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No one should expect more from Dabo. Hell, this might be him at his best!
Our defense has really developed over the last 2-3 games and are night and day from where they started against UNC. No one saw this coming and with everything that transpired during the game, our guys showed heart and that goes a long way in college football. Hopefully, Ryan will be good to go next week and give us a chance to do in the gators. Great day and a great night to be a Gamecock!!!!
Ryan has a lot of heart and reminds me of Shaw in that regard. Hope like hell he can go next week. Go Cocks!!!
Film is impressive. Great speed, nose for the ball and hits like a linebacker. Good get!!
Sad that you had to be the first Gamecock here. Learn some manners or at least try to remember ones that you were taught. Nice facility that will pay-off with future recruits and current players. GO COCKS!!!!
That is pretty funny coming from a fan of UcheaT!!
I believe last year's offense was heads above the one you will have this year. Ya'll will be okay but not what you were last year.
Being a weasel usually catches up to you but Urban was able to drag it out longer than most. His departure from Florida should have been enough for everyone to know his true colors. He miraculously inherits a loaded OSU team on the backside and he is supposed to be a legend?! I guess OSU just couldn't handle having to fire the liar who replaced the last one they had there. The OSU......what a f-ing joke!!