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Oskie, Guarantano is not reliable, but we can still do more to be able to mix up play calling from stretch, stretch, pitch, etc in the same formation with the same movement. There are more than just those three run plays out there. Yes, Guarantano is a problem, but Cheney's playcalling is as well.
I mean... it is in part though. We ran the same 2-3 run plays over and over tonight. I know Guarantano isn't great, but at least mix in some counters or misdirections. Throw some slants rather than just screens or 4 deep. Gotta be able to do more than just 2-3 plays regardless of what the team looks like. I mean Georgia State can and we have far more talent than they do.
I knew he wouldn't be amazing, but I was hoping he would be better than what we had before. Turns out to be more of the same.
It looked like we had roughly 5 plays in our playbook all night. Can't do much with that. Our defense played really well until, unfortunately, when we really needed them. Offense could drive until we run the ball 6-8 times in a row with the same 2-3 run plays and formations. Honestly not expecting anything anymore. Just tuning in to watch the game. Jennings, Gray, Chandler, Taylor, and To'oto'o are bright spots in an other wise dull team.
What part of my comment looked negative to you? I said it looks really solid. Maybe I misunderstood what you typed, but it looked like you thought I had a negative opinion.
Our recruiting class is looking really solid for next year. I know it's early on and so many can be swayed by how we perform this year, but if we keep most of this class things are definitely looking up.
Some of ya'll need to drink some more water because you're way too salty. You'll get dehydrated like that.
I'll feel good about 7 wins this year. 8 is probably the best we could do being realistic. I think (we better) open up with three wins. I don't think we beat Florida at the Swamp, but if it was reversed I could see us pulling it out. Georgia will likely wreck us again. I could see us beating Miss St. since it's at home. Alabama will 99% wreck us. After that it's five possible wins, but most likely we will drop one of those, and it darn well better not be to UAB or Vandy.
There is such a thing as classless regardless of who or what you are talking to or about. You think you're courageous for insulting people over the internet with no possible repercussions? That's an interesting take on courage. Having general respect takes more courage than being a keyboard warrior ever will.
Unfortunately for him, it IS early in the season and it's still already over for them.
If Louisville is anywhere near as good then as they are now, which they should be, that game is going to be absolute destruction.
I'm trying to figure out if Oregon is trying to make a bid for joining the SEC. This is the second time this year that they have connected themselves with UT. I mean. I appreciate it, but I don't get it.
Average salary for a Southwest Flight Attendant is actually $57,091 according to glassdoor which is a pretty reliable website, so I wouldn't say she earns minimum wage. Also, why do Alabama fans get defensive of Kiffin? The guy's coaching career was a dumpster fire before Saban took him in.
It was awful. Being at the game and watching that play over and over I began to wonder how the defense was still awake to make tackles. I've been worried about that game all week. Now, I know I was right to be.
The sad thing is you're right, but I've been saying it since before this game. The East is weak. The fact that TN was picked as the favorite shows that. Personally, I don't get why everyone thinks Florida or Georgia had less of a chance even before this game. Florida was playing with scraps last year and won. Georgia should have won it last year. Should probably win it this year if they can stop catching the injury bug and throwing games that they absolutely should not throw. Of course Florida is playing with less scraps this year than they were last year, so I can see them winning as well. I'll be an interesting year in the East is all I know.
