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Donk...........The only thing I remember about 2017 is how georgia stomped a mudpuddle in y'alls backside and walked it dry with a true freshman QB in Kirby"s 2nd season!!!!! Saban wasn't even sniffing a bowl game in his second season at Michigan state!!!! Then again everything about Kirby out shines Saban!!!!! Saban is on the verge of a retirement home. You honestly believe Alabama will even sniff georgia's backside once he retires?????? IF YOU THINK I AM HAVING FUN NOW. JUST WAIT UNTIL THAT DAY!!!! I WILL HAVE A PARTY!!!!!! I might know more than you think about when that will happen to!!!! Hope while you can!!!!! But regardless you'll be seeing red and black for YEARS TO COME!!!!!!!!! PS. I advise you to learn to love those colors!!!!! LOL Negan
Donk..........My Bama envy as you call it has been over for a while!!!! Saban is showing he is a coward!!!! Alabama played those same 3 every year I can remember!!!! While we are at it. Georgia played 2 of those 3 every year to!!!! We play Auburn every season and UT as well!!!!! Our LSU happens to be FLORIDA!!! Until recently florida has been a powerehouse!!!! We have played and beat Alabama several times as well. Like in 2007!!!! You know about 2021!!!!!!! All Gumps remember 2021. The day the dynasty died!!!! My team just went BACK TO BACK and I'm just soooooo jealous!!!! LOL What is Alabama ranked??? Most have y'all at #6!!!! Georgia will probably start at #1 again!!! I am soooooo jealous!!!!!! Try not to lose to Texas!!!! Y'all might fall out of the top 20!!!!!!!!! LOL WE RULE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!!! PS. Saban admitted that somebody took Bama"s spot!!!! We know who!!!! LOL Negan
Donk...........Alabama has played all 3 teams LSU, Auburn and UT since Saban started in 2007. Infact I believe they played them long before Saban!!!! Saban wasn't crying about playing them during the dynasty run. Mostly taking advantage of a down UT and up and down Auburn!!!! LSU has always been pretty stout but not on the Alabama level most years!!!!! SO WHAT HAS CHANGED??????? PS. Sounds like to me he's just flat out afraid of Hugh Freeze, Brian Kelly and Josh Hiepal!!!! It couldn't be anything else!!!!!!! Cry on little Nicky!!!!! LOL Negan
THE MEDIA IS WRONG............ The media has recently been implying that Kirby getting the entrust of 5 star wide receivers is something new!!! That georgia hasn't had a 5 star WR under Kirby!!! ABSOLUTELY FALSE!!!!! Anyone remember Terry Godwin or George Pickens? How about Blaylock???? All were here under Kirby and All were 5 star recievers!!!! Two are in the NFL and Blaylock has just gotten healthy and transferred for NIL CASH!!!!! PS. Just thought I would remind folks!!!!! LOL Negan
Kirby changed georgia into a national championship caliber team overnight!!!!! He did it in only 1 season!!!! In year 2 georgia was robbed of a national championship, but clearly were championship caliber!!!!! LOL Negan
Kirby changed georgia into a national championship caliber team overnight!!!!! He did it in only 1 season!!!! In year 2 georgia was robbed of a national championship, but clearly were championship caliber!!!!! Negan
JTF.........Yea Saban should just bow to Kirby and retire!!!!! LOL Negan
Donk..........I wouldn't know about being owned. Georgia has owned college football for the last few years. Sometimes I am not sensitive enough to others feelings!!!! I should have remembered. It was Georgia who broke Alabama in the national championship game. Alabama hasn't been the same since!!!!! Sorry you are feeling owned!!!!! LOL PS. When you are feeling owned. Just try and recall the good old days!!!! LOL Negan
Donk..........Auburn has not exactly been a powerhouse!!!! LSU is stout but that is only one team!!!! UT has been down for 20 years until just last season!!!!!! So forgive me if I don't see some conspiracy against Alabama!!!!!! PS. Saban is just used to always getting his way!!!! Negan
What's up with all this GEORGIA BIAS?????? We gotta do something. The dawgs are taking over!!!!!!! LOL Negan
I bet Saban wishes he had Nico right now!!!! At least it would be another real option at QB!!!!! Sounds like the Gumps are upset about not signing Nico themselves!!!! Well at least one Gump is upset!!!!! Hey but ya'll have Tyler Bucknoodle!!!! LOL PS. Alabama will try to hurt Milton. If they succeed I hope Nico comes in and beats Alabama!!!! LOL Negan
