A LITTLE ABOUT ME. MIRACULOUS TRUE PREDICTIONS ABOUT FOOTBALL AND AT THE END SOMETHING ALL NEED TO READ ABOUT GOD..... Very imperfect servant of the Lord God almighty Christ. I'm the servant with the bad temper. A little touchy at times. Don't understand why so many seem to hate me. I make long post because I have a lot to say. I am very opinionated. I never believe I'm wrong at the time, even if I am. But in all truth I am the most accurate predictor of football. Especially college football. In 11 years now I have for sure missed exactly 4 games!!! That is predicting the entire power 5!!! Nobody in Vegas or anywhere can touch my predictions. I consider it a gift from God. The Times I've been wrong I went against my feelings and my process. Everyone has their process but not everyone's work!!! My prediction process puts Saban's DYNASTY to absolute SHAME!!! Since 2016 I predicted 2021 is Georgia's year to win the SEC and much more. This season is the beginning of the GEORGIA DYNASTY!!!! People laughed at me all these years. Not many are laughing now!!!! I have predicted 2 parades this season. One for the Atlanta braves and the other for the Georgia bulldogs! I made the braves prediction just before the all-star break. The braves were losing then badly! Nobody but me predicted the this especially at that time. But I said it was part of a 3 part sign. When Alabama was predicted to win the national championship in basketball. I predicted the exact round and team they would lose to it. I GUARANTEED IT ACTUALLY! I said if Alabama loses that that game it was a sign. A GUARANTEE that Georgia was going to be the SEC CHAMPIONS in 2021. Which obviously guarantees a playoff spot. An unbeaten regular season also guarantees an unbeaten season!!! So Alabama lost in the exact round and team I GUARANTEED. That was sign #1!!! I also gave a second sign again BEFORE THE ALL-STAR BREAK. WHEN THE BRAVES LOOKED LIKE A LOST CAUSE!!!! It's not like they were picked as a world series champion before the season and by the all-star break it was even more hopeless!!! Yet I GUARANTEED they win the world series in 2021 as another sign it was the year of the dawgs!!!! And not just this season. This is only the beginning of a NEW DYNASTY that should the Lord allow it. By not returning first. The Georgia DYNASTY will exceed everything Saban has done and even more!!!! Now if all all these predictions come to pass as I GUARANTEED starting back in 2016. There is no reason to doubt my DYNASTY GUARANTEE either!!!! I didn't wait and see how people play to make my predictions. I began my Georgia prediction in 2016 when Kirby had an 8-5 season and people believed he might get fired. I also among laughter GUARANTEED in 2016 and spring of 2017. That Georgia was also winning the SEC in 2017. Would lose to auburn but get redemption in the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. That auburn would win the west by beating both Georgia and Alabama. But I predicted Georgia would get redemption in the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!! I predicted the score would be either 35-7 or 28-7!!!!! Georgia nearly hit a touchdown pass late that would have made it 35-7!!!!! I predicted the 4 playoff teams would be Georgia, Alabama, clemson and OU!!!! All perfect predictions. I predicted Georgia would win a shootout in multiple OT periods against OU. While Alabama would win easily vs clemson. FINALLY I PREDICTED GEORGIA WOULD OUT-PLAY ALABAMA ALL NIGHT AND BE ROBBED BY PENALTIES. I PREDICTED ALABAMA WOULD WIN IN POSSIBLE MULTIPLE OT PERIODS IN STARTLING HEARTBREAKING FASHION. That is exactly what happened. Georgia won the game in regulation but was robbed by terrible officiating. They had already decided to give that game to Saban. Because he tied the bear that night. There was no guarantee that he would ever have another shot. So those refs wanted to see to it he made history!!!! Because him making history by first playing the first ever SEC VS SEC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME IN THE PLAYOFF ERA. That was one way. But if Saban tied the bear. That is legendary history and those refs were a part of it. They live for those kind of once in a long lifetime games!!!! If Georgia won it wouldn't have been nearly as big. That was like the super bowl for REFS or the REFS national championship game!!! Now they can tell their children and grandchildren forever. I called the game where Saban tied the bear!!!! Every time a documentary is made about that historic game. They can say I called that game!!! There could even be book deals or things of that sort for making MONEY!!!! ESPN FILMS will play it forever and it's just part of HISTORY!!! That is why I knew that aside from just overwhelming Alabama. Georgia had zero chance of winning!!!!! Absolutely NONE!!!! Because the game had already been decided. If it was close enough to FIX. It would be FIXED and it was!!!! Saban finally won another to pass the bear last season. Jumbo Fisher became the first assistant to OFFICIALLY BEAT SABAN. So now that History is gone!!! There is only ONE HISTORY MAKING EVENT left for the Saban era!!! That would be for an ASSISTANT to beat Saban in meaningful SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME or