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Michigan looking stronger every week. It would be a shame if such a promising season for the puppies ended with no SEC title and no national title. Hey, they won a weak east with all those 5 stars.
Well, I think it should be 1. bama 2. Michigan 3. uga 4. Cincy Michigan will beat uga (the new emperor with no clothes) and will play bama in the championship game. That should be fun. Glad kirby is getting a half dozen 5 stars this recruiting cycle because they will need all 5 stars to win anything of substance. I am usually not this salty but all the gloating from the puppies brings it out.
Bottom line. Saban is the wild card and he is unbelievable. Bammers, enjoy the GOAT while you have him. georgia... losers.... I actually wanted you to beat bama and you choked again. shart is Richt 2.0. At least we fired our coach and have a new beginning. This was your year and I doubt you win another game. 40 years LOL. keep up the great work! This is so fun LOL
uga should win, but Saban is the better coach. Bama will not be able to run against uga but I also think the bama defense will keep it close. This will be a low scoring game like 20-17. My hope is uga keeps bama out of the CFP and then loses in the playoffs. As for my jinx, the is no way georgia can lose this game!
I listened to it and am not sure what the big deal is. Did not seem over the top. I would be more concerned that he bailed on his team before knowing if they were going to the CFP. He could have easily waited till after this Saturday to see how things shook out. Would be a hoot if they got in and won it all right after he left.
The love affair for bama continues. Good for them but it is getting nauseating.
Nobody can predict what he will do, but if he just recruits hard, plays the best players and hires good coordinators he is almost guaranteed to be successful. We will see but excited to see a young energetic coach who has had success. Big jump for him but better than keeping mullen.
Look bama has tons of talent and the best coach of all time, but having to win in 4OT's against an unranked team and staying at 2 is a joke. I have total respect for the program but any other team drops. I don't want to hear the "we want the 4 best teams BS". You have to prove it on the field. Michigan pounded a top 5 OSU. How do they not jump Bama. Even an undefeated Cincy should be ahead of Bama. Bama has not dominated this year. They have a loss and could easily have 2 more. They are decimated by injuries which is another reason they are not being dominant. But to keep trying to keep them near the top when they don't show it on the field is a joke to all the other teams.
Well, this took a while to read through. First off, Bama has Saban so never underestimate them, however georgia's defense is very good and they should win. This is their best chance with bama not being their normal dominance, Florida, LSU, Auburn and Tenn are down. Be careful of OSU. Their defense is good enough to hold georgia's offense in check and their offense will score points. Florida is not in the top 4 in the SEC right now. We need a good coach who can recruit. Thought Mullen was the guy but did not realize how arrogant he is. Every team needs a top coach with OU and UT joining the conference. The room for error just got smaller. As far as UGA and UF go, uga is on top but they need to win a natty before they start barking about how dominant they are. This should be the year. As far as UF coaching search goes, I hope it is Finkle, Napier or Aranda. All three are very solid, young and seem to be good recruiters who aren't crazy (like our last 3-4 choices). I would definitely take MARK Stoops if those three didn't work out. Bob is too old. Kiffin has a high ceiling but also could implode. After having one ego maniac as a HC, don't want another.. Should be a fun weekend. Hope my Gators represent the SEC and beat fsu. SC beats clemson and uga beats tech. Need to keep the SEC dominanca.
I am a true believer in sticking with coaches and not making snap decisions but Mullen needs to go. I will even call him Mullet because he has lost all credibility with me. He is arrogant and stubborn. They are playing kids out of position and act like they see something the rest of the world does not. I am at a place where you don't want fans. I don't care anymore. The loss last night didn't even bother me and I have had season tickets over a quarter of a century. Things cycle and one day will get better but not with this bozo at the helm. Congrats Gamecocks!
Not sure Cincy deserves better as they havent played a lot of quality teams. I would put Michigan State at 2 ahead of bama. Other than that looks about right.
Corch - your comments are usually childish and assenine but the one above actually made me spit up some coffee laughing. That being said, congrats to uga. Your team is really good and well coached. This should be your year. I actually thought we had a good game going until the roof fell in at the end of the half. This game is a beacon that UF needs more talent and while Mullen is a good coach he cannot think he can outcoach talent anymore. If he doesn't recruit better this will be our standard. Also, can we get a better kicking game going. It literally has played a major negative role in every loss this year. That being said, roll uga and keep the NC in the SEC. Let's keep giving Richardson a chance and lastly, our coaches are not that bad, they just need to recruit better. Johnny & joe's will always beat X's and O's.... Go Gators!
Yes, uga should win, but I am cracking up over the over the top confidence heading into the game. No doubt, the Gators have underperformed and have lost 3 games they should/could have won but this will be a good game. The key will be turnovers. That has beat us in every game. Grantham sucks, but we get Kair back and I think the defense will play good in spite of todd. Mullen, while being a pain in the ass, is a good coach and we will score some points. If he is stubborn and doesn't let AR play a lot, which is very possible, then we will struggle. We will see. Go GATORS!
