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Saying Saban is an average X's and O's coach is honestly one of the most idiotic statements I have ever heard in my life. If that is true, how did he make Alabama a 12 win team with only one of his signing classes in the system? How did he turn Toledo into a conference champion in one year? How did he have the number one defense in the NFL in Cleveland, giving up the 5th fewest points in the history of the NFL? How did he have a top 5 defense in Miami? Was that all out-manning teams by out-recruiting? Anyone who knows football recognizes that Saban is a defensive genius, and saying otherwise is simply ignorant.
Dont'a has never had any run ins with drugs or guns, so what are you referring to? Or is this just good ol' prejudice?
Right, only true dual threats like Jake Coker and AJ McCarron touch our field!!! Bateman, who played WR and runs a 4.59, just isn't fast enough.
Man, your jokes are very original and witty. Never heard any comedic genius like that before. Anyway, in typical barner fashion, you're clueless as to what you're attempting to speak on. Alabama didn't have a single non-lineman squat over 555 this spring. This kid did 570 at a meet his junior year of high school. The numbers that this kid puts up are insane for his age. The fact you called his lifting "decent strength for a QB" shows how little you know.
I'm sure they did. Can you provide a link to a story or is this just something your AU buddies told you?
Do you honestly believe that the coaches encourage the kids to go to opposing visits and recruit? Lets see some proof other than your opinion. Your thinly veiled shots at Saban are unsubstantiated.
I hate to break it to you, but this kid has way more pure leg talent than Carlson does. Carlson is tremendous but Eddy simply has unheard of ability. The fact you fail to recognize it showcases your low football IQ, and your blind affection towards Carlson just makes you a plain ol' homer.
LigersRoar, can you provide a source for this claim? Hint: You won't be able to because it's completley fabricated.
There is a absolutely huge difference in "pulling up from making a block/tackle on turnovers" and " rushing passes under threat" and not diving on a ball that you fumbled in crunch time during the Super Bowl. The prior is protecting yourself over the course of a long season and putting your team first. But this is the last game of the season, the Super Bowl. You can't even compare them; it's apples to oranges. It's asinine to just assume that Brady does not dive on that ball.
How is this a Brady move? When has he done anything remotely similar to this in a Super Bowl?
Actually Auburn's profits this year are just under 9.2 million. The 22 million number is how much the revenue has increased, up from a 13 million deficit last year. This increase has nothing to do with Gus; it was due to the creation of the SEC network. The money Auburn pulled in from broadcast rights increased from 6 million to 27 million, a 21 million increase. This is where the vast majority of the money came from. So basically, your reasoning that Auburn is going to hang on to Gus because he is making them a killing is just nonsense. Auburn's athletics have actually lost money (2013-2014 deficit of 13 million is larger than 2014-2015 profit of 9 million) since Gus has been there, so your point has absolutely no substance to it.
Alabama currently has three starting running backs in the NFL, including a 2014 Pro Bowler. But they just give out starting positions in the NFL to guys that ride their teammates coattails, right? I don't think; I know that you are just salty.