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And if he hires Butch Jones a second time? Things like this have happened. I can hear Butch Jones at the interview now. I believed in my guys and they won life's national championship. The results weren't what we wanted on the field. The media caused me to lose the team. These are new players and since my time at Alabama. I'm a brand new coach. Before I went to Alabama I had big ideas of what I wanted to do. Yet no idea of the process of how to do it. How to get it done. Nick is all about process at Alabama. I'm such a process guy now that my wife who is process oriented says I'm getting on her nerves. Yet Nick has helped birth inside of me a new fire. A new know how and a new vision for Tennessee football. Stand behind me and watch as your coach performs the process. The same process that Nick Saban himself instills in his program every day of his life. Hire me again and inside of a month we will be leading the country in five star and blue chip recruits. Is that a guarantee Butch? White asked him. Yes as long as Tennessee has my back. As long as you have my back. I'll use the process to go gain the top 2020 players on the board. Alright Butch you've convinced me. Your hired. Now what do you need right now? Anything? Yes and I'm glad you asked. Okay what do you need Butch. Then Butch says are you friendly with any new car dealerships? No why Butch? Umm never mind. Do you mind making a couple of phone calls for me? Sure butch what do you need? Just call these recruits and have each one meet me at McDonald's at these days and times. White says is that all Butch? Butch says umm no. I also need seven McDonald's bags filled with fifty thousand dollars each and the last bag needs two hundred thousand dollars. White sarcastically asks him is that all? Butch Jones answers. " Yes I told you, I learned the process straight from Nick Saban himself. The process he makes work every day. You know Danny things will be so much simpler this way. " Danny says and what about the NCAA? Butch answers him. " Oh don't worry about the ncaa. They just need a bigger bag of cash. " THE PROCESS IN MOTION. Jackpot
I hope he didn't commit thinking Kirby Smart was coming to Tennessee. THE STORY WAS A JOKE. KIRBY IS NOT COMING TO TENNESSEE. SORRY. Jackpot
These guys are headed to Georgia. Kirby needs help in the back-end of his defense. Immediate playing time on a national championship contender is hard to turn down. THE RICH GET RICHER. Jackpot
Hey guys listen up. This Kirby Smart to Tennessee stuff has all been one big hoax. I've played jokes on certain people who have played some on me I guess. Okay guys and gals. Since I've been reporting this all day. This is on me. Apparently not a word of it is true. Sorry if I got your hopes up. NO KIRBY SMART IS NOT LEAVING GEORGIA. This was all just a joke. Sorry guys. Spread it around. Ill be the untrustworthy reporter now. I'm sorry. I guess anyone who thought he would leave is a bit uninformed. Kirby loves Georgia and I new that. This story is made up and is basically APRIL FOOLS BEFORE APRIL. GEORGIA FANS CAN NOW BREATH AGAIN. KIRBY WAS NEVER GOING ANYWHERE. NO SECRET TALKS ITS ALL A BIG JOKE. SORRY Jackpot Rick
Bringtherain money can bring them. A grand slam is on the phones now. Kirby might be UT before long. Jackpot Rick
Hey gangalang I better make reports a bit less frequently. I'm starting to fill this board up. This is not my blog or anything like that. I'll probably go over to a UT article with less or no response. And post updates there. Because I know I must be getting on someone's nerves. I'm getting on my own nerves. Just look for me if you want Kirby Smart to UT updates as I get them. Jackpot Rick
Hey gangalang I feel like I'm blogging. Shoot I couldn't do that Secretary work. This is getting me warn out. Whatever I do. I try to do it right. Jackpot Rick
Hello footballgirl. Love that name. Yes you are right. Then again so is he. With the average hire it might take six years minimum. However if you could make this Kirby Smart hire and with the players he'll bring over. I see two years minimum to dominating the east. Sad to say that for us south Carolina fans. I remember in Kirby Smart's first season at Georgia. Tennessee and Georgia were so evenly matched. That Georgia hit what looked like the winning touchdown pass. Then Josh Dobbs turned around and hit a miracle touchdown pass to win. They were even Steven as they say. Yet in year two with Georgia. It was like a light went on for Georgia and knocked every other light out. They crushed Tennessee and dominated my beloved south Carolina to. All the way to the national championship game. That year I think they beat the gators by let's see here. I believe it was it 42-7? Yea it was. My wife was raging that year. She is a gator. My point is Smart made Georgia in two seasons and they have never really looked back. I mean this year the gators won. Which made me happy because the wife was happy. Still that was probably all the injuries they suffered this year. They also should have played that Daniels