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This is politics. The Big 10 university presidents have been talked into suspending the season in an attempt to hurt Trump's re-election. Sounds crazy; but it is the truth.
Did anyone notice the Aggies scored the same number of SEC points as Georgia last season, 202? Unfortunately, they gave up 224 points which was 17.5 more per game than the Dogs. What they need is some of that defense. They could use better protection for Mond and a better running game. Both should be better.
So you point out that Mond is 2-6 in true road games. True, but 4 of the losses were at top 4 ranked teams on the road. At #1 Bama, at #1 Clemson, at #4 Georgia and at #2 LSU.
The best thing about Jimbo is he is building for the long term. He is going to demand more from his players and coaches and will not feel any pressure from the media. Basically he is going to out live Coach Sabin.
Jimbo is 17-3 in two seasons vs teams ranked lower than #4. This was done mostly with inherited players. Jimbo is not going anywhere. Paying him $550k per game is a bargain. That's only $5 per ticket. He should get a raise.
If any of us are considering a job change, you are going to put salary and company resources ahead of history. If you have an interview next week to be the new latex salesman or you going to ask about company profits in the 80s and 90s ?
Tennessee's approach to romance. Ask a different girl to marry every day until one of them says yes.
You forgot about the Texas school located in Norman.
This happened in 2 days? From what I understand its more like 2 years. He got his indoor practice facility 7 years ago? In Texas, our elite high schools have indoor practice facilities. Google the YouTube videos that show what the lockerooms look like at Texas & A&M. These facilities are just on a different level. You insult Fisher when you say he is leaving for an extra $1.5 million. But I suppose that is your intention.