Done went and hacked the wrong dawg!!!! You are being watched!!! I told you not to keep it up. If I were you. I would disappear and erase your computer's. But they can still be monitored. Be seeing you soon!!! WARNING Ignore the phone calls when people hang up or do something strange. Everyone gets those kind of calls. No rules have been violated. Freedom of speech has!!! POLICY IS NOT LAW... Someone needs to read about the difference in POLICY AND LAW! Someone doesn't like what I say about God, or vaccinations. If you cared about people you would understand. Apparently you don't care about yourself or your family even. Because I do it bothers you. I didn't guarantee people would die from a vaccine. I only said what other medical doctors and award winning scientists that work with viruses said. Personally I hope they are wrong. But sorry I do not trust the government or the globalist. The Georgia guide stones specifically say to thin the world's population down to under a million in America for certain. In order to easily rule them. This is a public globalist monument!!! When they say POPULATION CONTROL. What do you think that means? You think it means just laws about having more than one child like in China and other places? Why do you think that HOMOSEXUALITY is suddenly embraced and protected under law? IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS!!! I don't care if you are gay or not. One thing homosexuality will never do is PRODUCE CHILDREN!!!! It's just more population control. Aids was created in a lab and then introduced into the green monkey, hence the green monkey virus! They killed millions with that Virus before they began SELLING THE CURE!!!! The drug than suppresses the aids virus should be FREE EXACTLY LIKE THIS SO-CALLED VACCINE IS!!!! Aids is a million times more deadly than even the worst form of covid!!! They have the cure but they prefer selling the drug to suppress it. They allow the poor to just die simply because they can't afford to buy that drug that should be free!!! ITS A FACT THAT THEY CURED CANCER LONG AGO! But someone broke into the scientist/doctors laboratory. Murdered him and then burned all his research!!!! This is a FACT! He had found a way to cure cancer tumors using electricity instead of chemotherapy. Are you aware that chemotherapy is just the act of PUMPING RADIATION INTO THE BODY. In hopes of killing the tumor before the body dies from radiation poisoning. Look it up and STUDY! It is a simple easy to prove FACT. That radiation is one of the main causes of CANCER!!! Cancer is any abnormal sells that have become immortal and keep growing out of control. Until eventually the person does!!!! The Cancer cells are IMMORTAL! Meaning they will not ever die on their own. Therefore they just continue to replicate themselves until eventually they kill the human body. They kill the body because the cells are not normal. If you can cause the human body to create these immortal cells in a healthy normal fashion. Well human beings would be immortal. They would NEVER DIE ANY KIND OF NATURAL DEATH!!!! You would still die of someone shoots you or stabs you. But you wouldn't ever die naturally. Nor would you ever get old!!!! STILL SCIENTISTS AND DOCTORS KNOW THAT RADIATION IS PROBABLY THE #1 CAUSE OF CANCER, PERIOD!!!! Which is why people who opt for chemotherapy lose their hair and dwindle down to a skeleton. And the #1 reason the cancer comes back most times!!! THEY HAVE LEGIT CONCERNS ABOUT CELLPHONES BECAUSE THEY EMIT LOW LEVEL RADIATION!!! MANY SCIENTISTS BELIEVE THEY HELP TO CAUSE CANCER FOR PEOPLE WHO CONSTANTLY KEEP THEM NEAR THEIR BODY!!!! Yet the radiation from a cellphone isn't even close to the radiation they deliberately run into a person's veins. Even if they cure one cancer another one takes its place. Another 100 times worse usually!!! Then they tell people. Well the cancer came back! Sure it did. And it was always going to!!! Because the so-called treatment is worse than the disease. IT HAS BEEN PROVEN THAT VAST AMOUNTS OF CERTAIN FOODS CURES CANCER IN A HEALTHY WAY, IN MOST CASES!!!! Want to know why the food and drug association won't endorse NUTRITION TO CURE CANCER? It's very simple. ITS BECAUSE DRUG COMPANIES CANNOT PATENT NUTRITION AND SELL IT!!!!! The FDA doesn't care about anyone!!!! They only care about PAYOFFS AND GETTING THEIR CUT!!!! MONEY HONEY!!!!! The God of globalist and bankers and most everyone!!!! WE SELL OUR SOULS FOR MONEY! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THE FDA WOULDN'T SELL YOU OUT FOR MONEY??? In years past doctors only had HERBS to treat and cure diseases. With the exception of a very few known diseases. Most disease can be cured with proper nutrition and HERBS!!!! But the FDA will not endorse a single herb! Because again they can't patent it and SELL IT!!! They endorse drugs every day that THEY OPENLY ADMIT MIGHT KILL YOU!!!! Yet the FDA doesn't have a problem putting their seal of approval on KILLER DRUGS!!!! ESPECIALLY THE ADDICTIVE KIND. SUCH AS PAIN KILLER'S!!!!! Pain killers kill millions every year. Thousands per day!!!! They also turn healthy people into addicted slaves!!!! They turn them into criminals. Because an addict will usually do anything to get the money to PAY FOR THE SUPER EXPENSIVE PILLS!!!! Pain killers are a multibillion dollar industry. Then people who have insurance go to rehab and their insurance pays multiple thousands on average of probably 2 or 3 times a year for each addict. Some are regulars in rehab every month until they die!!!! Only between 5 to 10 % ever really recover to any degree!!!! That is where the old saying ONCE A JUNKY ALWAYS A JUNKY COMES FROM!!!!! The owners of these drug companies are MULTI-BILLIONAIRES!!!! Who are so powerful the law can't touch them. But a vigilante can!!! The FDA is for hire!!! They never hurt for cash either!!!! The FDA are in bed with the drug companies!!!! BUT YOU TRUST YOUR DOCTOR AND SCIENCE TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH, RIGHT??????? Barely