kid. He is going to be great. They have another kid up there I wish south Carolina had. Named Beck I believe. He is really good to. I don't know what was going on this year. Anyway though, yea the right hire can put you over the top quickly. I was really high on Beamer at first. However the way he let these coaches just up and take off. He also let Gunner Stockton just up and drop his commitment. That made me furious. At this point Shane Beamer is like a kid asking may I have some more please. He is not taking charge the way I wanted to see him do. I don't care about Bobo I never did. I just care that it seems like he took Gunner Stockton with him. Unless he ends up at Georgia which I don't doubt. It seems like Smart just gets anyone he wants. If Kirby gets Stockton and you get Kirby. Then Tennessee is going to have a great quarterback the next few seasons. Because Kirby has a five star quarterback who is coming if he comes to Tennessee. He will either be quarterback at Georgia or Tennessee. So stay tuned I guess. Jackpot Rick
Well let me take that back. There is no official indicators that Kirby has any desire to leave Georgia. He is listening so that is a great sign. I just don't want to say too much. Jackpot Rick by now I'm just going to call myself Jackpot Rick while on non gator boards or articles. Jackpot Rick
I probably shouldn't say this part. However my sister-in-law that works closely with the coaches has overheard some of the talk. Kirby Smart apparently said to somebody. That he believes he could win the east next season at Tennessee. Because he has a path or a road to the title. If they do the ten sec games again. He believes he could get them to 8-2 or a 9-1 season immediately. That is probably the long list of five stars he is bringing. To'o To'o is or was talking to Georgia. However there is a path to possibly keep him. I don't need to say much more on that. Kirby believes he will have enough talent year one to win the east or make a big challenge for it. He believes there is a path. That has nothing to do with the deal they are discussing right now. Honestly from what I've heard. Tennessee people are trying to mess it up. Did Fulmer have any buy out money owed? Something about Fulmer keeps being brought up by the Tennessee side from what I'm hearing. I have my sister-in-law literally giving me fifteen to twenty minute updates from her phone. She is not part of the processes except as a organizer and witness I think. Basically a glorified Secretary. She is the one helping to dictate and put calls back and forth like conference calls. She said that they have moved to the computer now. She is acting as a host of some type. Maybe that is it. She might run the software programs that keep coaches in touch privately. That is not my expertise and I would be lost. Did Fulmer have any buyout money? Jackpot
Money money and more money. He was offered a deal that in a few years if he did his part. Got the team up to ten wins. Showing real change. He would become the highest paid coach in the college game. In other words. Tennessee would have to look around and see who the highest paid coaches are and then match their pay plus a hundred thousand a year over that. They would also be required to keep him the highest paid coach thereafter for a minimum of five seasons. So that is his motivation. However he is in love with Georgia naturally and it's a hard sell. If he does come to UT. There are a big list of five star football players coming with him. So this must be a pretty serious deal going down behind closed curtains. Ill be honest. I'm jealous as hell right now. Why couldn't my cocks do this before the Beamer hire? I'll keep you posted. Jackpot aka Gator Rick
My sister-in-law loves Georgia and she likes Kirby as a coach. She is screaming nooooooooo right now. There have been some snags in the deal. All about money as you probably realized already. They were really close to closing the deal and then boom. Tennessee people are haggling about money. The deal is still on the table as of now. They are still discussing things over the internet at the moment. Tennessee people have come really close to closing the deal a few times and really close to blowing the deal to. Both sides want a fast deal. So they are still working on it as of 6:30 PM. Jackpot aka Gator Rick
When it becomes official is what I was saying. Sorry I hit the wrong button by mistake. If the deal falls through. You'll likely never know about it. My sister-in-law is pretty close to the whole staff at Georgia. If you want this info ill keep you updated. If not I can stop writing. I'm a south Carolina fan first and foremost. I am a Florida fan because of my wife. She went to Florida and you have to keep the ole lady happy. I have some Tennessee buddies. I thought you want to read about this. I would be excited if it was me. If you were not talking about me. My bad. I was thinking since I posted the Georgia related story. Maybe it was me. I wasn't thinking that maybe it was another Georgia fan. If so my bad. Jackpot aka Gator Rick which is my middle name.
