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He has talent, his statistics are nothing to laugh at. His attitude and personality are going to doom him into bust status unless someone forces him to change. What kid demands to have ownership of whatever team drafts him? Ridiculous.
He's from Camden which is about 20-30 mins drive from the university. I assume the pay cut was acceptable to be closer to home.
Regardless of when this releases it will be typical EA dogsh1t. EA hasn't made a good football video game in nearly 2 decades and ESPN NFL 2K5 still has features that no Madden title has adopted. EA buying the rights to the NFL and NCAA just to keep other developers from making football titles has been a complete disaster for sports fans. We've been paying over $60 every year for what are essentially roster updates on the same game engine, all because there's no competition to force EA to evolve.
"I transferred to win a championship and ended up getting blown out in a bowl game, now I wanna to go back to my old school" Welcome to the new world of college football.
Odd to see him transfer since he'll be QB2 at South Carolina but I'm happy to have him on board.
It's impossible to be sad, happy or angry at the GOAT hanging it up. Love him or hate him, there's a point in time where you just need to lean back and accept you're witnessing history. There will never be another coach like the Saban in anyone's lifetime. The sport is a lesser place without him participating in it. Rest easy Saban, I hope we still see you on the sidelines or providing commentary on games in the future.
Got some big shoes to replace since Juice jumped from the #shanetrain to the #lanetrain
Lagway IMO is the entire reason Napier is still employed. If he decides to follow some of his other high profile teammates and flips them what would happen to the Gators?
This comment section is starting to smell like a kennel. Let the boy go where he wants, his reasoning is obviously private.
They're shopping themselves and their services around to the highest bidder. They've essentially become mercenaries.
What is the mood around Gainesville right now? I keep checking in and it to see if Florida has pulled anyone on in the transfer portal and there's still no news.
Settle down. Beamer is 20-18. I like this great transfer portal news but it needs to transform into wins on the field before we start beating our chest.
Because in the eyes of the eternal dawg, BARN BAD! BARN STUPID!
Geez, what a downfall from his heroics at Notre Dame.
If the ACC is so great then why are Clemson and FSU trying everything they can to leave it?
Georgia rolls over the semenholes and the entire "poor little FSU" narrative gets buried .
It could be that, but the more I look into this the more it seems like the ACC had an interest in keeping FSU out. I'm gonna put on my tinfoil hat for this one. >FSU spends an entire year talking sh1t about how weak the ACC is >announce that you intend to leave your conference and essentially destroy it >by coincidence the ACC commissioner voted against expanding the playoffs this year >be shocked when the CFP committee, headed by an ACC school AD, agrees that your conference (and therefore your record) is weak
"This is a travesty to the sport! We need another 2022 TCU to keep the fraud tradition alive!"
55th SOS. The committee made the right choice. Semenholes mickey mouse schedule doomed them.
I love how everyone is saying FSU being left out is a travesty, yet Michigan obviously wanted to draw FSU to get a free pass to the national title game.
It feels like the committee purposefully set up a UGA/FSU bowl just so that when Georgia mauls them they'll be exposed as the frauds everyone knows they are. Proving that the committee has made the right choice.
The nature boy has waved more flags than the UN. Off of the top of my head without googling, I've seen him support: Minnesota (his alma mater) Memphis North Carolina NC State South Carolina Georgia Michigan There's probably more, but you get the point.
Good. Nobody is going to miss Gary. All my homies hate Gary.
Fine, I'll revise my list to reflect the CFP committee. >Best teams in Michigan Texas Alabama Georgia >"Proper" teams in Michigan Washington Texas Alabama >Full r3tard Michigan Washington Texas FSU
I'm rooting for Pooieville tonight. With an FSU loss, final 4 should be: 1. Michigan 2. Washington 3. Texas 4. Bama I believe this would be the 1st time all four conferences are represented.
Not gonna miss Gary Danielson. It has been like nails on a chalk board listening to him suck the taint of UGA and Bama all these years, and I am so glad I don’t have to listen to it anymore.
The SEC sucked @$$ this season outside of UGA and Bama. That will have to be a factor in one getting in or BOTH getting left out of the CFP.