NATIONAL CHAMPIONS JUST AS I PROMISED!!!! JUST AS I GUARANTEED!!! Remember he who laughs last. Always laughs the longest and the loudest!!!! LOL GEORGIA IS #1 &...... NEGAN IS LAUGHING!!!!! LOL

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TO EVERYONE CONCERNING THIS COMMENT BY REDDITCFB... AS WELL AS ALABAMA FOOTBALL TALKING BIG ALONG WITH THE UNFAIR DISRESPECT THAT GEORGIA RECEIVES....... RedditCFB........ " Lincoln Riley wasn’t satisfied with the weak 8-game schedule in the SEC so he moved to the Big Ten. " I hope the WEAK comment regarding the SEC was meant to be humorous. Because you could put the best the big 12, Pac 12 or the big 10 have to offer in the SEC including Ohio state. And they would likely be 3rd to 4th place minimum right now!!!! The SEC has played the SEC in THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TWICE IN THE LAST 5 YEARS!!!! Alabama took the big 10's very best Ohio state and made them look like a high school program, in the national championship. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 the SEC put historically powerful teams on the field. LSU and Alabama had historically great offensive teams. With decent enough defense. Georgia has a historically great defense and a very efficient much stronger than people think offense!!!! Example. Georgia had a 3 game streak right before the Arkansas game. Georgia was AVERAGING 50+ POINTS PER GAME FOR 3 STRAIGHT GAMES!!! Arkansas was unbeaten and had just blown Texas away and beat A&M 20-10. Georgia beat Arkansas 37-0 but in all truth. I think Arkansas was a little tired and maybe overconfident. Either way, my point is Georgia won big 37-0. But at the same time they did break Georgia's 50+ a game streak!!! People who think Georgia was weak offensively are just flat out wrong!!!! Next season, Georgia will be, no doubt. ONE OF THE BEST OFFENSIVE TEAMS IN THE COUNTRY AND CERTAINLY IN THE SEC!!!!!! Now as long as the defense plays well. I'm sure you'll see efficient offense with stout defense. But if the defense falters any, while the younger guys grow up. You'll see Georgia open the offense up!!!! I look for an incredible 4 TE look a lot of times. Just imagine, how effective the running game can be out of that look. Then when they go play-action pass. Having Brock Bowers, 6.8 260 5 star TE Darnell Washington. That runs like a WR and has strong hands. Jumps out of the stadium!!! Then the #1 rated TE in 247 history!!! That being 5 star superstar TE/WR Arik Gilbert. Last but least the former 5 star potential superstar that runs and plays like a WR. Considered by many to be the #1 TE in the country, Oscar Delp! Imagine that with any number of unbelievably fast wide receivers like blue chip Arion Smith or CJ Smith. Both lightning fast!!! Then Lad M, or Adonis Mitchell who were both freshman sensations. Both were really great playmakers!!! Lad is very fast to. Georgia didn't throw much. But when they did. These guys answered the bell. Burton that transferred is considered great to Alabama fans. And Georgia fans know he was good. But Lad Mcconkey had the same number of touchdown catches as Burton. And nearly identical numbers!!! Then there is K Jackson who is an NFL receiver when healthy and he is. He was ranked by PRO FOOTBALL FOCUS AHEAD OF JOHN METCHIE!!! NOT BAD! He's fast, strong and runs NFL routs. He gets separation on a regular basis! When you are ranked ahead of a great receiver. That said it all!!! I don't recall where Metchie went in the NFL draft. But personally I considered him to be a first round draft pick!!! If he wasn't, the injury did it!!! Metchie and Jackson are extremely similar. If Georgia was throwing 50 times a game. You would see how similar they both are!!! When Georgia throws its always a big play!!!! Many don't know that Stetson Bennett WAS FIRST IN THE SEC IN YARDS PER PASS!!!!! And he was among the nation's best in efficiency. I know Alabama is great, even their coaches are bragging publicly. Not very Nick Saban'ish, if you ask me. Still, there is one team in the country who is not intimidated. That would be your national champions the Georgia bulldogs!!!! PS. Georgia was disrespected by most everyone even after winning fair and square, and dominating the SEC competition. Alabama barely survived Florida, auburn and Arkansas. Alabama beat Arkansas in a shootout. Arkansas scored 35 and lost 42-35! Alabama won by pure LUCK with first two. Then they lost to A&M, and nearly lost to LSU who they beat by 6 points, 20-14! Georgia played Florida, auburn and Arkansas with these results.... Georgia 34 Florida 7 Georgia 34 Auburn 10 Georgia 37 Arkansas 0 YET MANY STILL SAY ASTERISK CHAMPIONSHIP. I SAY JEALOUS BS!!!!! Negan
