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expanding the playoff makes the other conferences feel better and get more cash from this deal. the only thing that will make actual parity is to force it. there's a reason the pro leagues have a draft. if you let the best players choose their team they will choose to join together and dominate everyone. there's no way to level out 'recruiting' when even the michigans and southern cal's of the world can't compete. you have to figure out a way to more evenly distribute talent. require everyone to play 2 years and then transfer anywhere w/out sitting out. problem solved
georgia fans do not understand what it's like for teams that don't have top 10 talent every year
seems like he has not really recovered from the injuries. he was on his way to being the next bryan edwards before he got hurt
he has had a run of injuries since his excellent FR year. he has never really made it back to the player he was. he's going to likely need to drop down a level to see the field anywhere.
byrd has had a nice career as a return specialist and 3rd/4th w/r. still fast enough to play special teams and a great route runner. fly byrd fly!
usc has a legit claim on being a DB factory for the nfl. esp. if you consider this in light of our struggles to produce winning seasons. horn and mukuamu in this year's draft single handedly produced upsets for us and will both be drafted. stephon gilmore was the 2019 nfl defensive player of the year. there have been more than 20 DB's out of usc in the nfl in the past 15 years. pound for pound we produce more db talent per win than any team in college football
i can't remember a time in gamecock history where we had only 9 returning starters for the entire team. i have to wonder-would the transfer-outs have happened if we'd canned muschamp after the end of the season. doty is 100% unproven. with no depth behind him (unlikely question mark players) RB is the best position on the team-how will the OL play w/out hutcherson (it could still be a strength-and if they improve in pass blocking everything about the offense could be slightly better) WR-on the upside: the kid from ga tech is used to making plays from the less talented team on the field. the true FR WR's and TE's ought to benefit from a full year of off-season program-none of them really showed up last year DL: the other strength of the team LB: in decent shape given the 4-2-5 preferred by new DC DB: in worse shape than WR. and could have been in decent shape. this is a long rebuild. if we play all 12 games we have a shot at 6 wins but i'd only bet on 4. we are in worse shape on this roster than any time in the history of the gamecocks in the SEC
no mention of joyner. surely he will be able to crack the starting line-up at WR with this underwhelming and unproven group. brooks showed flashes in games. he was able to get open often wide open running past the D but he had too many drops and in other cases we did not have a QB able to get him the ball. he's got a chance to be solid this year. the adjustment from juco to the SEC is huge.
we had some of the worst unaddressed covid issues in power 5. they didn't even announce numbers until after they fired muschump. more of those issues were on D. the point about the auburn game is that this defense would have been pretty solid if not for covid. the other point is that like most of the muschump era the offense consistently put the D in bad positions by not being able to move the ball or score.
let's not get ahead of ourselves. i'm still hoping we can land a solid QB in the transfer portal. doty is very raw as a passer and w/out experience or depth at WR and TE it is going to be a struggle throwing the ball.
they do not have the bodies to play a 4-2-5. they need to look at a traditional 4-3 next year and recruit for what they want to run for '22/'23
no quality coach wants to work for a school that has had 5 other head coaches since 2005. an average of <3 years each. regardless. pruitt learned this garbage from saban. everyone does it. end recruiting. pay the players (above board). draft the players. and then we'll find out who the real coaches are when everyone has a comparable roster
this is why recruiting has to end. pay the players. draft the players. where do you suppose pruitt and company learned this garbage? pay the players. draft the players. see ya later bama
you can't have 5 coaches in 15 years and be successful. ut needs to settle on someone and stick it out. that said...pruitt was always a clown. hopefully the probation will be very serious. we need to raid your roster for transfers! lol
yep. usc beat ut in our first year in the conference ('92) and lost the next 15. since 2005 (first year with spurrier here) we are 8-8 with ut.
the next UT coach will be their 6th since 2005. less than 3 years/coach. this is how you take a team that was a national contender for a decade and bring them down to south carolina's level. thanks ut fans! we enjoy the company. lol
they won't do anything at all to uga...ut has been bad enough for long enough that they can't get away with any of this. either's great news for the program most in need of high profile transfers and an opportunity to sign some players. go cocks
it doesn't much matter right now. we're down 6 players to transfer all but one on defense if i'm not mistaken. we're going to need bodies for the next 2 years. anybody that can fog a mirror. this is now a total rebuild.
usc has always recruited top 20 talent. the problem is playing a top 10 schedule. the difference between 10th ranked recruiting class and 20th is huge.
short sighted. depth is the most important thing in football. we're losing projected starters and projected back-ups. usc chose not to report covid numbers until after they fired muschamp to make him look even worse than he was. this is a 5 year rebuild. just to get back to 6-7 wins.
"Gene Chizik and Gus Malzahn were unpopular hires who both got the Tigers to a title game" lol. nope. cam newton did that. coaches aren't all that important outside of buying, i mean recruiting players