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Is Kentucky going to have an offensive line to field? Levis and Rod were the gruesome twosome, how's that offense gonna perform without them?
A quick list of Loggains career ppg average as an OC in the NFL 2016 Bears OC: 17 ppg (28th/32) 2017 Bears OC: 16.5 ppg (29th/32) 2018 Dolphins OC: 19.9 ppg (26th/32) 2019 Jets OC: 17.2 ppg (31st/32) 2020 Jets OC: 15.2 ppg (32nd/32) 2021: Hired as ARK TE Coach
Well this sucks. The transfer portal giveth and it taketh away.
Don't sleep on Illinois Hogs. Ya'll know Bret Bulimia is gonna have a nasty chip on his shoulder.
I swear to the good lord above if LSU loses to Purdoodoo while I'm in Baton Rouge...
UK defense carries this one. Iowa is used to the tissue paper D they run out west.
Clempus either whiffed hard on DJ or DJ just isn't as talented as advertised. Regardless, now that he's left North Pickens Community College, I wish him the best and hope he experiences a career revival out on the left coast.
The super orange bowl! How much more orange can it be? The answer is none. None more orange.
Gonna put a big 'maybe' next to that. Coastal has good seasons but have got blown out in big games too often for my comfort.
Didn't Coastal get blown out by Troy last night? I remember many folks wondering why Chadwell wasn't picked up as HC at a bigger school last off-season. Seems like a gamble going with him.
Odd hire considering FAU just pulled Tom Herman. How in the world did FAU become a better coaching gig than USF?
This is all happening on the assumption that Freezy pop will be a runaway success. I'm not saying he won't be a great coach but I think everyone is making that assumption right now. The few loses he had at liberty were blowouts, I'm holding my breath until his first real season is in the books.
For a program that has had to suffer in darkness for nearly 10 years we finally got a savior I'm Shane.
Tears in my eyes right now. Relishing all the dirty looks the Clempus fans are giving me as I step out of the FAKE Death Valley. It's a long drive back to North Augusta but I'll still probably stop I'm Columbia to have a drink or twelve.
Congrats to Mizzou on winning. But Arkansas, what r u doin? The hogs are back in the mud after such a promising start to the season.
If that's true it's even worse. Where has this offense been all season long? Has Shatt been sandbagging this entire time? How do you explain the abysmal offensive performances against Florida, Arkansas and Mizzou? Regardless of the miraculous upset against Tennessee, Satterfield still needs to be replaced with a proven OC.
Tragic way to end a storied college career. He's destined to do great things int eh NFL.
They're in their second year of a new HC and staff. At worst they go 9-4. At best they go 11-2. It feels like the talking heads and the sports media are selling Volunteer doom, gloom and disaster to get reactions and viewership. Tennessee will be okay.
I hope so, Clemson is the weakest they've been in a long time. That said, they're still a good solid team and the (fake) Death Valley is always hard to play in.
Answer me honestly Wildcats. Was this because Stoops deserves it or because Nebraska was looking to poach him?
My tears are holdin' back. They're tryin' not to fall~
I also love how the tubby fatso just waddled off the field and didn't even meet with Beamer after the game. He must REALLY not like it when teams run the score up on him.
Did he comment on South Carolina running up the score just one week after the Vols ran up the score against Mizzou?
Turns out finding joy in college football is as easy as winning.