TDOW........ " Pruitt ingratiating himself to the future GOAT, the conductor of the G train, the Emperor of the East, the dwarf elephant slayer, the UF coach terminator … King Kirby " I LOVE IT!!!!!! NOW THAT'S A FAN POST!!!!! LOL Formerly, King Negan
Fuzzy....... " pruitt will be re-enrolling in St. Nicks school for wayward copaches if he doesnt get a show cause. " Sounds like to me it's Georgia he is warming up to. Everyone knows it's harder to work for Saban than it is Kirby Smart. And Smart gets the way better defensive players these days. And puts a way better product out on defense. So I would say it's Georgia that he probably wants to work for!!!!! Because Saban always makes it look like he is this great teacher. That people need to sit at his feet or something!!!! Anyone with any pride wouldn't do that!!!! PS. Why do that. When you can come to Georgia. Not be treated like a flunky by a dictator, or like a child asking. May I have more please?????? Negan
T-BoneWDE..........Honestly I thought Derek Mason was going to turn that auburn D into the old classic Auburn D!!!! I don't know what happened. But you are right. Derek Mason is absolutely one of the best!!! I hope he finds his way to Georgia someday. We can use him!!!! Honestly I believe Muschamp added the ATTITUDE NEEDED AND FIRE TO BE GREAT! I could be wrong. But I think Muschamp is tired of head coaching gigs. I think he wants to retire doing what he does best. Coaching defense and recruiting!!!! Like Kirby Smart he also played for Georgia!!! I honestly believe Georgia is going to turn into a DYNASTY!!!!!! Too many good things coming together at once!!!! PS. Only a few can be elite. But I still feel the turn to the GREATNESS!!!! GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!! Negan
Ron Mexico......I just now realized you are an auburn fan. All this time I thought you were an Alabama fan. What happened to the days of auburn and Alabama despising each other???? And I just went to look at the 2023 SEC recruiting rankings. I honestly couldn't believe it... HOW ON GODS GREEN EARTH IS AUBURN LAST PLACE IN RECRUITING??? Vandy is middle of the road sort of, but auburn is last place!!! How can that be???? Don't assume I'm trolling because I'M NOT!!! I don't hate auburn. I'm asking how??? No offense to Vanderbilt. But the auburn tigers should NEVER EVER be last place. And especially not behind Vanderbilt!!!! PS. I don't hate Vanderbilt either. I'm hoping they can do better. But their fans are intelligent people. They know auburn should never be behind them!!!! Negan
Kentucky is getting more dangerous by the day!!!! As long as you keep beating Florida. You'll keep being one of my favorite teams after Georgia. You and Arkansas. And I'm starting to be fond of A&M since Saban hates them LOL!!! PS. At the end of the day though. I'm SEC all the way!!!! Negan
" The Georgia Bulldogs were nominated in the Best Team category. " I knew someone had to have a brain. LOL Finally some recognition for the TEAM Georgia was and not just the defense!!! Kirby Smart should have won coach of the year. I think they called it too early!!! Probably assuming Georgia would blow it late in the season. It can still happen to ANYONE!!!! But... PS. But the cursed team is looooooooooooong gone!!! Negan
While I think Ole miss is absolutely a threat to beat Alabama in a game. I think Arkansas, A&M and LSU are also threats to take " A GAME! " To take the west. I believe Arkansas and A&M are the biggest threats in 2022. I still place Georgia as the biggest overall threat to win the SEC or a possible return match again in a playoff!!! Negan
