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Imagine being a fan sitting on your fat ass, sh1t talking a recruit online for being "just a 3-star"
Sad that all the comments here so far are from fans of other teams, though they are appreciated. In the race to catch up to the rest of the SEC and our orange neighbor up north I hope all this money does some good and produces some results on the field. Though knowing Coach Boom we'll have an expensive building with a barren trophy case by the end of next season.
It will be much worse next season. Most are predicting a .500 record at best.
There is another SEC team besides Alabama that's suffering from clemson's natty.
Justin Fields should transfer to the defense if they weren't gonna let him play after Fromm threw that second INT.
We're stuck with him unfortunately. The fanbase turned on him after the losses to UK, A&M and UF. But our AD has no balls and has drunk the koolaid that Muschamp needs 4, 5, or even 6 seasons to get the program to be relevant and not a catastrophe like we were in the bowl.
HA! I wish, Muschamp can stink up the next season and not get fired because our AD is a pushover who wants to give him time to build ignoring that Dan Mullen and Jumbo Fisher had better records their first year as new coaches while Boom is on his fourth in 2019. All the new facilities and recruits we have won't help if our staff is fine with being mediocre.
"Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser." -Vince Lombardi
Georgia has to deal with Atlanta, it's already on the bottom rung of the bottom rung with that crime and yankee infested cesspool bringing down what otherwise is quite a nice place.
5 straight to A&M 5 straight to Kentucky 4 straight to Georgia TBD 4 straight to Clemson How is this acceptable? How long does this continue? I'm all for second chances but I'm starting to lean ever so closer towards the #FireMuschamp bandwagon. This team in it's entirety deserves to be booed after not showing up in the ENTIRE FIRST HALF OF THE GAME, let's not forget the Deebo Samuel, Bryan Edwards and Shi Smith are all looking towards playing in the NFL next season, they sure aren't helping their draft stock by dropping what would be wide open touchdown passes. Nepotism has kept Jake as the starter when he should be sitting on the bench, if Bobby Bentley wasn't the RB coach I sincerely doubt his boy would be still playing as a starter after these catastrophic games he's played this season. Coach Boom is now 1-9 against ranked opponents (teams that are good) if a team has a number in front of it's name, chances are they'll take one over the cocks and it looks like it's only gonna get worse next season with an even more stacked schedule. Hats off to the defense, those boys at least played like they wanted to win.
Because I want to believe that things can get better eventually. We cant possible suck for 100 more years right? Even if there are an awful lot more Clemson fans around here now I will always love my team. If theres one thing we aren't its bandwagoners.
He got injured late in the 4th quarter, that doesn't make up for the 1st half which he played worse in when he wasn't injured. Hope he recovers from this but I doubt he'll get good enough to win back the season.
C'mon who wouldn't want to coach a consistently underachieving team that fluctuates between being middle of the pack and a doormat of the most competitive conference in football?
This team deserves to get lit up on social media when they lose. This school has been playing football for over 100 years and has been happy with just being "okay" at their best. If your QB is doing poorly you do not make excuses for them, Jake Bentley is a 3rd year junior and played the worst half of football I've ever seen this from this team. Let him and the school know that this isn't acceptable.