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God Bless Derek, he's really trying. If Vandy let's him go I hope he finds success somewhere else, hopefully in the SEC.
That cock is playing you. Jalen Brooks just got his waiver to play approved. Judging by all the noise some fans are making I would expect him to be a bigger threat than Shi Smith.
Wew, a whole lotta drama in the swamp. Keep OBJ away, unless you want your receiver corps to catch the "WR drama queen virus" that seems to have infected the position as of late.
Gus is coaching an in-state rival of Alabama and SEC rival of UGA. Gus is also coaching a team in the strongest division of the SEC. I'm not a defender of Gus, if the barn moves on from him they move on. But it's disingenuous to pull up statistics like these without caveats.
I tried to tell everyone before the season that Tennessee was overrated but no one listened. I can make broad and unfounded assumptions too. The point I'm trying to make is that a few underperforming games doesn't make a player overrated. Last season he was the best in the league at what he does. I think that Stingley jr. is an elite player that may have relied upon his supporting cast a little too much last season. Now that he's the greatest player on the defense he needs to recognize it himself. He is the defense, he is the best player and he will have to put the defense on his back if LSU is going to salvage this season.
I'm higher on Malzahn than most people, bad coach couldn't beat Alabama like he does every other season. Is the reason Nix is still starting pure nepotism? Maybe. But I think the barn would turn itself around immediately if anyone else played QB instead of Nix.
I had SCAR going 2-8 during the preseason and they've got 2 wins already. I'm satisfied at least.
>Bo Nix, Myles Brennan and Matt Corral not rounding out the bottom lol what? I guess this is based purely on stats since Nix and Corral are the reason Auburn and Ole Miss lost their last games.
Wow LSU. To be fair I wouldn't worry too much about 1 busted season. BUT going from the best in the SEC to one of the worst is concerning.
I got the Lincoln assasination joke but cannot understand what it was in reference to.
>Irish ranked 4th after barely escaping Louisville ~One of these things is not like the other~ ~One of these things doesn't belong~
UGA will more than likely win the East so better to lose now than in the SEC title game. Would giving JT Daniels a shot next time be better or worse?
Offenses evolve constantly and defenses have to keep up if they want to win. I don't think any P5 school has the defense to defeat what we've seen from Alabama and Clemson this season.
Remember when Mike Leach and the air raid was going to dominate the SEC 3 weeks ago?
>1st conference home win in 4 years wew >1st SEC QB to throw 6 picks in 13 years W E W
Let them hire him. When Auburn is inevitably hit with NCAA sanctions via a typical "Hugh Freeze" controversy the rest of the SEC will have something to get a chuckle out of.
They have played 13 times total. Even after SCAR joined the SEC in 1992 they still rarely play regularly.
Honest question for the barn. I think Gus is alright, Morris is okay and there are plenty of playmakers for Auburn but it looks like the weakest link is Nix. Is Bo Nix the biggest thing holding this team back?
Wow, the SEC is a bloodbath! UF and LSU losing? Crazy.
A very hollow victory. I take no pleasure in seeing Vandy get beaten, and now this offensive performance will buy Muschamp a little bit of goodwill until his next loss.
That suspect UF defense was gonna cost them eventually. Hopefully they fix their problems or the east will be UGAs for the taking.
I think only Vol fans think they will beat UGA Not really disrespectful as much as it is appealing to popular opinion
As a fan of a team that hired Muschamp I'm well versed in con artist coaches. My idea of how the A&M BOT decided upon Jimbo would be something like this. "Look at him, he got a national title in 2013 with a team loaded with 5 star talent." "Surely the unimaginable fall to being an ACC bottom feeder just a season later isn't his fault, let's give him a chance here."
The only names I've heard from BOT insiders are Napier, Beamer and Satterfield. Nobody that jumps out as a "WOW" hire like Urban Meyer but most fans would take anyone over Muschimp.
I would much rather go to Vandy than rocky flop tbh That homeless population is getting a little out of control there
Isn't failure to evaluate and use talent a fault of the coach?
I'm surprised 107.5 released tweeted and accepted that call. They're typically pro Muschimp propaganda.
Garcia, Orth and Shaw are really in a class all their own compared to the rest of the list.