a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME or BOTH!!! Saban gets the short end of the stick now. With no more history he can make other than winning the most games in a coaching career. Which is still a long ways away! So if the REFS want to be a part of HISTORY again. They need to favor the opposing team in the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP. Example, KIRBY SMART CAN MAKE HISTORY NOW. By being potentially the FIRST SABAN ASSISTANT TO BEAT HIM IN THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. THUS CAPPING OFF AN UNBEATEN REGULAR SEASON AND TITLE GAME. Georgia still needs to beat arch rival Georgia tech to make this possible. If they do then Kirby finishes regular divisional play unbeaten in 2021. This would guarantee a spot in the playoffs regardless of the outcome of the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! If there is even a a question mark with the committee at that point. Then the committee needs to be done away with!!!! Because this has always been a guaranteed playoff spot when Alabama or anyone else achieved the same thing. Example, Notre dame beat a clemson team in regular season that didn't have their starting generational QB Trevor Lawrence!!!! Yet they lost in the ACC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. A much much much weaker ACC conference. Yet that unbeaten season guaranteed Notre dame a spot even though a healthy clemson mauled them in the ACC title game. In 2017 a 1 loss non division and non conference champion Alabama made the playoffs. To eventually be awarded a STOLEN CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! Think I'm just a homer? THEN WHY DID THE HEAD OFFICIAL OF THAT GAME. PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE TO GEORGIA FOR HAVING COST THEM A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP WITH TERRIBLE CALLS AND EVEN WORSE NO-CALLS??????? Georgia only needed 1 more point in regulation to win the national championship!!!! In the 3rd quarter with Georgia leading 13-0. They stopped Alabama forcing a punt. Georgia blocked the punt and recovered the ball around the Alabama 3 yard line,.maybe the 2 yard line. All the momentum on their side. Looking like it would be a rout similar to the 2018 clemson vs Alabama national championship game. Georgia had the best kicker in college football and especially the best clutch kicker. Georgia had a fresh Nick Chubb, Sony Michelle and D Swift. Along with the biggest strongest offensive line in college or pro football!!!!! IN SHORT THAT WAS ABOUT TO BE A 20-0 GEORGIA LEAD IN THE 3RD QUARTER WITH THE #1 DEFENSE IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!! No doubt Georgia scores the touchdown. But let's just say Alabama held and forced a field goal. That would still have been 3 more points making it 16-0 in favor of Georgia. Remember we only needed 1 more point. Georgia was called off sides. The play was un-reviewable. Yet the replay clearly showed Georgia was NOT OFF SIDES!!!! That play alone stole the game for Alabama. Only I wish I could say, that was the only terrible call or terrible NO-CALL that robbed Georgia of a national championship. But I can't say that. There were tons of other bad calls or no-calls that cost Georgia points and drives. Which also matter in a close game. Example, from midfield the 50 yard line or maybe just over it. D Swift reversed his field and was about to brake free for one of his famous huge gainers or a touchdown. Not one but TWO MEN GRABBED HIS FACEMASK IN DESPERATION!!! He broke the first facemask tackle attempt but not the second! HE WAS LITERALLY WRESTLED TO THE GROUND BY HIS FACEMASK. Alabama was going to concede the penalty to prevent a near sure touchdown!!!! But to everyone's surprise and shock including the announcers. NO FLAGS FELL AND GEORGIA WAS FORCED TO PUNT!!! Had even one of the blatant facemask calls been made. Georgia would have been sitting at the Alabama 35 yard line. Well in range of the best clutch kicker in college football. But again, with a fresh set of downs. Our running backs and Alabama gassed on defense. Georgia likely scores on an easy back shoulder pass to the end zone or an average long run Georgia is famous for. Again more points taken away from Georgia an more time awarded to Alabama. There were plenty more I could point out but I'm too tired and no need!!! I personally COUNTED 25 bad calls or no-calls that all favoured Alabama and many of them robbed Georgia of points and drives. As well as aided Alabama in getting points!!!! The last one I wish to point out. THE 4TH DOWN PASS THAT TUA THREW TO TIE THE GAME. SENDING IT INTO OT. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A FALSE START PENALTY ON ALABAMA!!! THE RECEIVER N HARRIS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN CLEARLY MOVED BEFORE THE SNAP!!! REPLAY CLEARLY SHOWS HE GOT AN EARLY JUMP THAT DID HELP HIM GET OPEN!!!! The false start should have been called. The ball backed up and 4th down replayed!!!! I personally don't believe Alabama scores again on 4th down against the best defense in America!!!! That play alone also cost Georgia a national championship. Because say Georgia holds on 4th down the next play. The ball goes over on downs and Georgia could have just salted the remaining time away or even knelt down in victory formation. There was very little time left. BOTTOM LINE ALABAMA IS A GREAT TEAM BUT THAT ONE WAS STOLEN FROM GEORGIA!!!!! Again just before he retired the head official came forward and apologized for robbing Georgia of a championship. That should be PROOF ENOUGH!!!! If not just go re-watch the game. It's easy to see Georgia was robbed period!!!!!!! Nevertheless yours truly absolutely predicted as much in spring before the 2017 season!!!! Nobody I know is anywhere close to as accurate as me predicting college football. I truly believe it's a gift!!!! NEEDLESS TO SAY MY FAMOUS 2021 PREDICTION IN 2016. TURNED INTO A GUARANTEE IN SPRING OF THIS SEASON!!!! EVERYONE KNEW GEORGIA WOULD BE STOUT BUT NOT MANY GUARANTEED THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP AND A PLAYOFF SPOT!!!! They certainly didn't predict it in 2016 along with the 100% 2017 national championship game and SEC TITLE!!!! After losing at home to Vanderbilt. Many wondered if Kirby would even get through 2017!!! The only one NOT SURPRISED was me!!!! Again in nearly 11 years now I've missed on 4 games because I didn't trust my feelings or my process!!!!! Given the 100% accuracy of 2017 and everything since. Including an extremely unlikely braves world series championship and an unlikely exit by Alabama in the NCAA tournament. Given those predictions were all spot on. Remember the braves prediction was while we were LOSING before the all-star game!!!! Many thought the braves could end up last. But I GUARANTEED a championship and another SIGN for Georgia fans. That I indeed know what I speak of!!!! I always say it. Only God or Georgia can prevent this Georgia team from winning the SEC. Then from there going for history!!!! As well as beginning a new DYNASTY that will surpass all that Saban has done. If the Lord waits long enough to return!!!! 2021 is a very special year for dawg fans. The year many will point back to and say. This is where it all began officially!!!! Look at both the TIMING and the ACCURACY of the other signs I gave. Then look where Georgia is with just one game remaining between themselves and an unbeaten regular divisional season and unless the committee is CORRUPT. A playoff berth and then.... To be continued when that time comes. Right now archrival ga tech is business at hand. And by the Grace of God staying free of injuries. We need to face Alabama as close to full strength as we can be!!! How will it turn out? I told you Georgia wins the SEC in 2021 and it's only THE BEGINNING!!!!! : ) GIVEN THE ACCURACY OF MY PREDICTIONS AND THE WAY GEORGIA LOOKS. THIS SHOULD HELP EASE THE TYPICAL GEORGIA WORRIES!!!!!! It's 2021 people, be happy and glad. It's the year of our dawgs!!! Have faith in God for the important things in life. Be thankful on thanksgiving for your loved ones being alive. For your health if you have it. Make certain your relationship is strong with God. Love God by loving your fellow man. Give to God by giving to the needy and outcasts. If it's within your power visit those in prison both literally and spiritually. Give them the good news of the gospel John 3:16 but also verse.17 and beyond. It's all God's word and all important. Take time to study your bible even if you don't believe. Give God a fair chance to prove he is real to you personally. Read.Mathew 24 and the book of revelation. Pray for understanding and find a bible believing church. Ask God to baptize you with the Holy Spirit after you give your life to him. Acts chapter 2 is a good reference. No the gifts of the Holy Spirit have not passed away. That is a lie or a deception. Many good Christians believe the lie that the gifts were only for that day. Avoid new age deception and find out who the antichrist is and the mark of the beast. Only don't put the cart before the horse!!!! Ask God to reveal truth to you from his only holy word, THE HOLY BIBLE!!!! All other religions are evil and of Satan according to Christ and the bible. But again first things first. GOOGLE THE PLAN OF SALVATION BY GRACE AND THE SINNERS PRAYER!!!! WE ARE ALL SINNERS BUT WE MUST HUMBLE OURSELVES AND REPENT. ITS A THING OF THE HEART. ONLY CHRIST CAN SAVE YOU FROM THE WRATH TO COME!!!!! Google it and pray the sinners prayer in Christ name. Mean it and believe it and God will touch you. Give some of the preachers you've written off a fair chance. But remember there is much deception in the world. Pray God allows you to see and hear spiritually. ITS WAY TOO LATE IN THE GAME TO BE PLAYING GAMES WITH GOD OR TO BE REJECTING HIM. DON'T LISTEN TO SCIENTISTS AND COLLEGE LIARS WHO DENY CHRIST AND THE BIBLE. THEY ARE THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND!!!!! GOD IS VERY REAL AND SO IS THE SON OF GOD CHRIST THE LORD!!!!! There are many brilliant scientists who do believe in God now and in the past. What you'll never be told in college is that both Einstein and Charles Darwin believed in God at the end of their lives. Darwin rejected his own THEORY of evolution. That's all it is or ever was. Just a totally unproven theory. They can't find the missing link because IT DOESN'T EXIST!!!!! All the so-called fossil evidence means nothing. Scientists are simply finding evidence of EXTINCT MONKEYS or DEFORMED PEOPLE. There is absolutely not