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Which in itself is a surprise. I'm an Auburn fan and I recognize that for the past few years, Auburn seems to forget that are any quarters after the first. Malzahn is a joke and so is Auburn claiming "anybody" fell apart later in the game. That and letting the other team simply march down the field unopposed is a Malzahn specialty.
I would not call him a "superfan", more like an unhinged nutjob.
Oklahoma is hardly a Southeastern State. Would make more sense to pick up Clemson and South Carolina.
Your first line is incorrect: "There’s no better college football in the nation than the brand that’s played in the Southeastern Conference,.." It should read: There's no better football in the nation than the brand that's played in the Southeastern Conference... Period. End. Of. Story.
Strip them and then duct tape each one to the uprights.
I'm probably going to get flamed here for being policitally incorrect. To be completely honest,the one thing that annoys me more, grates on my nerves, and throws me out of the flow of enjoying the game than the cute chick on the field interview/update is the sound of a woman's voice commentating. Now, that's an honest point.
I want to see LSU take Ohio State's lunch money and kiss their girlfriends.
Alabama is usually one of the most disciplined teams on the field, but last night it seemed like discipline was beyond them. Alabama beat themselves as much as Auburn beat them, and that's not to take anything away from Auburn. It's biggest game either team can play, and that includes national champion games. It just means more for Alabama and Auburn fans. And that builds up a lot of powerful emotions, and that can cause team discipline to fail, and mistakes are made. How many penalties did Bama get last night. If I'm not mistaken, it's more than any two games combined from the rest of the season. I'm sorry this young man is catching hell for a missed field goal. There's plenty of blame to go around and a huge amount of that falls on Nick Saban himself. He's forgotten the first rule of coaching. When you win, it's because of the team. When you lose, it's because of the coaching.
You got that right. The end of the second quarter was chaos incarnate.
Alabama is usually extremely disciplined making few errors per game. But it seems that the discipline was dislocated along with Tua's hip.
I still say that Nix only an average quarterback with occasional spurts of brilliance.
No different than getting a defensive player to jump early for an off-sides penalty.
I'm still not convinced that you guys didn't lose on purpose in order to hand Guz Malzahn around our neck for a couple more years.
I wouldn't be surprised if Bama didn't lose on purpose, just to hang Malzahn around our necks for another couple of years.
One and Done has wrecked college basketball. It strips away the talent away from Kentucky every year, and it's left the games somewhat lack-luster, which is sad because NCAA basketball is the last level at which teams actually exist, plays actually exists and referees actually call fouls. Once they get to the NBA all they do is get the ball to the star, and let him lay it up. Fouls are seldom called. To be honest, if the average NBA team had to play by the same level of rules enforcement as a high school game, they'd lose to most college teams. It's because of this kind of thing that Basketball is MEH.
I have nothing but respect for the man, and wish him the same success and prosperity that Jalen Hurtz has found.
I wish him the same luck and prosperity that Jalen Hurtz has experienced. Nothing but respect for him.
Bubbatime, your comment made me remember a saying about playing for Alabama. You are guaranteed two things. 1. Getting a National Championship game. 2. Surgery. During the Tennessee game I heard one of the announcers say that Tua was going to get a lot of play in the NFL. That was just before they took him out of Bryant/Denny Stadium in an ambulance.
I will be among the first to admit that I'm one of his detractors. Mainly because for the last few years, it has looked like Auburn showed up to play the first quarter and then went home. One team after another, LSU, Alabama, and Georgia would get the ball in the second half and then march downfield with impunity. Auburn would score big in the first quarter, and then not score again for the rest of the game. The only game they seemed to have is "run it up the middle". All that being said, I'm willing to give him a chance. This year it seems Auburn doesn't show up until the second quarter, (Okay, first quarter against TA&M was a pleasant surprise) and plays to beat the brakes off the other team after the first. That's a refreshing change. Malzahn has also seemed to realize that Auburn has the right to put one in the air every now and again. I'm willing to give him a break. He's coming down to where it won't be quite so expensive to buy out his contract, and he realizes he could be without a job if he doesn't perform. Last year I blamed the administrator who approved of his contract more than I blamed him. But, if he backslides into his old ways, I'll be on that "fire him!" bandwagon like green on grass.
I really don't care as long as they don't start talking about which players may or may not go to what team in the NFL or how former players are doing in the NFL--especially when the one team is far ahead and have put in their second or third string players. This is all the playing time some of those guys get and I'd like to see and hear them talk about THEM.
I remember listening to this game over the internet. I was living in South Korea and my South Korean friends couldn't figure out what I was so happy about. I do however think that the NCAA should ban that particular color of socks that Oregon was wearing. The look too much like a flag on the field.
My burning question is: "Has Guz Malzahn yet figured out that there are three quarters following the first?" Auburn tends to start the game out like gang-busters and then come second quarter they play like a high school team.
First: The word is LIGHTNING, not lightening. The first is a bolt from the sky, the second what you do to paint when you add white to it. If you're going to be a journalist, get an editor to proofread your work. Secondly: THE most important question facing Auburn this year is: Has Gus Malzahn yet figured out that there are actually four quarters to a football game?
Alabama fans are not included in this list because it's inappropriate to include a professional with amateurs.
What I want to hear out Malzahn is "I'm packing my bags." What I want to hear out of Auburn to Malzahn is, "You're fired."
Coyte should be taken out and publicly horsewhipped, then fired from his job and have restraining order against him ever coming within 100 yards of any football game ever again. He had NO BUSINESS PUTTING HIS HANDS ON A PLAYER IN THE FIRST PLACE. Period. End. Of. Story.
Okay, in Arkansas, Malzahn had something to prove to his alma mater, who weren't a very good team in the first place. But he needs to remember that Alabama, Georgia, and Texas A&M are going to play to win ALL FOUR QUARTERS, not just the First one. Malzahn USUALLY quits coaching after the 1st Quarter, and his players reflect that.
Dude, you need to go back to journalism school, or at least pick up a book on expressions. It's "the die is cast", not the "dye is cast".