a generation ago scientists and doctors concluded that CIGARETTE SMOKING WAS ACTUALLY BENEFICIAL TO YOUR HEALTH AND GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! How many BILLIONS died of cancer before they finally admitted the truth???? The FDA and doctors knew someone was going down. So naturally THEY ATTACKED THE TOBACCO COMPANIES THEY HAD BEEN ENDORSING. THEY SETTLED BILLIONS IN LAWSUITS AND EVENTUALLY PUT A WARNING ON THE LABEL TO PROTECT THEMSELVES. BUT THEY DIDN'T EVER BAN CIGARETTES!!! The FDA never demanded that the #1 killer be taken off the market!!!! They figured the warning was enough. They laughed at the lawsuits. After settling them. It hardly dented their income at all. They were banned from using television to endorse their killer product. But they still do that to in movies!!! Just not as much. Still the best advertisement they or anyone could ask for was HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF ADDICTED SMOKERS PUFFING THEIR LIVES AWAY. ALSO HURTING THOSE AROUND THEM!!!! CIGARETTES ARE THE #1 POPULATION CONTROL TOOLS ON THE MARKET!!! THAT ALONG WITH PAIN KILLER'S AND ALL KINDS OF PERFECTLY LEGAL KILLER DRUGS ARE PUMPED INTO THE POPULATION EVERY DAY!!!! So these globalist that own the banks and drug companies along with cigarette companies. They found a way to reduce the population. Achieving their goal all while getting filthy rich doing it!!!! Want the truth? WE AS A SOCIETY ARE PAYING THEM TO KILL US!!!!!! Only the globalist have realized that these tools aren't working fast enough. So now they have put their scientists to work to create new germs and new viruses! Brand new diseases!!!! In hopes of speeding up the population control efforts. The efforts to SHRINK THE POPULATION!!!!! You only do that by endorsing lifestyles that will NEVER PRODUCE CHILDREN and killing the elderly off quickly. Then coming for even the young who may not be a fit in their NEW WORLD ORDER!!!! They plan to imprison and kill all who do not bow to the new world order. That being Christians and people who are anti-NWO!!! That is why we now live in a CANCEL CULTURE!!!! They wish to cancel any and all voices of reason. Anyone who believes in biblical Christianity. Anyone who refuses to call homosexuality normal. Or any sexual sin outside of MARRIAGE for that matter!!!!! They want to redefine God's idea of marriage as Adam and Eve. To replace it with Adam and Steve or Eve and Andrea!!! Because God's model is a man and a woman and God COMMANDED MANKIND TO GO MULTIPLY AND REPLENISH THE EARTH!!!! So naturally Satan's counterfeit is same sex marriage. That says, go do as you will. Only produce no children along the way!!!! It's this simple as Christ himself said. " if they are not against me they are for me. " Simply put. Either you are with Christ 100% on his side, or you are against him. IF YOU WISH TO BE SAVED. GOOGLE THE SINNERS PRAYER AND SAVED BY GRACE AND THE PLAN OF SALVATION. YOU CAN ADMIT TO GOD RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. THAT YOU KNOW YOUR A SINNER. ASK HIM TO FORGIVE YOU IN CHRIST NAME ONLY!!!! THEN INVITE CHRIST TO COME IN AND SIT ON THE THRONE OF YOUR HEART!!!! " Jesus said " Behold I stand at the door and knock and if anyone will open the door I will come into them. " No such thing as having sinned to badly for Christ to forgive you. He always will forgive you. As long as you confess TO HIM all the sin your aware of and ask God to forgive you and make you a new creation in Christ Jesus the Lord. And pray in Christ name alone. No one else!!!! Christ died for your sin and mine. He is the only one able to forgive sins and make you ready for heaven instead of the wrath of God!!!! As I said. Google the sinners prayer and saved by Grace. God's plan of salvation. Make certain you are reading from a bible believing website. Make certain your not reading any information put out by people claiming to be THE ONLY TRUE CHURCH!!!! The truth is God has Christian children that are truly saved in most every denomination. They might be confused but they are saved!!!!! The words of Christ, " Seek and you will find, ask and it will be given you. " God also said. " Seek me and you shall find me, when you seek me with ALL your heart!" PS. It's time to pray and seek the one true God with all our hearts!!! Because we have entered into the last of the last days and last generation. Christ did say " NO ONE KNOWS THE DAY OR HOUR " WHEN HE WOULD RETURN. But he commanded his children to KNOW THE SEASON!!!! That means we can know when it's nearly over. We just cannot say well he will return next Friday at 8:00 pm or something like that. But he gave us SIGNS FOR A REASON!!! We can know when the year is drawing near and maybe even when he is coming within months!!! Don't worry about that right now. Just worry about being saved and getting to know the word of God!!!! Get to know your heavenly creator who wishes to become your heavenly father!!! Buy he can't until you first confess your sin and make Christ the owner of your life. Anyone who made a pact with the devil or quote sold your soul. YOU CAN STILL BE SAVED!!!! Don't listen to the devils lies. You cannot sell your soul in that way because it doesn't belong to you!!! Sure you can make deals with demons!!!! You can be possessed by them. But Christ cast out devils by his word and still does today!!!! God says in Malachi " ALL SOULS ARE MINE SAYS GOD. THE SOUL THAT SINS SHALL SURELY DIE. " WELL, " WE HAVE ALL SINNED AND FALLEN SHORT OF HIS GLORY. " As God says in his word. That is why Christ died for our sin. Because none of us can be perfect!!! God requires perfection to get into heaven. Even 1 sin will keep you out!!! That is why God sent his only son into the world to die for us. The perfect for the imperfect. The sinless for the sinner!!!! Man fell through disobedience in the Garden. Sin reigned because of one man's sin. In the same way. Because of ONE MAN'S RIGHTEOUSNESS EVERLASTING LIFE IS GIVEN AS A FREE GIFT TO ALL WHO