a shred of evidence at all for evolution. However their is a ton of archeological evidence of the bible. The miracles in the bible and even proof of creation. Noah's ark was found many years ago. And proof of the biblical flood. As fossils of OCEAN CREATURES AND SHELLS HAVE BEEN DUG OUT OF THE TALLEST MOUNTAINS IN THE WORLD!!!! Proving that at one time the entire earth was under water!!!! Only what many don't realize. There are actually 2 different and distinct floods mentioned in the bible. The bible does not teach the earth is only 6 to 10,000 years old. It teaches the earth was ancient even before Adam &.Eve or the first modern humans. One single word in the English bible was mis-translated and caused much confusion. The bible speaks of dinosaurs so obviously they weren't all extinct as evolution would have you believe. According to evolution man and dinosaurs did not coexist. But were separated by millions of years of evolution. Yet there is a HUMAN FOOTPRINT AND A DINOSAUR TRACK FOSSILIZED AND SIDE BY SIDE AND THE EXACT SAME AGE!!!!! Again the bible speaks of dinosaurs. And their are plenty of ancient cave paintings showing dinosaurs as clear as day. How did they draw what they never saw???? Scientists are just silly, lazy and don't want to have to re-write all their science books!!!!! Well I'll leave you with this. Believe science or believe the man who gave his life's blood for your forgiveness of sins and mine!!! But unless you are willing to open your mind to the truth and trust Christ as your PERSONAL savour. Then you are living a very foolish way and will miss out on eternal life with Christ in his kingdom. And sadly you may take many with you on your way away from God. The wicked refers to you and me unless we give our lives to Christ. Think of it this way. If the bible is wrong you lose nothing by believing in Christ and you live a happier more fulfilling life. But if Christ and the bible are true and you reject him. You lose your eternal soul forever!!!! So don't you think you need to really find out who is telling the truth???? The only way is to humble yourself and ask God in Christ name to show you the truth. Then give God a fair chance and not just a meaningless prayer you didn't believe or mean. You must believe from the heart and be real with God. Prayer is not reading from a book. Prayer is talking to God from your heart. The bible also makes it clear that once your saved you need to TELL SOMEONE AND MAKE IT PUBLIC!!!!! No such thing as silent saints. We are saved to tell others about Christ when led to. In fact it's a commandment. Christ said if you are ashamed of him. He will be ashamed of you. God bless you all. I hope you learn the truth before it's too late. NOBODY IS PROMISED TOMORROW. KIDS FALL ASLEEP AND NEVER WAKE UP!!!! PEOPLE SLIP INTO ETERNITY EVERY DAY AND EVERY HOUR!!!! Once that happens it's too late to pray. Don't sell your soul for this short hard life. Rather believe in Christ and receive eternal life. God loves you no matter what you've done. No one is unforgivable if they desire forgiveness!!!! Remember JOHN 3:16 but also verse 17 and beyond!!!!! It's your choice but don't be a fool and DON'T PUT IT OFF!!!! You might be reading this as your last chance!!!!! You could be reading this because God drew you here and your time could be up. But as long as your breathing you can give God your life. You are saved by his grace and love not any good works!!! You don't need to clean up before you come to God. That is a deception. You come just as you are filth and all and allow God to clean you up. You can't do it anyway. The bible acknowledges this fact. So if your a junky or an alcoholic or a sexual sinner. Even if your a devil worshipper who thinks you sold your soul. GOOD NEWS, YOU CAN'T!!!! Your soul has always belonged to God. As he says in scripture. ALL SOULS ARE MINE SAYS THE LORD. BOOK OF MALACHI THE PROPHET. I hope I spelled his name right. God wants you to know YOU CANNOT SELL WHAT DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU!!!!! But yes if you continue to reject Christ love. By your own free will you are giving up your SALVATION!!!! Don't do that. Come and let Christ forgive you and let him be your closest friend!!!!! He loves you no matter what sickening sin you may have committed or are committing. He hates ALL SIN but he loves ALL SINNERS!!!!! God still loves the world. John 3:16 IT COULD BE YOUR LAST CHANCE. PERFECTLY HEALTHY PEOPLE HAVE WENT TO SLEEP AND NEVER WOKE UP. OR WALKED INTO THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME OR ANY NUMBER OF OTHER POSSIBILITIES. I FEEL IMPRESSED STRONGLY. THIS COULD BE SOMEONE'S VERY LAST CHANCE. SO DON'T BLOW IT!!!!! God open hearts and spiritual eyes and ears to receive this truth. I have done my best.....I ask it in Christ name amen. Again if you don't know how to pray or start to understand. Just Google SAVED BY GRACE. GODS PLAN OF SALVATION AND THE SINNERS PRAYER. God bless you and keep you always......: )

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Come on JT Daniels makeup with coach Smart and stay at Georgia. We love you and support YOU!!!! You don't have to leave!!!! . Negan
Well it was a position of strength. I believe Jackson Meeks could be getting ready to breakout. I believe Meeks can be a star!!! Negan
