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As an aside.. Those Vandy uniforms have to be some of the ugliest that I have ever seen...
If the ACC can go from Miami to Boston, then so can another conference do comparable distances. The Big east was hot and heavy to get them a few years ago. The AAC would probably give it a run as they need more "legitimate" football schools. In the end I doubt theyd leave either..but you never know. There are other options.
Good lord...would y'all PLEASE show clemson the proper respect and fawning that they "deserve" and demand?? Do you know old it gets listening to their daily whining, ranting and pouting that "nobody respects them" and that they are "disrespected" and "belittled"... Any second dabo will be on tv with one of his choreographed diatribes that the local sycophantic media are addicted to running with. So them proper respect.
i must admit it is pure gold watching the UF fans reaction. Maybe I will just cut and paste their responses to our outrage a few weeks ago...
they should have lost a game that they won thanks to the refs.. so i guess in the big scheme of the universe its all equal....
seriously? are you that delusional?? A&M and Carolina have both played Bama and clemson...and Carolina has played Georgia. Who has bama played?
No arguments here
What a joke... UF is 5-5 against Carolina the last 10 years...
yall are seriously expecting SEC refs to make a comment about that? I mean, they cant make a call that happens right in front of them - so how are they going to call something that they absolutely, positively, sorta maybe couldnt see?
Funny thing is...Carolina fans by and large arent can we..?? Weve lost 5 in a row, and theyve won 2 National Championships. We are smart enough to know when not to look like fools... Course - I do agree with the line about "you cant buy class"...they are so desperate to "belong"...and to be "respected"...
Never heard that. Vince Dooley was the one who wanted, and pushed for USC to enter the SEC. Recall that the split between USC and Clemson and the ACC was still very fresh and painful. No way would they have admitted that they were wrong and done the same thing. This was before TV deals and cable networks so the concept of big money hadnt sunk in yet.
Well..its always been a given that they would drop the hammer after unc's decades of crimes. Guess they decided that FAMU should the whipping boy
I couldnt care less about missouri after the way they have acted in several different sports in recent years. But on this - im on their side. The acc is the crookedest conference in recent years, but they get away with it all, because the ncaa basketball tournament runs the ncaa. Plus, the ncaa needs the acc to be able to compete with the SEC. Sooo...too bad for missouri...they will pay a ridiculous penalty to try and cover up for the ncaa's blatant handling of acc favorites. (clemson PUD violations another example of ncaa hypocrisy in favor of acc school)
Tell us something that we didnt know. We were on the cusp of being legit. Had beaten Bama soundly, 5 straight over clemson, 3 consecutive top 10 finishes-highest being final ranking of #4- and 2 years later 3-9 and in the midst of a 5 game losing streak to clemson....and kentucky(not a slam, as kentucky is clearly the best team at the moment). So yea steve.... you pulled a Colts on us, loaded up the moving van and disappeared in the middle of the night leaving that same dysfunctional staff to try and muddle through it all.
Because lets face it...this website really only cares about bama. Anything else is just filler between stories from the state of alabama. So they are lazy and uninterested in the stories that they run about anyone else.
Wow...nice to see an SEC website trashing one of its own schools while fawning over the coach of an acc school. To elevate the crap that spews from dabos mouth to this page, is absurd. clemson fans want the world to rate them as the "biggest, bestest ever to play the sport" team in the whole wide world. In case you were unaware, dabo is famous for his pre scripted rants. This one came from a question that hade ZERO relationship to his answer. He did this divert attention from the fact that his coaching staff appears to be falling apart. His coaches and his #2 in America were torched for the most yards ever by a QB in the series going back over 120 years, and second most in the history of his school, and his vaunted defense had given up more yards by halftime that ANY other school was able to put up the entire year. Oh - and his awesome defense gave up 5 passing TD's. So he had to divert attention away from his failure as a head coach who padded his resume against the 6th worst conference in America. And he did it by attacking his fans. And you played right into his hands by covering it as if it were legitimate. Remember...nothing he says is "unscripted", and it is always going to divert his sheep and the loyal media into telling the story that he wants told.