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Wow. Emotions continue to block out sensibility. I get how both sides are upset but it is quite simple if you can take a breath and try and stay logical. Gundy obviously supports that network and what it says. You don't wear that shirt out anywhere during these times if you don't. What he did was take a stand. Consider this. If we were in the 50's and he was part of the KKK and wore a BLM shirt, I am sure his buddies would be pissed (see Johnyreb)... Chubba has done nothing wrong as well. He sees the guys that he leads his team wear a shirt that goes against everything that he believes in and protests in the best way he knows how. He also puts his career at risk doing this. How is he at fault? Gundy can move forward without him. Chubba is not forcing him to do anything. He is expressing his opinion just like Gundy. All of us white folks need to watch a couple movies. Watch Just Mercy and 13. Those who are racist and closed minded will write it off as propaganda, although they are fact based (although with all movies there is sensationalism). Those with open minds and trying to seek the truth will find it interesting and probably sad. When tens of thousands of people around the world are protesting something, you have to be fairly ignorant to just ignorant it. Lastly, the protesters are not the ones burning and looting. That is being done by criminals taking advantage of the situation. Watch the footage. There are just as many whites doing this as black people. BTW, I heard an argument the other day that just as many white people are killed by cops in the US as black people. Small fact left out. There are 5 times more white people in the US than black. So, there are 10 black people and 50 white people. Cops shoot 5 each (white = 5 out of 50 / black = 5 out of 10)... Sounds a little off to me...
Well, this has been an interesting read. These times let us see everyone's true colors. How I see this: 1. There is no issue if Norvel doesn't go public and lie about how he handled a very sensitive subject. 2. Wilson showed true leadership in responding to this lie. Showed true leadership in stepping up and putting his beliefs above potential back lash. 3. Reb, your side lost the war in the late 1800's. 4. I am a Republican, in my '50's and done fine professionally, but realize that we have major problems in our country and fortunately the johny rebs of the world are slowly becoming the minority, although their inbreeding will keep their lineage behind in the times, with those big ears and noses... Reb, before you respond, please yell Pig SOOIE! LOL
Agree with much that was written except the top 5 recruiting class. This season sets up perfect for UF with their schedule and uga having a brutal schedule and rebuilding on offense, but as has been mentioned many times, they have a very good defense coming back with lots of talent. If the Gators don't beat uga this year then I do believe it will become a mental game. Injuries can always shift the landscape, but at the end of the day, you gotta beat the best to be the best and in the SEC East, uga has been on top for 3 years. Hopefully this is the year we turn it around.
Prayers to everyone in Tennessee and actually everyone in the path of these storms which look to be headed across the south. I think this is going to be a very interesting football season in the SEC East. UT is better, UK is always dangerous and I have no idea what to expect from UGA's offense. I think UF will be better this year, but injuries always play a role. I would give UF the edge to win the SEC East due to their easier schedule and believe the game in Jax will be a toss up. Kirby outcoached Mullen this year so maybe Mullen will get the upper hand this year. All that being said, sprinkle in an upset of UF or UGA and the race is wide open. Early prediction is UF vesus ALA in SECCG, but all it takes is one ankle sprain to change that. LOL
Fuzzy actually had the best breakdown and analysis of the bunch above. I think UT and UK can surprise any team they play. usc has Chump and there is no getting around that and Mizzou has beaten us too many times for me to discount them. I am astounded but not shocked at the bravado of MOST uga fans. So Kings of the Hill, here are the facts: You have won the SEC one time in the past 10 years. You have beaten UF 3 out of the last years (um, 50/50). Congrats on winning recruiting championships but that doesn't get you a trophy. I understand it feels good to be close to the top recently, but what you have actually done on the field is not that impressive. One other thought, when you do win, try to act like you've been there, even if you haven't....