Oh yes how silly of me. Every Quarterback is constantly put into situations where they are throwing on second and 18 or third and 18 with an OL that isn't blocking against a three man rush when all the team has done all game is try the same option run with no mixing it up. Oh wait, no they aren't because any offensive coordinator knows that you have to mix in run and pass plays to keep a defense guessing. Passed pretty well when he didn't need to? You need to pass on first and second. That's how you have a balanced attack. Otherwise teams will just pack the box like APP did last night on those downs and drop every one into coverage like APP did last night on every long down situation. It's called being unpredictable. Something I would think a Mizzou fan would understand since that's what you guys were good at for a few years. Yes, your offense hinged on the run, but you mixed it up with pass plays. That's what I'm saying Debord didn't do. He constantly put Dobbs in bad situations, and Dobbs isn't good enough at being a pocket passer to get out of those situations. Don't misconstrue my comments as praise for Dobbs. They aren't. I've said several times he isn't great. My point is quite simply that the majority of the blame should not be on Dobbs. It should be on Debord. His play calling was atrocious and put Dobbs in situations that he shouldn't be put into on a near constant basis throughout the game. And no I didn't expect App to make it easy. In fact I was one of the few TN fans who was worried going into the game because I knew Debord would call a vanilla offense just like he did at Michigan when they lost to App State. The guy sucks.
Honestly, I came here to make sure I wasn't featured.
I love how people stop reading a sentence midway through. I said he passed pretty well when in non desperation throws. The problem was that most of the times a pass was called when it was second or third and long. When we threw on first and 10 or second and 10 he did pretty well. At least read the comment before you start in. Dobbs is not great, but he is better than Debord's play calling made him look.
This is simultaneously the most underplayed, understated response and the most savage I have seen. Congrats. You made me laugh in the midst of all this turmoil lol.
He was here last year. Fun fact. He was OC at Michigan when APP State beat them.
Maybe I need to review the rule, but I was under the impression that if the runner was bending over or crouched when the helmet to helmet contact occurred that it was not ejection worthy. You probably had a better view on your TV than I did at the game admittedly. Lastly there's no need to imply that someone has no knowledge of the sport just because you disagree. Kinda makes you sound like a child. I know you're a Gator fan and all, but let's try not to insult people when talking about sports. It's not really worth it. It is a game after all.
Thanks for the welcome. I'm looking forward to the AU CLEM game as well. I hope Gus has something special cooked up. Nothing better than watching the ACC lose. Except maybe watching the B1G lose. Especially Ohio State.
I didn't say he didn't struggle with it. I'm saying most of the time he struggled it was on third and desperate. When he was passing on first or second down we were getting positive yards. I know the read option is a major part of our offense, but we were running it literally every down. Always the same play. Never even mixed it up with any end arounds by the wide-outs. Dobbs is not a great passer. He never has been and never will be, but he is better than the play calling made him look.
Dobbs actually passed pretty well last night when he was in non-desperation passes. The main problem was running the same read option play over and over and over again with no passes until it was 3rd and long. When TN passed on first or second down it generally went for decent yards. The one time a play action passed was called on first down with anything close to real blocking it was a pass for a huge touchdown. Debord is the real problem not Dobbs. That being said Dobbs is not a great passer, but he is better than Debord made him look. Debord needs to be replaced. Immediately.
Debord needs to be fired like last night after the game. That was some of the worst play calling I have ever seen. We had to have run the same read option play at least 75% of the plays we ran.
The real problem, in my opinion, last night was not Dobbs. He threw the ball well the few times he got to throw it in non-desperation throws. The problem was that Debord kept calling the same read option play over and over and over and over and over again all game. The offensive line looked awful and could not block. Hurd can only do so much when the defense knows what play is coming. From what I remember (haven't gone back to check the stats yet) nearly every time we through it on a down that wasn't 3rd and long we got a first down or at least got close to one. Debord needs to go. NOW. The defense played great all things considered. I've noticed a trend in TN fans to be down on the defense and blame all the problems on it, and I heard it all last night too. Here's the facts. The defense only gave up two scores all game. One of which is when App State started the drive on OUR 30 yard line. I'd say that's pretty good considering the difference in time of possession. Our defense was on the field at least 7 full minutes longer than theirs. That's nearly half a quarter. I'd also still like to contest that the targeting call was absolute crap, but that didn't really have anything to do with how awful our offense looked. Also, first time visitor and poster to this site. I like what I see so far.