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Yeah after scrolling down the comments, I had a serious case of de ja vu there.
Nah he's right. Yall do have a sh*show down there.
Wow, bitter much after that L they handed you?
I was wondering when someone was going to comment on that. Absolute and uncalled for disrespect for Georgia.
Tech started it, they both threw punches, but I think it was Pickens' ramming the other guy's head into the wall that may have taken it to the kick out level for them.
If you saw the play calls, you'd understand. Or should I say call, not calls. Since they love to run it up the middle over and over with no gain.
Dude, calm down. The words he stated are above. It was quoted “Our team is not ready to play right now, we’ve got to get our team ready to play.". Every coach does not say that before a game unless they mean it. We won, we were the better team that day, but we also lost to other teams that we should have beaten. Don't make it more than it is.