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True. He probably does deserve a start, but it likely won't be in a toss up game like Florida. Jones knows his job is potentially on the line this year. He knows what he has in Dormandy now, so I do not see him risking a start to Guarantano unless it is in a game like next week. Even then, that may shake Dormandy's confidence moving forward.
The one thing I think he can improve on is pulling the ball on the read option. There were a few times Kelly, beast that he is, was simply overwhelmed at the line of scrimmage. I know he is not dobbs, but that read option won't work of he only pulls the ball once in a blue moon. If that is the only thing to work on though, we are in good shape.
Yes, the defense deserves some scrutiny, but I do not think they are as bad as you suggest here. It will help them out greatly if our offense does not wait until the 3rd quarter to really get moving They also made at least two plays considering there were two fumbles. You likely were not seriouse with the "only one play" in the title though.
If we are going to test him out, my money is on the second half of next week's game vs. Indiana State.
Yes, the defense definitely needs work, but it would also help them out if it did not take until the third quarter for our offense to do anything with the ball.
Don't forget Calloway. He came up HUGE with his receptions on a few balls that would have been too high for most.