BELIEVE AND DESIRE IT!!!!! You can't do anything at all to save yourself!!! No amount of good works will erase one evil stain of Sin. But the free Gift bought by the blood of Christ will cleanse all sin by his blood and by his grace!!! Saved by Grace simply means. God saved you simply because he loves you!!! Nothing you could do or did will save you. But calling upon the name of Christ and meaning it from the heart will allow you to be forgiven of ANY AND ALL SIN!!!! The only unforgivable sin is remaining in unbelief!!! Joining the Anti-Christ when he comes in the flesh and speaking against Christ in that future day. Especially speaking against the WORD the Holy Spirit of God as he speaks through God's children. Simply put, if you willfully receive the mark of the beast and choose to go against Christ and his people. If you ever commit that sin. You'll not want to be saved. You'll have absolutely zero desire for salvation. If you are scared of what is coming. If you believe and wish to be saved. You haven't committed that sin. Because you cannot even desire salvation without the Holy Spirit of God drawing you. He wouldn't draw you if you had done it. So if you feel that tug at your heart. Say yes to Christ. Come to him exactly as you are and ask him to save you and forgive you. He will clean you up!!! Because you can't clean up yourself. Human effort is only a waste!!! It takes God to clean you up. You just be willing. Anything he doesn't set you free from that you know is a sin. NEVER BE PROUD OF IT. CALL IT SIN AND ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ASK HIS FORGIVENESS. NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU FALL FROM WEAKNESS!!!! Sometimes God allows things to remain in order to keep you humble!!! Never ever call anything GOOD OR RIGHT if God calls it a SIN in his word!!! Example. No one was born gay. It's a choice!!! It's also a SIN!!! We are ALL born with evil lust of the flesh and sin living inside us. Therefore anyone could choose homosexuality and say well I had these feelings at a very young age. Yep that is because SIN LIVES IN YOU! It manifests in different ways. For some they have homosexual desires very young. Others have a desire to murder and get a thrill from it. Some desire to steal and did so very young. GOD CALLS ALL OF THIS, EVIL LUSTFUL DESIRES OF THE FLESH. OR.... UNGODLY DESIRE OF THE FLESH!!!!! Just because you felt something very young doesn't mean you had to become that!!! Homosexuals confuse being shy with the opposite sex while being at home with your same sex. They confuse this with being gay!!!! Lots of straight people were scared to death of the opposite sex. Most of us have friends we feel at ease with. To begin with. That initial shyness that both men and women feel about sex acts is actually God saying this is wrong!!!! We all start out with a conscience that God put in all of us. The more we go against it. The more we feel less shy. But at a cost!!!! YOU KNOW HOW EMPTY AND EVEN DIRTY YOU FELT AFTER LOSING YOUR VIRGINITY???? That is because we are supposed to wait until marriage!!!!! It shouldn't feel dirty after marriage. Yet some still feel that feeling of guilt. Really it stems from the evil done before marriage!!! It's just that the sex act is reminding you of the first time. Outside of marriage when it was a sin. God will forgive you of ALL SIN INCLUDING SEXUAL SIN. BUT NOT UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO SAY. I SINNED!!!! GOD DIDN'T MAKE ME THIS WAY. THE DEVIL USED SIN THAT LIVES IN MY FLESH TO TEMPED ME AND I GAVE IN. THEN CALL EVERYTHING A SIN IF GOD SAYS IT IS. REGARDLESS TO HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT IT!!!!!! That means no more gay marches and no more gay clubs. And no more gay friends except to tell them about Christ. If they are still your friend and repent. You have a friend. If they refuse to repent. You won't have to feel bad breaking off the friendship because THEY WILL DO IT!!!!!!!! Call sin a sin always and stay on God's side. That's all for now. God bless...TIME IS SHORT JOHN 3:16 IS FOR YOU!!!!!

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LETS BE CLEAR ABOUT SOMETHING…. To the people calling me BubbaTime. I do think Bubba is hilarious. But I’m not Bubba!!! I’m sure Bubba is laughing at all y’all who think we are the same person!!!! Bubba says some of the same things I said. But I’m not Bubba. I do believe the DYNASTY is dying!!!! I won’t go so far as to say it’s dead. Alabama still has plenty of respect from me. But while I respect Alabama, I don’t fear them. If that bothers some. So be it!!!! But I’m not Bubba and neither am I a troll. Many of you Alabama fans come on Georgia articles and say Saban is gonna beat that A?? or so bad thinking your so good. But ill bet you don’t consider yourselves Trolls! But what are you doing??? You are doing what you think is right. You just get mad when people tell the truth and you have to see it’s the truth. Like when I told you A&M was going to beat you. You were sooooooooooo sure I was finally going to be wrong. But I wasn’t wrong. And it kills you!!!! So go ahead and say 1980 or 2nd and 26!!! But I warn you. Get your shots in while you can!!!!! ATTENTION GEORGIA FANS…. Don’t get on me when we beat Alabama. Don’t tell me show some CLASS or anything else. Because for years Alabama fans have asked for it!!!! They dish it out and they deserve whatever they get!!!! If you ask me A&M fans haven’t given Alabama what they deserve!!!! If Alabama had won. They would have trolled A&M fans like crazy!!!!! I guess some are fearful Alabama is still going to win it all. WELL I’M NOT!!!!!! Because I done guaranteed Georgia wins the SEC!!!! So with Alabama having a loss. If they get to the title game. You know what that means!!! I’ve been wrong 4 times in over 10 years!!!! And I don’t plan on being wrong this season!!!! PS. I’ve seen it. I know what 2021 holds for the dawgs and I’m only planning a celebration!!!!! And maybe a little trolling LOL!!!!
