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Incorrect. The odds don’t give “an” Ohio St. the best chance to beat Alabama. The odds show OSU is being given the best chance of losing by less than 10 points!
Wonderful. Leaves one program in which he should've called running plays to another team that should've called running plays!
Do you think he means beat you with a bat like Negan's "Lucille," or something more gentle?
The "intangible" I don't hear people talking about is home field. I really believe Alabama plays better away from home. The team seems way more focused and motivated. Home crowds tend to (yes, I'm going to say this) distract the guys. Now, I think UA will win, but if I was forced to bet, I'd have to take the points and go with A&M. I don't bet on games in which I already have an emotional interest.
Maintaining mental toughness as well as physical throughout an entire game is very difficult. There are so many influences like getting way behind and fighting back. It takes a toll eventually. Tennessee has dealt with a lot of these factors and, while a good team, these are beginning to catch up to the players. Alabama probably won't cover, but it's likely to be due to a big enough lead late to allow backups to get playing time. Alabama 42, Tennessee 30.
Seems the top four are the same - CFB Playoff Committee, or BCS formula. Wouldn't it have been easier to retain the BCS system and extend it to four from two? Would've had the same outcome and pairings.
Would this fictional eight-team format be bracketed, or be best vs. worst seed through the tourney? Travel costs for team fans would be extraordinary in either case, but more so if one didn't know who and where his/her team was going to play next. And would these matchups be at existing bowl locations, or the home site of the better seed? How about just extending the season until spring practice!
Even better for his health since he'd have to choose four teams for the CFP that don't include USC, let alone any team from the PAC 12.