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Beamer has done a very good job considering the state muscrat left us in. We all want and deserve better! Unfortunately, that takes time.
Welcome Home young man! No one looks good in orange!!
Beamer isn't going anywhere. He and his family are happy here. He has done a really good job of changing the mindset of the players that Muskrat screwed up and he is relentless in his recruiting. The future is indeed looking promising and he has done it faster than anyone would have thought. I wasn't excited about him being hired initially but I have to say that he was the man for the job. GO COCKS!!
You better be ready because the SEC is no place for a baby!!
I am wondering if their living arrangements aren't an issue if she is 17 and they supposedly had been living together prior in Mississippi and Alabama. Seems she might have been, if isn't still, underage.
Dude! You need to find another quote to write because this one was played out before you ever put it on here. Also, Gamecock Nation would appreciate it if you posted under another team's symbol.
It isn't just about the sound. When things get pumping like it did with Tennessee, AIN'T NOTHING BETTER!!!! GO COCKS!!!!!
Good to see him stand up for the team. Classy move in an unclassy time!! GO COCKS!!!
I can't believe Beamer didn't get feedback from you 2 before pulling the trigger! GO COCKS!!!
Can't believe he would be that stupid. If he has dreams of the NFL, it won't be under a Satterfield run offense at Nebraska and on top of that, Nebraska is not good.
College football world, you are welcome!!! GO COCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SOS has never been an issue for Clemson so why should that hurt Tennessee? I understand why and how SOS matters but it should apply to all or to none.
Pretty pathetic when the OC has to be told to get the ball in the hands of the best players. Seems like that should always be his objective. Anyway, good to get the W and hopeful that we can get the O on track over the next 5 weeks so we can knock off a few more teams no one thought we could. GO COCKS!!!!
I agree that Miss State wins but it won't be that close.
Stephen looks like he hasn't changed his habits too much!!
Night games are the best! A nooner against UGA makes no sense, especially so early in the year when it will be 100 degrees.
I think that all the professional athletes out there should have to make this same walk and hear this same speech. Beamer is exactly who we needed and he sure is a "feel good" person. GO COCKS!!!
5 ACC teams in the top 25?! That ought to tell most people that this is BS!!
Great story about a great and super nice guy. I too am glad that he is one of us. Forever to Thee!!! GO COCKS!!!!
I like it that others see Shane's worth and like the guy but I find it a bit funny that all the first post are from UGA fans. Regardless, GO COCKS!!!!
Bet that you didn't see USC over UF last year either and that was with a QB trio no where close to what is available now.
Crying? I am smiling all day long!!! Life is good.