Kinda strange if you ask me. Burton was one of my favorites. But I believe Adonis Mitchell and Lad Mckonkey are plenty up to the challenge. When Arion Smith gets healthy. Because of his speed. I think he can be elite!!! I hope Arian Smith stays at Georgia. Stetson Bennett returning is not the same as playing. I believe eventually he will have to actually win the job this time. Because Georgia will need to score some points while the defense grows up!!! Personally I don't believe he can do it!!! The problem is even many of Georgia's younger receivers are jumping in the portal. Makes you wonder why? Georgia just won a national championship over Alabama!!!! It's natural for a receiver like Burton to think it might be nice to play with Bryce!!!! But hey Georgia has at least 2 QBs in Bryce Young's league. Brock Vandagriff is one but Gunner Stockton might be better than Bryce Young. He had way better stats in high school!!! He had about 50 more touchdown runs than Bryce Young and threw 177 touchdown passes to 152 by Bryce Young!!! PS. Obviously I'm a Gunner Stockton fan. But I also believe in 5 star Brock Vandagriff!!! At any rate these are two QBs Georgia needs to hang on to. Even if it means retirement for the mailman!!! Negan
Kirby needs to understand without that great defense he needs a real elite QB playing. If he starts Stetson again next season. That is going to drive me crazy!!!!! Maybe it will take losing a game badly for Kirby to finally see. But if Stetson Bennett is a guaranteed starter. Why is Kirby recruiting Caleb Williams??? I think it's time to have a FAIR QB BATTLE!!! Otherwise Kirby could hurt his own ability to recruit 5 star QBS!!! Kirby your blind spot at QB is your biggest weakness!!! But you can grow out of it just like Saban did!!!! PS. Hopefully it doesn't take Kirby that long!!! Negan
The transfer portal is ruining college football. Giving all these AMATEURS pay and power is not a good thing. Because you can't tell me that someone isn't in this guy's ears before now. Promising money and stardom somewhere else. Watch where he lands and you'll know who it is doing the TAMPERING!!!! Just like when the Miami coach mentioned he would love to have T Stevenson and then BOOM he was in the portal and going to Miami!!! A clear case of TAMPERING!!!! I wouldn't put it past Napier!!! But I'm going to wait and see where he goes to see who is doing the TAMPERING!!! But nobody leaves a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM. AFTER BEING ONE OF THE PRIMARY RECEIVERS!!! UNLESS ITS ALL THIS TALK OF STETSON BENNETT COMING BACK TO LEAD THE TEAM!!!! Everyone loves Stetson Bennett now. But we can't lose sight of the truth. He had a historically great defense that helped him win the title. The offense was really less than spectacular!!!! Without that defense we likely lose 5 games or more!!! PS. Kirby needs to realize he was fortunate once. But that defense is gone now!!! Until the young guys grow up. We need to play one of the bigger better QBs! Otherwise why even recruit them???? Negan
@BamaTime........By the way. How is the Updyke family dealing with this latest tragedy???? PS. I do hope your making the best of it. : ) Negan
@BamaTime.........You know I recall more than one attempting to talk to you in a decent friendly way. You told me in no uncertain terms to leave your name out of my vocabulary. Yet I was doing what you asked. And here you go bringing my name up again and again. You are a strange person. But since you did I'll ask you. How did it feel to see the MAILMAN deliver the death blows to the DYNASTY??? I admit I might be wrong. But the DYNASTY seems to be in bad shape the last 6 years or so. The only legit win I remember is 2020!!! Clemson beat you in 2016 and then there was the robbery game in 2017 against Georgia. But just put a * out beside that one. Since it is still debated!!! But after that clemson won big in 2018. Then 2019 was LSU. 2020 was legit Alabama but it was also the last of that great team. Now I'm not saying the DYNASTY is dead or even that it's on life support. But you have to admit it's seen its better days!!!! Like I told you a NEW DYNASTY HAS RISEN!!!! Y'all don't win every year. But yet it's still called a DYNASTY. Maybe that DYNASTY won't win every year either but they will replace Alabama in time!!!! But me has a feeling that if we play a dynamic QB this season. We might repeat even though they are young!!! One thing I guarantee you. From now on you have an equal in the east. All it took was that one big win. Because we have been your equal for years in every way but between the ears!!! No I'm not saying we will always be just as good or better. Obviously their will still be years y'all have the edge. But there will be lots of years Georgia has the edge as well!!! PS. The great Nick Saban will find it even tougher sledding that the last 6 or 7 years!!! I believe he is closer to retirement than ever!!! When he said he had another 10 years. That was before Georgia proved they could beat him!!! HE WHO LAUGHS LAST!!!! : ) Negan