Georgia doesn't have to worry about let down anymore than Alabama. Both are well coached. In that regard along with recruiting. Both Kirby and Saban start building their new team and their moral first all regular season at every opportunity. Then one day after the last game. Be it championship or bowl win. THEY ARE ALREADY 24 HOURS EARLY!!!!!!!!! IF GEORGIA DOESN'T REPEAT. IT WON'T BE BECAUSE OF ANY LETDOWN!!!!! It will be because it's hard to repeat and only the most elite teams ever do. Usually those teams win it a year earlier than they normally would. Then return the SAME TEAM!!!! But Georgia has plenty of talent and leadership on offense and I'm certain Kirby is building more on defense now!!!! I think Georgia has a great shot. But as long as they make a strong showing. You have to be satisfied. But I think repeat is on their mind!!!! CHAMPIONSHIP IS ALSO THE GEORGIA STANDARD. IT HAS BEEN STARTING THE YEAR 2017!!!! We don't say it as often. Because we don't feel it's championship or bust. Because that takes all THE FUN OUT!!!! Saban threatened to take the Texas job early in his career at ALABAMA. Because of that very EXPECTATION!!!! He set that standard then got angry at fans for holding him to it!!!! PS. NOBODY WINS IT EVERY YEAR!!! NOT ALABAMA AND NOBODY ELSE!!!!! Negan
Would someone let him know I tried calling. He said he was at lunch with family. I called back when he said and the storm apparently mocked out his service. I'm trying to get in touch on the phone. PS. I can do a face chat if he wants. But it has to be within this coming week!!! Negan
Let me be the first to congratulate you on this kid. Good get for Napier. Offense is always needed. But you have A Richardson and a few others. Florida is not in as bad of condition as some think. It's about playing together. Learning how to make I spell US!!!! PS. I'm impressed with this get. Congratulations. Negan
I KNOW ITS LONG........ THESE ARE MY OPINIONS ON..... O LINEMAN O'CYRUS TORRENCE, COACHING, NIL & WHY GEORGIA IS A QUIET NIL GIANT! AND QB RATINGS. LOTS OF STUFF........LOL My main issue with OL O’Cyrus Torrence, of Florida is not his school. But rather the fact that. He is a 3 star that achieved in the SUN BELT. Not the SEC!!! I'm not saying he can't. But he hasn't proven it yet! Honestly I know he wanted to play for Napier. But Georgia would have had a far more guaranteed shot at. Making him into an SEC linemen and NFL DRAFT PICK!!!!! Georgia or Alabama!!!! Nobody really knows if Napier can really get it done as a head coach in the SEC!!!! People forget Kirby Smart was with Bobby Bowden and Mark Richt. And then 13 years with Saban counting LSU, Miami(NFL) and then 8/9 years at Alabama with Saban. Before he ever went to Georgia to be head coach. Numerous other smaller stops to!!!! Kirby Smart like Saban was around greatness most of his coaching career before becoming the head guy at Georgia!!!!! Kirby Smart has one identical trait that is like Saban. That makes both men who they are. DESIRE TO RECRUIT!!!! It's a job for most. But for Kirby and Saban. That is the part they love the most!!! The recruiting and development of players. Then building a team by stacking elite classes. Always wanting to be FIRST!!! Hating second!!!! Willing to sacrifice. With wives who allow them to do what they love!!!! For Kirby and Saban. This part is not really a sacrifice. ITS MORE LIKE THE MAIN MEAL AND DESERT FOR THESE GUYS!!!!! Like great entertainers. They always strive to TOP THEMSELVES!!!!! Eventually it's going to boil down to the guy with the most energy!!!! Right now they are neck and neck! NIL can make it tougher to get the players. Especially Alabama! But it won't beat either guy!!!! PS. Georgia is silently NIL RICH!!!! We are the new Hollywood. Marvel studios are cashing in here thanks to a one of a kind TAX SHELTER FOR MOVIE PRODUCTION COMPANIES. X Georgia students and fans are also successful investors at MARVEL STUDIOS and across the country. Georgia even has some ties to Texas oil. Rich scientist! Movie stars and now Herschel Walker are extremely SUCCESSFUL!!! I could go on and on!!! I haven't named some of the bigger advantages. Don't forget Atlanta Georgia is the Olympic city!!! GEORGIA IS ONE OF, IF NOT THE BEST BUSINESS SCHOOLS IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. HENCE SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS FRANCHISES!!!!!!! BUSINESSES MAKE MONEY!!!!! Everyone thinks USC is this NIL UNBEATABLE because of it being HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA! BUT HOLLYWOOD IS PRACTICALLY