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If it were a soup contest I would give the benefit of the doubt to Campbell but otherwise let's go with the SEC.
The Texas fans think it will be easier in the SEC.
Jimbo complimented TCU on their great season and then he acknowledged the top of the SEC is different and special. These are not controversial points to anyone that follows college football.
You exhibit the UT arrogance we expect and appreciate. Well done.
Remember that season the Longhorns were ranked around 15th in the preseason and then finished unranked? The correct answer is any season this century.
I see a lot of mocks that show Texas with 3 in the first round. If you buy that then you have to believe the Longhorns will beat the Tide in September. I don't see it happening.
He's leaving because he knows he will not be in the starting line-up after all-SEC candidate Bryce Foster returns from his shot put season. He is looking for a place he can get on the field - apparently that could be LSU.
The people that evaluate a football team based on a press conference are the same people that vote for a president because he likes ice cream.
Patterson is an excellent coach and he will be missed by the UT defense.
O'Gara is on vacation so he is just running one of his old hit pieces on Jimbo. Did ya'll know Jimbo would be fired if not for his huge payout? I literally never hear discussion about this except in this guy's column. Can the readers give him some suggestions for topics to write about? He needs some new ideas desperately.
This is what the AD is focused on as he prepares to enter the SEC? This is going to be ugly.
I am saying Sark will eventually turn to Manning this coming season. And nobody has seen him play college ball.
As can be seen by Ewers hair, his decision making is flawed which is why he has a sub 60% completion rate and is the king of the late game comeback - for the opponent. Look for him to be benched midway through the season for Manning in an attempt by Sark to save his job and survive to be a head coach in the SEC in 2024. My further prediction: Ewers will enter the 2024 draft anyway and go undrafted.
Seriously, we get it, you don't like Jimbo. What else ya got?
Why all the hate for Jimbo? I haven't seen him ever make an excuse or pass the blame for any shortcoming. He hasn't mentioned the 34 players that missed multiple games last season or the 14 true freshmen that started last year. He kicked one of them off the team but the remainder are all back. O'Gara seems to think Jimbo wouldn't have a job if not for his payout. That's just ridiculous.
This story is tasteless and an insult to the readers. Surely you can come up with something football related that could be informative to the reader. Makes me wonder if O'Gara is on the hot seat. I am willing to bet if his bosses are considering firing him, he will not be saved by a huge payout.
It's always in poor taste to include sports stats in a story about a death. Let's raise the standard of journalism and be better than that.
Jimbo's class is currently not very deep but it is top heavy with the 7th highest average per Rivals. Jimbo knows how to close in December so expect some fireworks.
Not special. I don’t think this dude is on scholarship.
I guess Borat’s “Down the Well” is out of the question.
Coach Bryant said you can expect a loss for every freshman starter. The Aggies are right on schedule in 2022.
I predict Bama rolls just like I predicted last year.
Agree. The true freshmen got almost 60% of the D Line snaps vs Arkansas and held up pretty well. I certainly expect MSU to score points - likely not 6 TDs. The question I have is can the Aggies score enough points to win? It has to be more than just Achane. Need a couple of other guys to step up.
It's really hard to draw any conclusions from a gimmick offense that floods the secondary with WRs against a Bowling Green team ranked as one of the worse teams in college football that no doubt does not have the secondary depth to compete against said gimmick offense for a full game. I would think A&M's secondary will be closer to LSU's secondary compared to a small school such as BG.