@TiderJack.......Bubba tells the truth. He's not me like y'all think. Is he trolling? Ask him. But he tells the truth. The DYNASTY is dying!!!! Dead? I don't know but it's definitely dying!!! The slow death began in 2016 when the DYNASTY MAKER Kirby Smart left and came home!!!! Alabama fans are no longer confident you'll beat Georgia!!! Y'all are suddenly missing that elite defense now that you see it gone aren't you???? Alabama still has the talent on defense and your good. But the talent doesn't perform under Golding like they did with Kirby!!! PS. I'll bet you wish Pruitt was still able to be hired. He is 1000 times better than Golding!!!! Negan
@Hengst.......Your making yourself look like a fool. Bubba is not me and while I admire Bubba. I am not he!!!!! If we were the same person. This post I'm writing would likely say BubbaTime!!!! Do I live in your brain? Bubba is laughing at you to for thinking we are the same. LOL PS. Bubba is the mos honest Alabama fan I know! I'm actually a BubbaTime fan!!!!! Negan
@CovingtonDawg.......Sorry but injuries do matter!!!! Freshman without starting experience don't play as well as superstar starters!!!! Let Alabama get 80 % of their starting defense injured and 50 % of the starters on offense. You would see them lose terribly to average teams!!!! Yea they kicked our scout teams butt. But had it been the starters it would have been a different story!!! If injuries don't matter. Take Herschel Walker off the 1980 team. Do we still win it all???? Injuries absolutely matter. But you have to play through them at times! No Lindsey Scott in 1980 we probably lose to Florida!!! Either Walker or Scott would have cost us big-time!!!! PS. Injuries matter and we still have more than anyone!!!! Luckily we've played through them. But they do matter!!!! Negan
@Lev........I agree never underestimate anyone ever!!!!! But revenge brings the fight out to!!! I don't believe it will be close. I think Georgia will own them all night!!!!! PS. I think Georgia shows how wide the gap really is!!!! Mullen and Grantham are both too predictable!!!!! Negan
Still blaming Todd are we? I would like to add something to the article. The #1 reason Georgia has surged past Florida again. Is because THEY WERE NEVER BEHIND THEM TO BEGIN WITH!!!! Florida caught Georgia one game last season when Florida had probably the best passing game in the country. And Georgia had more injuries to starting players than any Georgia team I ever saw. This season we have crazy injury problems to. But the difference is its not both sides of the ball!!! Last season Georgia had 80 % of the best defensive players injured. That means we had 20 % of the starters in on defense. Against a historically great Florida offense. Especially passing!!!! They were better than Alabama through the air!!!! Then on offense we had 50 % of the offense out. Including Pickens, several O linemen and TE's! Stetson Bennett was the QB and he just wasn't as good as he has been this season. Because this season Stetson Bennett had an entire off season and spring, as well as fall camp to learn Monkens system!!!! There are no guarantees in college football. But Georgia has a great shot at winning it all this year!!! My point is that recruiting matters! Kirby has been said to be a product of Saban. But I'm not sure it isn't the other way around!!!! PS. I just don't believe Georgia was ever truly behind Florida!!!! I enjoy poking fun of Mullen. But he is a great OC! I'm just not sure he is a great head coach!!!! Negan
SECHomer........Why would Muschamp want to leave Georgia to be Florida's defensive coordinator? I agree he would make a great one. He is probably the DC in waiting at Georgia. In case Lanning decides to go somewhere else. But Muschamp is a dawg!! He like Kirby played for Georgia. We love him here at Georgia. Florida people have done nothing but blame all the problems Florida has had over the years on him. Just like south Carolina fans do now!!! Y'all made a joke out of Muschamp. Even though he has some respectable teams at Florida. If he would have had Tebow. Florida would have won a national championship under Muschamp. He recruited a 5 star QB. But the guy never got it together!!! Muschamp has been reunited with his son Jackson Muschamp at Georgia. Muschamp ain't going anywhere unless it's a good starting job!!!! I KNEW HE WOULD ADD SOMETHING TO GEORGIA BY JUST BEING ON THE SIDELINES!!! HIS FIREY NATURE IS SOMETHING I LOVE!!! Yes, he is special teams coach. But at Georgia we are a family and everyone helps at every position!!! His personality has rubbed off on our defense and it shows!!!! People were laughing at me when I was begging Kirby to hire Muschamp. Nobody is laughing now!!!! Muschamp still has it in him to be a great head coach somewhere. But it needs to be the right team with some talent. LSU would do well to hire Muschamp but they won't!!! That's fine with me. Personally I wish Muschamp would just stay with Georgia!!!! Because he brings something to Georgia. Kirby Smart and he are the two best defensive minds in college football in my book. Lanning is up there to. But he is young and I believe Kirby mentors him. Nevertheless, Georgia has the TOP DEFENSIVE COACHING IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL AND REALLY GOOD OFFENSIVE COACHING!!!! Personally I believe Muschamp even does something for the offense!!! Muschamp had lots of low star athletes at south Carolina. Still his offenses were formidable. Especially through the air!!! Jake Bentley was a good one. Musician's biggest mistake was bringing in Mike Bobo and allowing him to start his QB from Colorado state!!! Big mistake!!! Personally