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I'm not avoiding, but what can I say? I believe most of what people are saying, but I am not abandoning my team. Therefore, any comment from me will be taken has a homer.
I am waiting for the day that someone gets a 5-star walk-on. In NIL era, why not just give then $$$ instead of a scholarship.
I agree...if you had 12 team playoff, why play the SEC championship game. I believe the top teams would sit key players or at least hide their playbooks for that game.
I hope we end up with his commitment, but I understand he needs to do what's best for him. Wishing the young man all the best!
Due to always winning big12 championship. Ou has not fared well in the playoffs, but outside of 5 teams, no one does well in playoffs. Beside, the most important trait is to be a recruiter.
This is fun! Every week brings another top 100 recruit. How large can 22 class be? A&M in the running for 7 top 100 players still.
Much needed positive news. Keep stacking those blue chippers. Had to learn some hard lessons on the field this season, but coaching staff is still putting in work off the field. Gig'em!
Great pick-up. LSU will be back real soon, this doesn't mean LSU is in trouble. It is more about A&M going into other states to get top talent.
If Alabama was to lose to UGA, I'M curious to see if the playoff committee would but 2 lose team in playoff and replay same game in semi's.
I agree. And you better be able to capitalize on that elite QB when you get him. Every year there are a # of teams with a elite QB (Ole Miss or A&M w/Johnny FB) but programs that win championships have the top recruits throughout the team.
Another reason I believe Jimbo wouldn't leave is do to a strength of LSU, which is anybody can win at LSU. If he won even 2 NCs, you only won because it's LSU, not you. But if you can win just one at A&M, they will rename the College Station after Jimbo and build a statue while he is still coaching. You'd be a god.
I agree with you. But other than "hope" this is the first time I can actually narrow down the problem. By our biggest problem was elite recruiting. We have never been this good at it (at least in 20 years). Also of note...after losing talent to NFL and playing with a back-up QB, historically we would be at bottom of Big 12, not middle of SEC-W. I am happy with our program when 7-3/4-3 is a "bad" year.
Yes sir. Height and hoops...a much welcomed recruit.
OMG...This is why I love Jimbo. I can't believe we can win recruiting battles like this. And we are still strong leans for 5-stars S Stewart and H Perkins. It is begining to feel like a legit SEC program.
Cut Jimbo, why? I wish we had a nattie or maybe a few SEC titles, but we don't. So we are a program that must build and that is what Jimbo is doing, and doing well. He as beaten LSU twice (something we had not done even once since joining SEC), guided us to our best final ranking in decades, beat Bama with a back-up QB, and secured 3 straight Top 10 recruiting classes...and you think we should let him walk with all that guaranteed $$ because we should be doing better? Na, I'll keep Jimbo!
Ain't that some bs. Your team losses only once every 2 years, and you win money. Must be nice being a Bama fan. I have to settle for a win over Bama once per decade and no money.
Feels good to be an A&M fan tonight. I'm so happy for them kids. Tough losses, then to play like that...
Feels good to be an A&M fan tonight. I'm so happy you them kids. Tough losses, then to play like that...
While Bruce Matthews was playing for Houston Oilers. His son Kevin went to A&M, all the other sons followed (Jake, Mike, Luke).
According to 24/7 rankings, since 2006 - 17,41,16,27,16,34 (Big 12) then move to SEC 16,9,5,11,18,13,17 then Jimbo's first full recruiting class 4,6,8 and currently 9. While in the Big 12, we never recruited back to back top 20s. Under Jimbo, his worst is still the second best we had prior to him. And if you go by composite score and not rankings, Jimbo's worst (2021) at 279 is better than (2014) 278. I understand you must take this with a grain of salt, but one can't deny our recruiting is much improved.
Losing sucks, but as an A&M fan, I am very happy with the program. Before the move to SEC, we couldn't routinely recruit in the top 20. We would have a good year (10+ wins) only once a decade. Now fans (both A&M & others) are calling for a coach to get fired because we are having a bad year. We have come a long way. I would love to be a LSU or Auburn. Win a championship, and maybe endure a down year or two. At least A&M is committed to building a top program. Just wishing doesn't work. You have to build the facilities, stadium, recruit at a high level, pay the coach, and have the backing of the school/boosters.