Saban has been paying players his entire career!!!! He only hates it now that others can legally do it!!!!!! LOL Negan
Saban is a liar and a coward!!!! Anyone who still listens to him deserves to be lied to!!!! He knows Hugh Freeze beat him like a drum at Ole Miss and he is scared to play Auburn with him!!!! Saban would have loved playing UT of 3 years ago. Now that they proved they can beat Alabama and have lots of revenge in mind. Suddenly Saban wants only 8 SEC games!!!!! PS. Anyone can see through this!!!!!! LOL Negan
It's almost as though that DYNASTY I saw is really happening!!!! Who would have ever thunk it??????? LOL Negan
You mean georgia actually has a real shot at a top player??? Kirby is good but nobody is this good. Right????? LOL Negan
Cody Jones..........Want to bet your life savings on that???? He most certainly WAS a 5 star!!!! Dan Mullen admitted as much!!!!!!!!!!!! PS. Not certain of his FINAL RANK, but you said he never held a 5 star ranking!!!! You are wrong!!!!!!!!!! Negan
Considering Alabama just signed their top class ever. Sure not much football news around this place!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Negan
GatorFan8115.............At least our beatdown was alabama!!!!! I think they won it all that year? Still you'll have a beatdown as well. Only it won't be Alabama!!!! PS. Arkansas, take them apart!!!! I hear Mertz is looking into the possibility of going back to high school!!! LOL Negan
I hear Texas is trying to land florida QB G Mertz!!!!!!! Not happy with Ewers or Manning I guess? Apparently they offered him a mansion, 10 million in cash and 3 sports cars of his choosing!!!!! PS. They even wanted to throw in a mail order bride!!!! Mertz wanted to choose his own!!!!! LOL Negan
If he is big and powerful. Georgia could use such a man!!!!! Negan
True but these people know the rules about NO GAMBLING!!!! The rules are made to protect the sport and players!!!! Because if 1 player or 1 coach gambles trying to FIX A GAME! Then they cost the entire team, players, fans and all!!!!! PS. Personally I don't want to watch a fixed sport!!!!! I say jail time and fines!!!!!! Negan
Fuzzy...............You think tennessee survives the trip to Alabama this season???? I am curious how Tennessee fans feel about playing in alabama!!! PS. So can y'all survive the trip??? Will y'all survive??? Any predictions??? Negan
This is Alabama's SDS side and its flooded with WOMENS SOFTBALL articles. Hardley anything about THE FOOTBALL TEAM!!!!! I mean you could write about seeing Saban picking his nose but NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! PS. Alabama fans must really be feeling it!!!!! Reality setting in??? LOL Negan
Emmit Smith played for florida to, but that does'nt make him ES now does it????? Where Stetson Bennet played for a season is unimportant!!! It was GEORGIA that made him a star!!!!! I do not see florida turning this kid into an NFL running back!!!! Napier sees he is willing to sign with florida! That is what they see in him!!!!! PS. Reality bites if you are a Gator now days!!!!!! LOL Negan
GatorFanAlways.........Yep what the staff sees, is florida's top running back recruit is flirting with Georgia!!!! Technically Georgia is flirting but he is flirting back!!!!!!!! LOL Negan
Cody Jones............... Why are florida fans mad at Emory Jones??? Y'all poked fun at him and demanded Anthony Richardson get his spot!!! He was a 5 star QB coming in to florida!!!!! If you ruin DJ, if he actually comes to the gators. You would probably never get another elite QB for 10 years or more!!!!! PS. DJL is a 5 star dual threat QB, exactly like Emory Jones was!!!! Go look at Emory Jones high school highlights of before he came to florida!!! He was a can't miss recruit!!!! Negan
Cody Jones................. A reciever needs a QB!!!! If only he had stuck around for the Mertz show!!!! I don't have a clue how long florida will stay down. So I'm getting my shots in now!!!!!! PS. Honestly its going to hurt waaaaay more if florida improves. Has a real shot and yet, still loses to georgia!!!!! LOL Negan
WOOD not WOULD!!!! I hate spellchecker most of the time. It just changes words without even asking!!!! LOL PS. Once again.....If that don't light a fire under dawg fans. Your WOOD must be wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL John 3;16 and after... Matthew 24............ Negan