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You might as well asked the cashier at Wal-Mart. Bo don't know diddly.
Lmao. Get ready suckered. It's already done. The dumpster fire is that ADept you have. No one here has an FBI investigation going on or leads mankind in major violation probabtion. Gus and Kristi hate your neurotic fan base. 6.5 million dollars homey. Oh and before BERT and Gus that series was almost even with all your cheating. If Jeff Long had hired him 5 years ago it wouldn't be close. And that's why he gone.
Herbie kinda turned into a whiny b*tch over night.
Cops are pigs. The complicit white trash in this country that buy this law and order bs need to wake up. That fighting tyranny thing you clamor on about with the 2nd amendment. It's here.
She explained that. Barstool sports is a collection of witless neanderthal pigs.
Lmao seriously? You could investigate Alabama and auburn everyday and the term witchhunt still wouldn't be appropriate. Maybe if you two hadn't spent your entire existence cheating and making up accomplishments things like this wouldn't come up.
Gruden is going to coach all of the SEC vs Saban.
It's the latter. Been going on for years. The SEC's success stems from the corruption in the sec office.
Beat your ass last year. I don't this miss st ever has the right to talk crap to another sec program. Oh and your bb program will be involved in this fbi mess thanks to Ben Howland and Reggie perry. Go sit down.
These are dumb. I don't think that Bonagura guy watches football.
The '98 Ark/Kentucky game in LR where he was the OC was the loudest game I've ever been to. That includes games in every SEC venue. Even BR at night. Also several championship or bowl games played inside.
I did the same thing to the LSU fans in BR in '07. Sometimes ppl just bring the worst out in you.
Put your money on NMSU. They are solid and Ark will come out flat for an 11 am start with about 35k in attendance. Bert will cry in the post game ab how much heart his team showed in coming from behind to get the win.
They spent the rest of the day making up for it. Officiating has become an absolute crap shoot with zero accountability.
Jim Harbaugh plunked out at the last minute of a 2 yr deal. We got a waiver bc no one was available. We agreed to a home and home with Colorado St which we normally wouldn't have done. Just to reiterate Harbaugh is a punk.
Franklin is a perfect fit for that garbage school. Can't wait for his first scandal. It's coming.
Fraternities and sororities have always reminded me what a weak minded society we really are.
"I'm surprised he wasn't in there more." He sounds like a fan watching the game. Maybe put down the pb&j at halftime and tell your OC to play him.
No it wasnt. Ppl don't even know the rules of football anymore.
Refreshing? Aysm? What would he lay blame to? He's never taken a disaster to national prominence. But he's left them.
The SEC is such an embarrassment. I hope the east and west coast have learned their lessons and get out and vote next time. This is the trash running our country. Bunch of Neanderthals that care way too much about drinking and football games they're not even apart of.
What absolutely ridiculous article. Hardly anyone played competition yesterday. Typical of the media to move the goal posts.
It's called Saturday down South not Saturday in the SEC.
You both struck out. 2 of the biggest programs in the country and you both blew your hires.
No just the white trash Bama fans. It's a pattern of behavior. That whole state is backwards and doesn't know how to act. Your emphasis on football is reflective to how backward and archaic your state is. Bama can win all the nattys in the world and they'll still be plain white trash.