Wow. Lots of smack talk and we aren't even through spring. Of course, the kid saying this is harmless and actually what you want your players saying and believing. And of course you have idiot fans on both sides that can't help but disparage a rival at any chance. All that said, the rise of Florida and LSU only helps the SEC. Tenn is getting better as is A&M (at least from a player quality standpoint). I would say Auburn but they haven't really been down just inconsistent. A strong SEC of 4-6 teams make us look better as a conference so we should welcome this. Congrats to UGA for making a nice run as UF has gone through average coaches. Mullen is obviously a very good coach and will have UF competing for championships very soon. I think the UGA UF rivalry is just going to get more heated which is great. The one suggestion I have for them is to not get too cocky with the latest win streak against Florida. If you are a 3 year old, then UGA has been dominant over Florida. If you are any age from 5-40, well Florida has basically owned that rivalry and been a much better team. Just sayin...
Facts: SEC as a conference absolutely dominated this years recruiting and will continue to dominate the college football landscape. I think any of the teams landing in the top 10 have to feel good about that they did. Georgia absolutely had another stellar class but if Kirby doesn't start winning some titles, dawg fans will start to bark. And yes, Florida is definitely upgrading its roster talent. In addition to their class (which upgraded both lines of scrimmage) they brought in three 5 star players through the portal. Shorter (WR). Lingard (RB) and Cox (LB). This was 3 of the 6 five stars that went into the portal this year. We will see how the spring and fall goes, but I definitely think the days of one team dominating our conference is over. The talent is being upgraded across the entire conference and makes the margin of error even less than in the past. Cannot wait for spring football!
OK, let's run with our own bold predictions.... Bama - has QB controversy and loses 2 games in regular season. Auburn - Fans are happy with Malzahn and want him to return in 2021. LSU - wins single digit games next year. Sorry - lose way too much. Miss Schools - Leach & Kiffin get into a fight at the end of the Egg Bowl! Mizzou - Win 8 games - I said it was BOLD. Vandy - upsets one of the top tier teams. usc - Bobo starts an offensive resurgence in Columbia, but Chump does not like a good offense and takes over play calling to drag them back down. Tenn - Beats either bama, uga or UF. Georgia - defense takes a step back and Newman loses QB job mid-season. Welcome to the SEC. Florida - easy schedule propels them to win the SEC. I did say it was bold! We will see. Injuries shift the landscape every year (see Dylan Moses).
Clemson cannot help how weak the conference is. Dabo needs to stop whining about being disrespected and just win the games they have to play. Bottom line is even though they have a cakewalk schedule, the margin of error is ZERO. Lose one game and they are out of the CFP. At least that is a little pressure.
Love the off-season and unbridled optimism by fans for their teams.. Nobody actually knows what will happen, but there is no way that LSU is better at QB. If you are relying on a stud true freshman to lead you, look at Auburn and that is probably close to what you will be getting this year. Lots of talent on that team, but losing both coordinators and tons of talent cannot be fixed overnight. I am with other Gator fans that Fromm may have struggled some this year, but why throw the ball around when you have Swift at RB. Tamper the optimism on your transfer QB. He is coming from the ACC and very few of those defenses would be ranked in the top 2/3's of the SEC. As for Trask and the Gators. If we land Shorter and he can play, you just added a 5 star experienced receiver to the mix. Add in that we do bring back 3 studs (Grimes, Toney and Pitts) and our OL will be greatly improved, I see us at being the same if not slightly better. We will see..
uga lost 9 of 11 offensive players. They play bama early. I see 2-3 losses next year for them. Surprised LSU is so high. I would expect 2-3 losses as well with all of their departures. Gators lost very few to the draft, return 4 of 5 offensive linemen and a good QB. We also swapped Auburn for Ole Miss on the schedule and have LSU at home. This is our best chance. Better take advantage of it.