DEAD!!!!! COMPARED TO ITS GLORY DAYS!!!!! LOOK IT UP AND YOU'LL FIND OUT. THE BIGGEST MOVIE COMPANIES ARE NOW IN GEORGIA WITH GEORGIA BULLDOG TIES VIA INVESTORS AND EVEN STARS!!!! Add that to the success Herschel Walker is having and NIL IS GROWING FOR UGA BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS!!!!! We know why Alabama was considered by Arch Manning. Texas is not good but they are an NIL RICH PASSING TEAM. So it makes sense they just got 2 of the better young QBs!!! But as much flack as Georgia received for allowing Justin Fields to transfer and then the Stetson Bennett over JT Daniels deal. RIGHT OR WRONG. GEORGIA WAS A BIT OF A MYSTERY YOU MIGHT SAY! But those who really know. Understand Jake Fromm was also a former 5 star QB and would have beaten D'shaun Watson's Georgia passing record before Trevor Lawrence had he not gotten injured in high school. He came up 200 yards short of the passing yardage. I haven't kept up with TD numbers but he was also great!!!! Featured on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! JAKE FROM HAD JUST TAKEN GEORGIA TO THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP AND PLAYED WELL ENOUGH TO WIN. AFTER BEATING BAKER MAYFIELD IN A BACK AND FORTH WAR! FROM AND GEORGIA CAME FROM BEHIND TO WIN THE ROSE BOWL!!!!!! JAKE FROMM WAS DEADLY AGAINST FLORIDA HIS ENTIRE CAREER AND HIS FOOTBALL IQ WAS OFF THE CHARTS!!!! HE LEGITIMATELY BEAT OUT JUSTIN FIELDS AT GEORGIA PERIOD!!! EVEN FIELDS DIDN'T DENY IT!!!! JAKE FROMM HAD A TERRIBLE LAST SEASON AT GEORGIA. BUT AGAIN THERE WERE REASONS!!! HE WAS ALREADY ON HIS 3RD OC IN 3 SEASONS AND " ALL" OF HIS WIDE RECEIVERS GOT DRAFTED OR WENT TO THE NFL THE YEAR BEFORE. THE ONLY GO TO RECEIVER HE HAD LEFT WAS HOLLOMAN WHO GOT KICKED OFF THE TEAM BEFORE THE SEASON. THE WEATHER DIDN'T HELP FROMM. AS HE PLAYED IN DRENCHING RAIN STORMS OVER HALF THE SEASON!!!! INCLUDING THE SC LOSS IN WHICH GEORGIA TURNED IT OVER 4 TIMES TO NONE!!!! IN AN OT THRILLER!!!! But Justin Fields went to a high school offense at Ohio state and thrived. Why??? Ryan Day??? NO!!!! The offensive style and easy defensive teams he played against!!!! Practicing against Georgia every single day in the SEC. Made the big ten feel like he was back in high school again!!!!! BUT FACE IT. AGAINST ALABAMA HE GOT CRUSHED AT OHIO STATE. ONE OF THE MOST LOPSIDED GAMES IN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP HISTORY!!!! NOW LOOK WHAT FROMM DID AS A TRUE FRESHMAN AT GEORGIA IN 2017. THEN COMPARE THE NATTY RESULTS WITH FIELDS AT OHIO STATE!!!! ITS OBVIOUS WHO WAS TRULY THE BETTER PRO STYLE QB IN COLLEGE. IT WAS EASILY JAKE FROMM!!!!!! Even with all the missing receivers and terrible OC in James Coley. Had Georgia and Fromm played in the big ten. Georgia wins it probably easily and unbeaten!!!! Georgia would have given anyone all they wanted and then some in the national championship game. Provided we got healthy!!! Fromm also dealt with a historic LSU team his last season. Still Georgia won the SEC EAST!!!! Alabama had 2 losses and no west title!!!!! Ohio state was beaten by a clemson team that was great but Georgia would have beaten them!!!! It would likely have been Georgia vs LSU had Georgia played in the big ten. I still believe LSU would have won that season. But had Georgia been 100% healthy instead of 60% Maybe. It would have been a back and forth brawl. With LSU probably edging Georgia out!!!! Okay I got into all that because of talking NIL. I'm just saying Georgia has gotten a completely unfair rap when it comes to QB management. Because I think they have made all the right calls outside of maybe playing STAR RECRUITS MORE DURING THE SEASON WHEN THEY CAN TO GET THEM READY!!!! I think Kirby is a little gun-shy when it comes to that. Because of all the INJURIES Georgia has suffered!!! I think he believes they get plenty of experience. Playing against his defense at Georgia. Well apparently that was true with Justin Fields who looked lost at times when he did actually play at Georgia. While being an instant hit at Ohio state!! WHAT MAKES SENSE??? THE DIFFERENCE IN THE STRENGTH OF DEFENSE IN THE SEC VS BIG TEN IS THE OBVIOUS ANSWER!!!! Kirby Smart was trying to keep his STAR BACKUP HEALTHY. JUST IN CASE HE NEEDED HIM!!! Same thing with JT Daniels! I loved