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The facts are tough to swallow...Tenn fans beat their chests and LOUDLY boasted they were a contender. But I guess I missed the shot at USC as a "bottom dwelling school" since USC and Tenn have split the last 10 games. If we are at the bottom then it sounds like Tenn is keeping the seat next to us mighty warm.
That's cute that you really think that Alabama is the origin of all. I love Alabama and am embarrassed for both the team and the state by those types of comments.
Auburn has a history of hiring dirt bags...this makes sense.
I guess SDS did the math and realized they never do any articles on SC unless they are picking us to lose in a list of other teams. We appreciate the press this afternoon, even if they had to work hard to dig some of it up. It would be more telling if they changed the name of the site from SDS to The SEC West & Tennessee.
That's our girl ESEC, queen of the uninformed comment. Keep trolling, your dribble is always good for a few chuckles.
Esec you seem like such a happy individual...does even your dog hate you? We did get run over on both sides of the ball last weekend. That said, I like the 1/2 time changes the last two weeks that have allowed Carolina to outscore the competition 10-0 and 14-3 in back to back weeks. That said, you can't spot anybody 24 points and hope to come back. I do think the offense will move the ball this week as E Carolina is having similar defensive issues.
thank goodness the computer rankings were wrong last week as well.
That is the Cats' big accomplishment...that they have beaten Carolina two years in a row! That is a LOT OF FOOTBALL HISTORY FOR YOU. To say Carolina's offense sucks clearly shows you are reading too many national pundits and you are just biding your time on blogs b4 your school's only sport starts later this year. As to Spurrier quitting mid year, as a Gamecock fan it sucked. But what it clearly said to Coach Spurrier was that "If I can't beat that POS team of Kentucky then I am hanging up my visor." He felt that he had sunk so low he had to quit. Congratulations.
I love the reasoning for/against the Gamecocks. Last week (and all off-season) these geniuses, along with all of the national press, tell the world that Carolina is awful and will not be able to move the ball against the staunch Vandy D. Again and again we heard them tell us that Vandy was building on one of the nations' top defenses. Then, Carolina actually has some success and moves the ball and wins the game....and now the spin becomes our offense and quarterbacks can't move the ball. I don't believe Carolina is any type of world beater and would be appreciate (very) of a 6 win season. That said, I wish these ridiculous pundits wouldn't be so transparent in their lack of study and team bias.
This is a new team. Let them live on their own merit. Last year's wins and losses don't mean anything to this team or any other team. Tenn is 1-0, but really 0-1 in the eyes of America.
Are you not a Mizzou fan? How's that working out?
I feel your pain, brother! How can they have the MIGHTY Gamecocks at #11? I mean...just like Tenn, we are 1-0 and played a better opponent than App State. We too are only 14 wins from the NC. Go Cocks!
He made the adjustments and Carolina outplayed Vandy after a slow start. No pundit out there gave Carolina a chance in this game against the more experienced Vandy offense and defense.
Pretty clear that all of the talking heads were wrong...Carolina is now in the driver's seat to take the East!
You guys always forget the Carolina fumble as time ran out that would have resulted in a loss. Facing the worst team in the SEC, Tenn almost got run over by the hype train. May not be that LUCKY this year.
We are the little acorn that becomes the giant oak...or at least a medium sized tree.
I am not sure why Tenn even has to play it's games...they are clearly the national champs and should quickly be crowned as such. I have seldom heard such hype...i.e. "expectations" from a fan base. In that regard, Tenn is BACK!
He graduated one semester early. Esack has his facts wrong again. Besides, even if he had graduated as early as you claim, what does it matter?
I can appreciate how Columbia may not suit your clearly sophisticated tastes. I would recommend you head up to Clemson to enjoy some cow tipping and tractor pulls. You auburn boys will feel right at home.
FlaGator sure has his jean shorts in a wad. You should get out more. There is no question that the recent improvements in Columbia make it one of the most attractive stadiums in the SEC.
Carolina has had a number of Thursday night games as Spurrier loved them. No question, they are a little harder on the fans that travel on a week night, but opening night is always a big time.
If Carolina hadn't fumbled on the 3 then that "upset" would have set Tenn back. I agree that lots of hype and LOTS of pressure will be on Tenn this year.
Lots of talk from Tenn. It will be an interesting year.
Hasn't Missouri been the center of most of our country's recent racial issues? We "Southern hicks" are fascinated to see how Missouri continues to express racial equality.