I have to say, with uga losing 9 of their 11 starters on offense, I will be very dissapointed if the Gators do not beat them this year. It is too early to predict anything as transfers and injuries can change everything prior to that game, but I think the following is fairly accurate. Bama did not lose that much and has a solid QB returning and while they may not be elite they will be very good. I have never seen a team gutted like lsu has been over the past few weeks. While they have lots of talent on that team, you don't replace to elite coaches and all those players. They should lose at least 3 games next year. Uga losing Fromm and Swift has some work to do. Very talented roster and great defense coming back, but I would imagine they will struggle against bama, burn and UF. This should be the year the Gators win the East. If not, pretty embarrassing. Auburn - might be able to dethrone bama if their defense plays well. Oh well, 7 months and counting..
Of course this should have been expected, but if you are an LSU fan, who cares... What a great season and memories this guys helped to give you. I will take losing coaches all day with that kind of success. Thanks for repping the SEC LSU! Still know I hope we curb stomp you next fall in the Swamp!
Crazy how high they left Oklahoma ranked after they got crushed by lsu. They are very limited on offense and an athletic defense stifles them. They would lose to bama, lsu, uga, florida and auburn in the sec.
Brutal week for uga which I enjoy, but have to say that Cade's dad sueing uga disgusts me. Sorry you lost the tip of your pinky finger... While the school took great care of your kid. Symptom of our society. That being said, if I were uga I would be concerned about all these guys transferring although the portal has created this avenue and when your roster is stacked it allows kids to jump if they aren't playing much. Impressed with how Saban keeps his kids from transferring or going early. All this week did was make the Jax game next year more interesting. Hopefully, Trask being the top QB returning in the conference takes us to the SECCG but uga's defense will be nasty so it will be a great game no matter who they have at QB.
I am a huge fan of Jake Fromm. Quality kid and excellent QB. He represented uga extremely well and gave them a great run. I was hoping he would leave as it gives my Gators their best chance to win the east next year, but we will see.. As a Tampa Bay Bucs fan, I was also hoping he would leave as I hope we can pick him up in the 2nd or 3rd round. I saw where someone says he is a Day 2 pick which I think is absurd. He would be a huge upgrade to Jameus Winston and I believe a long time starter in the league.
Perkins makes you nervous like any good dual threat QB, but Mullen seems to have the team focused and hungry to win this game. I do expect a big win which I think will help solidify the gap between the SEC and everyone else. Perfect storm would have the two top teams in the acc lose to UF and LSU!
As a Gator fan I am excited for Trask next year and hope some of our upperclass WR's come back. To comment on the above: 1. Trask is very accurate but does not have the arm strength that Burrows does. 2. Emory is an exciting prospect but should not start over Trask.
Well, I won't dispute that I enjoyed watching LSU torch uga, but that is partly because uga is beating us these days. Have to say, tons of props to Coach O, Burrows and the entire LSU team and fanbase. They continue to improve and the D is getting better. Super annoyed with the CFP committee trying to elevate the big 10, but hope the farce is over and they put LSU at #1 where they belong. Would love to see clemson versus OSU in semi's so clemson actually plays a team with a pulse, although they are good. First off, LSU, win the Natty for the SEC where it rightfully belongs with a Heisman trophy winner. Secondly, the sands are shifting in the SEC. If LSU keeps Brady, they will still be really good with anyone at QB and they are killing recruiting. Bama is still talented and well coached but the invincibility is gone. Auburn QB will be better next year and UT is improving. As a Gator I am curious what Fromm does. If he leaves I think we win the East next year with Trask, but if he stays, he seems to have our number. I personally like that the East is getting stronger and with UF, UGA and UT improving, it makes for good games. I also like that Auburn and LSU seem to be getting up there with Bama to make the West interesting. Let's all get stronger and beat the snot out of everyone else. Once again, congrats to the Bayou Bengals! Been a hell of a year, now finish it for the rest of us!! Go Gators!
