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They think they have a 2 year “dynasty” dumbutts don’t know any better
The only clown show is you with your stupid posts. Any rational observer would know that FSU & Willy are the dumpster fire and Mullen was just rated a top ten coach but that doesn’t fit your delusional narrative. Typical obnoxious, arrogant, delusional and ignorant puppy fan
Another stupid delusional comment devoid of reality, FSU fans wish they could have a coach as good as Mullen. You bring nothing to these discussions except for delusional crap
Not surprising that you post delusional crap again. Fact is Hernandez did not murder anyone while he was in Gainesville but when he was a Patriot playing for Beilichek. The Gators did not “harbor” any murderer for 3,2 or 1 year you idiot.
I gotta say that I'm glad FSU is such a dumpster fire right now but there's nothing wrong with Willie saying they're undefeated in 2019, everyone is. The Briles hire is just more of the same culture Dumbo Fisher nurtured at FSU with all the coddling of Shameus Winston and others during his watch, guess Willie does't care to change that.
LOL I picture him as a fat, dirty slob as well
It's really funny how it keeps happening only to you LOL
BT that's just the latest example of UGA doing less with more, no surprise there.
BS narrative proven to be false by the timing of the events in question
secer, LSU was the team playing at 50% strenght, they were missing their entire secondary and their top LB. Granted UCF was playing with their 2nd string QB, but at least he had started several games. LSU has a receiver playing corner most of that game and still was able to wallop them. UCF would not beat "several" SEC teams nor "a good number"of P5 teams, unless you are talking about Arky in the SEC and Pitt, Wake Forest or any weak sister ACC team, or the bottom teams in the other conferences. If they played several top 25 teams they would have several losses.
If you want to call the plain truth "the same tired beat down comment" then go ahead, just know it doesn't change the truth.
It’s refreshing to see all the Georgia fans so concerned about Florida recruiting and following it so intensely. Thank you for having the Gators and Mullen top of mind every day & all the time
This is the funniest post I have read in a long while, thanks for a good laugh!
OK he took a 4 win team to 10 wins & NY6 bowl win and ended up ranked top 10 in his first season but he is not a top 40 coach. So at least 40 other coaches would have done the same or better. Makes a lot of sense
Beggining in the second half of the SC game last year Franks played at a very high level & much better than Guarantano. I think most people are still thinking of 2017 Franks and that’s fine with us. I do agree that on paper this has to be UGA’s year, the problem for them is you don’t win a paper championship.
Could be because most of them are delusional and arrogant and you are not
ArmyPup & Corch the first 2 to respond, can TDOW be next? Come on TDOW please complete the puppy D bag triumvirate, I'm pulling for you.
ArmyPup & Corch the first 2 to respond, can TDOW be next? Come on TDOW please complete the puppy D bag triumvirate, I'm pulling for you.
Kirbs that's more like it, keep up the good work bro.
Kirbs why show your true colors like that, I liked it better when you were pretending to be civil
It's not stupid, that game is still a long ways away. Who knows if Colorado will luck out and have a top team in 2028 and 2029 while Texas, Michigan et al may all be down. Playing UCF does nothing for us, not now that they are decent and not in 2028 when they may be back to being lousy.
Impressive indeed when everything should revolve around the puppies, at least it does in the Spring
Stupid pups throwing bricks from their glass condo
TrashCan I really don't value your opinion much but in reality Corch & TDOW are on a level of douchiness all on their own, no one can touch them. You and several puppies like ArmyPup, DaJerk, etc come not too far behind. Joe Marks, like myself, are just responding to the constant obnoxious invasion of our thread my the above named suspects. BamaTime seems logical, factual and to the point, sort of what Kirby pretends to do but comes way short. Those are my observations form the short time I've been posting here