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I appreciate what Mullen has done and continues to do. We need to run the table and when we do we will once again finish with a better record and higher ranking that the flea infested leg humpers. One step at a time, so far so good in his second year
#LessWithMore #SpringChamps #Where5StarsGoToWaste
True but Trask looks 100% better than he ever did
Not much to understand, just realize you are replying to a Moron
"thinking" is not in his wheelhouse
Lol there are many Morons on this site and most are in red & black like you DumbDawg78, yes you are very stupid BTW why are you leghumpers parked on the Gator side again?
@ Corch, DumbDawg78, ArmyPup and other Georgia Morons out there. Just got back from a trip out of the country, could not watch the game, got it on my DVR. Did I guarantee a win? I thought we would win if that's a guarantee so be it. Am I hiding or upset or any such idiotic suggestion? Definitively not. We lost a game we were supposed to lose to a favored team with more talented players according to the "experts". Congrats on your win and on avoiding disaster and doom. We lost but we're fine, if you would have lost the sky would have fallen on top of Kirby's head. The season is not over yet and when it is you may find that we could end up again with a better record than you and ranked higher at the end so you should save your bravado just in case. I don't really have to explain myself to Morons like you but seems you guys miss me and keep bringing up my name in your posts. I'm busier than I was before the trip so I won't be responding to your stupid posts so often. You are still a collection of obnoxious, obsessed and delusional moron trolls. @ leghumper, I would venmo a couple shots of Makers 46 but haven't figured out how to (ask your 2 year old grandson what venmo is).
Hey man sorry for getting you all worked up for nothing but my fellow Gators understood I was talking about USCjr and their delusional fan Bill party whatever
Yeah but Pepitos Used Car Sales on LeJeune by the airport is the one that really scares me. They’re the ones that give free limos to the players to go to the clubs and party boats Tough to compete against that
This week all I hear is what’s wrong with Coley, what’s wrong with Kirby, what’s wrong with Fromm? Wasn’t this supposed to be the year of the puppy? Weren’t these guys supposed to be the best Kirby team ever? Only 7 or 8 weeks in and the wheels already fell off that bandwagon
Trask to Pitts Healthy Greenard & Zuniga DBU vs a WR group that has mo clue
Hey Billy party pooper man, see it’s not just me, everyone knows you guys have to move on. Too bad for you that you can’t. What will you do when you lose to Vandy next? Go Gators beat them pups silly, put that two year dynasty to rest
Using that logic no one would want to go to Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma or Ohio State when they could go to a team in LA or Atlanta or NYC. So I guess UCLA, Georgia Tech and Rutgers are going to kill it soon
Whose account is supposed to be mine? Move on Billy boy
Dang Billy boy after all this time you still haven’t moved on, sad.
Hey Connor don’t feel bad, EVERYONE predicted Georgia would win this game in the preseason. And a lot of folks also predicted a leg humper NC this year. Heck Georgia has been the Spring champs almost every year lately. The 2 year dynasty is running out of steam
Agree 100%, all the pressure is on Kirby and the leg humpers
Come on guys, as far as trolls go this one is funny and not that offensive. What’s pathetic are the many Georgia Moron trolls like DumbsOfWar, Corch and Negan
OK tell me where you want me to insert the word Moron and I will oblige
I saw that, however you are comparing apples with oranges but whatever floats your boat dummy
Sorry got the wrong puppy, but most of you guys act the same idiotic way si it’s all good
DumbDawg78 stop following me around you creepy puppy
Wrong silly puppy, whatever I say had no impact on the games however when your coach and AD can’t stop whining and complaining it affects the team. So focusing on the mythical gift has cost the chickens dearly
Bro you are getting worse each post. BTW it’s lying, and you Morons are the ones who spew the most crap of all Like LSU likes to say, own it