JT Daniels as everyone knows. But he was a little injury prone!!! I don't think his body was truly ready for the SEC BEATING HE COULD TAKE!!!! Still that Georgia line is stellar and JT Daniels has a quick release and can pick any defense apart!!!! Stetson Bennett as small as he is seems to be a hair more rugged!!!! And a better more willing runner. Who also has made big play after big play with his arm at Georgia. Only throwing 15-20 times per game. His stats won't be overly wowing. But his QB efficacy I believe was at the top of college football or between 1-3???? When he did throw it was big plays!!!! And he was offensive MVP for the Orange bowl and the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!! How can you argue with that???? GEORGIA HAS 3 TOTALLY ELITE 5 STAR QBS BEHIND STETSON BENNETT!!! I KNOW THEY DO GET READY SAFELY IN PRACTICE!!!!! Still I would love to see them all get more live game action. Just to see them and give them all more confidence!!! JT Daniels did nothing but practice against the Georgia defense. All the way until finally cleared for live action. Should be rusty right? Wrong! He threw for 4001 yards and 4 or 5 TD PASSES! And he hit 2 others right in the hands in the end zone that were dropped. He had ZERO RUN SUPPORT believe it or not. So yep I'll bet it was a tough call. Choosing Stetson Bennett over an unbeaten JT Daniels. But ultimately the coaches see them every day!!!! I think they were close enough in production. The coaches went with what. They had seen. They knew if he had to that JT Daniels could come off the bench cold figuratively speaking and light a fire!!! But Stetson Bennett was a hair tougher and the better runner!!! I think they knew eventually we had to get past a team. That had the ability to light up a QB like a Roman-candle. They didn't want to get to the big dance. Only to see their hopes and dreams rolling rolling around on the field with an injury. Then have to bring Stetson Bennett in completely cold!!! I think they thought. It's best to play the guy who runs best as the starter. Then go to the guy who can go for 401 completely cold off the bench. IN THE END THE COACHES WERE PROVEN RIGHT!!!! BUT NEGAN IS GOING TO BE PROVEN RIGHT ABOUT JT DANIELS IF HE STAYS HEALTHY. JUST WATCH AND SEE!!!!!!! All I humbly ask of Kirby is to let the other QBs play when games aren't close. And allow them to actually shine!!! Stetson Bennett has an NIL DEAL NOW. And I know Brock Vandagriff has had an NIL DEAL. BOWERS HAS ONE!!! I'm not sure of others. I don't keep up with that part much. If he doesn't already have one. Gunner Stockton should get an NIL DEAL!!! He broke all the Georgia passing records with 177 touchdown passes. Beat D'shaun Watson's rushing numbers of 50+ rushing touchdowns and his passing numbers to. As I said he has the passing records with 177 touchdown passes. But his touchdowns on the ground are better than Trevor Lawrence and Watson COMBINED!!!! At 77 touchdown runs!!!! Has a 68 yard touchdown pass dead on the money. Hit the receiver in stride!!! Ball traveled 68 yards in the air!!!! So 177 touchdown passes with one traveling nearly 70 yards in the air, right on the money! And 77 touchdown runs. Right at 4.5 40 speed. If not better by now and strong in his lower body. Like Baker Mayfield he's been compared to. He's not a giant in height but Bryce Young is a hair smaller than Stetson Bennett!!! Gunner Stockton is 6.2 over 200 pounds and will tower over those guys!!!! He's got the best current stats I've seen in the last few seasons. Plays better competition than Arch Manning!!!! Was a former 5 star who got bumped to 4!!!! I simply don't get it!!!!! Anyone can struggle against a great defense or just have a bad game or two. Arch Manning has!!! Yet he has a perfect 1000 rating with 247 and Gunner Stockton has twice or three times better numbers. I just don't understand the rating system????? PS. I love Arch and still would love to have him. But I honestly believe that right now. Gunner Stockton is the better QB!!!! That is my opinion!!! I'm not certain Georgia doesn't have 3 better!!!!! Negan
