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The problem with your insult is that title win was a decade ago and rising tide has been an awful AD for longer than he's been a good baseball coach
Darrell is a Clemson fan, but his son Antoine is the one that brags about directing recruits away from SC. He's currently on twitter crying about how unfair the multiple sexual assault allegations against Deshaun Watson are.
The Muschamp curse! Injuries and freak accidents will cripple your football team if you don't fire him ASAP.
A for effort and keeping the team motivated, but asking anyone to cover Jalen Waddle is a fools errand
You sound really upset to list all those excuses for why UGA hasn't won a national title in 40 years.
You have never played a down of football in your life and suffered a season ending injury saying something as stupid as that.
I was tracking 8 seniors leaving the program. Of those 8 I am only bummed about Sadarius Hutcherson, Keir Thomas and Shi Smith. The rest were not very productive and some like Collin Hill are so hated by the fanbase that I don't think they would be back if they wanted to. I don't believe all the articles about UT suffering a disastrous meltdown. They did lose some truly amazing players like Henry To'oto'o but they also rid themselves of Jarrett Guarantano which is probably a good thing.
People around the fanbase are now warming up to Kevin Harris after the breakout season he had. Not saying I wouldn't like to see Lloyd on the field but I don't want them to rush him when we already have a pretty good RB.
>30-member President’s Task Force on Anti-Racism, Equity and Inclusion lol
Anyone is a better coach than Muschamp. You have to be a total simp to believe there was any good coaching in that fat SOB to recruit in the the top 20 every season and still fail miserably.
First, what in the blue hell is actually going on with rocky flop? Second, how is the fanbase feeling about all this? It's difficult to get an honest opinion about this over the internet.
I reckon Bobo was lying about his worth and tried to get a raise from the new SCAR and Auburn coaching staff. Ain't no school in the world would pay $2 million for him.
Nobody cares about boreball Wake me up when we start winning in football
Smart marketing to call slashing ticket prices a celebration of the new HC instead of admitting it's a move of desperation after Will Muschamp caused attendance to plummet to almost record lows. Regardless I still don't expect to see a full stadium at any point this fall. Maybe after COVID and IF Beamer can start winning fans will start to show up.
I remember when WCW was around they would refer to the WWE as "that company up north" I reckon Harsin is trying to use the same psychology with portraying Auburn as a humble southern school and Bama as northern aggressors that want to take over It's stupid I know, but I can't find another reason for him to spout nonsense
"I'M NOT GONNA SAY WHAT HE CALLED ME!" He deleated that post minutes later because he was getting lit up for leaving in ambiguous but putting emphasis on race. This man is a sore loser and a petty coward that got blown out putting up the worst super bowl performance in recent memory. Instead of shutting up and moving on he had to attempt to smear a better player in public because he is if there is one thing a born loser can't stand is a born winner.
Players from the transfer portal don't count towards recruiting class. Beamer went big on the transfer portal and that's why this recruiting class looks so small. Also no, I'm never giving up. This year is probably going to be crushing but who cares? At least I don't have to look at that fat idiot Will Muschamp ever again.
Man what a downfall HCIW at Texas, HC @ Florida, DC @ Auburn , HC @ SC now relegated to grading film. Muschamp is the poster boy for the “ Peter Principle”.
That's surprising I thought he was joined at the hip with Bobo and was gonna follow him to the barn Good pickup for UGA, just don't let that crowded QB room lead to another Justin Fields situation
Well that sucks. He was the best thing to emerge from that putrid Muschamp staff.
Thought a bigger name would have jumped at the chance for a massive payday from UT. Maybe the enviornment, expectations and sanctions were a factor?
>hire a firm to do your coaching search >new AD brings in a guy he knows from his old school anyway lol what?
'TRob' is a complete bum and his defenses got worse at South Carolina every year.
He's not in it for the love of his alma mater or the kids, he's in it for the money. Still this should be expected from someone like him. He didn't notify SCAR he was leaving for the barn, packed all his stuff and left in the night. The rest of the staff found out when he no-showed a meeting. Might be a blessing in disguise for Auburn to lose him.
Gonna be a few years before the team fully recovers from getting BOOM'D