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Jim Harbaugh plunked out at the last minute of a 2 yr deal. We got a waiver bc no one was available. We agreed to a home and home with Colorado St which we normally wouldn't have done. Just to reiterate Harbaugh is a punk.
Franklin is a perfect fit for that garbage school. Can't wait for his first scandal. It's coming.
Fraternities and sororities have always reminded me what a weak minded society we really are.
"I'm surprised he wasn't in there more." He sounds like a fan watching the game. Maybe put down the pb&j at halftime and tell your OC to play him.
No it wasnt. Ppl don't even know the rules of football anymore.
Refreshing? Aysm? What would he lay blame to? He's never taken a disaster to national prominence. But he's left them.
The SEC is such an embarrassment. I hope the east and west coast have learned their lessons and get out and vote next time. This is the trash running our country. Bunch of Neanderthals that care way too much about drinking and football games they're not even apart of.
What absolutely ridiculous article. Hardly anyone played competition yesterday. Typical of the media to move the goal posts.
It's called Saturday down South not Saturday in the SEC.
You both struck out. 2 of the biggest programs in the country and you both blew your hires.
No just the white trash Bama fans. It's a pattern of behavior. That whole state is backwards and doesn't know how to act. Your emphasis on football is reflective to how backward and archaic your state is. Bama can win all the nattys in the world and they'll still be plain white trash.
Agendas cloud judgement. We get it you hate FSU. Gumps have a clear pattern and we should think about banning them from all stadiums. Btw there's video of one of your jort wearing white trash fans starting a fight in Dallas so go find a mirror. Agendas cloud judgement.
They'll end up converting to Mormonism and giving BYU 2 future home games.
Best QB in the SEC hands down. Hog fans hated on his bro and he'll start for the Jags before the season is over in his 2nd yr. Austin has been better at every level growing up.
The ppl. The ppl smell like carnies and corndogs. Sure seemed to stick to LSU better than Nebraska. Omaha even embraces it. As does Katy Perry.
Ive been to columbia twice. It feels like you're at low level big 10 game. They're easily last.
You were in the worst part of the state. Should've kept driving. The NW corner has Georgia licked. Lots of native Georgians love it.
Hey now. I live in Ark and my town has been rated one of the top 5 places to live several years in a row. You should get out more. The fill in the state southern jokes are old.
As an Ark fan I've been to every SEC stadium at least once. UGA is #1 for me slightly ahead of Auburn. Georgia just oozes southern culture.
Maybe people will start to realize all of these universities are only interested in making money. A college degree has become increasingly devalued bc basically anyone with the funds is handed one. We need to put the focus back on actual skills and quit making hires simply based on ones ability to purchase a piece of paper. One of the many reasons this country descends by the day.
No it's what happens when colleges become simply for profit. You have to keep the customers happy so they'll come back. The entire system is archaic and it's not bc of liberals.
Based on what? The South Alabama game? Miami OH? They have a fast QB. Wow!
You couldn't get on the field with Ark last year at your place. What on earth makes you think you have a snowball's chance this year? 10-2? Lmao. Are you playing Miami OH 10 times?
Oh that's great. They aren't raping ppl so there is nothing to see here. 2 of your 3 examples aren't accurate. Alabama wins bc they've never had an integrity.
A&m will regress and be looking for a new coach. That program is a dumpster fire.
Keep talking. Mizzou won't get on the field w Ark this yr. We just fell asleep in the 2nd half last yr. 2 yrs ago we dominated you and 3 yrs ago you needed the refs to call back and obvious turnover to win. Mizzou sucks at everything.
How about if Ark goes 8-4 You put down the bottle. You can keep the corndog.
The receivers they have are far more talented than the ones that left. Hide and watch. Williams was a great kid but just another 1000 yard rusher at Ark. Whaley is the superior talent.They transitioned defenses WITH a new dc. No one ever adds that part. Plus it fits their personell better as they have struggle recruiting sec caliber dlinemen. Auburn is my pick to win the West though. I think we beat ole miss, lose to auburn and finish 9-3.