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I despise Muschamp and cannot wait until he is inevitably fired and banned from ever coaching in the SEC again. I feel genuinely bad for Derek Mason though, he seems to have a lot of heart for a school that just doesn't really care. That postgame interview he gave last season after Vandy upset Mizzou last year showed alot of character. If he does get let got, I do hope he finds success in coaching another school. On the other hand I hope Muschamp lives in complete failure and misery.
>It's kinda hilariously embarrassing that there has been a 50+ year war in Messy Sipp over the Flag that ended by outside forces that would never step foot in your state and have open contempt for it's citizens. ftfy
The "taking my ball and going home" mantra of the PAC-12 is spreading like cancer Hope Mullen can get his kids to stay on the field
>Vince McMahon has twice tried to have a successful football league >Failed both times, now he's selling it to one of his former wrestlers lol, what a jabroni
>With the state of Mississippi set to change its state flag following an offseason of renewed support from within the state to do so lmaoooooooo
Sounds like a bunch of entitled, soft Californians getting their panties in a wad.
How on earth is LSU ranked below UGA? How is Kentucky above Tennessee? How is South Carolina ranked above Mizzou?
This seems like it's more important for the horns since they REALLY need to improve their strength of schedule. Do they just assume that A&M would be an easy team from the mighty SEC to defeat?
Most signs are pointing towards South Carolina but I have a real hard time believing a son of Georgia would pass up the opportunity to play for UGA. Interesting fact, dawgs are more popular than the Falcons, Hawks and Braves.
It will never not be a topic, c'mon I like Jimbo but still that contract is a bit outrageous for 8/9 wins a season They're good wins, that 7 overtime TAMU/LSU game is a modern classic, but still that's alot of money to be "good" every season
Surprising article. I had pegged Florida's D to be the same as last year, not worse overall.
I'll give it a rest when they stop sucking. Some people don't like to see their two biggest rivals constantly in contention for a national title while your team sits at home. Congrats to our lady cocks and their amazing success in basketball, but I would burn every school sport to the ground if it meant SC could be competitive and successful in football every season.
Because Muschimp is a cancer to offense and Mike Bobo play calling will be Richt era UGA but without the talent. Both these coaches are washed and I hope you're ready to endure at least 2 more seasons of losing to Clemson by double digit scores.
I'm conflicted, I think Vanderbilt could/should be doing much better especially with the vols doing big things in the same state. But I really like Derek Mason as a coach and think his passion for the dores even when they're in the basement is something commendable. Regardless if he is fired or not after this season, I hope he gets a job on another teams staff.
The cocks will be playing like Richt era UGA without UGA talent. I'm expecting Carolina to have a worse offense than they did in 2019.
Controversial take, UT can keep every player but will have a worse offense without Jennings and Callaway
I agree, but as a counterpoint Bobo as Colorado State's HC was pretty lousy overall. He went 3-9 in 2018 and 4-8 in 2019 in the brutal Mountain West conference so I don't have much faith in him to do anything with SC.
The rumor mill is running hot across the internet that SC's boosters have already fingered Satterfield as the their next target if Muschump can't win a measly 6 games this season. Have also heard Beamer and Napier being thrown around which I don't believe at all. These are all just rumors but with how much they're being discussed I reckon the school is already taking precautions if this season REALLY tanks.
I am eager to see his press conference if (and when) he gets fired. Knowing the school AD's decision making process, Muschimp will probably get excused for another terrible season because of COVID.
>Advice from Carson Palmer Do the opposite of whatever he says!
Trask is debatbely the best QB in the SEC this season. Talent at WR and TE be dammned, he's got the numbers to back up the claim.
The negativity is almost entirely to do with Clemson and UGA flying past SC on a rocket ship while we're stuck in between both going nowhere. Actually we're not even going nowhere. We're sinking into the ground.
Will it translate to wins? I’m not sure, but you guys will be much better than you were last season. That is the only thing that matters at this point, everything else is irrelevant. If this were an earlier year I would forgive a hard fought loss with great offensive and defensive stats but this is year 5 and that ship has sailed. Hilinski could pass for 300 yards a game but if they don't come out with a W it won't matter. Muschamp knows what time it is. The fanbase HATES him and now he's banking on another failed HC and a slew of high school students to come in and save his job/reputation. He knows that he won't coach again if he fails here. The desperation is palpable and I cannot wait to see how this season turns out just for the drama it's going to produce.
I would take the drunken redneck down the street as my head coach over Muschamp. At least he would be fun to watch.
It's deserved when you have a team that hasn't scored a touchdown since November 9th 2019. Has players that are 1st round draft picks. Has the ability to beat the best team in the SEC East on the road but lose to a non-P5 school at home. But above all else you have to watch your in state rival ascend to national playoff success every season and there's no sign of them slowing down. South Carolina has all the pieces to be a good team, except it's leadership and coaches.
Godspeed Jake. Some of the dawgs might not care for him but I always thought he was a pretty good QB.
OVER! WAY OVER! The amount of disrespect UK still gets after the past few seasons is pretty ridiculous.
I'm getting eerie vibes from this. Butch Jones had some stellar recruiting success at rocky top too, I just hope for Jerome Pruitt's sake this amazing recruiting means more wins.