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His position is wide open coming into the season and should be an easy one to shine in with any talent. Not a major loss if there are as many positions in that group as has been reported, especially since he has had 0 playing time.
If Lloyd comes back from his injury in good shape, we might have something to say about that 1-2 combination.
We had 2 wins this year with 1 being against Auburn. They must have really been impressed! Hope you the same success this coming season!!
Hill leaving certainly isn't a loss in my book. I think that we would have been better off if he hadn't ever been allowed to come. I am fine with what has transpired and hope that any other Muschamp polluted coaches or players are quick to go elsewhere as well! It seems like a clean slate is exactly what we need. Go Cocks!!
If #24 for OSU is still at corner next week and plays the same way he did against Clemson last night, Bama is going to destroy him and OSU. Bama's offense is just too dynamic for them to stop them like they did the tiggers. RTR!!
You are right. If I had the 1st pick in the draft, I would get Smith. Bama gets some really good receivers and he may be the best and that is saying something.
I know that there is always going to be 1 left off that deserves to be on the list but it does seem funny that Kevin Harris got left off after having such a great individual year.
Do you troll all teams or just Carolina? Your comments get a little old real quick.
Connor was a great college QB that played smart and with heart. He sounds like he still has plenty of heart and that is something we desperately need more of on this team. The best teams we had were when he was a Gamecock and a lot of that success should be credited to him. I remember him limping into the game against Mizzou and putting the team on his back and winning that game. Yeah, I'll take this Connor and anybody else like him!!
Hopefully, a promotion!!! Auburn can get rid of Gus and get their new coach all in one quick move.
Horn has always been good, just not someone the rest of the nation knew about because most smart QB's didn't throw the ball his way. Glad he is finally getting some national recognition!!
Find it hard to believe that UGA has no running game. They have always had a herd of rb's but seemed to have left that shelf bare.
Good to see that other teams aren't immune to the same things the rest of us have to deal with on a regular basis. I thought that we had made it to the promised land but we fell hard after Spurrier's last full year and we still haven't righted the ship. Forever hopeful though. GO COCKS!!
I am adult enough to decide what risks I am willing to take. Just let me sign a stupid waiver and get on with it!! If others that are adult enough to make their own choices choose to stay home, that is good too. I don't like others making choices for me.
No one should expect more from Dabo. Hell, this might be him at his best!
Our defense has really developed over the last 2-3 games and are night and day from where they started against UNC. No one saw this coming and with everything that transpired during the game, our guys showed heart and that goes a long way in college football. Hopefully, Ryan will be good to go next week and give us a chance to do in the gators. Great day and a great night to be a Gamecock!!!!
Ryan has a lot of heart and reminds me of Shaw in that regard. Hope like hell he can go next week. Go Cocks!!!
Film is impressive. Great speed, nose for the ball and hits like a linebacker. Good get!!
Sad that you had to be the first Gamecock here. Learn some manners or at least try to remember ones that you were taught. Nice facility that will pay-off with future recruits and current players. GO COCKS!!!!
That is pretty funny coming from a fan of UcheaT!!
I believe last year's offense was heads above the one you will have this year. Ya'll will be okay but not what you were last year.
Being a weasel usually catches up to you but Urban was able to drag it out longer than most. His departure from Florida should have been enough for everyone to know his true colors. He miraculously inherits a loaded OSU team on the backside and he is supposed to be a legend?! I guess OSU just couldn't handle having to fire the liar who replaced the last one they had there. The OSU......what a f-ing joke!!