JHarryPope are you talking about me? I'm not a Georgia anything. I just gave vol fans a little inside news. My sister-in-law works for Georgia. I don't know exactly what her job entails. I only know that she does something for the football team. Secretary or just someone who types things up. Organizer or something like that. However she would have inside info. She is not the only female working in that capacity. I didn't and wouldn't give out her name. She might get fired if I did. If nobody wants the info I have fine. I'll just let people find out when it bec
Not if Kirby brings all those current 5 star players with him. Not to mention the recruits. Jackpot aka Gator Rick
Ill be honest. I'm back and forth over the Shane Beamer hire. If Tennessee doesn't end up pulling the trigger on hiring Kirby Smart. With all those five stars ready to follow him. Then I say south Carolina needs to quickly part ways with Shane Beamer and try to hire Kirby Smart while he is interested in possibly leaving Georgia. Don't give Georgia time to offer a bigger deal either. Just say yes to anything if Tennessee botches this up. I already emailed a few people I know at south Carolina and they are aware Kirby is talking. Carolina Jackpot aka Gator Rick
I don't think it's because he's not happy at Georgia. I think it's the money he will get. I mean he eats and sleeps Georgia football. It's the prospect of being the highest paid coach in college football that is drawing him. We will see. The deal is going down one way or the other. Today should tell the tale. I'm just mad that south Carolina didn't do it first. I guess they were like me. They probably thought why bother. Kirby will probably be at Georgia 30 years from now. Still this news makes me very happy and very sad. You know my sister-in-law said the school was talking about possibly bringing Mark Richt back if Kirby leaves. So Georgia will still be good. They will lose that group of talented five star guys following Kirby Smart. But Georgia will survive. Mark Richt is a good coach. What a unbelievable turn of events. Carolina Jackpot aka Gator Rick
One other thing. If he brings all those five stars with him. They are eligible year one. The ncaa voted on it. There all going to be able to play right away. Alright gang see ya. Carolina Jackpot aka Gator Rick
Oh you can bet your getting a home run hire. If Kirby Smart is hired at Tennessee. He is bringing a bunch of program changing recruits with him. See my first article but don't get confused. On here I have two accounts. One for my Florida buddies and one for my south Carolina friends. I'm first and foremost a south Carolina fanatic. However my wife went to Florida. So I root for them to as Gator Rick. So don't get confused guys. I just didn't feel like switching accounts. If you guys steal Kirby Smart from gawaga and get all those players he is bringing over. With the way he recruits. Tennessee is back right away. They just are. If I'm Tennessee I say yes to anything he ask for. I mean I'm jealous to be honest. Jealous that you have an opportunity to do something that south Carolina could have done apparently. I had no idea that Kirby Smart would even discuss leaving Georgia. Apparently Danny White just said. What the hell? He can only say no right? I am jealous as hell right now. I won't lie to you about it. I just wonder why South Carolina didn't just try and maybe ask. That s all. Oh well. I'm just happy that gawga might soon be a thorn no more. They have dominated the sec east to the point I'm sick of it. I was so glad that the gators won this year. Oh we celebrated in our house. But then the ole lady got all mad and pissy about how the season ended. Oh well I'm happy for Tennessee and the rest of the east. Because now we will all have a better chance. It's just that I can already see it. Tennessee is about to shoot right up the rankings. Honestly I see y'all in a new years six bowl already first season. Because Kirby is gonna bring probably the best staff in college football over to Tennessee right away. With all those five star guys coming with Kirby to Tennessee. Tennessee is going to be a powerhouse year one. Wait and see. Pruitt already laid the foundation. Kirby will just add to it. Goodness gracious where was south Carolina when they passed out brains? Did anyone think Kirby might even think of leaving Georgia? I sure didn't but I'm so jealous. Anyway gangalang ill keep you posted. Refer to my first article above for full details. Carolina Jackpot aka Gator Rick over and out.
Oh by the way. This is Gator Rick aka Carolina Jackpot. Some of you don't know me. I'm a big fan of Florida and a big fan of south Carolina as well. I support both schools because my wife went to Florida and I gotta make the ole lady happy. Like I said. Most don't know me as Carolina Jackpot on here. On this board y'all know me as my alias Gator Rick. Which is really my middle name. I am actually a Carolina super fan. Anyway I didn't want y'all confused. I have an account for my Florida buddies as Gator Rick. But I didn't feel like switching accounts right now. I thought maybe you guys would prefer I just give you the news quickly. Anyway gangalang this is Carolina Jackpot aka Gator Rick also. And I'll keep you informed as I'm informed. Until the story breaks or the deal falls through or whatever happens. Right now it's looking good. I don't hate Georgia fans. I have a lot of Georgia friends. I just hate they're football team. And I'm so hoping this deal gets done. I'm on pins and needles. Honestly though I don't know why South Carolina didn't try to hire Kirby Smart. I'm happy with Shane Beamer but all that comes with Kirby is just too much to pass on. I would even be happy to have Muschamp back as defensive backs coach. That man is a good recruiter and a good defensive backs coach. Just not a head coach. Well gangalang that's it for now. Carolina Jackpot aka Gator Rick over and out. Gator Rick aka Carolina Jackpot Tennessee might be back soon guys and girls.
