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They had 25yds rushing against AU last week. 25. Two-Five. In a 60 minute game. Who is Arkansas Razorbacks, Alex?
So, according to Saban, every returner is fair game for head-hunters. Yeah, that's the intent of the rule. Gotcha buddy.
Hey, you 3-toothed, gravy\-sweating, cousin-f*cker, bow down to the reigning NCAA rushing champ.
Seems like your pea brains can't grasp a larger world
Explain the Mardi Gras beads. Didn't realize UF's color was Cowardice.
Stupidest thing Danielson's ever said: He shoulda slid [before td].
FYI, LSU is officially The Fighting Tigers
If those people want to run the Single Wing T, he's your guy.
"...Miles’ game management, something that paled in comparison to Saban." What is it with SDS' fetish w/Saban (and non-sequitor, at that?)
I see only a Royal Crown pouch. How many other uses has the pouch been used for?
Vols, just shoot your load against the gumps.
What a bunch of psycho-babble from a wannabe screenplay writer. Lambeau is just a field?! And Kate Upton is just a girl, I guess.
Too much pre-season hollow bravado coming from Rocky Top. They'll fail,
Trunk has room for two footballs...maybe. It also pumps in fake engine noise. Enjoy the delusion, kid. All of it.
Worry about FSU & your recruit$.
OVERRATED Leonard Fournette No AU DBs voted
Caz also played offense. However the reason he didn't win the Heisman was he pulled his hamstring running down an eaTme player on a return, not usual media bias.
Wait until the NaziAA peruses the coach's records of Tunsil's illegal payments. Then we'll see.
...and here's to the judge being an LSU grad!
Crawl back into your hole until eaTme has something worth contributing from 'on the field.'
And yet the two never failed a bama-administered drug test. Go figure.