OL: O’Cyrus Torrence, of Florida as first team O line. And no dawg from our O line??? Georgia has easily 3 and probably 4 guy's better than this dude. Maybe more!!! How about 5 star starter that got injured Tate Ratledge??? How about Amarius Mims? I know Mims is about to get his shot to shine. But he was one of the highest ranked O linemen ever!!!!! I could go on and on. Torrence is a big guy. Not bigger than the two I just named. Why is he ranked so high? What has he achieved in the SEC? NOTHING! He is just one of Napiers chumpions from the sun belt. Was a 3 star in high school! Florida hasn't proven they can produce NFL linemen lately. Georgia is a O line and D line, running back, DB, LB and TE factory!!! And considering Jake Fromm is in the NFL and both Eason and Fields credited Georgia for their development as much as anyone. Then considering what Georgia turned Stetson Bennett into. And our greatest QB recruits have yet to hit the field. But we are certainly a 5 star QB recruiting machine. Because ultimately THEY KNOW THE TRUTH!!! ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE QB PRODUCES AT ELITE LEVELS. BECAUSE GEORGIA WILL EVENTUALLY PASS MORE AS NEEDED!!! It's not about STATS. It's about WINNING!!!!! Yes Alabama is elite in passing. But don't pretend the defense has been great. It hasn't been!!!! Personally I think the Alabama D will get better. But it will never be truly elite. Unless Saban returns to MORE BALL CONTROL on offense!!!! If Alabama is as dynamic on offense as they have been. Look for similar defensive production!!!! If Alabama still throws as much but is not as successful. The defense and team probably gets worse!!!!! Unless they return to BALL CONTROL like I said. PERSONALLY I THINK SABAN IS TOO PRIDEFUL TO DO THAT!!!! IT WOULD BE LIKE SABAN ADMITTING KIRBY SMART HAS IT RIGHT. AND HE IS WRONG!!!! Georgia also has other D linemen better than Gervon Dexter!!!! But Gervon is pretty good! Playing on a terrible team. I WONDER WHY THEY DON'T HAVE BRENT COX AS FIRST OR SECOND TEAM ANYTHING????? HE SUPPOSEDLY GOING FOR THAT FLORIDA SACK RECORD! You would think he would get more respect? But unless he has took speed pills. He's extremely slow for a linebacker/smaller Defensive end. His 40 time is way up over 5!!! Jordan Davis at 6.7 350 would blow his doors in a race!!!! He would beat a lot of DBs and running backs to!!!! I am still angry that Atlanta didn't go after him. Instead they went after a big tall but SLOW WR from USC!!!!! At least go after Jamison Williams or George Pickens. Metchie or a bunch of other speedsters!!! Personally I'm going after the 6.7 350 monster that runs like a running back and probably works out by lifting cars!!!! I used to do that myself!!! I was as skinny as Jerry Lewis when used to pickup cars!!!! Now when I workout. I do 200 pounds on each arm in curls!!!! I see guys built like the hulk that can barely curl 130 once or twice on one arm. Usually their strong arm!!!! But honestly I curl 200 30 times each on both arms. But doing that. I believe I hurt my neck!!!! No I'm not built like the hulk. I'm a big man and overweight. But I have a ton of muscle underneath!!!!! So I'm built better than my weight!!!! But my point is Jordan Davis would have been my #1 draft pick. He alone can make ANY DEFENSE IMMEDIATELY BETTER!!! Because it's going to take 2 or 3 guys just to ATTEMPT to block him. That is going to free up other linebackers or DE'S to run wide open in the gaps. And sometimes 3 men will fail and you'll have that big dinosaur chasing your QB or running back and probably getting to them. Either way you are looking at CONSTANT PRESSURE!!!!! When you are Atlanta and need DEFENSE. Knowing your dropping Matt Ryan to go with someone else's failed draft choice. How do you pick a tall slow wide receiver from USC over Jordan Davis???? ITS PURE CRAZY!!!! As it worked out. Atlanta could have took Jordan Davis #1 and Nekobe Dean at #2!!! Adding just those two guys could have turned the Atlanta defense around!!!!! Instead we have a tall slow receiver from USC!!! I hope he is elite and in another Julio Jones but I doubt it. PS. Only time will tell who was correct!!!! Negan
If we could get people to understand. Ki...l...ling ba...bies in the womb is still murder? America the great understood that well. No need to kill!!!! Try adoption!!!! So many who can't have any want them and have so much love to give. God loves even those who have them. But it hurts him. The way we use our free will!!!! GOD SAID. "HURT NOT THE FETUS IN THE WOMB. " That is his feelings. PS. Want to try love over lu..s..t? Start by loving children against. You can't say you love them and be in favor of killing them!!!! Negan
