UT Class of '93 and a Vol fan since first game I attended in 1966, when there were still bleachers in the north end zone, a Tennessee walking horse paraded on field every game, and the ROTC cadets fired a howitzer blank every TD.

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Fant finally found his way after a long, winding and oft unappreciated career. I am happy for him and proud that he stuck it out to become a solid contributor. GO VOLS
Dear 8Tittless, howz about we keep the gimmicky offense and you and the ‘cats move over to the ACC. Maybe you could be contenders there, not so much in the SEC. On second thought, we’ll keep the gimmicky offense AND the ‘cats, you take your sad-sack troll self on over to the ACC, give all of us a rest from your flaming pie-hole. Trust me, no one on SDS site will miss your witty comments. GO VOLS
Taken in full context, Dabo’s burger analogy wasn’t the slight that some fans and media-types have made it out to be. In regard to the particular bowl matchup, hard to predict a score due to injuries, opt-outs and changes in the coaching staff. Still a win for both teams in terms of media exposure and extra practice time. GO VOLS
Connor O’: Your habit of lazily using the numeral “1” rather than the word “one” is irritating as all get-out. Likewise, your use of “1st” rather than “first” isn’t proper in most of your sentences. This is a column, not a Tweet or text. If you’re going to publish a professional column you should write in a professional manner. Sorry, I think my OCD and English Comp 101 compelled me to post this. I think I’ll go take a nap now.
And find his groove he did, rallying both his team and a very hungry fan base. My only advice... buy more fireworks!
I a m also optimistic about our progress and the direction in which we are headed. None of this would have happened without the seniors and “super-seniors” who stuck with the program at one of its lowest points and continued to improve both as players and as their own better selves. Thanks to them, the entire team, the support staff, coaching staff, and administrative personnel. You gave your fans a season to remember. Thank you! GO VOLS !!
Happy to do that if we get the shot. CoachBeam seems to have found his groove, and the Gamecock fans are feeling it. Congratulations on vanquishing perhaps your biggest rival.
Yeah, that wasn’t particularly clever, ticked about a 1 on the 100 scale of jibes.
First, congratulations to Alvin Kamara for both his pro successes and his significant contributions to Tennessee. It seemed Butch was so locked in on the allure of Jalen Hurd as a feature runner that he couldn’t see the the bigger picture involving Kamara. In reality, Butch misused Hurd as well, running him outside (with that bizarre-looking handoff profile they used, like a delay) rather than between the tackles. Hurd with a full head of steam was more load than many linebackers could handle. That’s how I saw it, but UT didn’t choose me as HC soooo.....
Congratulations to the Gamecocks team, coaches and fan base. You folks did it up right, celebrate your butts off because this one is yours. GO VOLS!
Adam, who is this “Black Corum” your headline refers to. Does Blake Corum have a brother on the team? Just curious is all... Signed, Wuh-oh!
hahahaahaaaa, good one. But who goes to Home Depot in a convertible? ;-)
That was Mizzou's approach and it worked well...for a half. Then Tennessee snuck Tillman out of the backfield, hit him for the long ball and the race was on. Georgia had the best defensive plan but also had the 5-star talent to pull it off. The bigger problem for SC would seem to be the offensive backfield, I hope they are healthy enough to go. Good luck, I hope it's a good game. GO VOLS !
Ron, you're not well are you? Best of luck, hope the meds kick in soon for you.
I hope you're right Jayhawks, that it was only a transient moment and everything is cool between them. Cook and Burden are good players, they can help get Mizzou headed back in the right direction. They just need some better players to augment them and everything will start looking better.
One can only hope, DV, one can only hope. GO VOLS !
Question for Mizzou fans: On at least two occasions during the Tennessee game it appeared that star freshman Luther Burden brushed past or snubbed Coach Drinkwitz on the sideline when Drinkwitz was speaking to or congratulating the young man. Did I imagine that or is there some discord between the two? Burden appears to have talent commensurate with his 5-star ranking.
Yes indeed, keep him on staff and help him get ready for his own top spot, whether at AU or elsewhere.
Kody neither said nor implied that you said that, he’s making his own, very valid, observation. Chill, bro, it isn’t an attack on you.
Yeah, I think he is a lot like AR, although not quite as good a runner.
Exactly right DV, both lines need attention sooner rather than later. DBs are also in need of an upgrade. No disrespect intended for our current players, they seem to haven “given their all” for the program for which I applaud them.
True enough, but it reminds me of the old days when Auburn had the Pat Sullivan to Terry Beasley passing attack (you may have to look that one up!). And I hope you guys are as fortunate in your coaching search as Tennessee was. The SEC (and college football in general) is better when the War Eagles are playing well.
An untimely and ill-fitting dig from the past. Catch up son. Why not post something clever about the smoldering ruins of Auburn’s football program and subsequent coaching search. Maybe address your prediction for the upcoming Iron Bowl. I expect your team will drive the Cadillac into a horrific collision with a bulldozer. Good luck with that.
I’d love to see Caddy succeed but common sense says that his current approach to coaching is unsustainable in the long run. Adrenaline, excitement and rah-rah enthusiasm will get you through near term but a successful future will require administrative skills, personnel management and the ability to connect to AU’s behind-the-scenes politics. He has two games, a very winnable Western Kentucky at home and a unusually challenged Bama at Tuscaloosa. A dominant win in the former and a respectable showing in the latter would certainly bolster his chances.
A special shout-out to Negan: Thanks for continuing to post several of sections of your multi-paragraph dissertations in all caps, makes it easier for all of us to quickly spot and ignore them. You da man, Neggy !
Agreed. They’d really have to stub their toe and stumble not to make it in. They have earned it.