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Stephen Garcia has GOT to be on this list, especially considering his and the HBC’s existing relationship. Dirty Steve had all the tools but couldn’t stay out of trouble long enough to get drafted. I still remember him getting so buzzed before the 2010 Bama game he transcended his own talent level and had like two incompletions all game. Alshon Jeffery helped with that too tho...
The fact that Willy B is ranked #9 is a direct product of the Cocks slide in competitiveness in recent years and what I'm assuming is an author who has not only never been to Cola but certainly never been when Carolina is good. I've been to 9 SEC stadiums and still have yet to encounter a fan base that will STAND and scream for 2 1/2 hours straight, not to mention with the rare enthusiasm they do it with. The Gamecocks beating #1 Alabama in 2010 was the single most devastatingly disruptive and intense game day experience I have ever experienced. Not mention it tied the worst margin of loss Saban has ever had at Bama.
Connor Shaw not even making the honorable mentions makes this whole article a joke
Can't remember the last time I cheered against an SEC team in a non-conference game. I've been tempted to, with the rise of Butch Jones, but haven't yet
Good thing y'all are 100% wrong 95% of the time with these. Keep sleeping on us, we love it. Closed eyes can't see us coming.