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I hope that both of you are right!! That would mean one hell of a year is in store. GO COCKS!!!!
Definitely is the man we needed after Chump! GO COCKS and GO BEAMER !!!
That'd be sweet if he can live up to that name!!
His career would probably be over in a second with the sucky butt Jets. He can go where he wants so he can be picky. GO COCKS!!!!
If anyone bothered to read the article by Low, it seems they would see what the people that have been and are currently around Rattler have to say about him. I read nothing but good things. I don't know him or any other college football player so I will take what the people around Rattler and the program say as the truth and not what a bunch of others that know no more than me about him or anyone else. GO COCKS!!!
You got us confused with your leg humpers over on the UGA board. We don't give a $hit what you think!!! GO COCKS !!!!!
Definitely a video worth making! GO COCKS !!!!
Looks like if he can get just a small opening, he can take it to the house in just a matter of seconds. Only has 1 year to show what he can do so hopefully that will be enough to motivate him to show out as a COCK. GO COCKS!!!!
Winning under Muschump was a huge problem and player development and attitude were just as bad! Glad he is where he is and hope that he brings UGA just as much success as he did us!! GO COCKS !!!!!
Yeah, we should have done like UGA and celebrate it at the area Walmart. Now, that is classy!!! GO COCKS!!!!!
Beamer doing his thing and I like it!! GO COCKS!!!
What a difference 1 year makes! Beamer is seemingly just what we needed. GO COCKS!!!!!
We did underachieve just a bit when we played UK this year. Should have won that one!!! GO COCKS!!!
Instead of the site monitoring for certain words, how about limiting the amount of them you can peck out on your keyboard!
Funny that I wanted Lincoln to go to USC when he was at East Carolina. It was just the other USC I wanted him to go to!!!!! GO COCKS!!!!!!
Don't really give a cock-a-doodle-doo who they go with but I just wanted to say that their loss to us was embarrassing but not because we got lucky or the flu or whatever else was the reason. Carolina won in all facets of the game and obviously had more heart, pride and desire. The loss reflects on the entire team of UF and especially the coaching staff. GO COCKS!!!!
Doty is and will be QB #1 because QB#2 is like a statue, our offensive line is indeed offensive. It will take more than this year to get the players we need to turn this thing around. I am good with Beamer even though I questioned the hire to begin with. OL coach and coordinator need to get their you know what together though. We aren't very good right now and we definitely could be better with some OL play and better play calling. I noticed yesterday, while at the game, there were several times that Troy had 7 on the DL of scrimmage and yet we were trying to run! If I can catch things as simple as that, someone raking in more $ than me to do the job surely can. Still hoping we can scratch out 3 more wins. GO COCKS!!
Let me borrow your bat a quick minute!
We had enough bad the past few years so it is about time we got some good! Great game on his part and came at a great time. Juju has a good attitude and that can be contagious. Hopefully, everyone gets infected!! GO COCKS !!!!
We played really bad at times yesterday but managed to overcome that and win. Our D is pretty darn good at this stage and that was supposed to be one of our biggest concerns. Offensively, our line has to do much better. Seeing a lot of improvement with the mentality of our players over the past few years and that is really encouraging. 2-0 and happy with it! Every Gamecock should be! GO COCKS!!!!
I don't post often but I do read them. It was nice watching our guys play football like it should be played for a change. Nice to see Beamer is changing the culture that had gone south under Muscrat. GO COCKS!!!
His name is Zeb Noland!! He probably won't be our starter going forward but a sports writer should at least know the players name!!
Might not have a losing record, especially if Harris does well enough to be considered for the Heisman and Lloyd and company are able to do well. GO COCKS!!!!!
Says the man of the team already making excuses for losing game 1! As much as I hate Clemsux, UGA fans make it hard to pull for them as well.
I feel pretty good about everyone thinking that they have us figured out. I say we win week 4 and will surprise a lot of people with what we bring out on the field this year. GO COCKS!!!