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>What more could the SEC possibly provide the Longhorns that they don’t already have — other than better BBQ and a reminder that they no longer run the joint? They're still gonna act like they run the joint. Unwarranted arrogance runs in the blood of Austin. California transplant or native born they all have the same "We are the best part of Texas and certainly better than you" attitude.
There are a lot of excuses for why Texas has whiffed on superstar QBs for the past decade. Here's my hot take, Texas has a toxic group of very rich, very stubborn boosters that make decisions and guide the program more so than any coaching staff. How do 3 separate coaching staffs make the same mistakes? What is the 1 consistent factor but a bunch of aging boomers that "Don't like the cut of that boys jib. He ain't gonna wear no longhorn colors I tell you hwat!"
When I started hearing about some of these NIL deals I was expecting big money from big corporations to use college kids to promote businesses. I didn't expect a player to use his NIL to sell clapped out fords.
I cannot wait for booster money to start making the SEC a Texass centered conference. Bracing for Sark to be on the SEC network 24/7 with a 7-6 record, the SEC title game to be moved from Atlanta to Dallas and Tennessee being forced to concede the UT abbreviation to the donghorns.
>Big 12 >10 teams >may soon be 8 teams Explain
I cannot take UT seriously after they whined to have fans punished for the horns down gesture. Talk about butthurt.
The most honest reply I have seen on this. This is purely a financial based decision to try and suck as much money as they can from a conference that is prospering.
Be an overweight, middle age member of a country club that your local university's AD is also a part of.
Nice lady really. Good to have her but I would wish her success no matter who she worked for.
Since when has a shootout in DC made the news? It's routine for anyone that has stayed for more than a day in that awful place.
Played behind a WR group that was Shi Smith and nobody else for a year. Could also blame the wretched offense of Muschimp and Bobo for squandering any potential development.
I don't believe you or any Carolina fan is honest about ethics > winning. FSU fans speak fondly of Jimbo because he won a national title, they almost never discuss the fall from grace the program suffered afterwards. We see it now with Freeze, everyone condemned him when he was exposed at Ole Miss but now every school considers hiring him because he is a winner. Take your ethical coach loser talk and shove it. Muschump was an ethical coach and I dare you to defend him.
I am still upset that South Carolina chose Beamer over him. No hate to Beamer but until he proves himself I can't get over that we potentially passed on Napier, Chadwell and Freeze for him. Saying that I hope my feelings are wrong and Shane succeeds.
C'mon! Only 125th out of 130?! At least put us last! Nobody wants to be 'almost' the worst!
Jaycee has loyalty to Muschamp, not SCAR. Muschamp sold recruits on getting them into the NFL regardless of the w/l record. Don't look to him as a potential ambassador because he has loyalty to a man and not the school.
Hypothetically Mullen leaves or gets fired. Would Gators want this? If so who would you want to take his place?
This post brought to you by autism awareness month.
Pretty disrespectful to throw the hogs all the way down the ladder
Will Muschamp pushed a helmet logo change with that script Carolina nonsense. I hate anything that reminds me of Will Muschamp. Leave the dang helmets alone and focus on getting more than 2 wins this season.
While I'm impressed with Eli and Shane, I need to see results on field before I believe either of these coaches are the real deal.
Huh, I always thought LSU won a title with Shaquille O'Neal.
Why didn't they bold Kentucky? I almost missed them reading this.
>Everyone else >here's a player that can make a difference >Tennessee >here's a game ???????
Going by the SDS articles, then the cocks and the vols should have the worst defenses in the conference.
What is this a political forum? Since when is character assassination authorized?