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The Aggies 2022 class consisted of 30 players and will be the backbone of this year's team entering their third year. Yes, several of the most highly recruited were either kicked off the team or left for more cash and/or playing time. But half of the class is still on the roster and 5-6 will start on offense with 3-4 playing key roles on defense not including transfer DE Nic Scourton who many see as a potential all-american. It should have been better but it's not irrelevant.
Could Clemson go from Dabo to Jimbo? Too Perfect.
Let's face a hard truth. If you are betting on Softball or the coin toss of the super bowl then you should find a 12-step program immediately!
So the Aggies are the only SEC school with money? That good news. But is does seem odd - How does Lame K attract so many transfers to his school? If not money it must be the big city lights of Oxford which I understand from Wiki is the 14th largest town in Mississippi. Maybe it's the home cooking or the chance to get a degree from the 163rd best educational institution per US News?
1) The accused worked for the Titans and never started working for A&M. Keep your children away from Nashville? 2) College Station is a wonderful place. 3) What position does your son play and what is his size and 40 time?
The expectation is to build a strong program that competes each year and is among the best teams in the conference. We want to win or lose with dignity and class and win through hard work and dedication. The fans will be patient but expect results after providing superior resources.
The only thing that’s surprising is that Bama fans somehow think Saban could retire and they would just keep rolling. Welcome to the second tier of the league. Check your history of what happens when college coaching legends retire. You will fire his successor for only winning 9 games in 3-4 years and it will take 4-5 coaches and about 20 years before the return of the 10 win season. Relish what you had.
If Oklahoma is in a position to make the playoff after facing Alabama, Texas, Ole Miss, LSU, Tennessee and Missouri, then they have certainly earned it. That ain't no Big 12 schedule!
Actually, there is plenty of money in the A&M program. No need to start a fundraiser - the Aggies will be fine.
Walter is solid at best. He has the potential to be something special but at this point only flashed it. A&M has plenty of options to replace big Walt.
This kid thought he was going to be handed the starting center job as a true freshman.
A lot of people said it would never work because of the huge egos of Jimbo and Petrino. Can anyone name a successful coach without a huge ego?
Its really hard for me to back Sabin on anything but in this case good for him. Coach can do what he wants. The media will have to spend more prep time before the game, same as the opponents.
Instead of mentioning Jimbo's payout in the first paragraph of everything you write, wouldn't it be more convenient to just add a running payout total on the home page of the website? Every time Coach Fisher gets a paycheck it will automatically drop the current amount payout amount. Will save you some time and effort.
They are grown men and brilliant offensive minds. They both have an incentive to make it work and that is exactly what I expect will happen.
Texas will destroy Georgia in Austin just like TCU did! Oh wait.
Oh I didn't realize it was McElroy's decision on where the game will be played. Just remember that Texas fans are just as annoying as Alabama fans but without the success on the field.
You can't say Texas is back until they are, you know, actually back. They should be back but we've seen this before. Two massive obstacles even before they take on the SEC - (1) Ewers has been terrible at the end of close games. He only completed 52% of his passes in the fourth quarter for 1 TD, 3 sacks and 2 interceptions and (2) Sark is 40-35 career in conference games and 9-9 in the Big 12. How does 9-9 in the Big 12 convert to the SEC?
If it were a soup contest I would give the benefit of the doubt to Campbell but otherwise let's go with the SEC.
The Texas fans think it will be easier in the SEC.
Jimbo complimented TCU on their great season and then he acknowledged the top of the SEC is different and special. These are not controversial points to anyone that follows college football.
You exhibit the UT arrogance we expect and appreciate. Well done.
Remember that season the Longhorns were ranked around 15th in the preseason and then finished unranked? The correct answer is any season this century.
I see a lot of mocks that show Texas with 3 in the first round. If you buy that then you have to believe the Longhorns will beat the Tide in September. I don't see it happening.
He's leaving because he knows he will not be in the starting line-up after all-SEC candidate Bryce Foster returns from his shot put season. He is looking for a place he can get on the field - apparently that could be LSU.
The people that evaluate a football team based on a press conference are the same people that vote for a president because he likes ice cream.
Patterson is an excellent coach and he will be missed by the UT defense.