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When will Ole Miss bring back the nWo belt? It was my favorite gimmick prop in the NCAA.
I am optimistic that Beamer will do the right thing and eventually develop an offense that can compete in the SEC. That said wake me up when this season is over.
Meh, was kinda expected we'd get btfo I am more looking forward to what happens this offseason This offense is not ready to play in the SEC right now
I met coach O at a gas station outside of Lexington SC when he was here to recruit. He was polite, took a few minutes to chat, and I thanked him for blowing out Clemson in the 2019 national championship. I would hate to see him let go at LSU because loves it there but if he is I wish him a great life just for that 15 minutes spent talking to a random nobody like me.
Jahmar Brown likely won't punished for that embarrassment. On the contrary he might replace RJ Roderick as a starter because RJ is pretty lousy at his position.
Do like I did and don't put too much critical observation into this season. Treating it as a throwaway will help keep up the optimism for next season after what's looking like a 4-8 record in 2021.
Are any Aggies out there getting anxious about Jimbo? I am seeing the same issues that FSU had when they started trending down after their natty win.
What we learned. Drinkwitz is a work in progress. This is only his second year in the SEC. Give him time, his willingness to fire his DC after such an embarrassment shows he don't wanna be seen as soft.
I would agree with everything in this article if this was year 3 under Shane Beamer. It is still his first season ever as a head coach. Might be a little to early for SDS authorized character assassination.
I give them a lot of slack because 1st year coaching staff and they have already matched the win total from last season. I hope it works out but so far the offense can not compete in the SEC.
If either team were to play in the SEC title game like they did tonight they would get blown out the frame. I know SC is bad and I am only taking a passive critical interest in their season due to it being year 1 for a new coaching staff. But for UK Stoops has been the HC for near a decade and still isn't in a position to take the SEC east. I keep wondering when another team will eventually knock off UGA/Florida but after 4 games it might come next season.
Someone overweight like Mark should watch his blood pressure. His team will unironically give him a heart attack.
Shane Beamer hired a relatively unknown OC in Marcus Satterfield because he was his best man at his wedding. Inept offensive performances like the abortion we just witnessed kill fanbases and damage recruiting for years. Beamer could win back a lot of goodwill by firing his best friend.
I can't believe I wasted my Saturday watching awful football. Both teams looked lousy and IMO neither will seriously challenge UGA or Florida for the next 3 seasons.
It seems like anytime I bet on the barn they sh1t the bed
Fitting news after the 'Aints performance last Sunday.
I wanna comment on this too. "Some Gamecocks might recall that it wasn’t that long ago that Will Muschamp called the group the best of his tenure in Columbia. In fact, it was only in June 2020 that Muschamp made that statement." Anyone seriously taking talent evaluation from Will Muschamp at face value is a fool. His head coaching career is plagued with squandered offensive talent.
There are a few reasons IMO -new coaching staff that is implementing schemes the players are unfamiliar with (Satterfield is adamant about implementing a pro style offense that he schemed with the Carolina Panthers) -talent not being SEC caliber (OT Turnetine has been nicknamed "Turnstile" by fans) -the offensive playcalling and run schemes of Mike Bobo squeezed blood from a stone last year with Kevin Harris -SCAR eventually got the running game going very late against EIU and ECU but were stonewalled all night against the elite SEC defense of UGA The fans are already noticing patterns and most are very vocal in wanting to sack first time SEC coaches Satterfield and Adkins after 3 games. I think this is an overreaction. Time needs to be given to them for any real progress to be made. In 3 seasons if talent and ability does not improve, then Beamer should reassess and consider replacing personnel. Just my 2 cents on this hot topic in the cock community.
A quote from Muschamp talking to Josh Vann after the game. "You're playing your best football! Why you wait until I leave to play your best football?!" I don't care for him as a coach but that was pretty funny.
Even when we lose we don't get a headline SDS article about us.
Players loved him because he guaranteed they would get selected in the NFL draft.
Beamer won me over because he is passionate and a believer in this program. Most fans should be accepting of a few lousy rebuilding years just based on that alone. Muschamp always came off as not giving a f*ck about South Carolina. Compare his pressers and sideline presence as HC at Florida to SC. If he had a better attitude I think he would have survived not being fired.
Some fans of this team are overreacting and spewing toxicity after only three games (looking at you TheBigSpur @ 24/7sports) Yes the OL is swiss cheese. Yes there is a huge talent gap between South Carolina and the SEC elite. Yes this team has been poorly coached with all the penalties and miscommunications. But I think perspective matters here, this is a team that won 2 games last year. They are currently being led by a coaching staff filled with personnel that are by and large getting their first crack at their positions. We need to give them time to build and evolve. Rome wasn't built in a day and this program won't be a SEC contender until 3 seasons from now at the earliest IMO. This fanbase is full of believers and survivors. We survived the winless 1999 season, we can survive a few more seasons of struggle.
That 4th & goal call is gonna haunt the barn for a while. Great game tho.
Expected to lose, but was hoping the OL issues would have been addressed instead of being exploited even more. I know the talent gap is a chasm right now. I hope Beamer and Staff can recruit at a higher level going forward. The groundwork for heart and culture has been laid. Now we need starpower.
I was breaking out the whiskey at half time and hoping for better days ahead. UGA had better run the table and topple Bama this year.
"We don't want to aggravate Richardson's injury." - Mullen Anthony Richardson was seen doing a full gymnastics routine on the sideline during pregame.
Killed the hype and fan enthusiasm by going 0-2.