 classes.
It's not bad to have someone who's coached in the NFL when you're on the recruiting trail.
The OM fans on here do realize that Matt Luke is now your permanent coach, right?
I don't think state should be that far down the list because Mullen has laid the groundwork for the next person to be successful. However, I'm still hoping Mullen rides out his career in Starkville.
Yes, let's bench one of the most prolific rushing quarterbacks the SEC has ever seen (or move him to another position) because that's a genius gameplan. Yes, it's a terrible matchup, but it's the best shot we have. Here's to hoping we have some WRs back from injury.
Notre Dame if he ever got the shot. His wife has made her thoughts on Florida known publicly, so that's why I think it's ruled out. His buddy Urban quit FL with "heart problems" and then popped back up the next year. It seems like he knows the routine their and isn't interested.
I'm not saying Mullen won't ever leave, but it won't be to Florida. He has the opportunity to be the Frank Beamer of the SEC if he sticks it out at State.
He's in the top 15 highest paid coaches and is at a school where he won't be fired after winning 2 division championships and having a subpar year.
"Barstool Van Talk" is the name of the show ... and you thought you were distancing yourself from Barstool? ESPN is pretty terrible these days. Too bad they have football to keep them afloat.
Have you seen the teams UK has (barely) beat? Southern Miss by 7, EKY by 11, SC by 10, EMU by 4, Missouri by 6.... you can't see the forest for the trees, my friend.
The guy is basically becoming the Frank Beamer of the SEC. He would pretty much have to ruin the football team at this point to have State get rid of him and they are paying him a pretty penny. No reason for him to leave. How many other SEC coaches have his job security year in and year out?
lot's of OM homers will be butt hurt once the sanctions are handed down. enjoy the bliss of ignorance until then.
I hope you're wrong about Fitz... I'd like to think Mullen will use the RBs and give Fitz minimal carries. Now, if he rushes for 150yds on like 5 carries, sure that will be fine.
the old unis also had black outlining the shoulder stripes. Looks much cleaner now.
The dude is killing it. As much as I can't stand the cowboys, I hope he improves on last season.
"Has to to better"... how am I the only one that sees that? It's in the title.
I would say if State doesn't get to at least 8 wins this year and have at least 1 win over Bama, Auburn, or LSU then he is on the hot seat.What are the odds state attracts another coach that will do as well and not immediately jump ship?
I don't think anyone is content with being mediocre. The difference is that State isn't going to expect it to happen overnight and I'd say State is in much better shape now than when he started. We are finally attracting top QB talent thanks to Mullen and give everyone in the west other than Bama a run for their money every year, even if we fall just short.It's real easy being a Bama fan these days, so enjoy the ride.
Fitz & Shea will both hit those marks this year. It's Carl's lock of the century...of the week.
I was reading this article and came down to the comments to say that exactly. Why is everyone up Stidham's butt?
What if a star athlete was a waiter at a local restaurant? Would the NCAA monitor the tips people left for that person?
A college student... can't have a YouTube Channel?... is that seriously what you're saying?