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Come on DumbDawg78 when you say something like that your anti Gator bias is on full display. Every one knows the biggest D bags on this site are your older half brothers Corch and TDOW
See what you did, I told you to quit while you were a novelty but now you have overstayed your welcome and even your fellow UGA fans are getting upset with you. Sad
Hey DumbDawg my troll doesn't have me riled up but he has been busy indeed, like most UGA fans posting crap all the time
Don't troll me bro, people are catching on to your game
You say Meyer won with Zook's recruits but Meyer recruited even better than Zook
Humper I would argue your O line is also a question mark, not because of lack of talent but lack of experience playing together as one unit. I think you have to replace 4 starters and the one constant is Jizz boy at center. who knows what's gonna happen with him though I think he is safe since Kirby needs all the consistency he can there. just stay away form his Powerade
Yeah Nash I know. BTW this is still the troll replying to leghumper
OK now you over did it and it’s not funny anymore. Has to be a UGA fan. Is it you DumbDawg78
Nahh but you are here again. For you and many like you it’s Gators 24/7
Embrace it of course. Hey, good job getting Mays to return home. Anything that hurts the pups is good news to me
Trask best returning QB and Pitts best returning TE. Rock n Roll
And it’s not “the Corch” it’s just Corch. You are not as good as you thought
Hey troll that was funny. And you followed my advice and left out the period after the last sentence. Good little troll
Well everything Meyer said happens to be true, there’s nothing outrageous here so I’m OK with it. Now the SI cover, don’t think that’s going to happen
Dude pay better attention, I never put a period or any punctuation in the last sentence of my posts. Never. Get it right next time
So you wanna go from a high power Leach offense to a Mac offense? Good luck buddy
Don't know how to report the troll so I may have to get a different account
Guys this is a troll account that apparently subbed a zero for an O in my name so take it for what it is. Very clever I must say in coming up with this trick. The praise for Mullen is way over the top. I have never posted anything like that. He does spell Morons in caps, guess he has been studying my posts for a while. If you click on the name it is obvious this is a fake account
Come on now the troll sounds like an 8th grader, very easy to tell the difference. Will have to come up with something though so that those of you that are denser won't get confused
Don't flatter yourself I only bring you up when you need to be corrected. Now someone has stolen My ID and is posting crap on several of your articles so I may have to shut mine down and move on.
This is definitely not me. How the heck can someone steal your ID on SDS?
Don't know how this is possible but someone has stolen my ID, this is not me.
Hey DumbDawg this is what obsession and trolling look like: 1 - you are the first to post on yet another Gator article 2 - your post has nothing to do with the content of the article 3 - you post several times on every single Gator article 4 - you post more often on Gator articles than most gator fans