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OK bro, neither a fan or a hater, just think he doesn't have much to brag about but whatever
I think Jauan is 3 years too late to troll. How did he do in 2017 against the Gators? How about last year? At least when Tabor went all stupid with his ducks n trucks he had a long winning streak to back him up, what does Jauan have, a victory 3 years ago? Pretty silly if you ask me.
Not really, the biggest laugh would have been to put SC #1, but everyone knows better. Not #1, not #2, not #3, not #4, not #5 but #6
Dan Mullen has said the goal is to compete for championships, for any SEC team that means winning in Atlanta. I don't know about the other SEC teams but our fans and our coach have the ultimate goal in mind being the NC. That means winning your division and then your conference. Lately it means beating Bama but that doesn't mean that's the ultimate goal. It's part of the process.
Another nostradumba$$ prediction: UT will never be back. Guess the corollary to that would be that UGA will always be on top Never and always says nostradumba$$ so it must be true
Gators always occupy real estate inside your puny brain I see
Fuzzy you mean with that "analysis" of his he won't be hired full time as a SDS expert? It would be his first job you know. The poster boy for puppy nation. Feel sorry for boxter and the few other normal UGA fans.
UT is still a rival no doubt, these young ones have to learn some history
GODAWGS less attrition than those 3 and 2 unnamed others as well but I'm talking about the false narrative that our offseason has been a disaster, unkind or any such baloney. Our offseason has been normal and as a matter of fact much kinder than other teams that have lost potential starters at position of need, like you. The closing the gap deal has also been addressed in this article where Mullen has already upgraded the roster and continues to do so. And as Joe mentioned, we don't need to out recruit UGA to beat them, we have already done that in the past.
Dan Mullen and the Gators are doing something right just by the large number of UGA fans that can't stay away from anything Gator. Get ready pups we are coming for you, your 2 year dynasty will soon end.
Of course you will be here you have no life outside everything Gator. Loser.
More of the old, tired and false narrative. Sorry troll but just because you wish it to be so, it is not.
GOGADAWGS, the team turned around halftime of the USC game and went on a tear from then on. That's when it became a whole different team.
Guess you missed the part in the article that debunks the " it isn’t like the off-season has been kind to the Gators. " narrative. But I do hope your players feel like you do and then we will end up with results similar to the Texas game for you
Now I get it, since Georgia fan can't stay away from anything Gator, Trudawg came here to find them
I see you have come over to the Gator side now, welcome to the light, where the good guys are. Still don't think your fellow pups are ready to welcome you to but if you start posting on every single Gator story corch may take a liking to you.
We know it, and LSU fan needs to get a grip
Not really Adam, there likely won't be any boo birds out there this year. That will only happen if Franks regresses to 2017 or early 2018 form and that is not very likely at all.
It's a little worse actually, 1980. Trudawg is considered by Georgia fans to be a troll and not a true UGA fan so it's very rare that he is posting on a Gator article while trolling Bama.
You are right of course but maybe he's still mad at the fans booing Franks after the Mizzou game and in the first half of the USC game. Maybe he's buddies with Franks and took exception to that. Whatever the case it really doesn't matter.
Congrats to Bama, the only team to have a QB,RB &WR on the list. Glad to see Perrine get the recognition he deserves as on of the league's top RBs.
Sorry JTF but no ones comes close to corch and the legion of Georgia trolls on this site.
I don't think Franks will be making any guarantees but I do hope Mullen doesn't hold back. I miss the Spurrier days and ways.