I believe that cost Muschamp his job!!! Bobo is a good OC but he hasn't changed with the times. And he is about playing people he knows over the better QB. Because Jake Bentley was 100 times better than the guy Bobo brought in!!! Nevertheless Muschamp is a dawg. And everyone said. He's going to inject his poison into the Georgia team. Well whatever he's injecting them with. I love it!!! Because all those backups are dominating college football!!!! Kirby Smart, thank you for hiring Muschamp. Now please play JT Daniels some against Florida. I know he will be healthy. I think he's been healthy enough. So please play him some, pretty please! LOL Because he needs the experience later vs Alabama if we play them. Plus Stetson Bennett didn't do so well against Florida last season. Yea, I know it was our scout team. But JT Daniels would have beaten Florida that day!!! I know your trying to keep him healthy for Alabama and later on. That makes great sense!!!! But he needs to play. First to knock the rust off and then for his NFL draft stock!!! I love JT Daniels. We all do. But if he stays one more season at Georgia. That could potentially not sit well with Brock or Gunner Stockton. And especially Carson Beck!!! I don't want either QB getting ideas about other programs. As long as we get Gunner Stockton. I could live with Carson Beck leaving. Although I believe he has it in himself to be an all American! He just needs that light to come on!!!! But both Brock Vandagriff and Gunner Stockton are flat out elite ballers!!! We can't afford to lose either one. Remember next season you won't have the mailman!!!! But you won't need him. If Brock Vandagriff can legitimately beat out Gunner Stockton. Then he's an all American already!!!! Because Gunner Stockton is an unbelievable talent. GUNNER STOCKTON IS BETTER THAN JUSTIN FIELDS AND THAT IS A FACT!!! We cannot afford to lose Gunner Stockton!!!! One year of JT Daniels is not worth losing 3 or 4 with Gunner Stockton!!! I'm an all world elite evaluator of talent. When Michael Jordan came out of north Carolina. Others said he's not the best player on north Carolina. I said he would be THE BEST TO EVER PLAY THE GAME PERIOD!!! I was laughed at then to. Nobody is laughing now!!! I said similar things about other players. It all turned out just as I said!!!! Always does. So please don't you dare let Gunner Stockton or Brock Vandagriff get away!!!! Those are two great QBs!!!! Brock Vandagriff has enough talent to be an all American right now!!! I know your bringing him along slowly and that's good. But if he had to start for this team. I'm convinced he would out play Stetson Bennett. And Stetson Bennett is a really good backup!!! Better than most starters!!!! Please whatever you do. Don't lose Brock or Gunner!!!! Because next season we will have the best 1 2 QB punch in the country!!! At this rate I see JT Daniels playing another season at Georgia. I'm fine with that. As long as we don't lose Brock or Gunner!!! You talk to both. So I'm gonna trust you know what your doing!!! I would LOVE to keep Carson Beck as well. But that might be too much to ask!!!! If Carson Beck has to go. I believe I know the perfect team. If they still run the same offense or even close. That would be HAWAII!!! I know Carson has the talent to play anywhere. But on top of being an elite talent scout. I also do well placing players with teams!!!! Example. Emmet Smith the former Florida running back. He wasn't a lightening bolt and wasn't overly strong. But he had good speed and good strength. But his real strength was he was a knowledgeable runner and was great at allowing holes to open up. He also caught the ball well out of the backfield. I said if he could go to the Dallas cowboys. He could become a hall of fame type back!!! Well he got with Dallas and the rest is history! I knew Dallas was a great fit because of how they threw screens to their running backs back then. I knew Tony Dorset thrived with Dallas and I felt like it was his PERFECT FIT!!! Again I was right!!! I'm right a lot when it comes to sports!!!! Anyway, both Brock and Gunner are going to be special. If used correctly. Personally I believe Gunner Stockton is the top QB in high school football. People haggle over his footwork and things like that. But he is EXTREMELY UNDERRATED right now!!!!! HE SHOULD BE RATED AS A 5 STAR AND THE TOP QB IN HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL!! Instead he is disrespected. Everyone is sooooooooooooooo high on Bryce Young. Because he has sweet feet and throws a nice ball. He goes through progressions well. But I'm much higher on Gunner Stockton!!!! Gunner is a better runner!!! And Gunner has a stronger arm than Young!!! His arm is stronger and just as accurate. Bryce threw for 152 TD passes in 4 years. Gunner already has 152 touchdown passes and he has 7 games remaining!!! Gunner runs for 1000+ yards per season. Which is running back numbers!!! He scored with his feet probably 3 times as much as Young if not more. He routinely throws the ball 60+ yards right on the money for nu!!! No telling how many td passes the receivers dropped!!! Just go look up the guys rated ahead of him. You'll see their numbers aren't even close to his!!! He's also 2 or 3 inches taller than Bryce Young!!!! PS. There is no comparison. They should call Gunner Kid dynamite!!! In fact I just gave him the name. Kid Dynamite it is. © Negan. Quinn Ewers that just reclassified to come to Ohio state isn't even close!!!!! He was the #1 rated QB. GO DAWGS!!!!!!! Negan
