Chris Marler

Chris Marler is a writer and comedian from Atlanta, GA. He's also a lifelong Alabama fan which is just one of his many flaws.

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Love it! Also wish I would've know we had a FF God in the comments bc I'm getting CRUSHED in the 1st Rd of our playoffs right now
I'm a standup comedian that co-hosts the podcast and runs a majority of social media. Calm down. Still have never heard you leave a positive comment haha
I think that's the main takeaway from what we wrote
Thanks dude. I really appreciate that.
I feel your pain brother, and now I feel like a jerk haha. I will say I think this game will be closer than people think. Tennessee can run on this Bama front 7 imo. Thanks for the read, and the Vols will ALWAYS be more relevant than Vandy!
They asked me to do it because of my upbringing and being involved with both teams like I mentioned. We thought it would be fun to look back at those games ahead of the one this Saturday. Almost half of the games were UGA wins. And, I went out of my way to compliment UGA fans, and include the biggest games that UGA won. If you're too sensitive to read into any of that ten that's a you problem dude.
My Dad was on the sidelines and saw Erk Russell slamming his head against the UGA Defenders helmet in pregame, and was scared out of his mind haha. Really wanted to include that game.
Part of me wants to tell you go to listen the episode because it is real and definitely not "bullcrap." But, I know that would cut into your "making negative comments on the site" time that you value so much. Oh well.
Thanks! I'm sure you saw the original email and how it was phrased, so I'll take this very much to heart. Enjoy 4th place in the division this year!
And thanks for reading as always Kirby haha. Congrats on the recruiting class as well!
That was an error on my part. They had played 23 total games and had a record of 15-8 vs. the over. Their home O/U record was 11-6 and 3rd best in the NCAA.
Idk if anyone did w/ that 3 point spread haha. What a great win though! Got on em early.
No, I'm the guy that picked Auburn to win the SEC Tourney and go to the Final Four last year.
That second sentence is the most accurate thing ever written by us OR the commenters on the SDS page. Thanks!
Something tells me we aren't gonna miss you at the event Kirby. Y'ALL have a fun Friday!
Thanks man! We were hoping to talk some football, get some drinks, giveaway some free stuff, and hang with fans and some of the SEC Network crew in a pretty cool spot. So, thanks for the support!
Kirby, I will send you an SDS UGA sticker and SDS koozie if you can go one full week without making a negative comment. Deal?
Goodness. Had no idea y'all were this sensitive. Imagine how upset you'd be if I predicted y'all to win 9 games and not *gasp* 10.
I've picked Mizzou to win every game so far this season. I picked them to finish 10-2 and 2nd in the East. My best friend, and best man in my wedding is a Mizzou fan, and we've gone to a Mizzou game almost every single year for the past decade. Soooooo maybe you're just sensitive.
Aww thanks Kirb! Just got out of surgery last week. Appreciate the kind words!
Just a heads up people like Chris Marler also predicted Clemson to win the natty last year in August, again in October, and again the day of the game on our FB Live video. But thanks for playing.
Thank you so much for the read. I misspoke, Tennessee has the fewest amount of INTs in the SEC as a team not Guarantano individually. Glad to hear the O-Line had such a speedy recovery. Feel free to write my reports whenever you want.