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I mean he’s not wrong. .02 is like half a beer for someone his age I’m sure. So it’s basically any alcohol in their system.
Lol that would be true if Auburn hadn’t beaten MSU by 5+ touchdowns.
He’s more half correct than anything, but you’re right, I doubt either team wins out
Lol if Auburn wins out they win they’ll win the West dummy. It looks like you don’t know what it means either!
Lol whatever you say boss. If CO state is better than Auburn then they are light years ahead of the Gaytors!!
If they do I’ll marry your sister so you don’t have to!
“This team won’t come within 21 points of losing.” Lol that statement is already false. They only beat Colorado State by 18 genius.
Usually not a fan of kick six jokes (it's a little played out), but this was pretty damn good.
How in the world is Muschamp not even on this list at all much less number one? He's the most intense human being on the planet.
I get that it was a different era but I mean come on, 51 touchdowns is insane no matter how you look at it. I understand it's a popularity contest and not really based on stats.
You can't honestly say Walker had a better season than Cam. Cam rushed for ~400 less yards but two more touchdowns as a QUARTERBACK. Then just a modest 2,900 yards passing and 30 more touchdowns, but yeah Walker had the better season ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It's ok. With his subpar IQ, I'm sure he can find another way to screw himself out of the league!
Tuscaloosa does have good bars, but I'd still take Sky over any of them.
In light of recent events, I think Ole Miss' should be Closing Time.
Don't get me wrong, I hate Alabama as much as the next guy, but I think most of this was due to the bank robbery situation.
Agreed. Why celebrate at Toomers for this when Sky Bar is right across the street??
Yeah it would be nice but Gus' track record with developing QBs is pretty bad. I'm afraid how he'll turn out
Yeah then he'll turn out like Rolando McClain and no one in the NFL will want him cause he's so "bright"
I believe it was his cousin. Also saw where he spelled is name wrong on the next tattoo and had to get it fixed! Not the brightest crayon in the box that's for sure.
Better than winning the Most Cousins Slept With Championship every year!
That sarcasm went wayyyyy over your head pal.
Reuben Foster gets knocked out because he leads with his head every time. Probably has something to do with how dumb he is.
Nothing quite like the annual Running of the Gumps!
I was thinking the exact same thing. Bet he's kicking himself all the way JSU...
Personally I'm a fan of Skybar. Just the sheer size tops Q, and you have to admit the multi-levels is pretty cool.
Quixote's isn't even the best bar in Auburn...
I paid $160 for my student tickets. And we get in to all of the other home sporting events for free.