Dude has good bone structure for a statue LOL. PS. Build him a statue!!! LOL Negan
Congratulations to Ole Miss baseball. Just be happy you are not Georgia in football. Someone would be yelling ASTERISK CHAMPIONSHIP! Then imagine had Tennessee won it? The best team all season. That is what Georgia was in football. The very best all season. Then we won it. Fairly even those the refs basically gave them 2 TOUCHDOWNS. Considering the legit score they took away on the fumble and the one the gave Alabama on the terrible Stetson Bennett call. THAT AND THE FACT GEORGIA HAD MORE MISSING AND INJURED PLAYERS THAN ALABAMA TIMES 3 AT LEAST. Superstar players like Arik Gilbert and Adam Anderson to name only 2!!! There were about 12 I can name off hand but I won't. All 5 star players or 4 star blue chips! 99 % easily!!!! PS. How many would scream asterisk championship if Alabama had won. With all those star players out for Georgia????? NOBODY! That's who!!!! Negan
RealCodyJones........ " Don’t think there’s much to the backstory here. He just fell behind Wright, Lingard and Johnson. There’s only so many carries available among all those guys " I was unaware you were part of the new staff at Florida. When were you hired? Napier has made every hire big news! Are you a secret weapon or something? Anyway thanks for that inside info, into the running back depth chart!!!! I'm curious who is your #1 and #2 wide receivers? Who do you plan on giving the top 2 positions in the running game? Is A Richardson absolutely your starting QB? If so, who is his backup and the third string guy???? PS. Will you be holding a clipboard or are you an on the field coach???? Who will you lose next? Negan
ranger37........I think you are wrong. I believe Tennessee will absolutely win the EATS! Tennessee is okay in football. But there is one thing most everyone in Tennessee knows how to do. And that is EAT!!!! As soon as the SEC has an eating contest. I think Tennessee will dominate the SEC!!!! LOL PS. I know you meant east. But I couldn't resist!!! LOL Negan
Georgia needs a big man. Why not go there if you are good???? Negan
" Sunbelt Billy has way more resources than Sideshow Dan the Clown, but can’t even recruit at the same level as the laziest recruiter than SEC has seen in a long while. " Oh but your forgetting one HUGE thing. Makes it an even worse look for Napier..... ITS ACTUALLY RECRUITING SEASON AND HE STILL STINKS!!! LOL If he ever gets enough 3 stars. He could potentially catch Georgia in recruiting momentarily or even pass us. While Kirby waits for the big dawgs to makeup their minds. That has always been his style. To please the top recruits. You have to show them you are willing to wait!!!! Win or lose them. He has won far more than he ever lost!!!!! Should he get the required number of 3 stars. Lookout for a gator rain of mouth running. Because they actually believe that kind of recruiting is better than getting less 5 star and blue chip players along with a share of the top 3 star recruits!!! PS. Even the 3 stars that want to play immediately go to Florida. The ones who wish to be developed into NFL PLAYERS. They go to Georgia or Alabama!!!! Negan
tonytiger.......I guess you didn't think about the option. He was going to the gators or FSU! At this point. I would probably choose FSU as well! LOL Negan
Hey I'm fast and I play for Newman said at WR and Tailback. I run a 50 flat in the 40!!!! They tell me that my 50 flat is unbelievable at any college or pro level!!! MY 40 time is THE BEST!!! I can sit and have lunch while I race! They all believe I'm incredible. Once I get it under 20 minutes. I'll be world class for my size!!!! PS. I can't wait on all my offers! Negan