I just hope we can hold on to Monken!!! I don't want to have to replace all this talent and have to go get a new OC to! But if we do I just hope we get the right guy!!! If Georgia wins the east next season. That will be an accomplishment!!!! People Bragg about how Saban remained on top losing players and coaches with regularity. But the truth is Saban never lost as much as Georgia is losing and lost coaches as well without having issues the next season!!! Plus Saban never had his equal in the same conference when he did manage to pull some things off!!!! Saban also had 7 #1 recruiting classes in a row to help him out. Not to mention Kirby Smart was working with him. Georgia should have lots of growing pains and will be a super young team. But if Arik Gilbert is past his personal problems. Along with Bowers and Darnell Washington and the new kid Oscar Delp coming in at TE. Georgia should have plenty of offense!!! PS. But you still need the right QB! I love Stetson Bennett but I don't believe he's the guy to run a truly elite offense!!!! Plus Kirby can't take a chance on losing one or more superstars. Just to keep Stetson one season!!!! Negan
Georgia hasn't had to replace this much since Kirby got here!!! I can tell you this. I don't expect the Georgia defense to be warm butter next season. I doubt any Kirby Smart defense will be warm butter. But I expect growing pains. This is exactly why we cannot afford to play Stetson Bennett at QB next season. We need the best to start!!! The way I understand it JT Daniels is gone!!! We can't afford to take a chance on losing Brock Vandagriff or Gunner Stockton!!! I believe Gunner Stockton is ready to play now as a true freshman. Why not? Jake Fromm played as a true freshman. Either way be it Gunner or Brock we need the best guy to start. We need to score and score in bunches!!!! I'm not saying don't give Stetson Bennett a fair chance. But I'm saying we won't have the same defense barring a miracle!!! If we do then good Lord that should be terrifying to everyone!!!! We will eventually be a top 5'ish defense. But to have a shot at a repeat. We need the best QB this time. Not the feel good story!!!! Honestly I think Stetson Bennett is making a huge mistake coming back. Right now his life is a book and a movie deal that he could cash in on the rest of his life!!! Right now it's Rudy, who is Rudy????? But the second he returns and cost Georgia a game. I'm not sure if it still happens!!! PS. I'm just saying that until that defense grows up. We need to score and score big. Personally I think if we play the right QB. The offense will be a strength!!!! Negan
I think he will do well. He was surrounded by flashy players with lots of stars. But when his number was called he usually came through. He has perfect NFL size and good speed. His skills translate to the NFL. Besides if he wanted to play another season. Kirby would have loved to have him back!!!! Negan
Big guy held his own in a room full of superstars. I believe he would do well in the NFL! Thanks big guy and God bless you. Good luck going forward. A true team first player. Negan
@LynnBobTX..........No offense but apparently you don't have a clue who Georgia has in their QB room. Even though writers don't bother to check the facts. Don't be fooled by Stetson Bennett being allowed to lead the team with a generational defense..... Carson Beck, Brock Vandagriff, JT Daniels and Gunner Stockton are all former 5 star QBs!!!! JT Daniels threw as many TD passes in high school as Bryce Young did at 152!!! But JT Daniels did it in only 3 seasons because he reclassified. PS. If you have a shot at JT Daniels you better hope you take it!!! Negan
Keep getting better and you won't be Rodney Dangerfield long. I assure you most Georgia fans respect you much more than Florida!!! Negan
@EKingGill.........I'll say this. Texas A&M better actually do something this next season. With all the talent you've brought in recently as well as what you'll bring in from this class!!! If it's just another business as usual season. Well then I think y'all need to find a new coach!!! Jimbo Fisher parlayed a bunch of Bobby Bowden's players and a generational (Rapist) QB into a championship. Beyond that he hasn't done much!!! PS. For what your paying him. He needs to deliver more than one upset over Alabama!!! Negan
The only problem I have is another Alabama fan was calling us co-champions simply because of the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP. Then another reminder of the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP right here. Y'all know just like I do it don't work that way. So thank you to the classy Alabama fans. But to those throwing shade. I say if we are co-champions. Why not call it a 3 way championship by including Texas A&M??? PS. The national championship game decides the national champions period!!! Negan
@sds1967........What a poor pathetic entitled fan base!!! Lose with a little dignity!!!! Your getting exactly what you give out. No such thing as co-champions either. Alabama is the SEC CHAMPION. And Georgia is just going to have to settle for a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! PS. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIEND!!! HE WHO LAUGHS LAST!!!! Negan