Gators shouldn't even shown up. They have no chance. There are never upsets in college football and georgia is the greatest team to ever play. Gator Phil - please release your identity to uga Phil. You are not kidding anyone. Lastly, georgia looks great. They should win. I hope the Gators show up and Mullen isn't arrogant enough and stubborn enough to start Jones, who I have been rooting for. Both our lines are very solid and should keep this game tight for a while. Turnovers will be the difference as it usually is in this game and if we don't change what we have been doing all year then we will lose the TO battle and the game. I just hope we show up and at least give a good fight and nobody on either side gets hurt. Go Gators!
Rarely comment on here, but will say that the Hogs have been a pleasant surprise and are a tough team. Pittman knows the bulldogs players and coaches. I am fairly amused at the arrogance that some of the dawgs are showing after beating up on some awful teams and an overrated clemson team. All good though. I hope uga wins in a tough physical battle so the Gators take them down in Jax. Although if they lose, that would be fun as well. Good luck to both teams. Go Hogs!
Gator fan here.... I expect uga offense to be very good with a good offensive coach in Monken and studs in the trenches. Kirby is a good defensive coach so even with young players that side should be stout. I am hoping for uga to give a beat down to clemson to start the season and get them on the outside looking in, as well as to show SEC dominance. One reason I say that is for some reason, I think the Gators will be pretty good next year and would like to see two highly ranked teams going into the Cocktail party. Of course, the Gators do have the tide to deal with prior to this game, but I have hope since it is at home and while bama always reloads, there is a lot of production they are losing this year. We also travel to lsu, but I think that is going to be a revenge game that we win. Hope springs eternal in the preseason, so I could be blinded with optimism, but I see a lot of pressure on uga to perform this year with all the preseason hype. That pressure goes up a ton if they beat clemson, which I hope they do. Go dawgs until Jax.
Florida loses a ton of production but some of it will be addition by subtraction. I also expect Bowman to upgrade the RB room significantly... big assumption. I do not know what to expect from LSU. They could be very good or average. I give a lot of hope for UF in that Mullen can usually make something out of nothing.
SEC is going to go from a league of QB's to a league of RB's. I do think Bowman is going to make noise next year. I also would take Pitts before those WR's. Generational talent. I hope Trey Sanders has a good year. Kid has some bad karma so far.
I agree that the floor for Florida is pretty high with Mullen. His QB's will always be fine, our RB situation will greatly improve with Bowman transferring in from clemson and the defense will improve with the babies growing up. LSU is anyone's guess. Lots of talent but boy did they look bad this year. They beat us but I would say we had a big part in that..shoe toss Cough Cough. Miami will lose to clemson, bama and NC. If King isn't fully recovered it will have more losses. I still think Clemson loses a ton and yes they have talent, but the only reason they should be top 5 is that they play in such a weak conference. They will lose to NC next year. Bama and UGA should be top 4 after that it is a crap shoot.
The problem with preseason polls is it basically already puts some team at a great advantage to finish high in the final polls. A team starting at 21 who ends up with 2 losses versus a team that starts top 5 and gets 2 losses will still be ranked behind the initially higher ranked team. OSU is ranked too high as is notre dame. Both also play nobody during the year. 1. Oklahoma - returning QB and plenty on offense and defense. They also don't have to play against SEC teams. 2. Georgia - tons of talent on both sides. Lots of returners and JT is coming back. 3. Bama - reloading with 5 star young as their QB. 4. Texas A&M - Mond is gone but all WR's and RB's coming back and defense should be good. The rest are a question mark. Clemson, LSU, Florida, Cincy, UNC all have talent but missing pieces. The best result of the CFP is that they don't rank teams till well into the season. They need to move to an 8 game playoff however.
I was as shocked as anyone with the osu win over clemson. Some thoughts: 1. Agree that clemson was osu's super bowl and it will be tough to get up again for bama could have an impact. My Gators left it all out there against bama and we saw the next game/debacle. 2. OSU is fresher and healthier than all the teams who played a full season although if Fields ribs are hurt that is a big factor. 3. Bama has the type of offensive firepower that LSU had last year, but OSU has the same kind of talent so it should be interesting. 4. Saban has shown he is the best coach in football so I usually give him the edge and the tide rarely turns the ball over. Should be a real good game and just so glad clemson is at home.
Congrats georgia. It was a good game and your team found a way to win even without some starters. Cincy is a good squad. I think the Jax game should be very good for the foreseeable future.
I like Mac Jones a lot but there is no way I take him that high. I would take Smith, Harris and Chase just to name a few before him. I agree with some on here that both Mac and Trask go late first round or early 2nd round. I also agree that outside of Lawrence and maybe Fields, Trask and Mac have seen the highest level of competition and have great coaching. Will be very interesting.
