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I have full confidence in Trask. The offense will not miss a beat and in fact the passing game will be much sharper and deadly
The Gators don't know the injury status of CJ? You really think so?
Yes DumbsOfWar everyone but you understands that there is no 2 year dynasty you big time moron
Ben beat me to the punch so I will just add UGA fans are first at being the most obnoxious, ignorant, delusional D bags of all
Not even one of the much hyped legion of Georgia 5 stars?
Ok, except that guy with the average arm is more accurate and makes the right read/decision a lot faster
Sad, obnoxious, ignorant and delusional as well
Keep trying you are almost there
It's like pup fans don't understand obsession, they camp en masse on Gator articles and post crap 24/7
Like the saying, you can't argue with an idiot they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience
Keep up the stupidity and you may unseat the #3 douche, he's been quiet recently
I would agree Trask executed better than Franks, he is the better passer of the 2 and with our WR corps we should score early and often.
Don't know about that but Griese ball is a hack for sure. Not only what he said about Franks but that was the most biased telecast I've seen in a while
Stupid DumbDawg78 bringing politics into a sports blog, more evidence you are a moron
Yes and no, he finished the Mizzou game and by all accounts was going to start the next one when he broke his foot in practice.
LOL, more projections. Guess who is the most disliked fanbase on this site?
LOL I'm commenting on a Gator/Vol story and pointing out the truth about your stupid predictions yet I'm the one chasing you. You don't find me posting crap on the Georgia articles, that's the difference you are too stupid to understand. You are the one chasing everything Gator dummy
Let me point out you have said UF is the 4th best team in Florida in the past few months. More of your asinine predictions and statements. A normal person would stop making so many blanket statements and predictions when one by one they prove to be false. Then again you are far from normal
Not even 3 years, just 2 2 year dynasty chumps
How cute DumbDawg78 wanting to join the Triumvirate of douchiness chatting with the #2 douche troll in a Gator/Vol article having nothing to do with them. More evidence Georgia has the most obnoxious, ignorant and D bag fanbase on this site
Keep making stupid predictions Nostradumba$$ 2.0, so far they have all been wrong
"The Gators certainly had to expend more energy against Kentucky than the Vols did against Chattanooga" Yes Einstein that is because Kentucky is not Chattanooga
DumbDawg78 quit your stupid trolling and stalking and worry about your team about to play it’s first decent opponent
You sound like a stupid delusional Georgia fan Not a good look
So Stoops gave the game away and UKs front 7 is trash OK good to know
Trask is a better passer I believe he will light up UT and Towson and we will be ready for Auburn and beyond
Always telling it like it is even though it hurts those like you