One of them leaves regardless. I'm not convinced that A Richardson is that much better than Jones. It's easy to be that backup QB with no expectations on you!!! A Richardson also threw an interception. SDS reported it if I'm not mistaken!!!! Emory Jones was a higher rated QB!!! Emory Jones is a former 5 star recruit. With 3 years under Mullen. That should tell AR where he is headed!!! Mullen is overrated as a QB whisperer!!!! If y'all thought Emory Jones looked bad against LSU. Wait until Georgia gets to Jacksonville!!! AR and Jones have a nightmare headed their way. PS. Unless you want AR messed up mentally. You better keep him out of the Georgia game. Otherwise he will be like Felipe Franks who was never the same again after Georgia!!!! Negan
" Don’t count us out… #GVO #GatorGang " Don't count them out of what? Surely he isn't stupid enough to believe they are winning the east this season? If he's expecting UGA to lose 3 times and Kentucky to lose 4 times. He is hoping for a lot. I don't believe Kentucky has 4 SEC games left on their schedule!!! Georgia ain't losing 3 times either!!! The most Florida can do is get lucky vs Georgia in 2 weeks!!! But that's all. Florida is done in the east!!!! They were already done before the loss to LSU!!!! I honestly don't believe they even have a mathematical chance!!!! Again the most they can do is get lucky in the cocktail party. And yes it will be LUCK if it God forbid happens!!! PS. Georgia is on another planet than the gators!!! People should see now just how much Mullen really closed the gap!!!! LOL Negan
Someone on the radio said they offered to double Saban's salary to come back to LSU. He reportedly took their call. Negan
If they had sense it would be either Urban Meyer or Joe Brady!!!! Preferably Urban Meyer considering he hates the pro game already!!! PS. Brent V over at clemson might like the LSU job!!! Negan
snuffy..........stick around pal!!! Georgia won it in 2017 and got robbed. But still make sure to stick around. Because 1980 is about to end!!!!! It's pretty pathetic when the national championship deal is all you have to say!!!! Bye the way. YOU SHUT UP PUNK!!! It was you Florida bed-wetter's that started this war of words!!! You can dish it out but can never take it!!! PS. You are pathetic and weak. Just like your team!!!! How's the weather down there??? Negan
Imperial........Why is a former 5 star QB still throwing 4 picks? Not to mention looking like a bad true freshman still. After 3 years under the Whisperer!!! Mullen ran Matt Corral out of the Florida program. In order to go get Emory Jones!!! Y'all gave Kirby Smart h?ll for not starting Justin Fields and allowing him to go to Ohio State. Even though Jake Fromm clearly won the QB battle. Yet Mullen pushes florida commit Matt Corral out in order to get Emory Jones!!! How is that move working out for you? It's time to admit. Mullen is a very average to bad head coach!!!! Not to mention. A terrible recruiter!!!! PS. But he trust his evaluation of the players!!! Keep trusting please!!!!! LOL Negan
Why doesn't the SEC ever send out a strongly worded letter to the guys in stripes??? They can lose a game for you. It's the fans that pay the SEC! They don't pay them to sit around saying and doing nothing. While the REFS bet on games and then try to rig them!!!! PS. It's passed time the REFS are held accountable for their actions!!!!! Negan
I didn't see it. But if the fans were right. I don't blame them for letting the REFS have it!!! It might just take people coming out of the stands to make the REFS start calling right!!! PS. As hungry as Tennessee fans are this season. I can't blame them for seeing enough and doing something about it!!! Negan
Yea Stools is usually always classy. Just like Sam Pittman. Now when we spank Florida next game. I wonder how classy Mullen will act??? I predict something like. " Well we won last season!!! " And should his offense put any yards together. Even if they don't score much. I hear Mullen saying. " We went up and down the field on their vaunted defense. But just couldn't capitalize. " Probably says, we beat ourselves today. He probably says something like that should be lose!!! If he loses in every statistic. He'll say. " It's about us!!! We made too many mistakes and beat ourselves!!! " PS. He will half-heartedly congratulate Georgia if anything at all. He will sniff and be snippy if Georgia wins. Wait and See!!! LOL Negan
CovingtonDawg.........You nearly got my wild hair up!!! Until I read the end of the post!!! LOL IT WAS FUNNY!!!! PS. True to!!!! LOL Negan
Brad.......Like I said with Arkansas. I only hope that Kentucky doesn't allow Georgia to beat them twice this season!!!! The cats are really good. They can end up in a new years 6 bowl!!! PS. Good game guys. Now I can go back to supporting Kentucky!!! LOL Negan
LONG BUT NEEDED. MY REASONS FOR STILL BEING IRRITATED....... I'll say again. Other than against clemson when he was playing hurt. When has JT Daniels done anything but impress? What has JT Daniels done to be benched? The offense always puts up huge numbers when Daniels plays. Stetson Bennett is a nice #2 who is probably #4!!!! Nobody is going to convince me that other than EXPERIENCE. Stetson Bennett is better than Brock Vandagriff or Carson either. He's not!!!!! Stetson always puts in a solid game. But JT Daniels puts up elite numbers!!!!! When JT Daniels scored 35 points in THE FIRST QUARTER against Vanderbilt. What do you think the score would have been if JT Daniels stayed in the game. And if Georgia was actually trying to score as many as possible like Alabama always does??? I TRULY BELIEVE JT DANIELS COULD HAVE PUT UP 100 POINTS IF HE HAD WANTED TO!!!! Any QB that can score 35 points in the first quarter while the defense is FRESH! They can