UT Class of '93 and a Vol fan since first game I attended in 1966, when there were still bleachers in the north end zone, a Tennessee walking horse paraded on field every game, and the ROTC cadets fired a howitzer blank every TD.

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Coach Stoops seems to be a good fit for Kentucky. It seems like every year the Katz beat someone they weren’t “supposed “ to beat, and they play hard for him. I do occasionally worry that he’s gonna stroke out on the sideline when he gets worked up. Knowing nothing of substance, I wonder if the Kentucky administrators, upon hearing the A&M rumors, agreed to redo his contract during the off season to hang onto him. Any thoughts.
I’m pretty sure you meant ‘overcome adversity’. Totally different things.
The game went about as expected, so nothing really notable there. I will say that, while Joe Milton had his best night as a quarterback, he did so against Vandy. His records in this game might need an asterisk (or a V) beside them. Credit where credit is due, Joe has been loyal to his team even when the chips were down. On an entirely different subject, if you’re one of the classless UT fans who started or participated in the “Vandy s@#%s” chant, please stop coming to the games. Vandy does not s@#k, it is a prestigious university and deserves more respect than that. By your participation in such derisive behavior speaks poorly of your character and IS NOT representative of my beloved Alma Mater. Grow up. GO VOLS!
Whatever Big O decides, I’ll always appreciate all the unsung work he’s done to anchor a better than expected D-line. He is seemingly always responsible for or a factor in any big play in the middle and rarely misses a snap. Go VOLS!
There is no argument that Missouri played a strong game for the full 60 minutes. They have certified stars at QB, WR and especially RB. Their defensive line played exceptionally well and limited Tennessee’s usually potent run. Congrats to the Tigers team and fanbase. UT’s weaknesses were exposed in week one against Virginia and made more obvious against Florida. While there’s an overall lack of ability in our secondary, key injuries have exacerbated the problems there. Likewise, losing Pili at linebacker and McCoy at receiver have shown that second string players at those positions are significantly less talented than who they replaced. Coaching and schemes often can’t overcome personnel deficiencies and against a team of Mizzou’s caliber that will come back to bite you. One more thing: Coach Hueple, you represent my Alma Mater and are well compensated as head football coach. Please buy yourself a razor and start using it! That stubble just looks lackadaisical. Anyway, as always, GO VOLS!
Nice quote, I needed a chuckle this morning. Very astute!
Warren is almost done (eligibility) but Castles is starting to show some real talent to go with his size. Davis and Okoye have shown some next-level potential and we can hope that he staff continues to…CoachEmUp. (See what I did there?) GO VOLS !
“Ditto? Ditto, you proverbial putz?!” Hedley Lamarr (Harvey Korman), in Blazing Saddles Sorry, I couldn’t resist. GO VOLS!
I’ve seen the similarities too, but he also reminds me of Jason Witten.
I hate that ‘Juice’ is missing games, he’s a nice receiver. While he’s certainly missed by SC, it appears that others are stepping up to fill the void. It reminds me of Cedric Tillman‘s injury last year. Here’s hoping he recovers soon. I’m looking forward to a great game this Saturday. GBO!
Darwin Walker comes easily to mind, subsequently had a nice career with Philly. The late Doug Atkins was a beast. John Henderson or his teammate Albert Haynesworth. Please stop being such a putz.
I agree, and the idea has to have occurred to Huepel and his staff. Are they hanging on to that combination for a particular game? Since they are well-paid professionals, they must have some reason to not employ that set. Reminds me of Hurd and Kamara not sharing the field together. GBO!
So, I’m guessing most UT fans realize that there are multiple issues for the Bols to address. Back to the film room and practice field to try to find solutions. Florida played a pretty good game, better than their previous two outings this season. They won this game because on this occasion they were the better team and because their fans were raucous all night long* * the classless F Tennessee chant from some at the end of the game took some of the luster off of the win.
Unless Nico can play O-line, he couldn’t do any more than Milton. Pre-season reports of issues on the offensive front appear to be on the money.
Plavsic has the worst hands/ball handling skills of any big-man in recent memory. Just correcting that could be a game changer going forward.
Wright really stepped up his game in the 2022 season. He's earned a chance at a nice pro career. I hate that Wanya Morris* transferred to Oklahoma, would have loved to see them bookend the O-line for a final year. I initially thought that Morris was the better of the two but think Wright really developed well under current staff. *In regard to Morris, I certainly wish him well and hope that the hamstring pull during his combine 40 yard on Sunday heals quickly and fully.
Your writing ability is being wasted here. You aren’t quite at the level of Hemingway or Faulkner but I certainly appreciate the effort!
Sydney, your reference to Emmitt Smith as a “ …former Gator legend…” implies that he WAS a Gator legend which is incorrect. Mr Emmitt Smith IS a Gator legend and deserves to be so recognized. SDS apparently sets a low bar for grammatical correctness.
A fine example of classlessness by a dawg fan. Way to represent the National Champion UGA Bulldogs.
Well, at least Kentucky still has horse racing. They don’t seem to be very good at football or basketball. Strong showing by the Tide. Nice work.
Hey, Crissy, who is the Hall subject you mention in first line of the second paragraph?
Yep, the extra practices and TV exposure should both prove beneficial for recruiting purposes. If Coen does return as their OC that may help, but his stable may not have enough thoroughbreds in it for the near term.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I don’t care any more about Lebron’s opinion on the matter than he does mine. SDS is just trying to stir up further debate on a dead subject.
Exactly. Live in the future, not in the past. Win with humility and class. I sure hated to see the injuries, on both sides of the ball.
Neither helped, that’s for certain. I’m happy for the Vols to be in either bowl game, but I sure would have enjoyed Nawlins! Let’s all just chill and enjoy these as the exhibition games they are.