Tennessee fans this will be long. However do not despair. Your all going to want to kiss me after reading this. Only try to hold your emotions. Okay guys here goes. I just got this from my sister-in-law who works at UGA. Tennessee is in private discussions with Kirby Smart. Word is they are very close to hiring Smart at Tennessee. As unbelievable as it might sound. The only hangup is money. Kirby wants an additional hundred thousand a year more than what the two sides are willing to agree on. Plus he wants a guarantee of additional money from Tennessee in the future. To build a brand new facility for recruiting purposes within the next 3-5 years. Tennessee seems to be fine with the facility timeline. But the additional hundred thousand dollars per year balloons to five hundred thousand in 3 years if Kirby is successful at Tennessee during that time. Plus Kirby wants total control of everything as any good coach would. With a guaranteed 5 years of employment. The sticking point seems to be the extra hundred thousand that balloons into five hundred thousand as well as the five guaranteed years which seems fair. But Tennessee seems to be worried about the buyout should Kirby not be a success. However the deal seems like it is very close to being announced if the two sides can come to an agreement. If you think it's just the hundred thousand you would be wrong. Kirby will owe the university of Georgia big money for leaving while under contract. Tennessee will have to agree to buy out his existing contract at Georgia. Then if he is successful. To the rate of ten or more wins by year five. He will then be set for Tennessee to give him a guaranteed pay raise that would make him the highest paid coach in the league. He already has a staff in mind. Including Kevin Steele as defensive coordinator and Will Muschamp as defensive backs coach. Scott Cochran would follow him as strength coach in the off season. As well as both strength coach and special teams coach during the season. Which is apparently why Muschamp has been seen at Georgia for over a week now. It is unclear if offensive coordinator Todd Monken would follow also. Del McGhee seems to be part of the staff as running backs coach. Monken is a possibility but nobody knows at this time. He seems to be waiting to make his decision. Waiting to see if Kirby indeed lands the job. Kirby is very attached to his job at Georgia. However the prospect of becoming the highest paid coach in college football appeals to him. So there you are people. There is your home run hire if the two sides can come together on the financial side and guarantees. Tennessee is willing to pay it seems. Because they don't believe any buyouts will be needed. There is talk that if Monken doesn't follow Kirby to Tennessee. Kirby has already spoken to Gus Malzahn about becoming the offensive coordinator at Tennessee. He would take the job if Monken decided not to come. Tennessee could very well have the top coaching staff in the league as a whole. Should this deal be made. Then just imagine the recruiting side. With Kirby Smart, Gus Malzahn, Kevin Steele and Will Muschamp all on the same staff. Joining them would be superstar recruiting dynamo Del McGhee. There are rumors of lots of talent possibly heading to Tennessee basically following Kirby. No names can be spoken. Because then it would be a ncaa violation. But I know the names. One a young five star quarterback. A young five star running back. A five star wide receiver and maybe another. Two five star defensive lineman with the possibility of a third. Three stellar five star linebackers. Last but not least the possibility of a five star defensive back. You won't be hearing about this before tonight at the earliest. Possibly tomorrow. Kirby Smart wants a fast resolution to talks. He wants a fast deal with no bickering or haggling over money. I know this has been a bunch to read. Georgia fans won't be happy to read it. But this is a potential day one turnaround at Tennessee. This hire immediately puts Tennessee back in the division race from the talent perspective alone. I wasn't going to say anything. However as a gator I can't keep it inside. Because gawga has been a thorn in all our sides before this year. They were set to be next year as well. So tell me my Tennessee hillbillies. Do you love me for this article or what? Like I said. My sister-in-law works at Georgia and knows all the dealings of Kirby Smart. This deal is very close. If I were Tennessee fans. I would be screaming at Danny White and Tennessee saying. Give him anything he wants. Just get him here. If this deal falls through the cracks. Tennessee will never see another one like it. Gator Rick
