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>Advice from Carson Palmer Do the opposite of whatever he says!
Trask is debatbely the best QB in the SEC this season. Talent at WR and TE be dammned, he's got the numbers to back up the claim.
The negativity is almost entirely to do with Clemson and UGA flying past SC on a rocket ship while we're stuck in between both going nowhere. Actually we're not even going nowhere. We're sinking into the ground.
Will it translate to wins? I’m not sure, but you guys will be much better than you were last season. That is the only thing that matters at this point, everything else is irrelevant. If this were an earlier year I would forgive a hard fought loss with great offensive and defensive stats but this is year 5 and that ship has sailed. Hilinski could pass for 300 yards a game but if they don't come out with a W it won't matter. Muschamp knows what time it is. The fanbase HATES him and now he's banking on another failed HC and a slew of high school students to come in and save his job/reputation. He knows that he won't coach again if he fails here. The desperation is palpable and I cannot wait to see how this season turns out just for the drama it's going to produce.
I would take the drunken redneck down the street as my head coach over Muschamp. At least he would be fun to watch.
It's deserved when you have a team that hasn't scored a touchdown since November 9th 2019. Has players that are 1st round draft picks. Has the ability to beat the best team in the SEC East on the road but lose to a non-P5 school at home. But above all else you have to watch your in state rival ascend to national playoff success every season and there's no sign of them slowing down. South Carolina has all the pieces to be a good team, except it's leadership and coaches.
Godspeed Jake. Some of the dawgs might not care for him but I always thought he was a pretty good QB.
OVER! WAY OVER! The amount of disrespect UK still gets after the past few seasons is pretty ridiculous.
I'm getting eerie vibes from this. Butch Jones had some stellar recruiting success at rocky top too, I just hope for Jerome Pruitt's sake this amazing recruiting means more wins.
Under, but just barely. 1st year HC slump but I think he's a good hire going by his App State results and look forward to seeing where he takes Mizzou.
A majority of the people dying from COVID are 60 something boomers and retirees. I highly doubt a young athlete in the prime of their life would contract let alone succumb to COVID.
Most of the SEC West could handle SC's schedule and come out with 7-8 wins easy. UGA, Florida, Tennessee could handle SC's schedule and come out with 7-8 wins easy. OSU, UT, Michigan, Wisconsin, Oregon, Baylor and a slew of other teams outside the mighty SEC could pull 7-8 or more wins wins out of SC's schedule. Stop using a tough schedule as an excuse to suck, you're sounding like Muschamp during a postgame.
South Carolina is not UGA. Bobo doesn't have the talent pool he had at UGA to work with. I say Bobo does not produce a stellar offense since Muschamp will always be in the way but maybe he can develop Hilinski to be an okay QB.
Under, I'm expecting 5-7 if we even play our selected schedule. Coastal: W ECU: W Mizzou: toss up leaning towards W Kentucky: toss up leaning towards L Florida: L Tennessee: toss up leaning towards L A&M: L, L's forever until the cocks can prove otherwise Vandy: W UGA: L LSU: L Wofford: W Clemson: Hard L An improvement over 2019 but hopefully it won't be enough to retain him for another season. Mike Bobo will not save this offense. Most folks in SC conveniently forget that Mike Bobo was fired as HC from CSU after going 3-9 and 4-8 in the mountain west. The only way this team will get better is to have another miserable season that at best will force Will Muschamp and Ray Tanner out the door.
I remember when Jake Bentley said the same thing after getting slapped by Clemson, then proceeded to lose 2 more times before transferring.
What is there to be optimistic about? An OC that was so good he couldn't win the SEC with a loaded UGA team and was fired from Colorado State? What about a HC that knows he's going to get fired but will still get paid millions of dollars anyway? I apologize if I can see this team heading for a cliff and you cannot.
Jimbo is fine for now, the only negative mark is that $60 million check he's getting. Now in a few seasons if TAMU is still in the middle of the SEC West with no progression then it will start to be a real big problem.
I called A&M hiring Jimbo an bad move prior to his first season with the Aggies, seeing how FSU went on the decline prior to him jumping ship. Bottom line, Fisher's an okay coach getting paid Saban money and now they can't realistically get rid of him without bankrupting the university. Hot take here, Muschamp will not make it to the middle of the season with the Gamecocks. Any other coach with the amount of talent on SC's current roster could make consistent 9 win seasons feasible, but for Muschamp it seems like something that may happen once every few years. After hiring and firing 5 OCs, you have to eventually start to wonder that maybe your coordinators are not the problem with why your team is a dumpster fire. Mullen will not get fired, regardless of how many times UGA stomps UF at the cocktail party. I don't even know why that was mentioned.
I don't like it only because of current offensive trends, I think a mobile qb is going to be more effective in the modern era than a traditional pocket qb.
Imagine being a fan sitting on your fat ass, sh1t talking a recruit online for being "just a 3-star"
Sad that all the comments here so far are from fans of other teams, though they are appreciated. In the race to catch up to the rest of the SEC and our orange neighbor up north I hope all this money does some good and produces some results on the field. Though knowing Coach Boom we'll have an expensive building with a barren trophy case by the end of next season.
It will be much worse next season. Most are predicting a .500 record at best.
There is another SEC team besides Alabama that's suffering from clemson's natty.
Justin Fields should transfer to the defense if they weren't gonna let him play after Fromm threw that second INT.
We're stuck with him unfortunately. The fanbase turned on him after the losses to UK, A&M and UF. But our AD has no balls and has drunk the koolaid that Muschamp needs 4, 5, or even 6 seasons to get the program to be relevant and not a catastrophe like we were in the bowl.