UT Class of '93 and a Vol fan since first game I attended in 1966, when there were still bleachers in the north end zone, a Tennessee walking horse paraded on field every game, and the ROTC cadets fired a howitzer blank every TD.

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Not a perfect answer but it’s a step in the right direction. Also, maybe offer a class called “Social Studies 001: Decisions Have Consequences” Actually, maybe that should be in the AP Football curriculum in high school...
Probably referring to Wright, not Morris, in which case I agree, he didn’t come close to expectations. New year, new opportunities...
Amazing that he could do that all while playing LEFT tackle...
you seem to more deets about the matter than most folks, may we therefore presume that you’ll be on the NCAA’s witness list. Also, see my earlier post...”man down, stop kickin’ “
I agree, why kick a man when he’s down? That’s just cowardly.
That’s a very apt comparison. The NCAA’s extra year of eligibility has created a logjam in the portal of players of various skill levels. If schools are able to find missing pieces to plug into their systems it should make for some interesting football. ‘Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, and perhaps Georgia would seem destined to benefit the least due to the perceived talents of their incoming classes and underclassmen.
yeah, best wishes, tough break while you’re trying to hopefully get in the league. Good luck. As to his returning to the Dawgs, I think the window has closed on withdrawing his name from draft entry. If it hasn’t he would have to do so and pay back anything he’s received from an agent in furtherance of services. Hopefully he has an advisor who can help explore that possibility.
I agree wholeheartedly. The problem with that is that no school wants to try to be the first to ‘cheap out’ on a coaching hire. They will all continue to pony up whatever they think it will take, be it salary, perks or longevity, in order to get the coach whom they believe will deliver the desired results. It would likely require the intervention of the conference or NCAA to act as a brakeman, otherwise it will continue unabated. Now, which conference commissioner or NCAA president wants to step up? Exactly.
I hope there is civil trial, the sooner the better. Like calling a hand in a poker game, the truth would be laid out on the table for all to see. I want to know the details, who said or promised what, and how does that apply to the contract. Let’s do it and perhaps expose the shenanigans and double-dealings brought out of the darkened and (formerly) smoke-filled rooms. If CJP did wrong, prove it. If UT is scapegoating or just trying to cut their losses, too bad. Either way, it should be an eye-opening look into the ugly inner workings of college athletics administration! Lastly, for all the folks that post on SDS only to raise the hackles of others rather than contribute meaningful conversation and discourse, perhaps the truth will give you pause to reflect. Perhaps not, but you should have more time for Q-Anon or your other misguided interests. Paul...well, he gets paid to raise hackles...
Happy to have ‘Big Kat’ in Knoxville, it looks like he’s well on the road to recovery. While we have some promising young edge rushers, none have his SEC experience. Hopefully we’ll have a definitive answer sometime this week, but it appears that CJP has weathered this particular storm. By all outward appearances he seems to be about his business of reforming his staff and recruiting. Time will tell what the long-term effects are for him and for the program, but this has been a very unwelcome hiccup in the athletics department. Stay tuned...
I’m glad he decided to return, he has a lot of upside and has made several really athletic plays. I am curious whether his time away from the team to focus on academics was because he was underperforming there and thus got in CJP’s doghouse OR he got in CJP’s doghouse for some other reason and his absence was merely hidden under the ‘academics’ invisibility cloak. Whatever the reason, I hope he continues to progress in both his academics and his football career and takes advantage of the opportunities afforded him in those pursuits.
He’s a big kid, NFL size, but hasn’t panned out like a 5* should. Whether it’s a lack of development (coaching/strength and conditioning) or lack of ability remains to be seen. Having watched him in every game he played for the Vols, he seemed to have an inordinate number of missed assignments and was susceptible to both the outside speed rush and anything other than a basic inside stunt. Here’s hoping that he corrects his issues and earns a shot at the league. I wish him well no matter where he ends up, at another school or back here at UT.