score 100 points if desired!!!! As long as Stetson Bennett was getting the job done today. No point in risking injuries to JT Daniels except to get him some live game experience and knock off some of the rust if it's there!!! Personally I think it's wrong. But if Florida doesn't challenge Stetson Bennett. JT Daniels might not play against them either!!! I honestly believe it's Georgia's goal to play Stetson Bennett as long as it holds out. Because when we play Alabama or possibly auburn again. I believe Kirby Smart wants 2 fresh great QBs ready to play!!!! Personally I believe Georgia is playing both in practice more than they are saying. Anyway, I picked auburn and Alabama to be a coin flip this season for the winner of the SEC WEST. Personally I don't believe there is a clear favorite. You could say Alabama since they have Nick Saban. But then again auburn has Bo Nix who is more experienced than Bryce Young. And it's in auburn!!!!! Even though I want to beat Alabama head to head to knock them out of the playoff hunt. I'm afraid we might have to beat auburn twice!!!! Can we do it? Absolutely!!!! As long as we come to play. We can beat ANYBODY!!!!! Personally I think Alabama pooped in their best when they lost to A&M just as I predicted!!! Still that doesn't leave them any crimson colored backdoors into the playoffs like they usually have. In short should Georgia beat them now. They are rightfully out!!!! Even if they beat Georgia provided Georgia is still unbeaten in the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP. Georgia is still in. They have got to be. Especially this season!!!! People cannot argue Georgia had a weak schedule. Because as it turns out. Georgia had a stronger schedule than Alabama by far!!! YOU CAN'T DISCOUNT CLEMSON NOW. JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE 2 LOSSES!!!! BECAUSE THEY WERE ELITE BEFORE ALL THE INJURIES HIT!!!! SAME FOR THEIR QB! HE WAS ELITE WHEN GEORGIA PLAYED HIM!!!! HALF THEIR TEAM IS INJURED NOW!!! ITS NO LONGER A FAIR ASSESSMENT. PEOPLE WOULD BE POINTING THAT OUT EVERY WEEK IF ALABAMA HAD BEATEN THEM!!! Still even with all those injuries. Clemson is a 1 loss team if not for Georgia!!!!! Clemson needs to count as what they were before we beat them. An elite #3 team in the country. That made the playoffs every year unlike Alabama. And were 2-2 in national championship games vs Alabama in recent times!!! Georgia beat #3 clemson, #8 Arkansas, a ranked auburn team with 1 close loss to a ranked Penn state. Kentucky was undefeated and I forgot their ranking. I wanna say #11!!! But they were a top 10 team!!!! It's not like the ranked teams we are beating are just paper ranked. They beat heavyweights to get ranked. Kentucky beat Florida and LSU back to back. Arkansas destroyed a good Texas team and solidly beat A&M who just beat Alabama. They beat the team that beat Alabama by 10!!! Meaning they beat a pretty stout A&M 20-10 by 2 scores!!!! Arkansas had a tough game vs auburn today. But if they can just regain the confidence they had before Georgia. They could beat Alabama. Personally I wouldn't call it an upset if they did. Maybe a small minor upset. But no not a huge upset. By the way. The media is still getting on my nerves. The way they spoke of Alabama beating Mississippi state. You would think they beat Ohio state or Georgia. It was still just a very average Mississippi state. A good team yes. But no not a great team!!!! My point is Alabama started out with fly-weight Miami and couldn't hold them off the board. Alabama couldn't hold Mercer off the scoreboard. Yet people still sing their praises as if they are the most impressive team in the land!!!! The #1 team in the country Georgia has been #1 since day 1!!!! But the media is always quick to point out any potential weakness. As if they are afraid opposing teams coaches might miss any that might be there!!! Still talking about Alabama as if they are the clear #1!!! The REFS are still making it as difficult as they can for Georgia!!!! But people like Danny Kannel however you spell his name. Saying Alabama's resume is CLEARLY BETTER THAN GEORGIA. REALLY DANNY BOY? How do you figure that??? Other than Miami who wasn't highly ranked and didn't deserve the ranking they had. What am I missing here? Take the smaller schools on both schedules. UAB is on another planet compared to hapless Mercer!!!! UAB did nothing against Georgia. Mostly backups!!!! But Mercer played Alabama respectfully!!! WE ALL KNOW WHAT A SWEET GUY SABAN IS. HE NEVER GOES HARD VS OVERMATCHED TEAMS, DOES HE? Tell me. What big juggernaut team has Alabama beaten??? Ole miss is a good team. I almost forgot them. Personally I think ole miss loses to Arkansas if they just kick the extra point!!!! Sam Pittman got too over anxious trying to win in regulation. I hope Kirby Smart is never that stupid in the end of the game. Kick it. They are every bit as gassed as you coach Pittman. YOU CHOOSE TO PLAY DEFENSE FIRST. BECAUSE KIFFEN WOULD HAVE WANTED THE BALL!!! Maybe they fumble or you get a cheap turnover. Possibly you hold them to a FG!!!! Not the most intelligent move on Sam Pittman's part!!! So either way ole miss just missed their sister!!!! BUT GEORGIA HANDLED THAT SAME SISTER IN ONE HALF. WITH A BACKUP QB!!! No offence to Arkansas because y'all know I root for them!!!! So it's between Ole miss and Mississippi state for the toughest team Alabama has played yet!!!! GEORGIA PLAYED A GREAT PRE-INJURY ELITE CLEMSON AND WON! Georgia beat Arkansas, auburn and Kentucky. And beat them all soundly!!! It may turn out that Georgia beat 2 of the top SEC WEST OPPONENTS!!!!! GEORGIA IS STILL DOING THIS WITHOUT KEY