UT Class of '93 and a Vol fan since first game I attended in 1966, when there were still bleachers in the north end zone, a Tennessee walking horse paraded on field every game, and the ROTC cadets fired a howitzer blank every TD.

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Man, you are so right! So very sad for the families and friends of all involved as well as for Tide faithful.
Local chatter indicates Coach Pruitt still has some leeway here, but the honeymoon is over and both boosters and fans are expecting much better results sooner rather than later. If college football returns to normalcy in 2021, that’s likely a make-or-break season for him. That seems to be the nature of college HC positions... The thinking seems to be ‘...if Amazon can get me a package in 2 days, shouldn’t a coach deliver wins just as expeditiously?’
DVH, seems our own “defensive guru” is having some struggles...
Who knew when he said this that he was referring to his own fanbase: “It’s great to see all these people out here getting disappointed. I love it,” Muschamp said ....Turns out, Karma can be a real beeyotch...!! Muschamp always seemed to be a classless guy. Gamecock fans deserve better. Good luck with your coaching search.
Yeah, there’s a lot to this story that just doesn’t ring true. It sounds like a “phone troll” call to me.
I agree, there has to be more to this firing than that 2nd half against UK. Personality conflict? Insubordination?? Threw his headset at CJP??? Stay tuned...
Very thoughtful and introspective post. Are you a carpenter? I ask because you sure hit those nails on their heads...
Thanks for your well-articulated response to the previous post. I might add that AD Stricklin appears to have handled the situation publicly with judicious amounts of both humor and serious introspection, while I suspect there may have been a little sterner discussion with Coach Mullen. Bottom line, “No story here, move along.”
DITTO, Exactly my thoughts. Well, except I called it BravoSierra....
You didn’t include USC v Vandy, which started competitively but turned into a rain-soaked rout.
Keith, where exactly is the “back leg” on a human? Seems as elusive as finding the nuggets on a chicken. (To clarify, the punted ball bounced into Smith’s right leg).
Another nail-biter with SC! Our backs ran hard, the O-line didn’t pass block as well as they blocked on running plays. Guarantano’s high passes are killers! To’o to’o was solid, Tyler Baron shows promise but overran a TFL, defensive backfield had bright spots but struggled overall, especially on Shi Smith.
Agreed, that killed a drive that would likely have won the game. Ball was where it needed to be, had an open field to run...Muse catches that 90% of the time. I came away impressed with Hill, he’s a better QB than I expected.
Definitely a tough break for both him and the team, he has a lot of promise. He also sounds like he’s got his head screwed on straight, seems quite mature for his age. Best of luck to him.
Astute observations. Hopefully he’ll buckle down, mature some and take advantage of his opportunities.
Now he’s apart of “...the University of Ole Miss” ? Good luck, young man.
OK, I can understand the Covid-19 testing and procedures part as it relates to an imminent and serious threat to personal health which couldn’t have been anticipated or covered by their GIA agreement. I temper that understanding with their respective schools see them as an investment which will be protected to the Nth degree, not to mention the immense liability which could follow any lack of due and reasonable care. As for the insurance or any other ‘demand’, these athletes may want to conduct a quick cost/benefit analysis before taking any other action. Kids, get your degrees and use that ‘benefit’ to shape your future in a positive manner!
It is unbelievable how these players, at almost every school, first put themselves in bad situations and then fail to avoid taking further actions adverse to their educational and athletic best interests. While each situation has its own set of facts, I think these events are influenced more by the athlete’s own upbringing and inclination than by lack of care by a staff or institution. It is, however, likely exacerbated by the mollycoddling these star athletes receive as their respective futures unfold. I certainly hope that Mr. Gooden can put this behind him and find a fruitful and successful life. He has definitely made that a much bigger challenge than it might otherwise have been.
That’s what has been reported by Knoxville sports media as well. No real explanation has been given for the apparent delay in submission, but I presume that the situation is being handled with due diligence.
geez Louise, if they looking for hep, for $10k I’ll testify that I wasn’t robbed either. Truff.
“Hoosier Daddy”! Now that was a goodern there!!
More directly to your logic, as much as I hope Gray does have a breakout year, his performance against Vandy would be considered an outlier rather than proof of his rushing prowess. Not demeaning his ability, I just think there’s still a lot of carries in front of him before he’s anointed as the 2nd coming of Chuck Webb or Charlie Garner.
Er, uh...Connor, you might wanna check your stat sheets ‘cause I don’t think CALLAWAY had four carries all season, certainly not fourteen. Or, do I owe you an apology?
Adam, ease up on "stint" buddy, learn what it means and then use it judiciously, K?
Agreed. This situation suggests that his maturity level isn't such that he's worthy of further attention. At an rate, I wish him well on whatever path he has chosen. Go Vols!
It appears that Clowney committed the offense of targeting as he led with the crown of his helmet, diving directly into the head/neck area of the quarterback who was already headed to the ground following contact as a result of contact by opposing player. This should've been reviewed immediately and Clowney should've been disqualified from the contest.
As happy as I am for the UT program and fans after this win, I'm far happier to see that Jauan Jennings has taken his life lessons (suspension and dismissal) to heart and grown as a player, teammate and man. In my mind, those are the best things he will take with him from his time in Knoxville.