SDS, please stop running these ‘social media calls out’ lines. All you’re doing is cherry picking the low-hanging fruit of fandom. I for one am totally unconcerned with social media opinions on pretty much any subject, especially on sports broadcasters. If we wanted social media commentary I’m pretty sure we’d just go to social media to read/hear it. Speaking of lazy, Adam, why not “ of his sons...” ? Word budget? Sheesh!!
Auburn will have to make up for a lot of offensive punch with Tank out. He is a talented back, reminds me a little of Kamara (who was notoriously underused by Jones). Good luck, War Eagles!
I hear that there’s a conference call early next week to potentially rename this the “Our Fighting Forces Bowl”. Stay tuned...
It would be nice to have somehow seen a play-in game scenario with TAMU facing Ohio State. My guess is OSU would not have fared well, much the same as the ‘96 Citrus bowl when their Eddie George/Orlando Pace/Mike Vrabel team lost to an improving Tennessee. They had huge star power and a big name, yet still lost to an SEC team. It would have been fun to see TAMU against ND in a first rounder.
I doubt Butch is on his speed dial. JG lost a lot of creds with fans (if not team) when he sulked on the bench (GT game?), He has given a lot for UT, the hits from 2018-19 more than paid for his scholarship, but he often seemed out of sync in his pass release, plus staring down his receivers. Nonetheless, I applaud him for surviving his college career and wish him nothing but the best whether he stays (doubtful) or goes.
Bielema can definitely coach, if he can recruit at a high enough level the Fighting Illini will at the very least be a thorn-in-the-side of the other B1G teams (I suspect he’ll need to do more than that to keep the job). I hate it for Lovie though, he seems to be a super guy and is largely respected amongst his peers.
Agreed, but CJP hasn’t shown any genius trait as far as clock management so this may not matter so much. I suspect our game plan will consist of ball control/eat the clock and try to score TDs rather than relying on 3-pointers from our inexperienced kicker. Of course, they’ll have to show some offensive burst to do that. I wish ‘em success, and I’ll be watching to the (perhaps bitter) end. Go Vols!!
I’m not clear on what you mean. Is it ‘No former coaches are destined...’ or ‘Not all are destined...’ ? Either way, the gist of it is that while Saban may teach them all that they know about coaching football, he doesn’t teach them all that HE knows about coaching football. A subtle but important distinction it seems.
There admittedly have been missteps under CJP but I for one am not ready to pull the plug on this staff. The quality of signing classes is improving and assuming the current commits stay the course we are still angling upward. The quarterback situation and defensive backfield play have cost us most of our losses this season, and a seemingly underperforming O-line didn’t help. I suspect we’ll see a couple of assistant coaching changes (D-line coach is already vacant) but Pruitt will have a couple more years to prove he’s the right man for the job.
If the Gators don’t play at a much higher level than they did vs Tennessee and LSU, I expect it will be a very disheartening game for Florida fans. Enjoy being the East Division champions.
Yep, that about covers it! And, like a lot of other viewers, my mind went back immediately to the dog-pee fiasco. Both episodes were childish and selfish and proved costly to their respective team.
The phrase “Entering the transfer portal does not bound a player from leaving the school.” doesn’t make sense grammatically, and it must be boilerplate because I’ve seen it in multiple posts. And while I’m on my grammatical high-horse, sportswriters in general need to stop using “...can’t be understated..” when the context in which it’s used implies that ‘overstated’ is the correct word. There! More coffee please...
You’re exactly right. While it seems every team in the SEC has lost players to injury, transfer portal and opt-out, Vandy has been decimated (LSU is running a close second). Contrary to the above article, it seems that star defender Dayo Odeyingbo has now quit on his team, which is a significant loss for the ‘dores. The loss of their HC, much anticipated, has roiled the waters further. I salute the players who do take the field to represent their school!
Totally unacceptable behavior, he shouldn’t play another down this year. Unfortunately it may also cause repercussions for his coaches and team...very selfish act.