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Auburn fans need to stop acting like they're anything more than a little sister program thats propped up by the SEC to make their rivalry game relevant. Thats the only purpose they serve or will ever serve. Its just a God thing. Arkansas is better than Auburn and everyone in college football knows it especially that clown show brought to you by Gus and Chad. Auburn is 2 -5 without their attachment to Alabama. Don't ever tell an Arkansas fan what their place should be. Your below us in athletics and always will be. We wi let you know what your place is in the SEC. Now go worry about the FBI or increasing your all time leading major recruiting sanctions total.
How obvious is hailstate trying to make it that he's butthurt his team is inferior to LSU?
This is so great. Ihope they never quit rubbing it in Bama's face. They have built a legacy on this very thing and now they and their sec brethren want it to stop. The arrogance of programs like tennessee and lil miss that havent been relevant this millenium are the best. Screw bama for starting the made up national championship trend.
This article is petty. And big 12 title contender? Gimme a break. This piece is very homerish. Wva by 24.
honesty? lane kiffin? lmfao. its funny what ppl believe when it fits their agenda. alabama has always cheated. it didnt just stop bc saban got there
Lol sounds like more trumptards rhetoric. Everyone knows Tennessee has been a dumpster fire for a decade and a half. I don't doubt any of this for a second. Butch Jones was a a sociopath that couldn't coach and most of college football is this dirty but yeah wheel out the "youre just blaming someone" Republican narrative for inbreds.
Lmao. Let us know how that works out corndog. He cheated a drug test. Should be done period. Why are you condoning it just for the hope you someday may beat bama?
I understood him. He said Big10 refs and Alabama cheat. I don't have a dog in this and it was that obvious. Also Florida is a white trash haven.
Saban is a liar and a cheat like every other gump coach has been.
You're both way out of bounds. That kid has been nothing but class and it's disgraceful the coaches have basically treated him like a cast off. But it finally shows what really goes on that program. They are all just a means to end for a program that props up an entire state that has no other identity than blatant racism and ignorance. Jalen Hurts is a good kid. Alabama football under Saban and before has always been a win at all cost program and if a good kid gets chewed and spit out because of it do be it. Hopefully more recruits will see this and see how little value they are if they aren't a star. The way this kid has been treated by the fanbase and discarded by the coaching staff is pathetic. I would trade never winning another game again than to be associated with that program.
So basically what Saban is saying is that we shouldn't have any respect for Alabama's umpteen made up national championships. Got it. Also UCF getting dropped just proves the dilemma they face in scheduling where alabama chooses to play Mercer. While they have played in the kickoff classic those games are neutral site and often are more hype than substance.
What's more pathetic? Danny Kannell or Alabama fans butthurt over a school claiming a more legitimate national championship than half of the ones they claimed. I mean at least they went undefeated as opposed to losing bowl games or having a loss and a tie or multiple losses.
Oh you mean like how 2/3 of the national championships your program claims are pure unadulterated bs? Or how you gloss over all the recruiting rules implemented directly bc of what a scumbags bear Bryant was? Or how you dismiss the fact the number of probation you had in a decade would've been enough to give others the death penalty? Lol the best part of this is the butthurt hypocrisy of bama fans that have entire legacy of fairytales which is the only thing that allowed them to climb back to the top. UCF 2017 NATONAL CHAMPIONS! DEAL WITH IT.
SEC fans are so uneducated and illiterate. It's clearly copyright infringement. Any corporation would sue over a similar situation and win. Bunch of inbred trumptards.
I mean they clearly are wacko. They proved that with their ill informed response and continue to display their ignorance.
This writer is just as clueless as the Tennessee fan base. Oh wait he's an alum. There's still no proof Schiano had any involvement or did anything wrong. Just the worst fanbase in college sports further making a fool of themselves.
It's a slimeball recruiting tactic. Fisher had little to do with their success. He simply recruited them to FSU. That has no merit on what kind of DB a kid will be at Collie U.
Him playing at all the rest of the year has zilch to do with his draft stock. I don't care what "one GM says." If he gets hurt this last month He'll plummet. Other than the dream of playing in the NCAA tournament there is no reason to play.
It goes back to VCU. Try reading. And if I was an LSU fan I wouldn't be counting on those recruits at this point. You'll be lucky to have a bb program.
Just burn that God forsaken program down. There isn't a bigger collection of losers in one building than a Saturday at Rupp. Bunch of hilljacks worshipping kids that use their school and state for 6 months to move on. It's pathetic on multiple levels.
Bunch of cheating a** mofos! This conference is so dirty it's ridiculous. All of your fanbase are scum.
No it's not. You clearly watch as much bb as the other inbred hog fans. Extension of the elbow has gone uncalled for a couple of years. Happens at least 10 times a game in every game.
Video of evidence of it not happening? Wtf does that even mean? You can't prove a negative DA. S Carolina is a cesspool of racists. Always has been.
I've always kinda felt like Mullen was slimy.