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Gators need to load the box and stop the run. The one advantage i'm counting on is muschamps coaching...
That was actually a really good column. Witty and funny. Keep it up and yes Mizzou just keeps on winning but GA, UF and Mizzou have a little round robin tourney coming up so it will play out.
I think LSU beats bama this year but it will be close. LSU has a better run game and their coordinators are better than bama for the first time ever. I have thought uga was overrated simply because they lost too much talent after last year. As far as a rematch of UF and lsu, we need to win a few more games before I will consider thinking about that. I want to see how we bounce back this week. If we beat SC by double digits then I will start to have hope that we can win the east. Check back on Sunday.
With the UF, SC game it all comes down to who can bounce back from an emotional game. Both teams are banged up. I expect it to be another physical game but have faith that Mullen is a better coach than champ and that is the difference. We will see. If we play offense like we did against lsu we should be OK but SC has a very good defense. Other than that, it will be interesting how uga bounces back and which UK team shows up.
Burrows was on fire against us and if he plays that way the rest of the season. look out. uga has the toughest stretch left with us, Mizzou and AU. Our best chance IF we can beat uga is that we get Mizzou a week after they travel to uga which should be a tough physical game. None of this matters if we don't bring our A game to Columbia as they can best us.
Won't happen but would love to see UF and Mizzou beat uga and have a top 10 showdown. While highly unlikely, that would be fun and the mutts would be crying, which would make my year.
It's uga fans like that guy that make them the most obnoxious fans in the conference. Um, that is why they play the game... As a gator fan I am incredibly worried about this game against USCe. You don't have to be the most talented team to win, just play hard, get some good coaching and catch some breaks. If we don't bring our A game, we will lose.
I will admit I thought the Gator D would hold LSU to under 30, but Burrows played an incredible game and is much better this year. Having both our defensive ends out hurt a lot and I believe would have kept the game closer but not sure we would have won. I believe LSU may run the table and beats Bama. I was impressed that their defense did not wear down in the second half from our sustained drives but they just kept coming. Like our home field against Auburn, that helped a lot. I would love the chance to play them on a neutral field in Atlanta. Not saying we would win but would be a helluva game. Now onto Columbia and try to get a win from an improving SC team. Go Gators!
As a Gator fan I am so happy for Muschamp and the Cocks! They play inspired and deserved the W. I could pile on uga but most guys I know are decent fans. This game is classic SEC in that if you don't bring your A game you can lose. It is what separates the SEC from all the other conferences. There is a lot of football to be played. We may not play tonight but I am fairly shocked how people think we will get blowed out. Ga Gators!
I think georgia is a very good team and this is the year they beat bama if they are ever going to, but you could find no flaws?? How about can Kirby win the big game? I mean it is the one flaw that seems to be holding that program back. Or, if Fromm goes down, this team becomes very beatable? Oh well, the next month will show us a lot.. Oh yeah, don't get excited about a Rose Bowl trophy. That is not a good look.
Auburn has definitely looked more impressive so far. As Mizzou said, UF has not won as much as they could have in past games as Mullen is trying to practice things like run blocking during some games... I think being home will help. Special teams and turnovers will need to favor UF to win. I believe Mullen can scheme around the Auburn DL like he did versus Ms St last year but sure Malzahn will watch that film. It is going to be a good game and mistakes will probably decide who wins. I will say, it is comical how obsessed some dog fans are with UF. I understand the little brother inferiority complex. Kings of recruiting with not much hardware to show for it. I guess I would have a chip on my shoulder if my team had not won something of significance more recent than nearly 4 decades ago....
LOL, the Gators are not a power but a fairly talented team with a good coach. This weeks game versus Auburn will come down to special teams and turn overs. I also think the Swamp will be rocking, so that should help some. Both teams are one dimensional and will probably have 2-4 losses by the end of the year.
Just to stir the pot, the most impressive win this year will be Florida over Auburn in 5 days. Yes, we have no run game and haven't played anyone and have not looked impressive and lost our starting QB, but I believe the Swamp will be rocking and Auburn is buying into it's own hype and drinking the koolaid. Classic college football, when the media train jumps on a team and then they lose. Go Gators
Did you see Florida play Miss State last year. Quick passes neutralized their great D line. We will see in two weeks.
You called me a name? That's appropriate. I can understand the hatred when you have lost 70% of the H2H games against the Gators in the past 3 decades and weren't alive the last time your school won a NC, but like I said, recruiting titles our nice, but try and win it on the field before you keep chirping away. By the way, this is year is your chance. This is Fromm's last year and Bama's defense actually seems to have a chink in the armor. Let's see if you guys can pull it off...
Every time I am on here uga boys are chirping.... What have you won lately? A couple SEC East titles. A national title in just under 40 years ago? Florida has beaten your dogs 21 of the last 30 games. Oh yeah, and 3 of the last 5 games.... Win something besides a recruiting title and start talking. Oh, and Texas says hello..
Bama is such a joke. saban comes out this year ans talks how the OOC schedules should be tougher while his team plays a bunch of cupcakes as usual. They destroy these HS teams and the media will drool. Hopefully their weak OOC schedule keeps them out of the playoff this year.