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Seriously! You should know what you are allowing your children to read. The author is not your kid's parent, you are. I have kids as well, but I know what is written for my eyes and what is appropriate for them. Parents are so quick these days to blow off their responsibilities and blame someone else.
It is sad, but that the only trip to the endzone by the whole team! That a way to show your class! Oh well the Black Bears aren't what they used to be!
Like it really matters. Georgia would have a better shot at beating LSU than South Carolina. Although I do not think either will actually pull it off. Everyone know how the SEC works. If you want to play in Atlanta, don't loose! Georgia will beat Kentucky and go to Atlanta. South Carolina will have to once again watch from the sidelines!
when did everyone get so up tight! They didn't deface the statue, they hung a purple cape on it! I thought football was supposed to be fun and entertaining! Some people need to loosen up! If they had destroyed property, then there is a problem! No one got hurt, no property destroyed, no foul; just good old fashioned fun!
Arkansas didn't light it up, but they did pull a great come back win! So glad they pulled it out.
That shows they have NO CLASS!!! Lets make sure we don't add them to our conference!!!
Where is that smartbutt Auburn fan now. This was a terrible call that resulted in Auburn keeping a drive alive. Should have been a turnover on downs. Gotta love the SEC officials! I don't mind getting beat by a better team, but loosing to bad officiating ticks me off!
Auburn played very hard (actually harder than I expected), and they won the game. In the grand scheme of things that is all that matters. They deserve the victory.
Nobody is saying it is totally the officials fault. But come on: 1) Auburn did not get that first down 2) Ballard did break the plane on the side of the field, the ball broke the plane before he landed out of bounds.Let me state this though! If the bulldogs had played like they should have, then none of that would have mattered. Way too many mistakes on both sides of the field.
Yeah, they should have reviewed the previous play! I believe Ballard was in!!!!!! Funny how all plays get reviewed, but no one though to take a second look at that one. Oh well, Auburn outplayed us. The officials were suspect though!
Oh and I forgot to add this:3 point victory last year with Nick Fairley and Cam Newton, who are both gone now. It will be settled on the field, but I don't think you are being realistic here!
I guees Auburn fans forgot that Cam Newton left after last season. That 9-0 record does include his play. They also didn't watch their defense suck against the run last week. Vick Ballard and Chris Relf will kill them on the ground this week (can you say UTAH STATE)! If you can't beat up on them, do you really think you can beat any SEC team?
State will play Georgia extremely well again. Who comes out on top will be settled on the field. Georgia will be better this year, but they lost a lot of their offense!
Bulldogs will beat Auburn. Even with Cam (Heisman) Newton, the Tigers BARELY pulled out a victory. No Cam next year!