Mac Jones had a hell of a year but sorry, Trask is better. Trask had no running game, not one OL could even make 3rd team All SEC so he had much less time to throw not to mention probably the #1 WR and RB in the country to take the pressure off. Tony and Pitts are amazing but Pitts was out for 30% of the season. Trask carried the team on his shoulders. They are both well deserving but Trask is better. Lastly, don't go down the road of W & L's. Bama has way more talent than anyone else. It is not a team award.
I can sit by and enjoy the banter until a bama fan comes on and says that the refs helped the other team. I came on here the day after the SECCG and congratulated bama on a great game, but come on. Clemson, OSU and Bama get the refs calls every single game. In the SEC, it is not even close. Bama OL and DB's get away with murder every single game and it is not even close. I am not taking away from the talent of their team and their coaches. They are the best team and very very good, but don't come on here and start that BS. The game changed after Dean INT and then was blasted by Meche. That was targeting and we would have kept the ball and Meche ejected. Game changes a ton. That being said, we did get a break when they did not call a fumble on Tony near the endzone. That could have gone either way and to be honest I was literally shocked they didn't. One last thing, if you don't want to call targeting on Meche that is fine, but for that type of hit above the neck and not even review it was a joke. The commentators did not even bring it up remotely. I still think bama wins, but don't take away from the game. Both sides got calls as always happens. Lastly, ND and A&M is a toss up. Both got boat raced and a H2H would be tight. OSU has no business playing half a season. Tough titty that your league screwed up. When Michigan got cancelled you should have asked to play A&M for a "play in" game. Pretty sure A&M wins that. Go bama....can't believe I said that. Represent and don't throw any shoes.. It can ruin a season!
Wow! What a game. Bama has too much talent but proud of how our team showed up. Bummer that we choked against lsu because I think we could have an argument for the CFP, but if my uncle had tits.... Well, both QB's were amazing as were Smith, Harris, Tony and Pitts. All the stars showed up to play and put on a tremendous performance to represent the SEC. Not sure who wins the Heissman. Almost think that Najee should get it, but we will see. CFP should be: 1. Bama 2. Clemson 3. A&M 4. Notre Dame It is still murky and osu doesn't deserve it as they are not that good and sorry but 6 games against mediocre competition does not earn it. UF would beat all those teams except probably clemson and bama. Go SEC!
I would love to see Ole Miss and A&M reschedule for December 19. I think the rebels would push them to the limit and might be able to outscore them. Even though they beat the Gators on a last second field goal at home, you shouldn't be able to go the playoffs if you were blown out during the regular season. I think if the Gators win the SECCG or take bama to the wire, they deserve to go over A&M. On a neutral field we beat A&M by two scores.
I think we are still finding out how good everyone is besides bama. Very interested in uga versus ut. That game will tell us a lot about both teams. My Gators still scare me but I think they will pull away in the 2nd half. Hope the D starts improving. Also interested to see who LSU is. How auburn responds will also be telling. Really would like to see Ole Miss put some numbers up on bama, but the tide will roll on their defense.
Article is pretty spot on. Our defense is young and needs to grow up quick but our offense will likely outscore everyone till we get to uga, who looked very good last night. I am optimistic we can outscore A&M and LSU with an average defense, but if we don't get our act together, I think uga wins 4 in a row. Bennet is very good, their OL hasn't missed a beat, RB's run hard and defense is nasty. Either that or auburn is awful. May be a combination, but if we don't get our act together on Defense, we are going to miss a great opportunity this year with the Kyle brothers.
Wow. Emotions continue to block out sensibility. I get how both sides are upset but it is quite simple if you can take a breath and try and stay logical. Gundy obviously supports that network and what it says. You don't wear that shirt out anywhere during these times if you don't. What he did was take a stand. Consider this. If we were in the 50's and he was part of the KKK and wore a BLM shirt, I am sure his buddies would be pissed (see Johnyreb)... Chubba has done nothing wrong as well. He sees the guys that he leads his team wear a shirt that goes against everything that he believes in and protests in the best way he knows how. He also puts his career at risk doing this. How is he at fault? Gundy can move forward without him. Chubba is not forcing him to do anything. He is expressing his opinion just like Gundy. All of us white folks need to watch a couple movies. Watch Just Mercy and 13. Those who are racist and closed minded will write it off as propaganda, although they are fact based (although with all movies there is sensationalism). Those with open minds and trying to seek the truth will find it interesting and probably sad. When tens of thousands of people around the world are protesting something, you have to be fairly ignorant to just ignorant it. Lastly, the protesters are not the ones burning and looting. That is being done by criminals taking advantage of the situation. Watch the footage. There are just as many whites doing this as black people. BTW, I heard an argument the other day that just as many white people are killed by cops in the US as black people. Small fact left out. There are 5 times more white people in the US than black. So, there are 10 black people and 50 white people. Cops shoot 5 each (white = 5 out of 50 / black = 5 out of 10)... Sounds a little off to me...