SUPERSTARS!!!! And yes, Stetson Bennett is still the backup and probably the 4th most talented QB Georgia has!!!! It just shows you what hard work and experience can do!!! NOT TO MENTION HOW WELL GEORGIA DOES DEVELOP QBS!!!! Stetson Bennett is still an undersized walk on QB! ATTENTION ELITE RECRUITS....... Stop listening to the lies and negative recruiting from other schools. The Georgia defense might be one of the best ever anywhere!!!! If there ever was a defense that compared to Georgia. It was one of those CLASSIC ALABAMA DEFENSES SABAN ONCE HAD. BUT THAT MAKES SENSE. CONSIDERING IT WAS KIRBY SMART THAT PRODUCED THEM ALL!!!! Kirby Smart has assembled one of the fastest most elite defenses to ever strap on a helmet!!! He also always keeps an ELITE STAFF, ESPECIALLY ON DEFENSE!!!!! He knows how to choose a defensive coordinator and an OC to!!! Because he was probably the very best ever in modern times!!!! That includes Brent V at clemson!!!! The offense would also be #1 in college football. If they wouldn't sit down on big leads!!! All with a backup QB with tons of starters still out. Superstars like George Pickens and Dom Blaylock. K Jackson is running back kicks but that's all. Arion Smith seems to still be out. I'm not sure what to think about Arik Gilbert. Arik Gilbert lost a ton of weight in order to play receiver. I wonder if he needed to gain it back to play TE or lose more. And just needed to be on his own to do it??? Either way. WE MISS YOU ARIK GILBERT. COME BACK SOON KID!!!!! God bless you. But we sure could use you this season. It would make Georgia that much more deadly. PS. Still need to see Pickens, Dom Blaylock and Arion Smith our speed guy!!! I don't remember hearing Burton's name called. He is okay right??? A SPECIAL HURRY UP AND GET WELL JT DANIELS. WE DEFINITELY NEED YOU!!!!! I LOVE YOUR ATTITUDE THROUGH ALL THIS!!! Stetson Bennett, great job filling in!!! Just get on the same page with your receivers!!!!!! Negan
No Stetson Bennett has played badly for the most part. I wouldn't say Kentucky is the best team we played. You forget about clemson? Half their team is injured now. But they weren't injured when we played them. They were an elite team when we played them. They are not close to the same team. PS. Clemson was better than they were last season when we played them. Georgia is a way better team with JT Daniels on the field!!! Negan
Sorry but the ball was down way back on their side of the field. The QB had his knee down and fingers touching the ball. The rule says he is down!!! Booth should have reviewed it!!! They should have punted!!!! Then that was a fumble not a forward pass!!!! Stetson Bennett had better do a whole lot better in the second half. Otherwise this is exactly what I've been worried about!!!! Stetson Bennett is horrible on 3rd down. How about that pass behind Adonis Mitchell? He had zero pressure and threw the ball behind him!!!! If this is what Georgia rolls with later in the season. Even if we get by this game. It's no wonder all our rivals are praying for Stetson Bennett to be the guy!!! Anyone who thinks this man is as good as JT Daniels. They are loony!!!! JT Daniels is cold and maybe a little rusty and why not? But the offense is twice as good with JT Daniels playing!! No 5 times as good!!! I'm rooting for Stetson Bennett. Why not? That is who we are rolling with. But he better look better in the second half with NO EXCUSES!!!! If not and we don't go to JT Daniels or someone. I might just go wild!!!!! PS. Stetson Bennett can be real sharp at times. But he can also be very average!!!! And that is being kind!!!! And what is with K Jackson today??? Come on dawgs play better!!!!! Negan
A Richardson has a Heisman moment with that beautiful interception!!!! Mrtruth Florida is really flying high with that NASTY DEFENSE!!!! PS. Only gave up 1 short of 50!!!! 49 points given up by that NASTY DEFENSE!!!!! Negan
mrtruth...........You always call JT Daniels soy boy and call him weak. But your man Anthony Richardson can't stay healthy. And Emory Jones is Dan Mullen's man. Just think Dan Mullen ran Matt Corral off to get Emory Jones!!! And Mullen has been whispering to Emory Jones for 3 years now!!!! PS. Are you happy you have Emory Jones instead of Matt Corral??? And where is that NASTY DEFENSE that Todd Grantham promised? Give us some truth!!! Negan
Bubba that is because like me. You have become a living legend!!!! Your Saban short, bald and over the hill jokes are THE BEST!!! Bubba, it's too bad Alabama fans don't see what a treasure they have in you!!!! Someone who can be so honest about your team and coach. ​I have a question. Do you think it has been the REFS or the schedule that is more responsible for the DYNASTY? Or is it both? Anyway, I think you are such a legend. PS. Please post more of your Saban jokes. Give me just a tad of your genius please. You are by far my favorite Alabama fan. Your a legend Negan
Saban eats everything in the refrigerator. He just never gains weight. But he does shrink. He was already the shortest college coach in America but it's getting worse. Go watch that Clint Eastwood classic High plains drifter and look at the little midget in the movie. Especially when he says do I get a beer? That is who Saban looks like now!!! LOL PS. His age is really showing these days. He's been using just for men since his days at Michigan state!!! LOL Negan
The Archon.......Georgia fans clowns you say? Maybe some of us are. I'm thinking about being a clown for a little extra income. But clown school is just too darned expensive. Since Mullen gives away free clown lessons all the time. I thought I would learn all I could. Negan