Gator empire??? Don't tell me Mullen drove you crazy???? Empire is reserved for winners not teams that lost 7 games!!! UCF spanked your so-called empire LOL!!!! GEORGIA THE 2021 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!! Georgia the 2021 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!! Florida aren't even state champions!!! Florida is a 7 loss team!!!! Y'all need to worry the closing the gap with Kentucky!!!! They are way ahead of Florida. They are on the rise!!! BILLY THE KID NAPIER DON'T SCARE ME AT ALL!!!! I think Mullen is probably a better coach. But Mullen totally stinks!!!! PS. Tennessee is getting ready to move past Florida!!! I do feel for you some. Just not enough to worry about LOL!!!! Negan
Greener??? What grass??????????? " Let’s just say Kimber might not want to show off his championship ring around Gainesville any time soon. But, now he’ll work on helping the Gators try to close the gap on the Bulldogs in the SEC East." It's not a gap anymore it's more like the grand canyon!!!!! PS. I hope they don't need him to make a tackle!!! He will regret this move!!!! Negan
BESIDES IT WAS ALWAYS KIRBY SMART'S DEFENSE!!!! I been saying it for years!!! Negan
What if Williams and Metchie got shut down!!!! What if Georgia was playing Brock Vandagriff or JT Daniels all season. Because either of them could have put up Bryce Young type numbers!!! Georgia beat you with a backup QB!!! An undersized walk on!!!! You would think Alabama fans wouldn't CRY AND MAKE EXCUSES!!! How many times have Alabama fans told us ONLY LOSERS MAKE EXCUSES??? What a group of crybabies!!!! LOL PS. Y'all have an entire year to make excuses!!! But y'all best get used to losing to Georgia now!!!! Negan
@Peak Saban..........You wrote, " That was the true national championship in my opinion and in the least, in my book at least, Bama and Georgia are co national champions. " You are out of your mind. Georgia didn't bother showing up in the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! But since you want to talk this nonsense I think you should realize a few things!!!! When LSU beat Alabama and was forced to play them again even in the BCS era. Even though Alabama won the second game big. I suppose according to your logic. LSU was co-national champion right???? And in the 2017 season when Georgia was r....o......bbed in the national championship game. Since Georgia won the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME 28-7 against the team that spanked Alabama to win the west. I guess that makes Georgia co-champions as well in 2017 right? Since Georgia got R......O........BBED. REALLY WE SHOULD BE 2017 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS RIGHT???? Sorry this isn't aimed at every Alabama fan. Only the entitled traumatized fans that actually believe the title belongs to you!!! Let's say Georgia had won the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME and Alabama won the national championship game. You wouldn't want to share the title then!!!! This is a PATHETIC ATTEMPT at stealing Georgia's thunder!!!! It makes me question if your really being honest? Something tells me that you are trolling but I do believe Alabama fans have to tell themselves these lies to keep from believing the DYNASTY has a few dents recently!!! I mean y'all won it in 2020. Why not be happy with that???? WAKE UP CALL......... ALABAMA CAN'T JUST DECLARE THEMSELVES AS CO-CHAMPIONS!!!! The rules state that the national championship game decides the champions!!!! Not your book or mine!!! Because in my book Georgia won the 2017 national championship in regulation. When the HEAD OFFICIAL for that game comes out and apologizes publicly for making bad calls and missing calls. Anyone who watches that game unbiased has to admit. Georgia did have an apology coming!!!! But I'll guarantee there is not an Alabama can out there who wants to share the 2017 championship!!! Still with all the terrible officiating in that game. Georgia should be awarded a share of the title. But since I know it won't happen. I am calling your comment ridicules!!! But I truly believe more Alabama fans than you feel this way!!! The SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME meant nothing to Georgia. The word was already out. Alabama was getting in with 2 losses!!!! Something no other team ever was allowed to do. Including Georgia in 2018, 2019 and 2020!!!! But because it was Alabama they were getting in!!! They can't just keep rewriting the rules to accommodate Alabama. As for Saban yes he's a great coach. I'll go along with him being the best ever, until someone else beats his record. But Bear Bryant did it in a time when it was harder to win!!! The playoff era hasn't made it harder!!!! It has made it much easier!!! Just win the SEC or go unbeaten in regular season. Then you get matched up against a Cincinnati team that DID NOT COME CLOSE TO ALABAMA!!! Just like in 2017 when Georgia won the SEC, but Alabama was rewarded!!!! Georgia was forced to play the best OU team in 40 years. While Alabama was allowed to play clemson with KELLY BRYANT!!! Georgia was forced to play Baker Mayfield and a team that was averaging 700+ yards per game and were the highest scoring team in the country!!! One thing I find interesting. Georgia has been in the college playoff 2 times in 5 years. Both times Georgia advanced to the national championship game. LISTEN TO THIS..... BOTH TIMES GEORGIA PLAYED A TEAM THAT HAD BEATEN OHIO STATE BADLY!!!! OU beat Ohio state by 2 