Well maybe I overstated it just a little bit but I've reevaluated the Carolina talent. I think we have some studs. I was really depressed for a while with all these coaches taking a dump on sc and players leaving. De-commitments and you name it. Commitments mean nothing these days. Transfers do. Glad to have this guy aboard. After looking at our roster I'm a bit more excited than I was. Well really a lot more. I honestly think with his addition we have a shot at the east. I think we are now the favorite in my book. I don't know when it comes to Alabama. That's another mountain to climb. If we can get passed Florida and Georgia. I'm convinced we could hold our own then. I think we got Florida and really Georgia is the only one I'm a little worried about. Hey but we beat them with Muschamp so I think we got them with Beamer for sure. Especially with this guy on board. We're now the goat in the east. Carolina Jackpot
glad2bsec, what are you talking about? South Carolina is coming for your a ss now. We just got the transfer to turn the SEC on its Side. Too bad this kid won't have more time. He is probably a one and done transfer. With him south Carolina is winning it all. Shane Beamer is probably the greatest coach in the history of college or pro football. Saban has been great but it's time to move over. Everywhere Shane has been success followed. Georgia never gets to that natty game without him. I'm stoked. PS. Who needs Stockton when we have Strachan? Carolina Jackpot
Whats up gangalang, this is something special. This kid is going to turn SC around. Who needs Gunner Stockton now? South Carolina is definitely winning the east. No doubt in my mind. This is my lucky day. I'm going to buy some scratch offs. South Carolina is coming for the entire SEC. Carolina Jackpot
Alabama fans are all in a great mood now but in a couple days? Forrest Gump will start running again. Gator Rick
Oh and Pruitt isn't actually talking to him. He is chatting with good friends of this guy. He basically just relayed a message more or less. Once he realized through those same friends. That he was unhappy and wanted to move. This guy had planned to transfer to auburn. Yet Gus got fired and that fell through. So his family said. Georgia is out since they are set at quarterback for a long time. USC was mentioned first. This kid and his family wanted either Tennessee or USC. Otherwise he was advised to stay and start next season. His heart has not been with this team for a long time. After he took a visit to Tennessee with his family that was never reported. Because he didn't want Pruitt to get in any trouble. I don't think he talked with Pruitt at all then. Now it's all said and done. Tennessee fans will get news in under a week. Gator Rick
Usually I enjoy saying things just to be funny. If your a rival of my mighty gators I like to burn you now and then. This time however I'm not in a joking mood. JG has entered the portal as a threat or protest. Pruitt is working under the table to land a five star quarterback who will be in the portal soon. Your not allowed to have this kind of contact, but Pruitt already has. I'll just say. He is a former high school all American and rated as a five star. He is a day one starter at any program in America next season. He is fed up with his team for not getting proper reps. The guy ahead of him is a household name. Not from Florida or Georgia. He played his high school ball on the west coast. I'll give you a clue but I can't say it outright. Remember he is not in the portal yet. Still it's a done deal. I know people who know him well. You'll see his name in the portal within the next 5 days. So what is the protest all about? JG has told Pruitt if this guy comes. He is out the door. Pruitt let him know it's basically a done deal. He vowed to also try to make a stink on the way out the door with the ncaa. He already plays in the SEC. He talked to his family and they want him to go to Tennessee or USC. He desires to stay in the SEC. Now for your only hint. Sorry because I cannot do better. I gave my word. HINT: Besides being a future first round NFL pick. Probably the first overall pick. Oh and no, it is not JT Daniels or Emory Jones. He is a super talented, next level type. Always on the joB Young quarterback. Good luck you'll love him. I'm jealous. Gator Rick
Be careful fellow gator. SC is bringing in Jeff Monken and the triple option offense. In a few years they might be hard to handle. Jeff Monken believes in the triple option attack. Based upon what he has seen at army. He feels he can do as good or better in 5 years in the SEC. Gator Rick
Jeff Monken is going to make his mark on SC. Inside of 5 seasons, he will have them at 6 wins and bowl eligible again. Plus it's going to be really fun watching the triple option in the SEC again. Gator Rick
I already told you. Jeff Monken is a done deal. Lose the fans or not. Jeff Monken is a done deal. There is no real reason to believe that Hugh Freeze could have really contended inside of 3 years. I mean Dan Mullen isn't going anywhere. As bad as I hate to admit it. Kirby Smart is probably here to stay as well. So how could Hugh Freeze contend inside 3 seasons? Personally I stand beside Jeff Monken as a great hire. I do believe he could get SC bowl eligible in 5 years. So stand behind your new coach. Personally I think it will be fun having the triple option back in the SEC. Gator Rick