I wish Georgia fans would remember who we are! The way Texas seems to always stink. He will probably want to leave anyway. Not saying he will but it's not over. PLUS I'VE TRIED TO BE NICE ABOUT IT. BUT I'VE ALWAYS HINTED. THAT I BELIEVE GEORGIA HAS 3 QBS, POTENTIALLY AS GOOD IF NOT BETTER. Manning has the HEIGHT and the QB DNA! Built in homemade coaching at home. Still and I say this in love. He needs to take after one of his uncles or granddad to be a great QB. As far as DNA! Cooper Manning was a receiver wasn't he? I'm not putting him down. Kirby wanted him and so did I!!! But Georgia already has Carson Beck who is also 6.5 230 or so. Mr Florida former 5 star state champion!!! Georgia already has 6.3 200+ pound former #1 Dual Threat in the country Brock Vandagriff!!!! Both have unbelievable arm strength and are extremely accurate!!!! We know Caleb Williams is pretty fair right? Well Lincoln Riley went after Brock Vandagriff BEFORE he went after Caleb Williams!!! Then once he flipped to Georgia. Then is when the Caleb Williams hype was born!!!! Personally I don't think their HS stats are all that comparable. Unless I'm forgetting. Brock had way better numbers!!! LASTLY GUNNER STOCKTON...... Nobody, not Quinn Ewers or Arch Manning. Come even close to Gunner Stockton's stats. It's night and day. Both passing and rushing!!! I'll put Gunner Stockton against anyone in stats! His 177 touchdown passes and 77 touchdown runs are simply incomparable!!! And his stats would have been even better without the c....19 constant shutdowns we experienced in Georgia and around the country!!!! It's a MYSTERY TO ME. HOW THEY DECIDE 5 STAR QBS! GUYS WITHOUT 30% OF GUNNER STOCKTON'S NUMBERS MADE 5 STAR AND SO DID GUNNER. THEN THEY PULLED HIS 5TH STAR WHEN IT WAS CLEAR. HE WAS GEORGIA BOUND!!!!! Actually none of our highly rated guys will have any real pressure. Because Starting Stetson Bennett saw to that!!!! Now nothing much is expected yet. They can learn the game. Like you are supposed to and play once they are ready!!!! I can't wait to see them all ball!!!! However I believe that Gunner Stockton is Aaron Murray with elite wheels and a much stronger arm!!!! Wait until he learns that playbook!!!! Both Carson Beck and Brock Vandagriff are different types but both can be ALL AMERICAN!!!! All 3 guys have REAL HEISMAN TROPHY TALENT!!!! If Arch Manning gets sick of the hype and the big hits. He will likely want to transfer where he had the most fun. And that will be GEORGIA!!!!!!!!!! LOL I believe our QB ROOM cooled him on Georgia. He thinks Ewers will probably transfer leaving it all to him. If not. Then Arch could transfer!!!! NEVER COUNT KIRBY OUT!!!! REMEMBER WHO WE ARE. AND LETS HAVE CLASS!!!! HE HONORED GEORGIA IN HIS FINAL 2!!!!! PS. THANKS ARCH MANNING for considering Georgia. Good luck and may GBY!!! Negan
gatorfan8115......Even though you might be talking to anyone. I'LL RESPOND TO YOU, WITH THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF MUSIC. LOL " just can’t understand why your so crazy over Florida when you should enjoy that natty a few more months ( it will be 2062 till The next on the back door u 41 Year plan) " Like most in the world. I enjoy good music. Everyone has their own favorite years and favorite tunes. Now I have slightly changed the title on one song here. But it still works.... First hint.... Georgia was involved in both the year and the former title of the second song. Now it's GAINESVILLE Florida. LOL ANYWAY I'M ONLY LOOKING FOR A SINGLE YEAR HERE! ONLY ONE DATE... Can anyone give me " THE YEAR " that I'm looking for here? One year that perfectly describes or corresponds to. THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FOOTBALL? ESPECIALLY IN RECENT YEARS! LAST HINT. IT'S NOT 2021 OR 2009! Both dates fit, BUT IS NOT THE YEAR I AM LOOKING FOR HERE...LOL Here are your 2 hint hit songs... THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED. & THE NIGHT WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT IN GAINESVILLE. Your on the clock and I'll accept multiple answers... Good luck! WAIT, WAIT, WAIT NEGAN #1, HOLD IT!!!! I THINK I HAVE THE ANSWER!!!! IS IT 2017??? IT IS, ISN'T IT!!!! IS IT???? ONE DO WE HAVE FOR HIM JOHNNY??? DING DING DING... YEP NEGAN #2. CONGRATULATIONS. THAT IS THE ANSWER!!!! PS. Sheesh I thought this one was a bit tougher!!!! LOL Negan
Corch has Florida actually won that champion of life trophy yet? I know they are on the verge!!! But, YEP they already have those 5 star hearts. Listen I'm not supposed to lie. No, actually they have 3 star expectations and 2 star hearts!!! LOL PS. But it's just how you look at it? Because 3+2= 5!!!! Negan