Why do we even play the games. I totally get the aura around bama, but they do not have their top defensive or offensive player right now. They are undisciplined and have no defense nor a kicking game. They would struggle against the 4-5 teams above them and probably go .500 in H2H games. Florida would beat them. They do deserve the benefit of the doubt with all the talent and saban coaching, but sorry, this is not their year.
OSU being ranked above LSU is all about trying to keep the SEC out of the championship game. We all know the toughest semi final game will be against Clemson. No way LSU should be ranked behind anyone. After this weekend IF they beat UGA, they will have potentially beaten 4 top ten teams (uga, UF, Auburn, bama). OSU will have beaten 1 in Penn State. I think LSU runs the table, but the CFP has definitely tried to shift the perception of conference power away from the SEC this year. Lastly, while I don't care that bama fell to 12, that is a bit much. No reason that Wisconsin or PSU is ahead of UF, Auburn or bama.
Thought this was about the games you played and the results. Auburn is playing well but lost H2H versus Florida who has only lost to LSU and UGA. Bama should be behind both Auburn and Florida. Let's see, they played two teams in the Top 25 this year and lost both. Tua is out. Writer needs his head checked.
I think everyone is forgetting the best scenario. bama gets routed by Auburn. Oregon beats Utah. LSU demolishes uga in SECCG. Oklahoma loses one more game. Boom - Gators jump to #4 and avenge their loss to LSU earlier in the season. LOL - just having fun, but a couple of those teams above will lose. Reality: bama beats Auburn Georgia loses to LSU Oklahoma or Utah win out and the committee goes with a non-SEC team for the #4 slot
JK4 I agree with having bama fatigue. No offense to them, as they have been a juggernaut, but it would be nice to have some new faces in the CFP besides bama and Clemson. Also, auburn can make this a mute point if they win the Iron bowl and I will be pulling for them. I actually think it will be one helluva game and will be a great game to watch. Auburn will load the box and make the back up QB win this game. Auburn's mediocre offense should have chances against a sub par bama defense, so I think it will be close. My guess is that Clemson, Ohio State and LSU (after a very close tough win over uga) will be the top 3. Either Utah or Oklahoma gets the nod if they run the table. And yes, I am predicting Auburn pulls of the upset to continue the Malzahn experiment.
I don't see this being anywhere near accurate. I will start by wishing Tua a strong recovery and hope it gets drafter top 5 and has a great NFL career. Without Tua, I think Auburn beats bama, despite Gus. Even if bama wins, they are not one of the 4 best teams in the country without Tua. I also think that everyone is sleeping on georgia. That OL and defense are very good and they might beat lsu in the SECCG. I do think lsu wins as they are having a magical year and things just seem to be clicking. I think uga finishes #6 after losing in the SECCG and UF actually finishes higher than bama for the bowl projections. UGA goes to the Sugar and Gators to the Orange Bowl.
I am a huge Auburn fan for the next month and hope they win out. No offense, bama, but college football needs a CFP without you. I do think Auburn beats bama due to its defense, but it will be interesting. I also find it amusing that no one gives georgia a chance in the SECCG.
I was actually surprised at the result but guess I shouldn't be. Georgia has a ton of talent on defense and that OL is amazing. We made it a game but needed some breaks and never go them. As many on here hoped, no injuries and no turn overs. Could cry over controversial calls, but they went both ways. If we can bring in more high level players this game will continue to get better and we will get our wins, but for now uga is on top. Hope Fromm goes pro, he is really good. While Cager was a big difference in the game, you could see the experience of Fromm and Trasks inexperience make a difference. Good luck uga and I hope we go 11-2. Go Gators!
Agree about one and done impact. We should go with at least two years in college before you can go pro. I really enjoy seeing the kids develop and for the fans to develop relationships with their teams over a couple years. Lastly, very excited about the Gators this year. They should be awfully good.
It always makes me uncomfortable when a man comments on the size of another mans' hands.... Burrow Tua Fromm Trask Mond After that the pool gets really shallow.