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If Schiano was picked up the Vols would be better than they are now If Butch Jones was retained the Vols would be better than they are now The constant firing and hiring of coaches every 3/4 years that's become tradition at rocky top is going from a lame duck cycle to suffocation
You better start cheating if you want to catch up to Clemson The lesson to take from rocky flop is to cheat and not get caught in an embarrassing fashion
He's a beast I'm sure he'll be pursued by UGA or Florida Tough break for the vols
What a legend Not only does he allow his program to be a national embarrassment he robs them on the way out the door
Tennessee wanted Pruitt gone so bad they investigated themselves to find a reason to fire him.
When did journalism turn into posting unfunny memes from twitter? I'll admit the hamburglar dressed in orange checkerboard got chuckle out of me.
This has the potential to get real ugly. If the Vols are forced to negotiate a buyout this entire investigation could be seen as an elaborate conspiracy to remove Pruitt without paying him. Do I think the school purposely investigated it's own coach in the hope of finding something to fire him over? No. But I can understand some believing that was their plan.
A school that fired its HC due to NCAA violations going out to hire sleezy freezy seems like a terrible idea.
Are these strippers and sports cars kind of benefits or something more boring? Very bland terminology used so far.
Welcome to the basement UT! Get comfy next to SCAR, Vandy, UK and Mizzou. We're all gonna be here a while.
Worrying that Billy Napier already released a statement telling UT he's not interested That tells me they were probably pursuing him already and I doubt that he was the only HC candidate they were sending messages to
I expected Pruitt to be fired, he's trash Fulmer stepping down is very surprising tho I thought he would survive as AD due to his history with the program
"Since culture wasn’t a major issue under Muschamp" Stopped reading ther. It as abysmal under Muschamp and I dare you to tell me otherwise. The culture degraded from 'let's win some games and try to get to a bowl' to 'don't worry about winning, just work on your stats and I'll get you into the NFL'.
>poach I feel like this term is used on purpose for the negative connotation it has to stir up unnecessary drama Why not "he was offered another job that paid more than his current employer?"
Mike Bobo had a record of 28-35 at Colorado State. War Buzzards will probably regret picking at the carcass of a dead program.
A few sources are saying Muschamp and T-Rob have been talking mad crap about the program and have told coaches not to come here. All unconfirmed but I'm starting to believe it since Rocker didn't notify any of the staff he was leaving. Packed up in the middle of the night and no-showed a team meeting.
All I'm seeing is the symptoms of why Boom couldn't win. The culture he created was not committed to winning here. All about the individual. Get paid to take the university for an expensive ride then move on when all your friends are fired.
Was to be expected He was committed to Bobo not any university
I think that was more an attack on Bobo being strictly in it for the money and showing loyalty to whoever pays him most Don't hate Bobo myself but I can see how folks think he's a snake
Underwhelming hire after Bobo. I have been happy with Beamer so far but this is really hard to be hyped about.
At first I thought this entire investigation was unnecessary Now it looks like a trash fire burning outta control What the hell's going on rocky top?
Oof Pretty big fall from SEC quarterback to conference usa
So it's he can silence his critics and make a statement but if the gators lose everything falls apart and he's a bad player How does 1 OOC bowl game determine if a QB is great or terrible?
Auburn knew he was gonna have to go eventually Fire him now in a down year to get a better coach that won't get poached If SCAR and Vandy did it why not Auburn?