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If this is agony. Then I’ll take it - there’s been plenty worse in Carolinas history than Muschamp. We’re stuck with him for a few years anyways so let’s see how it plays out
Not sure about best, he’s been a little under the radar until this showing. Hope he continues to build on this
No lie - getting cute with your play calling around the goal line has you looking like a genius or and idiot - rather go power
Fenwick a three star as well? Cant remember but he flashed a bit today. Could we put Joyner in the backfield sometime? Could be interesting..
Wish he’d comment on how the FB room is developing behind Prentice.
Good win! Jaycee really balled out - Had as many passes defended as that Seth Williams had receptions. Offense still running hot and cold. Loved seeing Prentice get a good bit of action and the broadcasters giving the FB some love!
Was hoping Hilinski would throw as well - thought we could have put him in sooner to see what he can do with the offense.
Really enjoyed Harris yesterday. He plays tough and determined. Vandy had a good looking receiver on the outside - forget his name but made some grabs - hyphenated last name. Still wanting to see more from the defense. Need to use this as a confidence builder going into next week.
The cocks have more fight in them than 2 wins - eyeing Ole Miss, one of Missouri or Kentucky and personally I think we could find another another upset in there somewhere. Wishful thinking? Sure. But that’s more enjoyable than being a downer about it. The players have some fight in ‘em and have their futures to play for
Hope Harris can keep going next week! Muse had a better day but still managed to drop a pass early. Joyner is now 1 touch 1 score this season. Hoping we can put up a fight next week!
Guys trash talk to stay fired up stay motivated stay in the game - have no problem with it until a flag is thrown. Just have to know where to draw the line. For the drops though Leggett and Muse shoulder the majority of the blame in that department. Hoping we try to give more guys a chance - Joyner, Doty, Wyman, Powers
Harris has had a solid start. Always love the backs that can “fall forward”. Hoping he keeps improving.
Kevin Harris showed some promise. Let’s see if he can build on it. Bobo needs to get creative with Joyner. I don’t think he’s touched the ball yet.
Dropped passes and lack of discipline. Liked Kevin Harris though. Offense running hot and cold. Impressive opening drives in both games and then the spark is lost. Wish we would get Joyner involved somehow.