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Love it when people say never. Just absolutely stupid. No, we probably won't be a for a long time, but never? That's just stupid.
Using your own logic then Booches, the Heisman should have gone to Brandon Doughty of Western Kentucky. He threw for 5055 yards, 48 TDs, and 9 INTs. He was way more productive than either Henry or Mcaffery. He averaged almost 9.4 yards a pass attempt, which is more than Mcaffery averaged per any of his plays and scored way more touchdowns. After all the only thing that matters is stats right? Who cares what the context of those stats are? Brandon Doughty was the only rightful winner. Any vote for anyone else was lazy and anyone who disagrees with me is lazy.
LOL Booches now you're trying to reference Henry not being jack before Tannehill. He wasn't even the starter yet. He was behind Demarco Murray who was an elite running back. Then he was sharing duties with Dion Lewis for two years. His first year as the far and away starter (averaging more than 20 carries a game) he broke 1500 yards. Even when he was a backup he was averaging over 4 yards a carry, which is hardly "not jack". Of course having Tannehill helped though. Having a QB typically does when trying to run the ball. Otherwise people just shut it down. Kinda like how Cam Newton helped Mcaffery. Stop taking stats out of context to try and use them however you want.
So then your argument is that the person with the most yards from scrimmage should have won?
So your argument Booches, is that the person with the greatest number of all purpose yards should have won?
And I showed you how and why it's not lazy. Mcafery won on all those stats in part because he played against way worse competition. He had an easier time getting those yards because he only played two teams good against the run. You're taking stats entirely out of their context and using them to prop up your opinion.
Booches you are absolutely right that Mcaffery had better yardage stats. But, in fairness, if you're going to bring up Henry being up on a better team, we also need to look at how the PAC 12 has garbage defense. It's easy to get a lot of yards on teams that don't play defense. Henry played against 5 teams in the top 25 of rushing defense that year. Mich State #1, Clemson #5, Ark # 12, FLA # 13, and Wisc #23. Maccafery only played against 2 in the top 25 of rushing defense: UCF #6 and Wash # 22. That's why stats don't always determine who wins the Heisman. Obviously both are great players and had great season. They could have gone either way. Pretending Henry doesn't deserve it is easy.
I've been wanting Bailey to start since probably the 3rd or 4th game this season.
Ah I got ya. I thought you were saying we didn't have any star players. Because we did. We just wasted every single one of them. Looking like we might do the same with Gray and To'o To'o both of whom are excellent players in a bad team.
Not true at all. We just didn't use them properly, so they were wasted.
I get rivalry and trash talking, but, as a fan, you should also have general respect for other fans. This person is a Vandy fan, and, as much as I hate Vandy (in a rivalry sense) I have to have respect for someone who sticks with a team no matter what. BlackandGold, I wouldn't even waste time responding. Some people on this site are less mature than children. It says more about them than you.
Weird how the ACC fans have disappeared from the site after these games. Almost as if they couldn't bear to take another L after all the ones their teams received on the field.
LOL Tech calling anyone a pretender while playing in a weak conference like the ACC, and still sucking is hilarious. TN may be sucking right now, but at least we are sucking in a conference that has more than 1-2 good teams in it.
Thank you for being one of the few fans on this site that doesn't take every comment as an insult.
After this site wrote article after article about how elite ND was and how their QB was this unheralded super star, it's nice to see the game go about how I expected. I may hate Alabama (in a rivalry sense), but I hate ND through and through for constantly being arrogant and overrated. In their defense, it is probably difficult not to be when every media outlet blows smoke up their butts every single season.
Certainly looks like it will be more interesting than either of these semi-final games were.
That would be a really good fit, and they need to start looking for a young gun to train up behind Ben.
Uh... no I wouldn't. That's why I said he'd be luck to be part of the team. Not sure why you took it as me defending him.
Auburn fans have to be happy Steele isn't going to be the head coach after this game.
Just a whole series of really dumb decisions by this guy. He'll be lucky if he is still part of the team.
Several bad looks in that fight. The Tulsa coach who appeared to have started it. #4 for MSU who kicked a man who was on the ground before running away. Just all around ugly.
Ton of respect for this kid. He did things the right way. I hope he goes to a team in the NFL that protects and develops him instead of throwing him to the wolves.
Might cost him some spots in the draft, but it might also save his career. He can go to a better team that actually has a shot in hell at protecting him rather than the Jags or the Jets. Although if he falls to any team in the NFC East he's doomed.
Another player we wasted at TN who is going to end up being great in the NFL. Just like Kamara.
If not really is your counter argument, then continuing this conversation is pretty pointless.
Yeah, not saying it was. Just saying with all the transfers out of the program, there will be a lot of young guys on the field. Could be good. Could be bad.