touchdowns in the famous Baker Mayfield planting the OU flag at mid field on Ohio state's logo in their stadium. Then again this season Michigan beat the tar out of one of the supposedly powerhouse Ohio state team. The one they said would beat Georgia!!!! Nope, they need to worry about beating Michigan first and Oregon!!!! BACK TO REALITY..... Either way back to reality. Alabama is a 2 LOSS TEAM. That relied on LUCK to get passed Florida and Auburn and Arkansas played them within a touchdown 42-35! Georgia destroyed all of these teams including Arkansas that I really like!!!! I believe Kentucky would have given Alabama a fight!!! LSU lost 20-13! They also lost 6 or 7 games this season!!!! Stop trying to steal our thunder!!! I mean isn't it enough that Saban has all those championships??? If not then I feel for you. Because Alabama will be good as long as Saban is there. Y'all were fortunate to get by Georgia in 2017! It took bad calls and no calls to barely survive in OT!!!! But considering the fact Georgia punched you in the face and it was a REAL SLOW COUNT!!! Still Superman was bleeding!!!! BUT SUPERMAN HAS BEEN MADE TO BLEED 5 TIMES NOW IN 6 SEASONS SINCE IN 6 YEARS!!! 2016 Alabama lost to clemson and D Watson!!! 2017 Alabama got the decision but only because of horrible officiating!!! 2018 Alabama again lost to clemson in blowout fashion!!! 2019 Alabama was dethroned by a historic LSU team. But let's not forget. You didn't get in because of the LOSS TO AUBURN IN THE IRON BOWL!!! 2020 Alabama became the c.....19 national champions in a season that has one of these out beside it. * <--------- So was it legit? Yes it was!!! 2021 Alabama was BEATEN BY GEORGIA to lose yet again. To bleed yet again!!!! WAKE UP TO REALITY...... Personally I don't believe Alabama should have gotten in back in 2017!!! I don't see why the second place SEC WEST team was voted in. That was definitely Alabama bias!!! Georgia out played them and bad calls gave Alabama the VERY QUESTIONABLE WIN!!! PS. If Georgia had been awarded that victory. You would have LOST 5 OUT OF 6 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! Yes they got there but the DYNASTY IS ABSOLUTELY IN QUESTION!!!! GEORGIA IS THE ONLY LEGIT NATIONAL CHAMPION IN 2021/2022!!!!!! So stop crying!!! HE WHO LAUGHS LAST, LAUGHS THE LOUDEST!!! Negan
A truly great receiver. Go get what you earned and remember to be thankful to God always!!!! Negan
Thanks for a classy comment. Your cats are coming up because y'all have a great coach!!! Negan
Thanks man I hope Atlanta gets one or more of y'all!!!! God bless you and again thank you!!! PS. The young guys have big shoes to fill!!! Negan
Good luck and God bless you. Thank you!!! Negan
GatorPhil..........Your honest lol. But I have some bad news for you. Zeus will play for Georgia next season as well. A lot of folks won't believe me but you'll learn to with enough time!!! Just like I guaranteed the Braves and the Dawgs would win it all this season!!! I predicted the braves win it all before the all-star break when they were REALLY REALLY TERRIBLE!!!! I predicted Georgia wins it all long before this season!!! I guaranteed Alabama basketball would lose to a particular team in and the exact round they lost last season. When everyone else said they were going to be national champions!!! To those who laughed about the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. REMEMBER I SAID HE WHO LAUGHS LAST, LAUGHS THE LOUDEST!!!! LOL PS. I'M LAUGHING LOL!!!!! Wait and see if Zeus isn't playing for Georgia next season!!! Negan
God bless you Zamir White!!! Go catch your dream and never forget the God that blessed you with the talent and the fight to be who you are!!! We all love you big man!!! PS. That being said. I still guarantee you Zeus will play in Athens Georgia for the Dawgs next season. I predict he will be elite!!! Negan
BamaTime.........My old friend where have you been??? This is my buddy people. STFU in this case stands for So True Forever Uga!!!! He forgets sometimes that this can stand for something else!!! BamaTime has been my best buddy online ever since I visited the hospital doing some charity work. He doesn't mind me telling this story. He was having a tough time. But hey anybody would have been having a bad time. When I met him. His diaper hadn't been changed in over a week. He was unshaven. Had worn a dirty bib for 2 weeks. To make things worse they only have he had received was for spite. THEY SHAVED HIS ALABAMA UNI-BROW. RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE TO AND SOMEONE TOOK HIS CAMOUFLAGE HAT!!! I mean it was really bad. To make things even worse they stole his Nick Saban action figures. How cold can a person get??? They even told him Forrest Gump was not a real person and that wrestling was all fake!!!! They basically stole this boys hopes and dreams. It was very sad!!! By the way BamaTime has a real name. It's HARVEY FORRE
I don't think this is a good move!!!! I bet he either goes un-drafted or at best is a really late draft pick in the last round!!! But he might be able to catch on with someone as a free agent. But if he's fast he should have returned!!! Maybe he would have been the next Jameson Williams!!! PS. Maybe the Jameson Williams injury made him think? Good luck kid. Negan